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    It has been reported in the Birmingham Mail that Ron Saunders has been placed in a residential care home near Solihull. He has been there since May. Ron, who is now 85, has dementia. His son Ronnie gave an interview to The Portsmouth News. Ronnie said that, “It crept up very slowly, he now struggles with every aspect of his life, everything he does.” He continued, “I saw it starting 20 odd years ago, there were certain things dad did that made us realise.” Ronnie added, “We knew his brain was quite damaged. We feel quite lucky he has lasted this long because we never thought he would. Mum couldn’t cope with him anymore his brain had gone.” The family have spoken to Dawn Astle (Geoff’s daughter) about the links between football and dementia. What a cruel illness dementia is. It hits a family so very hard to see their once strong family member become dependant on the care of others and to forget so much of their past. We really should have a Ron Saunders Stand by now. I felt that we should have had one many years ago when Ron could have been there at the ground to see it unveiled. Ron was the greatest Villa manager during my time as a Villa fan and he built our league championship and European Cup winning team. I thank him for what he did for us and my thoughts are with his family at this so difficult time. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/heartbreaking-story-one-aston-villas-15020929
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    first couple of things I've read on it suggests the general consensus will be injuries killed his potential, i would say 1) he never actually had that much potential, what he had was great physicality and speed at a young age which put him head and shoulders above everyone else, he was always lacking a football brain which needed coaching 2) from what ive seen at the villa i'd question his motivation, he should have left city years before he did, should have left us too, which leads back to the needed coaching comment, i'm not sure he's ever even really tried to get it, his positioning is still shit 10 years later and now the speed is gone and the physicality is just bulk i dont feel sorry for him in the slightest, billy big bollocks and big money without a care in the world let his own career go down the pan, close to saying he's the epitome of an english youth prospect hype job
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    The first rule of right back club is sign all the right backs.
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    He would be used to crosses at least.
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    Without doubt the best manager we have ever had. What a team he built before he was disgracefully treated by the numpties in charge and walked. Ellis was also a disgrace for practically removing all trace of that teams success as his balloon ego couldn't cope with it presumably as he wasn't in charge at the time and instead presided over 35 years of drudgery & second ratedness which saw us descend from Champions of Europe to multiple relegation's and a couple of League cups. I personally have been waiting, and waiting...... for a team to emerge which is fit to lace the boots of that Saunders team and have seen nothing close in nearly four decades now. So best wishes to Ron and i hope the club do the right thing by naming a stand or erecting a statue of him as the guy is a legend at Aston Villa. Much more of a legend than Ellis who was like a ball and chain around the ankle of Villa for so long despite admittedly rescuing the club in his first tenure. Such a shame to see Ron and his family suffering especially with the football disease (Dementia). I can only thank him for the amazing memories i have of watching that incredible team grace the Villa Park turf and my day in Rotterdam which, although at the time we were managed by Tony Barton, was for certain Ron's team. I remember it like it was yesterday Jimmy Rimmer Kenny Swain Ken Mcnaught Allan Evans Colin Gibson Des Bremner Gordan Cowans (Sid) Dennis Mortimer (Cap't) Tony Morley Gary Shaw Peter Withe
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    More deserving of having his name on a stand than Dougie.
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    In regard to a couple of earlier posts...If anyone is looking for a Scottish team to follow... ? OK, here’s my Dragons’ Den pitch for following St Mirren. John McGinn is one of our own, and if you keep an eye out for our results, you will also be able to see how his brothers Stephen and Paul are doing, as they are regulars in our first team. We are five miles from Ibrox and ten from Celtic Park, so have a constant battle with huge amounts of fans in our town and county going to watch the two big uglies and ignoring their local team. We are an underdog, but not a hopelessly rubbish one, we punch above our weight, so if you pick us, you should, maybe, hopefully, see some wins. (Terms and conditions apply!) Finally. I own an Aston Villa Nike ‘Acorns’ sponsored jersey, and wear it regularly to the gym. Which was great this week with Celtic fans there slabbering about their penny pinching directors missing out on signing John McGinn. Pitch over. ?
