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    I’m 55 I’ve supported Villa since I was a boy. Outside of my family and a few close friends Aston Villa mean more to me than anything. I went to my first games when we were in the old 3rd division, I was at Highbury and Rotterdam. Up to and including last season I was a season ticket holder, but we moved to the Highlands of Scotland last August and didn’t attend many games. So this season after more years than I can remember, I couldn’t really justify a season ticket. I neither hate, or even dislike the manager and do not constantly slag him off, I’m just critical of some of the things he does and I believe we could do better managerially. It’s a poor argument when you need to resort to attacking the messenger just because you have different views. I take it that you only comment on things that you have only seen with your own two eyes and don’t glean any information from reading reports or speaking to people? A pretty narrow field of view. I’m an Aston Villa supporter, I want what is best for the club I love, as I’m sure all the other posters in here do, including you. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and neither do I expect to agree with all of the varied views expressed in here. But what I do expect is my opinions to be taken as just that, my opinion, agreeable or otherwise and not a reason to question why I should support Aston Villa. I afford the same respect to every other poster, even though I think some are wrong. I may disagree and question why they hold such opinion, but I never question their right to hold that opinion or cast doubts over their support.
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    Yeah. Something I've belatedly realised is that you very rarely see Villa play one touch football with "triangles" pinging it around, pass and move. It's like the default is player gets ball takes a touch, has a look to see who or what is on or around, takes another touch, then passes the ball, often back or sideways. There's frequently too much distance between players, frequently the forward option is closely marked, and it's either knock it back or sideways, or into a space out wide for a wide player to chase. Speed of thought and movement and one touch passing is much absent from most of our play. It's absolutely 100% a coaching/management thing.
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    mentioned in the match day thread thats why you cant judge him on stats, another game where he's head and shoulders above everyone else, involved in 2 of our best moments in the game but statistically done nothing james maddison can score the same tap in as hourihane and wrack up some really impressive figures, he cannot play that pass to kodjia, im not sure dele alli can play that pass to kodjia
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    Hello Villa fans. Obviously like many Hibs fans I've been following John's move with interest and watching how he is settling in at your club. I've watched a couple of interviews and he seems happy. I read he had a decent debut which is nice, because as a player joining a new club you want a good opening game to show at least some of what you can do, it makes the player happy and shows the fans something positive. It also gets that issue out of the way and the player is then on the front foot. That has been achieved. The trust has been established. John is a very talented young player. The more you see him play the more you will discover. I have watched quite a few Championship games in the last couple of years and it's just like the SPL, so this level of football is easy for him. No worries there. He is a player who will always give you 100% - whether you are 3-0 up in a game, or 3-0 down, John's head will never drop for a minute. His attitude doesn't change. I'm pleased that he has gone to such a great club as Aston Villa, I was just a boy but I remember well that European Cup winning team in the early 80's. What a team that was! I wish all of you guys at Villa and John a great season and hope you get back to the top of English football very soon. All the best.
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    I watched the match last night and it was another good example of our total lack of an ingrained system. The young lads don't have the experience to make it up as they go along. They need to play within a supported framework. They need to know where their team mates are going to be with and without the ball. There is none of this with a Steve Bruce team. De Laet looked totally frustrated each time he tried to take a throw in because there's absolutely no positive movement to receive the ball .... as usual. Hepburn-Murphy (on his full debut) was the latest striker to suffer as a lone isolated figure, spending 70 minutes on his own being bullied by two big CB's. He was totally hung out to dry by Bruce's negative 'non set up' .... Nothing changes! Yet it was the young players who were blamed by Bruce for a lack lustre performance. Nothing to do with you Steve? Nothing to do with your total inability to coach a style of play that these young players can seamlessly fit into? It's unacceptable for a manager to distance himself from the performance, and then put the blame on 'kids' by saying "I've told them I won't accept that"! The buck stops with our highly paid manager.
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    He's just had the best part of a year out after a broken ankle FFS. He'll need time to get fit and all that but he needs the confidence in himself and his legs. It's a mental barrier. Possibly more so after rushing back (Presumably in a vain attempt to reach the World Cup) and injuring it again requiring more surgery. Yeah he needs a goal, but he needs us behind him and a bit of luck with injury for a change. Still our best striker by a country mile.
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    We've won three games out of three and I still think that Bruce is not the man to lead the Villa rebuild. That might seem unreasonable based purely on results, but what I'm watching is worryingly muddled football, relying on luck and moments of individual skill, and STILL without an apparent plan. Why wait until the wheels come off before reacting to the obvious shortcomings of SB?
