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    Omg, I wish people would stop saying “you’ll hear more soon”, “trust me”, “I know people at the Villa”,“believe me”, “it’ll get worse” etc... you all know sweet f*** all so stop trying to sound like Detective Frost with your ‘definitive’ posts.”My cousins mate knows Howard Hodgson” so what? I once met Mark Bosnich and Doug Ellis on the same day. The link? We both know nothing about what’s happening inside Villa Park. It could very well go that way but trust me and believe me, you don’t know for sure that it will and you all sound like dozy self important twonks.
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    Delighted for Jonathan Pearce, you can tell that goal from Salah meant a lot to him.
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    Once you control for the fact that Kane plays for a side that is no where near the best in the league, whilst Lewandowski plays for by far the biggest side in Germany, who are able to outspend everyone else by a significant factor, who routinely win the league by a minimum of 10 points (last season by more than 20), I think Kane's goal tally speaks volumes with respect to Lewandowski. As I say, if they were to trade places I seriously doubt Lewandowski would be as prolific whilst Kane would score even more.
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    When someone who hasn't watched a football game since England were last in an international tournament it giving their 2 cents on why England were shite last night, and why England are shite, and where we are going wrong, and who is a terrible player. You don't get to have an opinion mate. You don't even know their bloody names.
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    I genuinely think all Birmingham mail does is repeat the same things over and over worded differently with a few added bits of conjecture and speculation, I genuinely think they know sod all and are just putting out click bait. doesn't mean we aren't in the poop though
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    The amount of penalties given this tournament by VAR just shows how many game changing moments are missed by refs usually.
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    Read a couple of reports in the media here saying how good England looked, especially in the first half. Then read this thread, and pretty much every one seems to think England were diabolical. Amazing how some people think we should just walk right over teams like Tunisia, as if they're a bunch of players who have only just been introduced to the game, rather than a well-drilled team who are one of the best in their federation, with a game plan to frustrate the opposition and not concede. Any win at a World Cup is a good win. England have now eased the pressure on themselves, and know that beating Panama will leave them in the last 16 with a game to spare. What's not to like?
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    When that one Tunisian had the ball kicked into his side in first half injury time, he fell to the ground and flopped around like a dying fish, then paused, rolled over to check if anyone was looking, saw that they were, rolled back over and started flopping again. That took more than 90 seconds, and the referee extended first half injury time by 9 seconds. We weren't great, but I think for a performance against 11 players determined to do nothing, a hopeless referee and bad VAR decisions it could have been a lot worse.
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    @sne was thrilled with the win over South Korea
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    Yes I can see why the sign off of @Delphinho123 would cause a reaction, given that yours are so measured ....?
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    I think its fair to say that the premier league is more competitive than the Bundesliga, especially as a Bayern player.
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    I think Tony is frantically trying to find some money in China as we speak. If he doesn't I imagine he will sell anything that we still own. The next 2 or 3 weeks could be the end for this club. Alternate wording ?
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    Lads do yourself a favour and ignore articles with negative headlines. We know the situation is bad and the papers will just keep repeating how bad it is until something new actually develops. Just try and relax and enjoy the World Cup in the meantime.
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    The USA in 2018 My wife and I have had the conversation and we are looking at job opportunities in other countries. It's sad but many things are just adding up to leaving. The treatment of women here is appalling. No Federally mandated maternity leave. The best you can hope is 8 weeks at 50% of the states average weekly wage. That is through an insurance program and employers are not required to pay anything. Book your C-section for Friday so you can be at work by Monday. And what is happening at the border is beyond the pale. I hope Stephen Miller is arrested and jailed for this in the future. The worst elements of the Police force and ICE have been emboldened to bully and devastate people's lives. I hope the predicted "blue wave" is going to happen in the midterms in November.
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    Not true. This forum shows conclusively that we can guess, then get really angry about what we have guessed, then debate the merits of that guess for 27 pages, and call for the sacking of assorted Villa personel based on that guess ?
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    Players doing the telly sign annoys me as much as the imaginary card
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    I will put a tin hat on now.....(Just my view on it) The myth that Canabis is a gateway drug to other harder drugs - incorrect, alcohol is the gateway drug to all other problems. (How many people try alcohol 1st ? 99.99999%?) (See Holland for a complete populations worth of cast iron proof on this. It is however the biggest and greatest gateway to crime in that, they will start kids delivering weed, then onto the A class drugs. Make it legal and I suggest that 30-50 % of crime and criminals will just dissapear. (You dont sell heroin aged 12) Suddenly you dont need all the Police / Prisons. Tax will go down. Money to the NHS will go up. The Police, it must feel border line pathetic for them looking in ashtrays for little bits of weed in cars, on Police interceptors they actually think they are doing well. Waste of their time and everyone elses. Imagine the cost per year, laywers / police / prisons / Crime created becasue its illegal / all the other crimes that take place becasue of the total obsession with it in the UK. As I said , my tin hat is on. However, I have lived in the UK for 28 years and Holland for 18 so on this subject I think I know a tiny bit. (Every single house in Holland is allowed to grow 5 plants, even if you have kids, again this explains all the murders and rapes here in Amsterdam everyday, like loads or it could be ZERO, one of the two. go.....