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    Hello there. Dropped in to see how John McGinn got on in his debut, and reports would indicate he did pretty well. He’s one of ‘our own’ - came up through St Mirren’s youth ranks, broke into the first team as a kid, stayed there, made over 100 appearances for us, won the League Cup with us in 2013. Then, as is the case with many clubs our size in the post-Bosman era, left for a bigger club (Hibs) for next to nothing. See also other recent cases of St Mirren losing Kenny McLean to Aberdeen, Stevie Mallan to Barnsley, Kyle McAllister to Derby, and Lewis Morgan to Celtic. Fortunately, we seem to have negotiated a decent 33% sell-on in the Hibs deal, so now he’s with Villa, we’ll get some decent money. Decent for us, but he’s a steal at something around the 3 million mark. Just like us when Hibs got him from St Mirren, Hibs were in turn powerless to get any more for him, such is life. Hibs certainly improved McGinn, he has grown older, stronger, played for Scotland. Hibs fully deserve credit for developing an already excellent young player. However, he is one of St Mirren’s own, not a Hibbee! Don’t let them tell you otherwise! Best wishes to Aston Villa on your Championship campaign.
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    I would bring Terry back, I know we are going for the young, fast player route; but you could see the mess our defence was in on Saturday. It was miles away from how we were last season. Terry would bring some stability back to the defence, and if he mentors Tuanzebe we could have Terry and Tuanzebe switching for all of the midweek games this season. For me the main problem in the last two games has been the distribution from the back, and this is something Terry excels in. One quick ball out to feet instantly brings in McGinn and Grealish, argubaly two of the best centre midfielders in the league. Currently we are bypassing the midfield with long balls forward to a striker in Kodjia who isn't dominate enough in the air. If we were to offer Terry 40k per week and the same 1 million for promotion I think there is a chance he would come back to us and would instantly solidify the defence. Going forward we need to sign a centre back in January, in line with our new model of young hungry players, but a centre back that is with the club long term so we no longer have this issue of loaning them in. Obviously it will depend on FFP restrictions. As long as I never have to witness Jedinak at CB again!!!
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    The weekend continued with a reunion of five of our 1970s football team. The centre forward demonstrates his signature tactic:
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    My deepest sympathies. I try to think of all the happy times when Mom was well, which is always a good pick me up. My Mom actually came to Wembley in 1975 for the Norwich game. She had no interest at all in football, but the final was on my birthday and there was no way she was going to miss being with her son for his 12th birthday. So me and Dad had a day of, “It’s very noisy isn’t it, why does that fella keep waving his little flag, and how come the bloke in black never gets a kick!”
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    Pass and move/playing on the break/getting it wide/tikataka/gegenpressing. Whatever floats your boat. Having a distinct plan is key. We don't have one.
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    When I was a kid, I saw Native American drawings in a small cave on an uninhabited island off the Maine coast near my grandparents place. I was exploring the rocks and climbing around. When I got back to the older people they didn't seem to really believe me. For years I would tell people what I saw but nobody took it seriously, and when we went back to the island, I couldn't find the cave. Fast forward 40 years. I just read a brief history of coastal Maine, an old book from the 1920's. It mentioned Indian rock drawings being discovered along the coast and islands! Victory is mine!
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    Why the heck not...the more the merrier, I say.
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    Perhaps we can do like Mexican side Chivas and use a little subtle product placement during the pressers to increase our income?
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    Amazes me how some people say he is lazy, shit, or doesn't do enough .We literally have the most influential CM in the league, and people want more. Deluded fans. We need to figure out a way to get McGinn, Grealish, and Hourihane on the field together.
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    My heart goes out to Ron and especially his family. I lost my Mom to this cruel disease. A nurse once said to me, you mourn twice for dementia sufferers, once for the person they were and a second time when they actually pass away. She was absolutely right. Ron gave my generation of Villa fans the best moments of our football lives. He and his teams always gave 110%. Wonderful, wonderful memories. I hope that he can still recall some of them himself, as his long term memory may still be partially intact. Bless you Ron, no words could ever thank you enough. UTV.
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    I was against Terry returning mainly because we lack pace at the back, but after watching the defensive horror show on saturday I would happily have him back. Last season he marshalled the defence superbly, so far we have looked shapeless and vulnerable. Maybe there’s a younger but experienced centre half that could fill the role but I can’t of one at present.
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    So after a loan deal with Bruce coaching him he shall be able to play out of position, understand the way of playing without tactics and learn all about FFP.
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    Behave. The white kit is beautiful.
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    I'm beginning to think these 2 deals havn't worked out!
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    Our home form is fantastic. If we can figure out how to be more consistent on the road, we are a shoe in for promotion.
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    Aretha Franklin is on her death bed apparently ?
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    He’s had a lot of games at CB for us where he has looked absolutely fine. He definitely has mistakes in him in that position, unfortunately, but it’s amazing how people only remember the two bad games he’s had playing there.
