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    I now have 2 Grandchildren as of 25 minutes ago Little chap is OK and in Perth, Australia. My Mrs is there also.
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    Don't get @bickster started on lettuce... that's just the tip of the iceberg.
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    I had never met this guy before but I enjoyed it. 7/10.
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    The bad faith of Conservatives this morning is simply astonishing. I mean, get a load of this: 'They're being treated terribly'! How on Earth did that happen, Nick? Don't you want to stand up for your own policies? Yes, Priti, what 'an appalling situation'! How did we get here? (https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/24778/priti_patel/witham/votes) It really is a mystery isn't it. Would take a real Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. Everywhere you look, people are trying new tactics: 'Fiasco'. 'Cock-ups'. Anything to avoid having to admit that this was government policy. They're going to try and take this 'it's all the fault of low-level functionaries in the civil service' line (also known as the 'the empress can't fail, she can only be failed' line) as far as they can. Don't let them. This has been their policy for eight years, through two acts of Parliament, and May - personally - was the architect. Don't let them off the hook; make them face the consequences of their actions.
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    Three tortoises, Mick, Tumble and Paddy, decide to go on a picnic. So Mick packs the picnic basket with beer and sandwiches. The trouble is the picnic site is ten miles away so it takes them ten days to get there. When they get there Mick unpacks the food and beer. "Ok Give me the bottle opener." "I didn't bring it," says Tumble. "I thought you packed it." Mick gets worried, He turns to Paddy, "Did you bring the bottle opener??" Naturally, Paddy didn't bring it. So they're stuck ten miles from Home without a bottle opener. Mick and Tumble beg Paddy to go back for It, but he refuses as he says they will eat all the sandwiches. After two hours, and after they have sworn on their tortoise lives that they will not eat the sandwiches, he finally agrees. So Paddy sets off down the road at a steady pace. Twenty days pass and he still isn't back and Mick and Tumble are starving, but a promise is a promise. Another five days and he still isn't back, but a promise is a promise. Finally, they can't take it any longer so they take out a Sandwich each, and just as they are about to eat it, Paddy pops up from behind a rock and shouts........ "I KNEW IT!......I'M NOT GOING!" Look at his rubber sword bending on the frame.
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    I made you this to help with the conscious uncoupling.
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    Wait until you find out who is the President of the US.....
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    I think it's more the point that regardless of how well/badly they play, he says the same thing. It's not out of the ordinary to expect someone (particularly that teams manager) to mention points that aren't clearly optimistic. It makes you look deluded if you keep losing, but keep saying positive things. Accept that bad things are happening, and just explain that you're working hard towards them and you've seen improvement. It's management 101. Acknowledge bad things, but put a positive spin on it. But he's with the fairies if he thinks they've played really well.. Oh well, you've just lost 10 games or whatever on the bounce.
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    You'd love the burger I had today. It's wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.
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    It's a tiny logo on the back actually, but tell me more about how vegans don't stfu in a discussion about a vegan product that wasn't started by one!
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    No one mentioned Martin Laursen?
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    You’re not going to believe this lads. I successfully made my sandwiches for work this morning, they fit in the box and everything. Get this, I’ve just realised I forgot to bloody eat them! I went and bought a jacket potato!!
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    And what is this so called premier league experience you refer to ??? Do you mean having the advantage of having Paul lamberts premier league experience or Alan Pardews premier league experience . See all there so called premier league experience has worked out well for there respective clubs this season . Think people get to caught up with all this if you have no experience of the league your doomed to fail . It's the same deluded thinking that keeps the hire and fire manager sack circle going round and round in the premier league .
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    She won't be able to manage them all hush my mouth!
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    Can’t see him being sold as Villa will go up through the playoffs and then the Premiership team will be built around him.
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    Mission accomplished at Blackburn - 1-0 Lyden
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    This thread.......
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    It was a joke, hence the exaggeration in size, colours and wild abstract claims of the "Brightest" this or that a bit like the bloke with the really big mobile in that sketch show making fun of people who he thinks talk a little bit too loudly. It's not like I drop the "V****" word in every sentence or anything & I did this in the hope of providing some light hearted amusement in what is a thread , lest we forget, that is called "Things that piss you off that shouldn't" and one shouldn't take it all that seriously but i see now I was wrong in that view, I apologise. I only realise now this thread will be of enormous historic and political importance in the future and I am more than sure the labelling chosen by said company would be really quite appropriate, and would be really quite small, nice font and not bright. Live long and prosper.
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    I'm shell-shocked at this turtlely bad pun!
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    God, yeah, you'd have to be a real plonker to sign your name to that sort of opinion. Speaking of which . . .
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    It's the delusion of being positive all the time even when it's blindlingly obvious things are not going well. Roberto Martinez is similar. It's like they swallowed a business management handbook where everything always has to be brilliant and nothing is ever wrong or bad. The reason I don't like it is that it's really condescending and treats people like they are idiots who can't see the wood for the trees. Just be honest, people will respect you more.