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    I'm happy that we've won 3 games. Who wouldn't be? Except Thierry Henry if you believed the rumours... It's telling that we've scored a lot of goals in the league yet we've never looked comfortable in victory. If I was that way inclined I could say we've shipped 3 in 2 games against (supposedly) inferior opposition. I want Bruce to succeed. I like him as a man, I think he's had a massive positive impact in changing attitudes around the club, and I think he really cares (as opposed to some of our other managers in the recent past who didn't appear to give a toss). I just want us to look less haphazard in being successful. The three teams who were promoted ahead of us last season strengthened their squads and still got taught a lesson about how hard the PL is at the weekend. Making a fist of beating Wigan at home doesn't make me feel like we're a PL team in waiting.
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    It has. I actually think we look worse. Last season I was happy to defend him when we were winning. It wasn't beautiful, but it was effective and for the most part we didn't really look troubled by most teams. This season, it's very much seat of the pants stuff so far. We could have easily lost all 3 games.
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    There is a difference between a a good pro like hutton who is doing a decent job out of position and a genuine attacking left back!
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    I thought i'd get the puns out the way. When we get promoted we will have made the great escape He has a Bullitt of a left foot. He will score a magnificent seven goals in total. If it all goes to shit we will be the towering inferno and he will be the enemy of the people. He will blob out the opposition attackers.
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    One of the most glaring problems we have right now is that we are not mobile enough. We're making it so difficult for ourselves finding options to pass to which hampers the speed at which we can break. I believe this could be rectified quite easily by enforcing a style where at least one or two players follow the player with the ball giving him options. A player should always be able to find someone to pass in order to advance and in case you get closed down, a defensive pass. there are so many times where the only available pass is the defensive one over large distances. no wonder a lot of players decide to go for a hoof to a more advanced position. the problem is that this generally ends up with the receiving player either losing the ball entirely or becoming isolated since we rarely press after such a pass. you could see that Grealish ran back to the defense yesterday to more or less collect the ball from the back and moving it up himself. people complained about him being too far back at times, but I understand why he did it. this is a problem that we need to address immediately if we are to gain any semblance of form with the ball. I know that this frustrates Bruce as well since he has made it clear that we don't move enough. I wonder why it is not improving though. Is it: 1) the players lack in confidence, ability, won't follow instructions? 2) the players do not have clear instructions from the manager what to do off the ball? either way you answer that, this needs to be rectified and that falls on Bruce and his coaches. we will be found out by other teams this season unless we improve here. I don't think we're as strong defensively this year as demonstrated by these initial three games (I hope we fix this asap!), so we won't be bailed out by a metaphorical wall as much. I'm willing to give it a few more games to see how some of the new players bed in, but even this will only prolong the inevitable heartache of missing out on promotion most likely imo unless we address the issue of how we move as a unit. I'm not very convinced anymore that Bruce et al are able to achieve this however.
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    3 lucky wins; 2 in the CH, 1 against L2 opposition. I'll take it, but let's not dress it up too much.
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    I can't speak to Ødegaard as a player, but for eliminating foot stink there's no better.
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    The weighting of his passes is one of his best attributes, and that's not a negative on his other attributes! His passes are just always perfectly weighted. Players barely ever have to break stride. People who don't watch Villa just don't understand how good he is. I'm going to the QPR vs Villa game at Loftus Road in October with some non-Villa supporting mates. I'm just going to tell them to watch Grealish all game
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    I tuned in to watch Sky last night to see McGinn and how he got on. He didn’t play... so I changed channels and watched Celtic getting pumped out of the Champions League, with Celtic apologist commentator Chris Sutton almost having a tear-stained mental breakdown about it live on air.... just wonderful. Thank you Steve Bruce for not playing John, and affording me the opportunity to watch those chunts take it right up the Mike Ashley from AEK Athens.
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    That is the major issue. He has recognised our flaws since he has been here and to this date nothing has changed. This is why fans are becoming frustrated. Because he is the creator of his own problems here and he lacks the ability to make necessary changes.
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    Probably a Cry/Wank
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    Yes. The difference is that Hutton is better than everyone else at the football.
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    SKY and Talksport believe this anyway.