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    Funnily enough I never thought his corner taking for Hibs was that good and last season preferred to see Scott Allan and this season Mallan take them. When I watched the highlights of the Villa game I was impressed with McGinns corners and don't know if that was due to better and stronger players in the penalty area making more of them as each one looked dangerous. As I have said before I will wait 5 or 6 games and see how he progresses and how opposition managers set their sides up to play him now they know more about him. We found up here he started to be kicked up in the air as soon as he was on the ball and he didn't get much protection from the referees. Some better sides would man mark him and take him out the game that way. I won't ask about Wigans first goal.............thought I was watching Scottish football again. ?
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    A great man, and my all time hero. My Dad had Alzheimer's, and it's **** ing evil.
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    Diego Reyes is available on a free after leaving Porto. I know it might be a bit of a ‘football manager-esk’ signing, but he’s 25 and a Mexican international centre back. He’d be unreal in this league. Just makes too much sense to go for a player like that though I guess ?. I wouldn’t imagine his wages would be anywhere near what we were paying Terry either.
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    This is the least we should do, and I hope the club are mindful of this. Maybe this could be brought up at the next fans consultation if it hasn’t already.
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    Hats off to Rooney, didn't think he was capable of running this far any more. That's some last minute winner!
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    Does an owner have to be at the game..........it's nice but not a requirement in the modern age. Born and bred in Erdington, I grew up going to the Villa home and away domestically every game (couldnt afford intl away trips). Then I moved to Sydney for work purposes when I was 27 and remained for the last 14 years. I am fortunate that I have to travel to the UK for work roughly 2-4 times a year so get to see Villa play two or three home games a year but mostly I sit at home watching live the games back in Sydney and I get to see 95% of them, generally at some ungodly hour like 2am in the morning. Anyway my point is that I dont feel I am any less of a fan now than I was when I traveled the length and breath of England following Villa. My passion and most often my disappointment is just as strong as it was back then. I know our owners wont have that passion but in the modern age I dont think not being at the games is as relevant. My determination about them will be about their actions with Villa not their attendance to games and more than likely they are watching just as many games, like me.
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    Then in all honestly it's probably also time to move on to another manager more suited for that task.
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    Were you there yesterday, you call that solid? We looked porous every time they ran at us or strung five passes together. We are treading water, we are not getting better and even if by some miracle we dragged ourselves up, this type of set up will see us relegated in a season. We so need some form of plan it is painful (nearly as painful as watching a Bruce team). Said it before, some people’s expectations have been lowered so much they are just happy that he has turned us into Wigan!!!
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    Glad he did well for you yesterday and from reading reports about him that is what you get most games. His greatest asset is that he is a trier for whichever shirt he wears and gives his all for it. He needed a bigger stage to develop and that is what Villa will provide. I think the statements are correct urging caution to see how he is doing after 6 or 7 games but hopefully he will continue to improve and do a good job for you. Well done on the 3 points again and a 100% start. Some were saying it was lucky but I always believe that you make your own luck and if you win promotion by 1 point at the end of the season you won't care how the points were won. Keep it up
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    I believe its part of the steroid-assisted acting scene
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    Third kit released tomorrow 6PM, and the squad will wear it at Yeovil. Excited!
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    Literally could be from the Onion:
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    Seeing as I scored 66 I'm ending the season now and declaring myself Champion of both leagues. Ps - love that the draw was 50-50.
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    goals 0 assists 0 "does nothing"
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    Love the way the Hibs fans (and St Mirren) are logging on and wishing him well. It reflects the comments he made on leaving, that he'd had a lot of love at the club and appreciated it. Hopefully the transfer can benefit him, us, and his previous clubs. All a bit different to signing Billy Big Bollocks for €400m, which seems to be where the game is going.
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    I never once saw him go missing in a game for us and many, many times he was almost single-handedly responsible for re-energising us in games we really needed to win. The worst criticism I could make of him is that I didn't like him taking our corners. He can go all day, can score a bit, soaks up space and possession and finds players for fun with his passes. And he's an absolute terrier. Gutted he's no longer in the green and white but I hope he sets it all on fire for you guys. We'll be watching and wishing him and you well...
