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    Great performance today. If only we had this bloke available from the beginning of the season..
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    Literally nothing to like about Cardiff!
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    Played really well today.
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    Still shell shocked from the QPR loss I think. Although they subsequently went into good form, the QPR result annoyed me more. I obviously can’t prove it and I accept it’s only a gut feeling, but I feel like if we had played that game when it was originally scheduled, we would have won it. I think they had just been tonked by Forest and were there for the taking. Like I say, only a gut feeling and it doesn’t excuse the shambles that actually occurred when we did play them, but I think the postponement of that game worked against us.
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    No probs. Good to see our manager rates Grealish so highly and for anyone to take Grealish off us next season they will have to pay through the nose to get him.
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    After last night I hope they do qualify.
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    Well, not really. A better comparison would be we get Grealish. That’d be comparing two players who have both been at their Clubs since a young age.
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    Not even “Comfortably Numb”? What about ““Wish you were here” or “Animals”? For my money, “Another brick in the wall (pt 2)” isn’t representative of “The Wall” as a whole. Although I do love it. Some of it is a right dirge. But the good stuff is bloody good.
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    Wow Bridcott, how does a midfielder go 221 games without a goal? U'd think you would get at least a couple by accident in that time
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    I can excuse that one as the conditions were awful and made it impossible to play decent football
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    Onamah, barney , jedi and whelan all starting in the same team and we win 4 -0 away - can’t be bad
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    Nice one £1800... if we don't balls it up for you...
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    Would rather play boro and Cardiff than either Millwall or Fulham but if we have to play fulham so be it .
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    On Bet365 Joe is 40-1 to score 2 or more goals. Worth a couple of quid?
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    Thought exactly the same, they showed the half of the stadium that has a building site outside it too (looks like the investment in the area continues, still a massive shit hole) Murphy again absolutely awful
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    Boro have Millwall don’t they? Then their last game is against Ipswich. It’s going to be Boro. I think they just need the win against Ipswich to confirm fifth.
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    I think he has a massive part to play in our remaining games .
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    Hughes only had a year left on his contract, whereas Grealish still has a couple seasons left.
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    This something that bothers me a bit with how Villa play. Way too often we play the ball to feet with the recipient waiting for the ball to arrive while being closed down forcing another pass. Rarely do we see fluid movement from our players off the ball opening up spaces and signaling runs. It makes us slow and, as you say, more likely to get clobbered. This is one thing that bothers me with how we set up and play and something I desperately want to be addressed more by the coaching staff. Fulham seem to have got this down.
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    I cant remember where i heard or saw the sopranos hype but i thought yeah its on tonight ill give it a go, it was that episode...madness, ive seen it win polls of best tv episode ever Channel 4 really f*cked up with their showing of it originally, didnt appreciate what they had, the final series was on at a silly time with hardly any promotion
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    I've had a busy week at work, and I've been ill. Had to get up early today for an appointment in town so now that I'm back I just want to do nothing all weekend. But because the sun is out I'm treated like a weirdo by the whole country "Oh you can't waste a day like this!" "Go for a walk instead!" "How can you stay inside when it's this sunny?" **** off. I'm knackered, I'm still not 100% well. I just want to veg out and do **** all.
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    When I watched it, I'd gotten the DVDs off a mate of mine who recommended it. When I watched that episode, I text him and said something like "I knew this was good, but I've just watched an episode that has mademe think it's amazing" And he immediately replied with So yeah, I think that's a common tipping point where people realise how good that show is.
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    I'll give you The Wire, but these 3 say more about you than the Sopranos.
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    Me too although it seems to have been bloody ages since S2 finished so spent most of the first episode trying to remember who everyone was, what they were doing & why they were doing it. Also watched Lost in Space. It was OK but seemed very long and drawn out, One of the few shows that actually takes advantage of the non standard 44 minute runtime with many of the 10 episodes coming in at just over an hour long which actually seems about 20 minutes too long for most of them, They could have easily cut a good hour or two from the season. They must be the (un)luckiest people in the world, Crash on a random planet, there for a couple of weeks and each and every one of them manages to find a completely different stupid way to almost die every single day. Have also tried a couple of the new shows, The Crossing on Amazon & Siren. The crossing isn't too bad so far although I generally give anything with some sort of time travel angle a chance but is full of stupid people doing stupid things. Siren is complete trash with mermaids and even stupider people doing even stupider things but i quite like it for some reason.
