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    The USA in 2018 My wife and I have had the conversation and we are looking at job opportunities in other countries. It's sad but many things are just adding up to leaving. The treatment of women here is appalling. No Federally mandated maternity leave. The best you can hope is 8 weeks at 50% of the states average weekly wage. That is through an insurance program and employers are not required to pay anything. Book your C-section for Friday so you can be at work by Monday. And what is happening at the border is beyond the pale. I hope Stephen Miller is arrested and jailed for this in the future. The worst elements of the Police force and ICE have been emboldened to bully and devastate people's lives. I hope the predicted "blue wave" is going to happen in the midterms in November.
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    Not true. This forum shows conclusively that we can guess, then get really angry about what we have guessed, then debate the merits of that guess for 27 pages, and call for the sacking of assorted Villa personel based on that guess ?
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    bbc talking about how sad it is for salah, **** off!
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    Two things... I wish they would stop going on about Salah, **** hell, it has been endless. And during this game they mentioned the fact Kane should have had penalties. STOP IT! We won, it's over. **** off Pearce.
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    Blimey that’s relief . I read the Heading title as “ Aston Villa Are History Thread”.......?
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    World Cup time is upon us and the question popped up in the Jedinak thread about who was the last Villa player to score in a World Cup match while at our club. Made me wonder what Villa players have EVER scored at a World Cup. And actually who played and what happened and all that. So like everything in this thread correct me if I'm wrong but a little light reading suggests that this is the history of Aston Villa players at the FIFA World Cup. I believe Peter McParland was the first ever Villa player to both appear and also score at a World Cup in Sweden in 1958 for Northern Ireland. Opening the scoring against Argentina in a 3-1 loss in their second match, he then grabbed both goals against W.Germany as Northern Ireland took the lead twice in a 2-2 draw that meant a play off against the much fancied Czech team they had already beaten in the first match to progress. McParland equalised just before half time before scoring the winner in extra time in a 2-1 win. Before a 4-0 loss to France saw them go out in the Quarter Finals. 1958 - Peter McParland - Played 5 games. Scored 5 goals. (Northern Ireland) I don't think we had anyone else represented until Allan Evans played against New Zealand in the 5-2 win for Scotland in 1982. They went out in the group stage - it's Scotland. 1982 - Allan Evans - Played 1 game. (Scotland) 1986 came along and we had Steve Hodge in the England squad. He actually did ok and was part of the upturn in form against Poland and Paraguay. Got 10 mins against Portugal, Came on for Robson against Morocco. Started and finished the other 3 games and of course, what we all remember is his contribution for the Hand of God incident obviously... and then he went to Spurs. Didn't he lay on a couple of Lineker's goals that year? Either way he played 5 games. And I could never understand as a kid why we didn't like him. 1986 - Steve Hodge - Played 5 games (England) Italia '90 saw 3 Villa players appear. God and Tony Cascarino for the Republic of Ireland and obviously David bloody Platt. Despite being in the same group they didn't play against each other as Platt was not selected for the first game. Platt got half an hour against the Dutch, 5 mins against Egypt and was a 71st minute sub on that fateful night against the Belgians. Super volley, last kick of the game, England through and THAT smile. Best ever World Cup moment for me that. And he hadn't played 90 minutes in the tournament! As for the other boys and Ireland's greatest moment McGrath and Cascarino both played in every match. Cascarino scored Ireland's 4th in the shoot out against Romania before going out to Italy in Rome in the Quarters. Platt started against Cameroon and re-paid Robson's decision with the opening goal that day. He also started the Semi and converted England's 3rd penalty in the shoot out. Next up... Pearce and Waddle...and the rest is history! Platt also started and scored England's goal in the 3rd and 4th place play off which often gets forgotten. 1990 - David Platt - Played 6 games. Scored 3 goals (England) 1990 - Paul McGrath - Played 5 games (R.O.I.) 1990 - Tony Cascarino - Played 5 games (R.O.I.) Platt (1990) also shares an actual official FIFA World Cup Record with Fabio Grosso of Italy (2006). Latest goal from kick off with no goals in between - 119th minute. The Irish lads are part of a dubious record as the Republic of Ireland became the second team in World Cup History to reach the Quarter Finals without winning a match. USA 1994 and Ray Houghton the star of the Villa show with his belter against Italy in an Irish squad with 4 Villa players. Paul McGrath, obviously Houghton, Steve Staunton and Andy Townsend. All 4 played in all 4 games as Ireland scraped through a tough group. Recorded their first ever win in 90 mins against Italy. Also recorded their first ever losses against Mexico in the groups and in going out to Holland in the last 16. 