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    about 40 mins into The crying game
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    I am a Asian Villa fan since 17 & am now 49.. I just subscribed to official Villa TV for £180 in order to watch Villa games on a small tablet or Phone .. no other choices as streaming is blocked here even with VPN. I don’t know anyone else who did the same , but i do know many friends subscribed to watch other teams Premier League teams like City , Chelsea etc & at much higher cost for eg To watch Wolves is about £580, £400 more than Villa & I do know of many friend who signed up ... the main reason they said is they like to watch their brand of football. Its official TV/ official Streaming is the main revenue earner not season tickets anymore : https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/44850888 If we do not have an attractive/ progressive brand of football that’s not only catered to the taste of newer viewers, especially international ones , we will be left far behind in terms of revenue & with FFP in place , I do see us being here for a long while. Bruce is a nice man I am sure , but sadly in this modern world of football, his style of football is never going to attract new fans or keep old ones ...
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    I think when you get bought by RM and are training with the first team at 15 and earning the big bucks it would go to anyone's head. Playing alongside Elmo will sort him right out.
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    Bonus question, complete this famous wrestlers name Hulk.......
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    For me, the team needs to be... Nyland Elmo - Axel - Chester - Hutton McGinn - Hourihane Adomah Grealish Green Kodja
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    I’ve just read Bruce’s post match comments. He is being praised for being brutally honest, which it would be hard not to be after the reportedly very poor performance. What I find out of order is the fact he manages to distance himself from any responsibility and puts the blame largely down to the kids that played. I didn’t see it but from what I’ve read and talking to people who saw the game, virtually nobody played well, but Tuanzebe was one of the better players, whilst his experienced defensive partner Elphick was one of the worst. He just doesn’t trust young players and uses any excuse he can to justify playing older players. Good man management? Not if you’re under 21.
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    We can all tend to get a little a bit carried away here, both in criticism and in support of Bruce. The truth of the matter is that SB is a decent, if limited manager and with the resources at his disposal will have us competitive - the argument is one of degrees. Some would be happy to be in and around the play-off positions, others feel that automatic promotion is required given the depth and quality of our squad .v. competitors. I said two years ago that I don't think SB will be able to get us out of this league and said the same this time last year. The only thing that has changed for me now is that we look slightly weaker (despite our record-breaking start!) I believe that the new owners will be putting in place plans to bring their own man in, maybe as soon as before Christmas. It will be easier to judge once we've come up against a couple of decent sides (and once Bruce has bought in his loanees, although it frustrating that three years in we are relying on loanees to fill vital first team positions) but I'm more certain that we are not going up this season than previously
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    Everyone calling for him to go out on loan - he's our only other fit striker!
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    You worry that we will get promoted ?
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    Is there a way to delete football games from your eyeballs?
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    It's never a good age to get drink AIDS.
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    Think it was Merson who said he has the best weight of pass he's ever seen, and I'd have to agree. I've never seen a player so consistently weight his passes as perfectly as Jack does.
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    If we do only make 3 more loan signings, my priority and suggestions would be as follows: 1. Centre Back -------> Terry I know it's unlikely, I know he's not what we're targeting in terms of profile and I know his lack of pace means we play slightly deeper. BUT... After the clown show at Yeovil it's obvious we need an organiser in there. Fill the rest of the side with young, hungry players by all means, but we need experience in this position. I'd be getting Tuanzebe to shadow him in training with the view to him perhaps beginning to share that right hand side CB slot in the second half of the season. 2. Striker (in the target man mold) -------> Abraham Another unlikely one but we do need someone of this type who can some in and hit the ground running. Kodjia showed in flashes last night that he can get back to his best, but it's going to be a gradual thing. Bruce does need to learn how to get Hogan firing and put some trust in Davis once he's back fit, but I can't see either coming good immediately, plus they need to get fit. RHM still doesn't look ready to me (given the tactics we're going to employ). 3. Right-sided mid/winger -------> Snoddy/Odegaard Albert looks shot and Green is still showing signs of inconsistency, therefore Snodgrass replacement is vital. Safe signing would be to get the man himself back - would certainly help with the teams cohesion as it wouldn't be as if he doesn't know the team. As a more risky option Odegaard could be amazing. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4. Left back -------> ??? No obvious suggestion, but so long as we get someone technically decent and fast. I've put this position last in terms of priority as we do have options... Can Taylor recapture his Swansea form? Do we put Hutton there again? Can De Laet or Bree shift over? Tuanzebe????? Whatever we do as a short term fix, it needs addressing in January!
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    Before Grealish and Kodjia came on Tuanzebe was Villa’s best performer last night finally getting a run out in his preferred position. Unless Villa bring in another more experienced CB then Bruce must now play Tuanzebe alongside Chester as Villa’s 1st choice centre back pairing for the Championship season. Playing him at FB won’t benefit the player or the team at all.