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    Journalist: "What do your teammates call you?" Shola Ameobi: "Shola" Journalist: "What does Bobby Robson call you?" Shola Ameobi: "Carl Cort".
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    We could do with him if we can't keep Johnstone.
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    You could always leave... Did you really meet Doug Ellis and Mark Bosnich on the same day, btw?
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    Ultimately he failed twice. If he is one of the best managers in the league and we had one of the best squads then we should not be talking about 1 goal in a final. We should have got autos.
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    If anyone's interested, I came across this blog late last night: https://villaleaks.com/ It's written by the bluenose that created a similar blog uncovering the depths of crap that Blues have been in since Carson Yeung took over. To be fair, he really seems to know his stuff when it comes to chinese business. No idea who he is, but I would stress that in my opinion he isn't wallowing in our downfall or taking the piss, it's a genuine blog and I think he may well uncover some information over the coming weeks. He has removed the comments feature for obvious reasons. 3 articles on there so far, all very interesting.
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    So, based on that, Maddison is worth a little bit more than Adomah then? Albert got 15 goals and 5 assists last season - he's worth a lot more than Grealish right?
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    bbc talking about how sad it is for salah, **** off!
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    Two things... I wish they would stop going on about Salah, **** hell, it has been endless. And during this game they mentioned the fact Kane should have had penalties. STOP IT! We won, it's over. **** off Pearce.
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    Careful with those 'trust me's and believe me's' you could end up sounding like a dozy self important twonk ??
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    It's rare that we agree But on this, we do. People stirring the pot making claims (unsubstantiated) that they know this that and the other, I swear it's just to wind everyone up. If there was such a thing as an intelligent SHA fan, now would be a great time to join this board and pretend you know all kinds of shit just to wind people up......not saying that's what happening but it would be a great time for it......of course, it's nigh on impossible as you'd need to find a nose with the intelligence to work a computer first and foremost.
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    2018 and the debate rages in the Alan Hutton thread about the worst full back at the club and it's not even Alan Hutton! What have we become
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    Blimey that’s relief . I read the Heading title as “ Aston Villa Are History Thread”.......?
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    Touching the ball doesn’t mean it’s not a foul
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    I understand Suarez as last minute of extra time But 3 minutes into the tournament is crazy
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    Not really got your head round the principle of a 'discussion forum' have you?
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    If Davis ends up being half the player Heskey was in his prime then I'll be chuffed to bits.
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    Same, i haven't seen us play with that pace and zip for a long long time. I was impressed, another day we would have took our chances and been out of sight. I saw enough to be positive and see us developing further. I think I will leave this tournament just disappointed and saddened when we fail instead of being absolutely **** livid.
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    Man tough crowd. Ok then: Alan Richards Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Subs: Hutton, Hutton, Hutton, Hutton, Hutton, Bunn, Hutton
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    Lovely article by Lukaku here... https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/romelu-lukaku-ive-got-some-things-to-say
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    Fair enough: Alan Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Subs: Hutton, Hutton, Hutton, Hutton, Hutton, Bunn, Richards
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    Not happy with playing Bunn in goal. How about playing Hutton there?
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    "You can't win anything with kids".
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    My cat chased a rabbit into the house the other night. You could see from the look on her face that she was pretty proud of the catch, but also realised she'd bitten off way more than she could chew and would actually now like a little help from her humans please.
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    I cannot stand Gregg Evans and his drony voice. Good lord, if you are going to make a video to put online for a large regional rag at least get some training in how to present the information. Also, these days it's so cheap to invest in some proper lighting and audio equipment. But no, Gregg Evans looks & sounds like he's making a sixth form project in the 1980's Also, yeah, we're foooked. Next years team. Bunn Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Hutton Subs: Hutton, Hutton, Hutton, Hutton, Hutton, Bunn, Richards
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    Not sure if you ever watch La Liga Steve but refs in that league would send you over the edge. Saw many a game last season when 3 minutes would be given, the winning team would have a player faking injury for 90 seconds and Ref would still blow right on 93.00.
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    Without reading the whole post and just going off of how it started. Did Chris Hughton, Jokanavic or Wagner have the most expensive squad by transfers, wages, reputation and experience in the league when they took over? I'm thinking no. So in essence those managers molded lesser teams on a highly restricted budget into well oiled football playing machines with a clear path to progress and success. The board and fans at those clubs could see the pathway to progress so stuck with them. We on the other hand clogged about with talented star players who pulled off miracles in certain matches to paper over the cracks of poor systems and tactics. This has been said a million times and is the bleedingly obvious but it seems some of you feel if you repeat the same argument enough it will drown out the common sense and reality of the respective situations until they somehow become valid arguments. ?
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    He'd shat himself?
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    Well, we managed to negotiate and finalise a new contract for Hutton without a CEO and with an absent owner so I don't see it meaning the world is going to cave in. Guys, clubs with nothing like the support and history we have have gone through this stuff (Portsmouth, for example) and have come through the other side. The club is not going to disappear, worst case scenario we have a tough year and someone else buys us. I know that no-one will actually be enjoying this but it feels like some people are revelling in the chance to let everyone know how bad they think things are, for what purpose is beyond me.
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