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    This is a complete misunderstanding. It’s not true at all. The 39 million figure is the maximum total FFP losses permitted over the period covering next season and the previous two. There’s no figure for how much any owner can put in to a club. Many expenses are not included in the FFP calculations. From memory, Things like community work, youth development, stadium work, training facilities etc. etc. So those things can be funded by an owner, or from operating income, or from debt, or from any number of sources, essentially without limit. The 39 million FFP limit is nominally about not permitting the club to go silly on players, endangering the long term future in a gamble to get promoted. The FFP figure to the end of this season, btw, was much larger because it included one seasons worth of allowable losses under prem. calculations. We know that next season the TV money drops by about 18 million and the FFP allowance by another 20 or so (approx). So we know that next season alone we need to somehow find around 40 million quid in savings on costs (wages), or in income from somewhere (player sales). Returning to the owner, we know that that the club has laid people off, sacked the CEO, ended catering contracts, failed to pay bills on time, publicly announced struggles with meeting FFP, declared sizeable losses in the accounts. We know that the owner has taken steps to either facilitate a buy out or to let others take a stake in the club. We know that no one has done either of those things, to date. We know that the owner gambled on getting promoted, and lost. We know that costs are too high, income too low and the club is skint and the owner has vanished, and is probably not in a position to continue as the owner for much longer without wrecking the club completely. It’s all very Leeds.
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    That is strikingly obvious. I'm not. Please read what I've written above. I don't say anything. The cashflow statement says various things including how this figure is arrived at. That is a really daft thing to write. The £14.4m operating loss after player transactions is arrived at after 'accounting bollocks like amortization'. I have genuinely tried to assist you in understanding some of these numbers as you appear to lack any inclination to go and read these figures for yourself even though they are readily available and you claimed to have done so earlier (Have you seen the accounts? Yes). I definitely wish I hadn't bothered. I shan't be bothering any more.
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    I sprung for this yesterday. Really smooth shifting and it propels me along better than the bike I had before.
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    I have as much of an idea as anyone, i.e. not a great deal. I'm no authority on what is going on with Villa and I don't claim to be. All I was trying to do in the previous few pages was explain some of the numbers in the publicly available documents. If you were to push me for a guess about it, these would be my musings (and this is no comment on whether or not this money was there): Was the money just there to prove that the funds were available for the purchase? I don't see that it would be reasonable to expect any organization to keep a large amount of cash on deposit to draw down on if needed but otherwise not be working for them. Assuming that Xia is straight up and all that he claimed about himself is true then it wouldn't surprise me at all if money is moved from one part of an organization to another (given that the Villa would merely be a part of a much wider group). I admit that there were things that I didn't like about Xia from the off which made me a little skeptical but I still don't know whether those suspicions are well-founded or not. When we get more information, or merely as time plays out, we should get a clearer picture, hopefully. I hope my skepticism was wrong. Whatever the case, I think the situation highlights issues with Chinese ownership, though - by which I mean things like opacity, indirect influence of CCP policy, &c.
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    Finally got around to buying a Telecaster.
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    Vinny Paul Abbot gone at 54.
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    But he ain't. Not a chance pal. Absolutely not.
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    I'm playing live online tomorrow if anyone needs to kill an hour or two. 1pm New York time so 6pm for the UK. Webern's Passacaglia is an amazing piece and also on the program is Brahms's equally epic German Requiem. Part of the Trinity Church Wall Street Concert Series. The Church owns owns Wall Street including the Stock Exchange and takes in around $175 million per year in rent. It's fair to say it has an epic music program! The link should go up shortly before the start https://www.trinitywallstreet.org/music-arts/2017-2018/times-arrow-2 Here is the Webern: 2nd movement of the Brahms was used by the BBC in the documentary "Nazi's: A Warning From History."
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    After 9 months on the waiting list, I'm going to view my allotment tomorrow. Haven't got a clue what I'm doing, but looking forward to getting started on reducing my reliance on the supermarket.
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    I think you also have to consider accents. You wouldn't prescribe how all the saes pronounce bath, scone, or Thanet. You don't have a single sound for each single letter. The way I would pronounce words will be different to a west walian or a gog bastard. Sut Mae, would be pronounced utterly differently in different places. From 'sit' mae, to 'shoe' mae to 'shu' mae with the u pronounced short and blunt as in 'up'. My current fave is the BBC pronounciation of 'Rhyl' which they've gone uber welsh on and have a really aggressive crunchy R to the point it's more like ccccckrill. Where as I would pronounce it 'smack central'.
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    I've already directly answered this in a number of posts above but I'll go one last time (*with a bit of added info): *The club made an operating loss before player transactions of £41m* The club made an operating loss after player transactions of £14.4m Cash flow used in operating activities was this £14.4m operating loss after player transactions plus c. £6.5m of other cash movements as explained in note 20 (link provided earlier) - £20.9m (a) Net cash used in investing activities (incomings and outgoing cash for player transfers mostly but also for tangible fixed assets) - £15.9m (b) Net increase in cash and cash equivalents (reduction in overdraft) - £10.5m (c) a + b + c = £c£47.5m (roundings, obviously).
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    I don't think there's any point if you're going to write off the figures behind running a business as 'accountancy bollocks'. I have already explained that the cashflow statement says: And that the operating activities number is further broken down as follows:
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    Keown is one of the worst I’ve heard. “We know what Ronaldo would do with a freekick like that - Score” Really Martin does he score every freekick, or did he go a very long without scoring? Main commentator “ (x) has done very well today” Keown “Strength”.... followed by dead air..
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    Because those going out are English, and those wanting to come in are Foreign. One goes out and makes the World better, while millions come in and make England worse.
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    I like how our language also confuses pesky furreners with the 'mh' in Niamh (Neev) or Caoimhe (Kweevah) also creating a vee sound Neh neh
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    I love this. How to do songwriting.
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    What would signing barry achieve? Another old player with no chance of making money on and not really good enough to make a big impact on the team. Would be wasting more money and spending another year down here. Which is basically what i expect from bruce and xia for the upcoming year.
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    Musa, quality player. Always rated the guy.
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    Still say he's going nowhere.
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    Are moobs en vogue now?
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    The ridiculous comments. There is a complete shitstorm surrounding the club at the moment and the one single positive ray of light in the middle of this is that one of our best performers last year, one of the best left backs in the league we play in has decided to rejoin us at a sustainable wage. Coming on here with a ludicrously OTT post slagging off a quality player for us in this league who has shown great loyalty is really not welcome.
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    Wow that looks pretty steep, I guess approx 5% for 2k so quite relentless. Looking fresh I was ruined at the end of mine
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    Congrats on the win! Trail running is tough but I'm getting into it now. Didn't realise there were such flat trails about, the ones i find are normally between 2000 and 4000 meters elevation for Marathon. This weekend was just 7km King of the Mountain in Seoul. On the road but 260 meters climb. Think i came in 13th overall.
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    You really should have separate Windows logins if you want to keep things separate.

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