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    He would be used to crosses at least.
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    The weekend continued with a reunion of five of our 1970s football team. The centre forward demonstrates his signature tactic:
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    I was against Terry returning mainly because we lack pace at the back, but after watching the defensive horror show on saturday I would happily have him back. Last season he marshalled the defence superbly, so far we have looked shapeless and vulnerable. Maybe there’s a younger but experienced centre half that could fill the role but I can’t of one at present.
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    Behave. The white kit is beautiful.
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    Our home form is fantastic. If we can figure out how to be more consistent on the road, we are a shoe in for promotion.
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    He’s had a lot of games at CB for us where he has looked absolutely fine. He definitely has mistakes in him in that position, unfortunately, but it’s amazing how people only remember the two bad games he’s had playing there.
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    Diego Reyes is available on a free after leaving Porto. I know it might be a bit of a ‘football manager-esk’ signing, but he’s 25 and a Mexican international centre back. He’d be unreal in this league. Just makes too much sense to go for a player like that though I guess ?. I wouldn’t imagine his wages would be anywhere near what we were paying Terry either.
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    goals 0 assists 0 "does nothing"
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    I expect the release clause to only be available should we not get promoted.
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    A handful of directors & a secretary have left apparently... shit is going down... Also (stolen from Twitter), Last 50 away league games when Blues concede first goal; • W - 1 (Doncaster 2014) • D - 9 • L - 40 • GF - 31 • GA -107 ??
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    It’s that subtle I can’t even see it... but suddenly have the urge to buy some granola, Coca Cola and milkshake and have no idea why? Also, maybe a moustache. But I am undecided.
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    How very sad. My thoughts are with all the family. Having lost my Mum in November to this awful thing called Dementia, I can fully sympathise. It's awful when your own parent doesn't realise that you are their child. What a very great shame for our greatest Manager and his family to have to go through this. I can only hope that Ron doesn't suffer for too long because I am sure he wouldn't want to lose all his dignity and nor does he deserve to. As Tony Butler used to say - "Prayer Mats out - Hail Saunders of the Villa "
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    Bjarnsson was played DM and he was utter pants. His crap touch, and over desire to win the ball, resulting in him getting rolled numerous times really put us under severe pressure and made the game far more open than it needed to be.
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    Terry won't return; his wages are ridiculous, he can't be no. 26, he won't be captain, it won't be all about him... He would offer very very little on the pitch anyway. His legs are gone and he'd be a liability which would be a shame for all concerned. No coincidence he's not with a new team yet. The CB position is solved by loaning a winger. Then we have Chester and Tuanzebe. Back up in Elphick or kids. Elmo Chester Tuanzebe Hutton Still an injury away from a crisis but no different to last year where it was Samba waiting in the wings. Think I'd play 4-4-1-1; Green McGinn Hourihane Adomah Grealish Striker? Don't need an out and out DM with McGinn and Hourihane covering ground and developing an understanding between them. Green is possibly not a starter yet but given time could add further pace. Our striker situation is desperate.
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    This may or may not be true but it definitely wasn't true on Saturday. Bjarnasson can definitely offer more going forward but he was really pants defensively on Saturday.
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    You appear to be simultaneously saying that we shoukd all by now know exactly how Bruce will have us playing, yet at the same time he has no game plan or clear strategy ? Sorry if I’ve misunderstood but I re- read it three times and that’s how it sounds. You say Bielsa has ‘done more in 6 weeks ..etc’........but in my view Bruce’s style has been clear since Day 1, and before that if you look at his other Clubs. I’d say practically every fan I know could list how Bruce approaches games. You then suggest how much better our players could play, but they’ve averaged almost 2 Points a game for over 40 games.....how many more could they average ? It’d be some performance to manage nearly a hundred points this season. It often reads to me that people don’t like how he plays, but then reinterpret that as suggesting he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, or, if he does, he’s misguided in his choice.
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    There are plenty of positives about Bruce, plenty. I'd say they even outweigh the negatives quite easily. He's introduced a real team spirit and togetherness to the team, the players really put their all for him and the shirt, he's given us a never say die attitude as well as being very resilient when we're ahead. Here's turned Villa Park into a fortress again, he's gotten Jack into the best form of his life etc etc. The problem is the negatives, as few as they are, are very crucial. You have got to put all of those man/team management positives together with a tangible and effective strategy on the pitch. The lack of this is really holding us back from fulfilling our potential. We can stumble over the line because of the sheer quality of our players, but as last season showed, it can leave us just short. It doesn't even have to be pretty tiki taka as long as it's effective a lá Cardiff last season. I don't want to have to focus on Bruce's negatives as I really like the bloke and he's got what a lot of even tactically astute managers seem to struggle with down. I desperately want him to succeed not least because it means we will succeed. But it's been almost 2 years now and I've seen enough evidence by now to show that he's not going to change in this respect. Unfortunately you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
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    Good on you guys, and anyone else who gives blood. I had to have a blood transfusion earlier this year (which means I can't give blood now) so I'm extra appreciative of your efforts!
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    Don’t know how many times ive seen it but I still managed to just splurt my dinner over the place just now watching the Inbetweenwrs where Simon is in Warwick and the sister says Tara you can have my room at least then I’ll know you be having sex somewhere comfortable and he replies with absolutely yes , only in her Vagina
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    Imagine if Hutton, De Laet, Bree, Elmo and Tuanzebe all get injured!!! We'd be screwed! Ward number 1 priority for me.
