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    I think it's more the point that regardless of how well/badly they play, he says the same thing. It's not out of the ordinary to expect someone (particularly that teams manager) to mention points that aren't clearly optimistic. It makes you look deluded if you keep losing, but keep saying positive things. Accept that bad things are happening, and just explain that you're working hard towards them and you've seen improvement. It's management 101. Acknowledge bad things, but put a positive spin on it. But he's with the fairies if he thinks they've played really well.. Oh well, you've just lost 10 games or whatever on the bounce.
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    You’re not going to believe this lads. I successfully made my sandwiches for work this morning, they fit in the box and everything. Get this, I’ve just realised I forgot to bloody eat them! I went and bought a jacket potato!!
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    She won't be able to manage them all hush my mouth!
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    Mission accomplished at Blackburn - 1-0 Lyden
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    It was a joke, hence the exaggeration in size, colours and wild abstract claims of the "Brightest" this or that a bit like the bloke with the really big mobile in that sketch show making fun of people who he thinks talk a little bit too loudly. It's not like I drop the "V****" word in every sentence or anything & I did this in the hope of providing some light hearted amusement in what is a thread , lest we forget, that is called "Things that piss you off that shouldn't" and one shouldn't take it all that seriously but i see now I was wrong in that view, I apologise. I only realise now this thread will be of enormous historic and political importance in the future and I am more than sure the labelling chosen by said company would be really quite appropriate, and would be really quite small, nice font and not bright. Live long and prosper.
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    It's the delusion of being positive all the time even when it's blindlingly obvious things are not going well. Roberto Martinez is similar. It's like they swallowed a business management handbook where everything always has to be brilliant and nothing is ever wrong or bad. The reason I don't like it is that it's really condescending and treats people like they are idiots who can't see the wood for the trees. Just be honest, people will respect you more.
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    Just watched some idiots on ITV news claim that Assad is a good man, with elements like that in the stop the war movement it'd be hard to want to associate with it.
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    @omariqy As I mentioned before Uniqlo were looking at opportunities in football 18months or so ago.... Superdry have big plans for their Sportswear brand spin-off.... However personally I reckon we will go in-house and produce our own branded kit maybe under Recon Sport..
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    It's almost like it was nothing personal, and was an owner mandated decision to alienate the highest earners.
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    I can just imagine us kitted out in George by Asda. Maybe Top Man at a push.
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    Not sure if it really counts as an injury, but the one that always sticks with me was Fabrice Muamba having to stop playing at 24. Another one is Adrian Doherty. He was supposed to be the best of United's 'class of 92', but suffered a career ending cruciate injury just before he was due to make his debut. He then moved to Amsterdam with work, and died after slipping and falling into a canal at 26. There is a book about him called 'Forever Young' .
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    Yes - I can see the similarities between them, both extremely skilfull and very intelligent - neither were blessed with lighting pace - but their speed of thought made up for this.
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    So it doesn't matter how well you play? It's just a complete toss of a coin as to who wins? No skill involved whatsoever? Because that's what a lottery is. Also, if it's a lottery, how come the team in 3rd gets promoted more often than the team's in 4th, 5th or 6th? That would be consistent with a game of skill and ability over a game of pure chance would it not?
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    I don't think they are. Davis for me is an out and out target man.....I don't think the other 2 are. They work in between the lines.
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    That's a really roundabout way of saying you're cheating on your wife. Although, putting something so mundane on a football forum is quite the alibi.. You sir, are a genius.
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    The "Vegan" part of the label will be twice as wide as the bottle itself in the brightest fluorescent pink known to advertising, just so we all know. words removed.
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    Would be hilarious if Khan loses the weekend. I'm a washed up shot to shit boxer get me out of here.
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    Wouldn't cut it in the Premier League. As much as I love our midfield none of them apart from Grealish would stand out if we got back to the prem imo.
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    You seem to allude to wolves being able to crack the top 6 within a couple seasons which is completely unrealistic and you are setting yourself up to fail with goals like that. Worry about staying up next year first and then establishing yourselves before you convince yourselves you can over throw one of the top 6 clubs. When things don't go Nuno way he spits his toys out the pram. Wait until you start losing games or hit a bad patch and it be interesting to see how he reacts to that. You have not really had that this year. Next year will be completely different. I dont think you will be a bottom three club however I dont think it is going to be as successful as you think it will be.
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    We’re a very ordinary side when he’s not playing or isn’t at his best. I dread to think what we’d be like without him. When Bruce said he wanted to build the side around him at the start of the season, I scoffed...along with many others Well now he is our most crucial & creative player. That’s how far he’s come this season imo Do not Sell!
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    I'm still clinging on to the hope that @AVFC-Prideofbrum does us a favour on Saturday.
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    Would have thought the two were mutually exclusive. Congrats though.
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    Yeah....i think Nuno has done very well to blend the portuguese contingent, with the British element.....it has worked out very well for them.
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    25m? No chance. Double it. I'm not even joking. Even then i'd hesitate. What's the point? We're not going to replace him even with 50m. We'd end up buying more McCormacks and Hogans.
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    £25m is a good fee and we could replace him for that. I'm fairly torn, would like him to stay but the money talked about isn't a bad outcome for us at all.
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    25m for grealish is about right id say and we would be stupid to turn it down as a championship side
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    I see what you mean but I would love it if we played them at Wembley rather than Fulham or Cardiff.
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    And just like Hogan, this bloke doesn’t get his shot away either.
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    Which is on 26th of May. What good could possibly ever befall Villa on a 26th May final on neutral ground?
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    For those who are bored enough to be interested, but not sad enough to actually look it up like I have, it appears that the fifth turtle was called “Venus de Milo” and first appeared in 1997. Her weapon of choice is a tessen which appears to be a fan which has been fashioned into a weapon.
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    This one doesn't exactly scream 'Americanisation' to be fair!
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    Yeah there's a bit too much Hogan bashing, in the run of 7 wins when we were playing our best football he was a different player. No coincidence his best patch was when we were playing good stuff.
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    I’d enjoy that regardless!
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    McGatemack for £12m and high wages would be my choice for worst signing and striker. Especially when you factor in age and sell on value.
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    Yeah never been a big fan of the colours fading into each other like that. Certainly not on the home shirt, the away shirt I don’t mind as much.
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    some of the secret intelligence beginning to be leaked out
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    I'd love it if we could get Milner back assuming we get promoted. He'd be a great option to solidify the midfield. He only has a year left at liverpool and is 32.
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    @NurembergVillan have the club approached you to do the shirt yet? I don't send you to kit launches just to enjoy yourself....
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    Peter Green was the most interesting one.
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    Huddlestone, Jedinak and whelan in a midfield three. Better than barca.
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    Said to my mate, "I just watched that film about the Nazis." He said, "Oh what, the one with Adolf in?" I said, "No mate, you're thinking of 'Flipper', this was just about the Nazis."
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    Id bust the bank for Shaqiri from Stoke
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