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    Please to god don’t tell me this guy can play “across the back four” ??
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    I can already see where he'd fit in.
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    Cover at centre back? The lad will need to be put down if he can't get in ahead of Jedinak.
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    The Paddy Riley transfers have mostly seemed to have done pretty well since they left us. Maybe Paddy was not the problem.
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    His professional career according to wikipedia is worth a read (as it currently stands). Wiki link Edit - it’s changed now, I guess we must have all dreamt it.
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    Another french player. Nobody tell Bruce what is really happening ?
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    Not for a bit, for the first team: Harold Harvey-1895 Harold Edgley-1911 Harold Halse-1912 Harold Nash-1915 Quite a nice thought having Jack, Albert & Harold in the team! Edit: Just a thought, we've had some Harry's aswell! Harry Burrows-1956 Harry Chapman-1947 Harry Cooch-1902 Harry Gregory-1970 Harry Griffin-1902 Harry Hadley-1905 Harry Hampton-1904 Harry Morton-1930 Harry Parkes-1939 Harry Yates-1885
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    Ahh isn't it lovely to be rich again! As if you'd fly him on on a 'standard' plane, silly boro peasants ?
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    Agreed, all French players are shite and we should never sign any of them ever again. #fact
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    Nah you can't say that yet. If they're good then they're definitely not his signings. If they're crap then they are.
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    Hang on, did he say "add cover"? If he isn't an automatic first team pick, then what the bollox are we signing him for? And please for the love of all things decent don't reply with "to play right back".
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    Well alternative is stay in this league so you don’t have to worry about possession stats v Chelsea.
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    It looks like were paving the way for Bruce to be given the elbow so Thierry can come in. Under his eye.
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    Please can someone explain the Rafa love in as I can’t see it personally other than he won the champs league against the odds 13 years ago ..... surely he is just a slightly better Spanish version of Bruce, moyes or allardyce. Genuine question as I’m intrigued.....
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    Agreed. I want Bruce out as much as anyone, but his replacement has to right. If you were to offer me the likes Moyes we as may aswell keep bruce. One thing that does give me hope is the time it's taking to find a CEO. Of course they could takes months looking and still get in wrong, but the fact they have taken so long suggests the search is thorough, which with a bit of look suggests they may be aiming high. Get the CEO right, and we have a better (not guaranteed) chance of getting everything else right (including manager).
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    They are padded so it doesn't hurt the mouse when they pick it up.
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    Were you the mystery driver on Top Gear ?
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    It blows my mind that blasphemy is a criminal offence countries which otherwise seem like modern, progressive democracies. I expect it in shitholes like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but Italy, Ireland, Germany? Get your shit together. It's outrageous.
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    If he's good and we can get back to Hutton - Chester - Moukoudi - Elmo Then I'll feel much more comfortable about this season
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    A defender. Praise be.
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    The Axel situation sums up a bit how I feel about Bruce. We don't need another RB we NEED a CB. If he is here to play first choice RB then I question the managers judgement. If Bruce sees Jedinak as 1st choice CB for the remainder of the season I question his judgement. I know Bruce has said that AT can play anywhere across the back so he could legitimately be considered cover for Jedinak, but if we are bringing in a specialist defender who is not good enough to displace Jedi from the first team having lost a vital player in the same position over the summer then I question the decision making. I find myself asking what the plan was and I can't find a sensible answer to it. I had thought the plan was to play AT as a CB right from the start, to give him a run of games with Chester and hopefully they form a partnership. It made sense to me when we signed AT that this would be the case. You can argue over the quality or the experience of the player, but the logic of signing a tall, strong, athletic and quick CB from Man U on loan to fill the position of CB is there for all to see. Jedi can then sit on the bench and cover DM and CB positions, but this was clearly not the plan. Bruce had a lot of problems to solve over the summer, replacing Terry was one of the biggest. There is a world of CB's to choose from out there and we have apparently picked one who is not ready to play CB. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when I think about this situation. I see the recruitment policy and I'm not sure what the plan is, I look at the team sheets and I'm not sure what the plan is, I then watch the team play and I'm not sure what the plan is. Even if we go out and get a CB on loan in the next day or so, which I really hope we do, I still don't see what the plan was for AT. We didn't need 2 goalkeepers on loan either, we just needed the one and to have one of our 5 match day squad loan positions filled by the reserve goalkeeper is a moronic decision. Is anyone thinking this stuff through? BTW, hoping to keep it tight and that we manage to steal a goal from somewhere is not a plan, it is the absence of a plan and hoping to keep it tight with three of your back four playing out of position goes beyond hope into the world of fantasy.
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    Alan Nixon @reluctantnicko VILLA. Big progress on Moukoudi move. And that would let Elphick join QPR. Villa beating Boro to a target again More online soon
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    He would certainly plug a gap, but I think he's been tapped up.
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    My dad in the car For over 40 years since I have been driving. Every time I reverse the car he says "Ah this takes me back"
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    Mendes at wolves has got all players playing the same football in one season, they strolled past Sheffield Wed last night, an there lies the problem with Bruce. After 2 years he still has not installed a consistent game into the players, we never really know what team is going to turn up. Last night the fringe players looked rubbish and haven't learnt nothing from Bruce and his staff. They as good as got turned over by Burton's second team. ( an they think they are going to get a game in the Premier League Ha!). Our first team are half decent because they w'ere quality before they came here To me with the loanees we have brought in and with Fulham and Wolves out the way, we have the best squad in the League, maybe with the best single player. If we fail to get promoted this season it is going to be down to the style of play and the outdated tactics of the manager period, no excuses!! I'm no hater by the way, I actually think Bruce is a great man manager, an a good guy. Its just obvious his tactical style of play, an coaching is now outdated in the Championship. I said before Fulham and moreso Wolves played Premier League football in the Championship, which is why they got promoted. Bruce still plays Championship football, an he can't adapt, which is why we will struggle to get promoted with him in charge.