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    A second win of the season and a second successive home win against Wigan who have been hard to beat at Villa Park in past meetings maintained our 100%-win record yesterday. It gave us two wins at the start of a season for the first time in 19 years. We have played better than this but for a second time in this fledgling season we showed our resilience by coming back to win after going a goal down. We sit third in the early league table with a game in hand of the early league leaders. Six points from our first two games is an encouraging start and it is something we can and need to build upon. Cardiff gained promotion last season by winning close games on a regular basis and by maintaining a winning run that built their confidence. They developed the habit of grabbing late winners and although their football was not pretty it proved annoyingly effective. We have started this season a little like that. We might have lost or drawn a game like this and the last one last season, but we didn’t. Let’s put a run of wins together and stick to those automatic places like a limpet throughout this season. Wigan looked a decent team yesterday and wins will not come easy against them for this season’s promotion contenders. They will consider themselves unfortunate to leave Villa Park pointless. I hope that a few more teams will feel that way before this season concludes. My player ratings from a game that brought us another win as we await more new signings to further strengthen our team are: Orjan Nyland – 5 – Beaten to the ball on the edge of the box by Powell who won their challenge to prod home Jedinak’s woeful attempted back pass on 41 minutes. Had little chance with their second. Will be working on his kicking and on crosses after this. Needs to be allowed time to acclimatise to his new team and to a new league. Axel Tuanzebe – 6 – Substituted on 65 minutes as we were searching for a winner. Gave a competent enough display filling in as a full back but he would be more comfortable and needs to play in the centre of our defence. James Chester- 7 – His usual reliable self at the back and was unchallenged when he climbed to head home a nicely placed 13th minute free kick from McGinn to give us our opener. Don’t you just love his new scoreboard photograph by the way? Mile Jedinak – 5 – One careless moment tarnished what was otherwise a decent enough defensive display. His awful under hit back pass gifted Powell their equalizer. His place is in the midfield and he should only be used as an emergency central defender. Headed a McGinn free kick wide on 66 minutes. Alan Hutton – 7 – Connolly got in front of him to head the ball home on 55 minutes and give Wigan the lead. Got forward well, earning his “Scottish Cafu” chants with a particularly adept 27th minute turn. Ran to the edge of the area before hitting a 46th minute shot that Walton saved comfortably enough and gave his usual fully committed performance. Ahmed Elmohamady – 6 – Seems to be an automatic choice. Headed away from the post to safety on 28 minutes. He does produce consistent performances, but this is a position that I feel we should still be looking at strengthening with some urgency. Birkir Bjarnason – 7 – Played in the holding midfield role and popped up at the far post in the 94th minute to give us our late winner. A McGinn cross was cleared only as far as Hourihane who hit a sweet cross around the defender who was in front of him that Birikir hit home at the far post. Jack Grealish – 8 – Was given little to no protection throughout from the referee who gave Wigan a licence to make uncompromising challenges upon him at will. Jack was his usual impressive self on those occasions that he was not hacked down. How super nice it was to see Jack still in a Villa shirt. John McGinn – 8 – MOTM – A very impressive debut. He works hard, likes to make a challenge and looks good on the ball. His corner led to our equalizer and his left footed free kick found Chester for our first. Kipre attempted to clear John’s 63rd minute corner but it cannoned off Dunkley’s head into the back of the net for our second. Hit an effort just wide on 73 minutes having had a 33rd minute shot from outside of the area saved by Walton. Looks likely to be another impressive Scot who has appeared for The Hibees before joining us and he follows in the illustrious footsteps of Alex Cropley and Des Bremner. Andre Green – 6 – Made a couple of decent runs and will get better with a run of games. Hit a 69th minute shot from the edge of the box that Walton kept out. This can be a big season for him. Jonathan Kodjia – 4 – Looks a shadow of the player he was before injury. He improved during the second half, but it would have been difficult to have been less effective. Should have found his match fitness by now which was the reason we gave for his lack lustre displays at the end of last season. Headed a nice McGinn cross over in the 52nd minute and had a 61st minute shot blocked by Walton. Headed a 68th minute Adomah cross wide. Badly in need of a confidence boosting goal or two. Substitutes: Albert Adomah – 5 – Came on for Tuanzebe in the 65th minute. Has not looked the same player that did so well for us up until towards the end of last season for some time now. Rushian Hepburn-Murphy - 6– Replaced Green on 74 minutes. Looked keen as well as full of running and pace. Conor Hourihane - Replaced Kodjia on 87 minutes. I had expected that Conor would start yesterday. Although he was not on long enough to gather a rating he did have time to hit the cross that produced our late winner. Up the Villa! John Lewis
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    He'll never change.
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    We have two of John’s brothers in our first team... captain and midfielder Stephen McGinn, and full back Paul McGinn. Goodness knows what they slipped into Mrs McGinn’s water!
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    I expect the release clause to only be available should we not get promoted.
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    Why bother signing him in the first place then?! We have plenty of options at RB without adding another one to the long list! Bruce should have signed someone he does have confidence in rather than sign a CB to play as a right back because he is scared that the kid will make a mistake. Jedinak made a howler today and he is experienced. Makes no sense!
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