1994 - Ray Houghton - Played 4 games. Scored 1 goal. (R.O.I.) 1994 - Paul McGrath - Played 4 games (R.O.I.) 1994 - Steve Staunton - Played 4 games (R.O.I.) 1994 - Andy Townsend - Played 4 games (R.O.I.) France '98 had 2 Villa players appear. Savo Milosevic for Yugoslavia and Gareth Southgate in the England squad. Savo started the wins against Iran and the USA and didn't feature against Germany or when they went out to an Edgar Davids 92nd minute winner in the round of 16. Southgate started the opening match against Tunisia. Didn't see the field for the other 2 group games, although tactical genius Hoddle did send him on for Graham LeSaux against Argentina in 'the Beckham game' in the 71st minute. Maybe he was down to take the 6th penalty? lol. Ince and then latterly Batty miss in the shoot out and we're off home. 1998 - Gareth Southgate - Played 2 games (England) 1998 - Savo Milosevic - Played 2 games (Yugoslavia) 2002 like '94 saw 4 Villa players appear although unlike 1994 it was for 4 different countries. We saw Alpay Ozalan make the 'All Star' team as Turkey finished in 3rd place despite a red card in their opening match against Brazil when he conceded an 86th minute penalty tucked away by Rivaldo in a tight 2-1 win for the Brazilians who would later knock the Turks out in the Semi final courtesy of a solitary Ronaldo strike. Alpay played every minute in the knock out stages and excelled as Turkey saw off surprise package Senegal, co-hosts Japan and finally other co-hosts South Korea in the 3rd and 4th place play off. Villa youth team graduate Darius Vassell appeared for England, starting the Sweden game and coming on as a sub in the Nigeria game and replacing a tired Michael Owen for the last 11 minutes in the Quarter Final as England also went out to Brazil. Steve Staunton was still in the Irish team and stepped in to captain them through the tournament after Roy Keane was sent home following the 'Saipan Incident'. Ireland reached the last 16 going out on penalties to Spain but had those 2 Robbie Keane late goals and another unbeaten record to cheer about. Staunton appeared in every match. And last but definitely not least, Olaf Mellberg was flying the Villa flag for Sweden. 4 games in total as Sweden followed us out of the groups at the expense of Argentina before falling in extra time to Senegal in the last 16. By appearing in the Sweden v England games it seems it was the first time two Villa players had appeared in the same match at the world Cup for opposing teams (Vassell/Mellberg). 2002 - Alpay Ozalan - Played 5 games (Turkey) 2002 - Steve Staunton - Played 4 games (R.O.I) 2002 - Olaf Mellberg - Played 4 games (Sweden) 2002 - Darius Vassell - Played 3 games (England) 2006 in Germany and Mellberg would be back for the Swede's and as captain this time alongside Milan Baros for the Czech Republic and Ulises De La Cruz representing Ecuador. The Czech's went out in the group stage and Baros got an hour against Italy in their final match. Sweden, drawn against England and Sven again, get out of the group again only to lose to Germany in the round of 16 where Ecuador also went out courtesy of a Beckham goal against England. 2006 - Olaf Mellberg - Played 4 games (Sweden) 2006 - Ulises de la Cruz - Played 4 games (Ecuador) 2006 - Milan Baros - Played 1 game (Czech Republic) 2010 in South Africa saw Villa represented in the England squad again as Emile Heskey and James Milner both got game time. Milner started against the USA but was subbed off for Shaun Wright Phillips after half an hour and returned for the win against Slovenia and started the Germany game getting subbed off on 64 minutes for Joe Cole. After Germany scored a 3rd and 4th on 67 and 70 minutes respectively, Cappello threw on Englands great hope on 71 minutes and surprisingly Emile came up short. 2010 - James Milner - Played 3 games (England) 2010 - Emile Heskey - Played 1 game (England) 2014 and Ron Vlaar was rather unforgettable. Putting his injury woes aside for a few weeks he put in some top notch performances and was their defensive rock as they finished 3rd. Unfortunately for him he missed Holland's first penalty in the semi final shoot out against Argentina. 2014 - Ron Vlaar - Played 7 games (Holland) 2018 all about Jedinak (3games - 2goals - Australia) and Bjarnason (3games - Iceland) who have, by my reckoning, become the 20th and 21st Villa representatives at a World Cup already. Elmo didn't make an appearance for Egypt. Jedinak becomes only the 4th Villa player in history to score at a World Cup then! 2018 - Mile Jedinak - Played 3 games. Scored 2 goals (Australia) 2018 - Birkir Bjarnason - Played 3 games (Iceland)
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    Not really got your head round the principle of a 'discussion forum' have you?