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    I love all the pontificating by the "future of football" people here who think their opinions on the way to play football has to be played is the only relevant opinion. France won the world Cup recently with very negative, boring football relying largely on moments of individual brillance and resolute defending. Chelsea won the league last year playing defensive counterattacking football. Of course it would be great to get a manager in who could play man City style swashbuckling attacking football dominating games and winning the league or even to a lessor extent like Jokanovic's Fulham last season, who incidentally barely got over the line against by an odd goal in the playoff against our "dinosaur" tactics in his 3rd season at the club after failing in his previous playoff attempt. Fair enough if people want a particular style of play but it doesn't mean it will be successful or that every other opinion is to be ridiculed.
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    Let’s stop seeing the top 6 as doing well. We should be looking at top 2 and finishing in the playoffs is failure but with a silver lining. Once we realise that 3rd to 6th isn’t actually a promotion place we can judge Bruce properly. We aren’t 4th. We are behind the points needed to get automatic we shouldn’t wait until we are outside the top 6 to act. If we fall behind the top 2 we should act before it’s too late to give the new man a chance of automatic never mind the torture of the playoffs.
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    Wasn't the role created as the club tried to learn from how pathetically they had treated Angel, and started to understand that this wasn't a case of mollycoddling sensitive snowflakes, more about making sure that multimillion pound investmemts were given conditions in which they could thrive? Clubs did this years ago, when players earned sixpence and three potatoes a week. They placed them in carefully vetted lodgings, and kept an eye on what they were doing. Paternalistic, but better than the hands-off approach. Foreign players face extra challenges in settling in. It's simple common sense to help them, as well as being good business sense. And also basic hospitality, lest we forget.
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    All of those players were bought here when we had a lady here called Laura something (known as Villa Mum) she spoke several languages and her job was ensuring that all young and foreign players and their families were looked after and had all the help they needed adapting to life in Birmingham. She was let go at the end of the Lerner era and was treated pretty disgracefully. She was well respected by all of the [players at the club and I know for a fact that she helped Benteke a hell of a lot as he had young family as well.) Obviously she was never replaced so I don't know how or even if they help players settle in these days. I imagine that they don't do it half as well as they used to
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    just read that Curran is 7 runs off being England's leading run scorer in this series he bats number 8 and also missed the 3rd test that's quite a damning stat
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    Just googled this kid and found this brilliant article
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    I hope we didn't let him use the private jet for the return trip. I would have dropped him at junction 6 and wished him luck hitching a lift back to France on his swift brexit from Villa Park.
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    Blessed be the Bruce
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    They should call that stuff asworstos, amirite?
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    Doing rather well at the moment, so poor choice.
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    take 2-0 series lead Drop Curran despite him being motm in the first test , lose test Drop Pope after one match , bring back Curran hardly inspirational stuff from the England management
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    Henry is explaining where players in their natural positions should play, elaborating that in the championship players are often played in other unnatural positions.
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    Ask yourself how they can produce the materials, manufacture the shirt, apply sponsors, logos and badges and sell it so cheaply? They're operating sweatshops staffed by the poor and vulnerable - and regularly little kids - and the profits are usually part of the funds for organised crime groups. It's widely considered that counterfeit goods are the "friendly face" of drugs, guns, and human trafficking. There's nobody on the inside providing materials etc. They just utilise the same sites as everyone else with the "leaked kits" and then turn the prototypes around pretty quickly. It's a fast process when someone else has done all the hard work and you have no quality control to worry about. Don't want to put everyone on a downer but aside from my quip about the mortgage, counterfeit gear is part of a very, very murky world and not one I'd be happy to fund. I put it out there on Twitter after that post, and got quite a few people saying they'd like to read it. I even had a publisher tell me to pitch for the chance to do it and we can talk from there. Not had a chance yet, but it's top of mind as I'd love to write a book and this would be an easy topic for me!
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    It’d certainly be worth us having a look, man.
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    It doesn’t scan quite as well as “ we’re by faarrr the greatest, the worlds ever seen ..” and is perhaps a touch less inspirational, but we could give it a go....?
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    There were some fans moaning about performances after the first 3 games but we were told that the results were the most important thing. 3 games later for many of us what we feared would be the case has happened. The lack of playing identity which in the first three games left us hoping for a bit of individual magic has meant that we have got the results we thought might happen. This is his 3rd season and we all know what we will see on the pitch, the longer he stays the more damage is done to our promotion hopes.
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    Drawing against relegation or lower table teams should never be considered as a good result. Drawing against a good side also gunning for automatic promotion is acceptable Our last 3 draws have come against relegation fodder so under no circumstances should be considered as good results. Unless of course the aim is survival Now ask yourself the question are villa trying to get promotion this season? Now reevaluate your stance on whether the being unbeaten in the last 3 games is good or not! Can't believe it needs explaining and some people are happy with this poor start.
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