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    I was out in Shrewsbury at 7am, about 50 people (i was in the 20's) in a queue for one of the 3 shops there. Unfortunately they only seemed to have 1 - 2 or none of most of the titles and after they had served the first 10 people who got to pick whatever they wanted from the already limited stock it was slim pickings by 8.30. Nipped over to another store after leaving to find another queue of 30 or so people being allowed in on a 1 in one out basis. By the time i left at 10.00 i had managed a small haul but only about 1/3 of what i actually wanted but also found a telescopes lp that i didn't even know was due out so that was a bonus. Guess i'll just buy the rest on ebay for double/treble the price. This is all i managed to find
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    Hi guys I know it’s not the right thread but I thought I’d give early notice I can’t make the Millwall game so if anyone wants to go.....I’ve already got the ticket so can Post it in plenty time....I don’t want paying so a tenner donation to VT should do it Edit - it’s gone ..
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    Guess unlike Obama , Trump will actually deserve his Nobel Peace Prize
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    If enough posters fill in their details two things will happen. Firstly the Mods will sell all the data to Arron Banks. Secondly, the Bollitics threads will start filling up with right wing rhetoric and reinforced racial stereotyping.
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    Well you’re gonna be disappointed then because the Luke thing is very true.
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    Sessegnon is a really interesting player, cant really pigeon hole him, dont think hes a left back, left wing he drifts in to like a 2nd striker role, hes got to be real careful when the big boys come for him theres teams and managers out there that could get him badly wrong and then wonder what the fuss is And the big boys are coming thats for sure
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    I still think we could beat them though. I pray for Cardiff but I still think on our day we could win.
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    Was about to say the same. We had this debate on here last time I watched them against Brentford. Sorry but it has reiterated my view. Their passing, moving, mixing up of style of play, speed etc are far superior to anything I have seen from us. The best way I can describe it is that we are very "Old school" and straightforward. Their manager has done a great job.
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    Moved onto this now. One for @chrisp65 and @dAVe80 Lee Perry - Open the Gate. Triple album compilation Box Set that cost £11.99 many years ago
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    Get him back in for pre season and we can have a proper look at him.
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    Yeah but they'll say the Home Office shredder was bought under a Labour government, so it's actually Jeremy Corbyn's fault.
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    That's absolute nonsense even before that happened wolves fans were all "mind the gap villa" dont know what your fans have against us. I think its more the fact we have finished above you for the last twenty years and for the first time you have finished above us the envy has taken over. The reality is we don't actually care about wolves
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    I can send the downloaded pic to Vistaprint and they can poster it...but it will be pretty rough. But the photo is gold, gold Jerry.
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    I suppose it got a lot more comfortable once you got out the cupboard ?
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    There's a whole team of staff involved in the on-pitch analytics. They have scenarios outlined for every situation and the players are well-drilled in what they are and what their place is within it. I bit like a gridiron playbook. Sure, Smith is the one who during the 90 minutes, decides what to change and when but the changes are well rehearsed and everyone involved understands what they are. I know on the face of it, most teams have such a set-up but at Brentford, it's all driven by analytics and there are a team of staff in the stands as well as on the bench who guide Smith on how things are going and what options there are. Smith is largely well accepted among the fans but most operate in the belief that the Head Coach is just another piece of the puzzle. a fact borne out by how interchangeable the Head Coach position has been (with one or two notable exceptions). This is all way off topic so I'll leave it there for now but if you want to ask any further questions either PM me or tag me in a more appropriate thread.
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    I just did my annual purchase of the 'i' newspaper, so the little 3773's can pick a horse in today's big one, and what do I see? Not sure if this is a regular occurrence but VT and @TRO have made the big time.
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    Samba's ideal to protect a lead, especially when the opposition decides their only option, to grab a late draw, is to lump it forward (as witnessed in our two victories this week). I like that we have Samba in our 18.
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