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    All relevant points. I'm not sure anyone knows where Xia is or what's happening at the club. Xia, ultimately, is no more of a Villa fan than my cat. He bought a club and gambled (with the odds in his favour) on making it back to the premier league in order to get the TV revenue. His plan has failed and I imagine he has absolutely no contingency plan to fall back on. Keith Wyness knew exactly what was going to happen and whilst being instructed he could bring in the likes of Terry/Grabban, probably knew it was curtains if we didn't go up. I don't believe there is much to the rumours he is trying to bring in new investment. Who would invest in a club that has debts of 50m+ and not want complete control? Nonsense. The best outcome here is if he puts the club up for sale at £1 and a sensible (reasonably wealthy) person buys the club and takes on the debt. If he thinks he can sell for anywhere near what he bought for then he is even more of an idiot than first thought. Our club is in massive trouble - Think Coventry, but worse. You'll hear more over the next few days.
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    I thought that was a perfect example of VAR being a positive... no way did it look like a penalty from the initial camera angle, but on review the defender seemed to have quite clearly got the man, not the ball.
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    If Davis ends up being half the player Heskey was in his prime then I'll be chuffed to bits.
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    My cat chased a rabbit into the house the other night. You could see from the look on her face that she was pretty proud of the catch, but also realised she'd bitten off way more than she could chew and would actually now like a little help from her humans please.
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    Without reading the whole post and just going off of how it started. Did Chris Hughton, Jokanavic or Wagner have the most expensive squad by transfers, wages, reputation and experience in the league when they took over? I'm thinking no. So in essence those managers molded lesser teams on a highly restricted budget into well oiled football playing machines with a clear path to progress and success. The board and fans at those clubs could see the pathway to progress so stuck with them. We on the other hand clogged about with talented star players who pulled off miracles in certain matches to paper over the cracks of poor systems and tactics. This has been said a million times and is the bleedingly obvious but it seems some of you feel if you repeat the same argument enough it will drown out the common sense and reality of the respective situations until they somehow become valid arguments. ?
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    He'd shat himself?
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    Well, we managed to negotiate and finalise a new contract for Hutton without a CEO and with an absent owner so I don't see it meaning the world is going to cave in. Guys, clubs with nothing like the support and history we have have gone through this stuff (Portsmouth, for example) and have come through the other side. The club is not going to disappear, worst case scenario we have a tough year and someone else buys us. I know that no-one will actually be enjoying this but it feels like some people are revelling in the chance to let everyone know how bad they think things are, for what purpose is beyond me.
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    Are we that broke we had to sell Doris the Tea Lady?
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    Is that the striker on the right that they bought to replace Hogan?
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    I think I heard the moment the commentators ejaculated once he scored.
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    just skipped 12 pages, did I miss owt?
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    Or someone could just buy the club and we get better? Might be naive of me but I think anyone predicting the demise of Aston Villa Club has been a depressed Villa fan way too long.
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    It was a carbon copy of that penalty we got against Small Heath when Roger Johnson took Gabby out after the faintest touch on the ball.
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    Wait I thought it was Davidson Sanchez but it was our Sanchez
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    to be fair i think handball on the line is a straight red and they shouldn't change it, thats cheating, not as blatant as the suarez one but still cheating
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    I'd love to see the reaction if match officials actually enforced the full amount of stoppage time. "Coming up to the end of the half, we have 22 minutes added on". Then they'd need to chuck another 10 minutes on at the end of that. And another 5 minutes. We'd have a match that never ends due to Zeno's paradox. Maybe there's something to this 30 minute half thing.
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    Kane is definitely better than Lewandowski. If Kane played in that Bayern team he'd be hitting 50 goals a season. I think Kane could well end up with 5-6 goals in this world cup, no reason why, for instance, he couldn't hit a hattrick or more against Panama. Could be an Oleg Salenko moment for him.
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    He's quite good in FM. What more do you need to know?
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    I remember in my early days as a VTer that Ahameed had a pop at me, criticising a point I'd made about....erm....cant recall but anyway, his words were "if you can't say anything nice then just shut up, you f**king idiot !". How ironic. Then, 8 yrs later I'm at little aston hospital for an outpatient appointment and I'm flicking through a Bupa magazine and there he is, on a profile page. Luckily I wasn't down to see him but it just goes to show that you never know when folks' paths will sometimes cross.
