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    As much as it grates me to see Cardiff win yet again we only have ourselves to blame.
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    How the fecking he did we lose to bloody Bolton. That one angers me the most
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    I'm not worried about anybody in the playoffs other than Fulham tbh, and even them we can take in a one-off game at Wembley. If we can't beat Boro or Millwall over 2 legs then we don't deserve to go up.
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    Great performance today. If only we had this bloke available from the beginning of the season..
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    They'll get no body.
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    Been listening a lot to this old gem of an album. Wonderful grooves snd moods.
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    Fulham unbeaten in 22 games. That is rediculous. Really do not want us going up against them in the playoffs. Even Millwall went 17 unbeaten before tonight. These are the sorts of runs that teams need to go on to get promoted. We haven’t quite achieved this, so maybe playoffs is about right for us this time around.
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    Condolences to Arsene's family on his sudden passing...oh he hasn't died, he will just be leaving his job. You could be forgiven for thinking the former had happened given the completely OTT media coverage today; interviews with former and current players praising how 'he changed the game', reporters stationed outside the ground talking to fans about their emotions, and i'm pretty sure it was the lead story on the 6 o'clock news FFS. A ridiculous reaction to a long overdue event.
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    Literally nothing to like about Cardiff!
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    Time to earn his corn and use his experience of 4 promotions. If we 'click' we'll get promoted. I just hope we don't have another spell of being shite like we tend to have every now and again!
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    Draw at home to QPR, win at Bolton and the table would look great right now - that (for me) is where we blew automatic promotion.
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    And what happened? i got dragged out for a walk by the OH, got right into the middle of Sutton park, probably half an hour from home, and the heavens opened. Got **** soaked. And now just been to the supermarket. Which is full of **** mongs. Nice relaxing day
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    Played really well today.
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    Very very true.. but knowing Bruce even if we got Salah, he would have numerous crosses into the box & after half a season we would have a similar Hogan thread & many would agree he’s waste of money & should get rid....
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    In his first ten years Wenger revolutionised not only Arsenal but English football. His transfers were usually spot on (Petit, Vieira, Overmars, Pires, Ljungberg, Henry, Fabregas, etc) and they were a joy to watch. The titanic battles with SAF's Man Utd were brilliant. Vieira v Keane - you don't see passion like that in today's insipid game. However it is a shame a lot of people will remember the last few years - his spineless teams and poor judgement on players. I'm not sure what happened. Arsenal were never bad but never really very good again. They've not been same since they left Highbury. They lost something when they moved to the Emirates, and so did Wenger. I'm old enough to recall his early days and that is how i'll remember Wenger: A visionary of the era.
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    100% Don't get me wrong, he's had some stinkers. But he gets way too much stick on here. Hope he keeps this form up for the playoffs.
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    Feeling the same, but like a few others I won't be heartbroken if we don't make it. I rather like us winning lots of games and competing. The championship is such entertainment even if most teams can't play like man city.
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    Yeah, a lot saying the snow conditions were the same for both sides, well yeah thats true, but if there was no snow im pretty sure we win that game. So i do blame the conditions for that loss. All in the past now, looks likely it will be Fulham who miss out on automatic despite a 400 game unbeaten run. Bring em all on and hopefully the pendulum will swing our way
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    Still shell shocked from the QPR loss I think. Although they subsequently went into good form, the QPR result annoyed me more. I obviously can’t prove it and I accept it’s only a gut feeling, but I feel like if we had played that game when it was originally scheduled, we would have won it. I think they had just been tonked by Forest and were there for the taking. Like I say, only a gut feeling and it doesn’t excuse the shambles that actually occurred when we did play them, but I think the postponement of that game worked against us.
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    Super Joe Lolley to the rescue!
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    Or the shit start, or December. take your pick.
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    The thing is john....They find space, so physical contact is minimum, subsequently less likely to get injured......I was watching Cairney carefully last night, he is like Scholes in as much as he just drifts away from the opposition players and just pings balls back to his own, it is so easy on the eye.....its all to do with football intelligence....He plays deep and he comes forward, he just drifts around where he is needed.......Sessegnon is another who just drifts away from the opposition and watches the play, so aware and then makes his runs.......Its all surrounds movement and the management of it. When you play to feet like us you get clobbered all the time.....they play to space in the main......and when they do play to feet the recipient has the ability to control the ball with the first touch.
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    Chiropractors remind me of Karl Pilkington's leg rubber.
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    No probs. Good to see our manager rates Grealish so highly and for anyone to take Grealish off us next season they will have to pay through the nose to get him.
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    Gotta assume they're innocent then, thank goodness we didn't execute them.
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    After last night I hope they do qualify.
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    He's won 3 of the last 4 FA Cups!
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    Well, not really. A better comparison would be we get Grealish. That’d be comparing two players who have both been at their Clubs since a young age.
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    @TRO I've changed my mind, would rather not play Fulham Yes i'm fickle
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    Terry has been priceless. From the first friendly appearance through the whole campaign...it’s not been error free football wise but - to pinch a phrase from a few posts earlier - his character has been that of 3 men. Single most important bit of business at any level in the Club would be keeping him, in whatever role, next season. We are nowhere near out of the woods yet as regards being a ‘ soft’ side....things are much better, but take Terry ( and Snodgrass) out and we are still very short on the type of spirit and attitude they bring.
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    But we have a 138 page thread about Sunderland
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    Not even “Comfortably Numb”? What about ““Wish you were here” or “Animals”? For my money, “Another brick in the wall (pt 2)” isn’t representative of “The Wall” as a whole. Although I do love it. Some of it is a right dirge. But the good stuff is bloody good.
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    Onamah, barney , jedi and whelan all starting in the same team and we win 4 -0 away - can’t be bad
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    Soreness. Nothing serious.
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    I thought our midfield was our weakest part of the team. Still don’t like him and Whelan together, puts too much pressure on Jack to create anything. That said it was a comfortable win. We will be playing much better teams than the tractor boys though.
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    Brentford, but only just for me!
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    Everyone has a price I’m still grumpy from when I paid £10 to change my username years ago but it didn’t get me ad free status
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    This is it, nobody knows for sure. If they did it wouldn’t work. Just have to make personal judgement. If you’re selling for a profit then you’ve won, yes it could go higher but it could also go lower.
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    Well you’re gonna be disappointed then because the Luke thing is very true.
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    Imo Had we had more players who were comfortable on the ball and could go past players like Jack.....I think we would be in the top 2 now. No, I would say hang on to Jack for as long as we can.
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    As long as we score "fore" in every game we play wearing it I will be happy as long as we also get a decent wedge for wearing those shirts.
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    Get him back in for pre season and we can have a proper look at him.
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    As will Blues, as will Baggies. They moan Villa fans are arrogant but then they all make us feel like the most important club in the world.
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    That's absolute nonsense even before that happened wolves fans were all "mind the gap villa" dont know what your fans have against us. I think its more the fact we have finished above you for the last twenty years and for the first time you have finished above us the envy has taken over. The reality is we don't actually care about wolves
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    I think you're partly right here. The "problem" is that Jedinak has only ever been OK at centre back. Never great, never bad, very much middle of the road - which is absolutely fine, it's not his best position. However, when your last game at centre back is as terrible as his was against Sheff Utd plus you've never excelled in the position, people are naturally more wary of you playing that position again. Cardiff suited him down to a tee. He loves a battle and is great in the air - Cardiff love a battle and are great in the air. Worked a charm.
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