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    I think it was a poor debut, but I hope it was more nerves than ability. Saving the penalty was vital, and that puts a feather in his cap, but his decision making, coming out when he shouldn't, staying home when he shouldn't. Letting the one on one through his legs. I just ... got nervous every time the play required a decision from him. I'm glad he got that occasion out of the way. He will do better next time, and now the coaches know what they're working with from a confidence point of view (as training can only tell you so much). He's definitely not one for the here and now. It remains to be seen whether he is one for the future.
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    Centre back, left back, striker. Thank you please.
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    Oh Briny mate, I'm not calling for his head n that, this is me. I'm not that bothered about the Hull and Wigan games. On the up side of tonight we can't play much worse than that I'm happy we won. I'm glad Moreira saved the penalty. I almost logged out of the match thread due to the overly negative vibe early on and I'd love to join in the calls for calm. But - We could hardly string two passes together. Their disallowed goal is an absolute shocker. (They were robbed) We didn't deal with their physicality at all well imo. None of it unforced either - Yeovil chased and harried and eventually got outdone by a bit of skill that they were unlikely to come up with. Did you see the look on Bruce's face post match? Did you hear him say " If we’re being brutally honest then we’ve got away with one. "?
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    RHM makes Hogan look like George Best in terms of ball control, and Albert Adomah has clearly been replaced by a semi - movable waxwork replica. Elphicks defending is about as solid as melted ice cream. Grealish is operating on another plane to almost any other player for any side I’ve watched in 2018. Not just in respect of the opposition, which is of course not Premier League, but just his vision and control. That one he trapped on the touch line out of the sky and passed, killing it stone dead, was fantastic. As was most of his contribution. Annoyingly, it took his introduction for the rest of the midfield to actually play. Mediocre performance, but of a type seen often at this stage, and other stages, of cup competitions, from many teams. All you need in the Cup is to stay in the Cup, so I’m pleased enough. I don’t share the concerns some have expressed about the squad - there are very very few teams in the Championship, in any season, that have much more than 14 or 15 players who can be relied on for the First Eleven. Three Wins from our first 3 games for the first time since I was 1. I will take that and make the most of it !
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    As happy as I am about the result, the performance was pretty woeful. I know Bruce is pissed about the performance but I'm one of those that has no idea of what our supposed game plan is each week, other than "go and try to win". Bielsa has been at Leeds for 2 months but already it's pretty bloody obvious what he is trying to instill into his team, and they are doing it. Bruce has had 2 years and I'm none the wiser and I doubt the players are either.
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    I think it's both tonight. I don't think he coaches any style into the team, but I also don't think he coaches Hourihane to lose his ability to pass the ball even the shortest of distances. Tactics were crap, as usual, but a lot of unforced errors from the players too.
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    3 wins in a row is great, but the problem is if we keep playing like we have been we will soon be losing 3 in a row. You cannot keep putting in such poor performances, of failing to do the basics at either end of the pitch and expect to keep getting results. This has happened throughout Bruce's time here. Last season we won 4 out of 5 in November, then lost 2 and drew 3 out of the next 5, including a 0-0 at home to Milwall and blowing a 2-0 home lead to Sheffield Utd. In Feb and March won 3 in a row culminating in that Wolves game, then lost to QPR and Bolton and drew with Hull. Again this season the results, which include beating a poor Hull side and then scraping past a newly promoted side with a 94th minute winner and a League 2 side are covering up the actual performances and style of play. Bruce has to build on the results and start improving the football, improve the ability to consistently possess the ball and control games. The problem is he has shown no desire or the ability to get us to do so throughout the past 2 years.
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    Oooh, now that is an interesting and juicy set of departures. Bailing out to desperately avoid being smeared by the shit that's going to fly because of the shenanigans and dodgy dealings perpetrated by others and are praying they protect their reputations or even, worst case scenario, their liberty? Or being told to do one for their shenanigans and dodgy dealings because horrified shareholders and CEO have copped on to what they've been up to? Either way, it's trouble. Think of an old, stupid, stinking, toothless, ugly wildebeest. A lummox of a creature, that even in its "prime" was bottom of the food chain, predated on by lions in particular. In fact, it has spent its entire worthless life obsessed by the king lion just across the plain. But now it's nothing but a wretched, pur-blind, diseased, weak, scabrous, shambling thing near to lying down and accepting its long-past fate. It has stubbornly clung on way past its time but the first stumbles have been spotted. Peeling off on the horizon, winging their way to start circling, are the vulture administrators. Just lay down, sha, and sleep. Don't fight it any more, you've suffered enough. The pain will be gone soon.
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