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    Met him a number of times at BMH - what a man always had time for the average fan - you were still scared to cross him mind. 110% best wishes to Ron & his family
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    see my previous answer , it's the how they were doing the over charging that I was taking issue with , my view has always been face value or don't go ( or make a lads trip of it and go and see the band in a foreign country )
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    I agree @TRO, a big number nine is needed, Kodjia can't hold the ball up the way we need him to and often goes missing. Who do you think we could get who might do it?
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    I was discussing this with my Dad at the game. In my mind he was the last Villa player to touch the ball, he put the ball on the money and created the panic in Wigans defence, so it is an assist in my opinion I don't care whether it counts in the records or not.
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    Nope. I didn't finish the last one either. I think I'm finally free of the allure.
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    Don't you bring Blues fans into this
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    Some of these posts are really touching and totally fitting for such a massive figure in our club’s history. You’re in our thoughts, Ron. We’re a special football club - people like Ron Saunders truly understood that.
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    10/10 for observation.....you are quite right, McGinn is my kind of Player.....I love the all action types.....like I say he reminds me in some ways ( not stature) of Cropley.....Rarely can midfielders do both ...win the ball and create, this boy can. Having said that....when Jack is in full flight, is there anything better.....I think he will get better too this season. If we can just find a striker who can apply himself like those guys.....albeit Kodjia back to form, would be a start.
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    I used to love The Bees. Have downloaded and will give it a listen on my way through France this weekend.
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    Wearing the Villa shirt will always be a winner but my Scottish allegiance is with the Red Lichties! Arbroath to those not in the know. They have a Claret and Blue badge and my Grandparents, mothers side were from there. I will now have a soft spot for Hibs and St Mirren though! Are his brothers any good?
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    Big Jim Sullivan, Jerry Reed & Tom Jones - 'Guitar Man'
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    "500 years under the Turkish yoke".
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    I think Kodjia's best days may be behind him - he's still a very decent striker at this level though. Personally I think Davis is our best option up front from the group we currently have - his ability to bring others into play would work really well with McGinn and Grealish - I think that could be something that would be very difficult to defend.
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    Reasonable to give him a few games, though.
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    Anyone know when he's due back? With the team we've currently got he'd be my first choice striker for sure. Having Green, McGinn, Grealish, Hourihane and Adomah playing off him could be magical imo. I think we'd look a much better side having someone at the top being able to hold the ball and bring others into play.
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    There was also an hour long championship show on skysports at 8 o clock where they show highlights/goals from every game with a bit of analysis inbetween
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    Small team attitude? Do you hate every team that beat us ever Fwiw they deserved to beat us that day
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    That's rubbish. We may not have conceded with Whelan playing. 9 starts with Whelan 0 losses and counting
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    But he has been putrid for us whenever he has played there, not convinced.
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    Bjarnasson again. Such a bad player.
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    Jason Statham is excellent. There, I've said it.
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    Agreed, all the talk about winning the Champions league and what not, selling Jack for £200m to RM in a few years time. It just makes me cringe. Let's just concentrate on winning the PL first, maybe a couple of FA cups and a few CL semi finals. Let's not get carried away.
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    Life in the Coca-Colony: In Town With Little Water, Coca-Cola Is Everywhere. So Is Diabetes. 'Maria del Carmen Abadía lives in one of Mexico’s rainiest regions, but she has running water only once every two days. When it does trickle from her tap, the water is so heavily chlorinated, she said, it’s undrinkable. Potable water is increasingly scarce in San Cristóbal de las Casas, a picturesque mountain town in the southeastern state of Chiapas where some neighborhoods have running water just a few times a week, and many households are forced to buy extra water from tanker trucks. So, many residents drink Coca-Cola, which is produced by a local bottling plant, can be easier to find than bottled water and is almost as cheap. In a country that is among the world’s top consumers of sugary drinks, Chiapas is a champion: Residents of San Cristóbal and the lush highlands that envelop the city drink on average more than two liters, or more than half a gallon, of soda a day. The effect on public health has been devastating. The mortality rate from diabetes in Chiapas increased 30 percent between 2013 and 2016, and the disease is now the second-leading cause of death in the state after heart disease, claiming more than 3,000 lives every year. “Soft drinks have always been more available than water,” said Ms. Abadía, 35, a security guard who, like her parents, has struggled with obesity and diabetes. Vicente Vaqueiros, 33, a doctor at the clinic in San Juan Chamula, a nearby farming town, said health care workers were struggling to deal with the surge in diabetes. “When I was a kid and used to come here, Chamula was isolated and didn’t have access to processed food,” he said. “Now, you see the kids drinking Coke and not water. Right now, diabetes is hitting the adults, but it’s going to be the kids next. It’s going to overwhelm us.” Buffeted by the dual crises of the diabetes epidemic and the chronic water shortage, residents of San Cristóbal have identified what they believe is the singular culprit: the hulking Coca-Cola factory on the edge of town. The plant has permits to extract more than 300,000 gallons of water a dayas part of a decades-old deal with the federal government that critics say is overly favorable to the plant’s owners.' more at link: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/14/world/americas/mexico-coca-cola-diabetes.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytimes
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    It's just turned into "name a player who had a bad game recently" Seriously, Harry Kane being mentioned in a thread for rubbish players. Nonsense.
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