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    who'd do you think the pub is named after?
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    By who? Over excited Villa fans on VT or a general consensus? He's a limited midfielder who does well at Championship level and has a good shot on him. I'm not sure that's underrating him, either.
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    Do you pronounce that renaissance or renaissance? I say renaissance.
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    Just watched some idiots on ITV news claim that Assad is a good man, with elements like that in the stop the war movement it'd be hard to want to associate with it.
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    It's thought likely that after the Syrian incident Russian hackers are looking for dirt on the Tories and their chums. Could things get more desperate for the worst government in memory? Let's hope so.
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    Very much so, him and the players have done a great job under what was in no way a forgone conclusion of them running away with the league. New country, language, league, club, lots of young players... But quality and talent prevail. Almost 70 % foreign players, most of them under 25 y.o from supposedly crappy leagues (as in not English?) playing against the burly rugged proper men of the Championship, making it look easy. Nuno (and their slaver Mendes ) has managed to get them to pull in the same direction and keep focus during this 46 game slog. That is impressive. And it also once and for all puts to rest this silly notion of the Championship being a special kind of beast that still lives on from 20 or so years ago. In the PL any given week at least 50% of the managers and players are foreign nowadays, and the higher up the table you get the more so it becomes. This is happening in the Championship as well, but slower of course since the money is not quite as absurd there. There is IMO no longer any "British Football" in the sense that you had before the PL, at least not the top 2 flights in England.
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    I'm in the strange position of agreeing and disagreeing with this at the same time. It's as well that I'm sitting down, as I'd be all dizzy and fall over, otherwise. I think you're right that when presented with a situation that they can see, touch, feel -most people by far, say and do the right things. But I also think that there are a fair chunk who would stop and film on their phones, rather than help as first instinct. I still think that if you remove the immediacy of that " see, touch, feel" presence, then people become indifferent much more often - Syrian refugees being an example. I think you're bang on about "someone else" should sort this [problem] out. But also when you say "something is your problem, then we see an almost wall like stance of unaccountability" it often doesn't take much to change people's behaviour, just a little nudge - 5p on a plastic bag charge and there's a huge reduction in the use of throw away bags. The outrage thing - yeah, I agree. Everything is presented in back and white, everytthing is a "crisis" or a "victory" everyone is brilliant or terrible etc. The obvious difficulty there is that the real, genuine examples of crisis or brilliance or villainy or whatever become lost in the constant noise. The Windrush people and the deliberate policy to make their lives difficult should result in the resignation of both Amber Rudd and Theresa May. This is, as @HanoiVillan has pointed out a absolutely deliberate Governemnt poilcy for the pasy 6 or 7 years or so. It's not an accident, it's not officials being over zealous. It's what Theresa May set in place. But this absolute outrage will be lost with all the other things that aren't really outrages - somebody doing their sums wrong, or being a bit clumsy with their words in an interview. Interestingly too, the WIndrush thing has (it seems to me) actually got a vast majority of people from the Daily Heil to The Guardian, from Rees-Mogg to Lammy and all the folks who have signed the petitions n'that all on the same, right, decent, side. Apart from the Government, obviously. So there we all are, standing up for the rights of immigrants. Blimey.
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    It's almost like it was nothing personal, and was an owner mandated decision to alienate the highest earners.
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    He's invaluable to us. Only sell him for an insane fee. 25 mil ain't gonna cut it.
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    Would loves us to go for Sergi Canos if we are still in this league. Looks a player and would probably cost about 5M.
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    It applies to me as well, although for different reasons to Bickster.
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    Shit finds its own level
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    The problem with this government, is that we get the government we vote for. From ukip to the DUP to the tories to brexit, there's a lot of gammon and a lot of I'm not a racist...but, in this country. We've somehow got ourselves confused angry and bitter, and just like that dick that owns Wetherpoons, we just want it to go back to what it was like before. Except of course, it never was. It's quite quite sad, but in the light of this nasty little government 'sending people back' I doubt very much it would impact on an election result tomorrow. Just like bombing Syria without a plan won't impact an election result. Just like triggering brexit without a plan won't impact an election result. As a nation we have a disconnection between what we know we should say, and how we individually act. From plastic bags, to british food, to the treatment of our neighbours, to the welcome of genuine refugees. We get the government and opposition we deserve. We must be a right bunch of shits.
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    Oh man, thought I was being clever. Well there you go, there's the third thing, being humiliated on the internet.
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    I'm 26. Just going back 5 years, I'd say Gestede, Holt, Delfouneso, Bowery, and Helenius have been worse than both Davis and Hogan.
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    Pace. Pace. Pace. If we don't go up two flying fullbacks are hopefully knocking around available on loan. We lack pace. It is our biggest downfall.
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