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    On that basis just give Russia the trophy now then.
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    Too much hyperbole and exaggeration around England from the pundits. Lineker just described Henderson's performance as 'exceptional'. No Gary, Ronaldo was exceptional against Spain. Henderson was decent, good in spells, at best, tonight. We blow smoke up our player's arses then crucify them when they fail.
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    Good result. Underwhelming performance. Started very well, but once Tunisia settled in and decided they'd settle for a draw we couldn't break them down. Needs to be better, but got the win. Ref was a joke.
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    Happy for Kane. Seems a likable chap
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    He was as soft as shit. Just watched them foul all game
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    There you go DrP. Shove that in your pipe!
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    He missed out on the shell-ebrations.
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    paid a lot of money to watch football, dont actually watch any football, same as its always been the difference with lawro is he's not even a personality, he's a footballer from 2 generations ago so most dont care about his liverpool days, i dont see the point of him either, what does he offer? BBC presenters must be a job for life thing, the game has passed so many of them by now
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    In 4 weeks I've watched 58 hours of the Sopranos.
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    Wasn’t overly sure where to put this but this advert during the ITV showing of CRO V NGR this is the extended verion rather that the one that was show I’m confliced with the final strapline rather than anything in the advert itself but “innovation in every moment” you have maroon 5 doing a cover version (and yes the lyrics are appropiate to the technology they are advertising etc) but it is a f***ing cover version not a re-mix, nothing innotative about the thing that sets many adverts apart from the mundane/annoying... sorry possibly more for the P**s you of thread
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    Teams are under no obligation to play tika taka bullshit or open themselves up to getting smashed by the 'better' team's attack. If the best teams in the world can't take apart a team with a dentist for a manager who put 11 men behind the ball, maybe they're not as good as they think they are.
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    Come on now. Iceland's centre backs consist of one who plays for Rostov, and the other is 35 and just been released by Aberdeen... And they've kept Messi, Aguero Di Maria etc down to one goal?
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    Why don't you ladies all just organize a shopping trip together and be done with it?
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    We need someone that is capable real footballing decisions. Keeping Bruce will be to our detriment because he does not fit into our long term plan. This Villa engine malarky, does this still exist or has it left with Wyness? I have no faith in Xia to bring in a good CEO because Xia knows very little about football. Luke Organ should not be in that position because he is not a football man, he is a commercial executive. Xia's poor decisions has brought this club to shit. And until he leaves and we have an owner that can bring in their own CEO, we are pretty much stuffed.
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    Here's my two.
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    This seems a totally legit way to spend your country's money right? Especially when 30-40% of said country's budget is made up of aid from other countries. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/29/rwandas-30m-arsenal-sponsorship-divides-opinion Gotta spend money to make money and all that, but not sure about this one.
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    Go on Poland! Although if their approach is anything like 2016 then they won't do that well. So defensive.
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    We drew 2-2. Two goals apiece for Peter Withe and Mark Falco. Against one of the more legendary of Spurs line ups including Clemence, Hughton, Perryman, Ardilles, Villa, Archibald and Hoddle. In the days before penalty shoot outs the match was drawn and the trophy was shared. Both teams get credited with a win and as I said held the trophy officially for 6 months each. The Charity Shield is a weird competition. Villa wise we have only appeared 4 times. It didn't start until 1908, so 5 titles and 4 FA Cup wins of ours happened before the competition even existed (Although it's predecessor The Sheriff of London Charity Shield was an annual amateurs v professionals match from the 1898/99 season onwards). It wasn't until 1974 that it permanently settled on being between the First Division Champions and FA Cup winners with Wembley as it's permanent home. 1910 was our first appearance after our 6th title. Against Brighton and Hove Albion who were the Southern League champions. Brighton won 1-0 at Stamford Bridge. The only time the Southern Champions ever won. And the only time we would play under that format. 1957 was the next appearance after our last FA Cup win. The Busby Babes exacted revenge for us stopping them doing the double the previous year with a 4-0 drubbing. The match was played at Old Trafford with all the goals coming in the second half. 1972 brought about our third appearance and was definitely the weirdest as Third Division Champions we squared off against Manchester City who had finished 4th in the league after Derby (League) and Leeds (FA Cup) had declined the invitation to play. We lost 1-0 to a Francis Lee penalty at Villa Park. 1981 was the only time we emerged victorious and it was with a draw. So with 7 titles and 7 FA Cups tucked away in the trophy cabinet we have only ever appeared in 4 Charity Shields, never won a match and only ever officially held the trophy for 6 months in our entire history.
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