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    I assume the wallet was both on the bus and not on the bus until he found it.
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    Said to my mate, "I just watched that film about the Nazis." He said, "Oh what, the one with Adolf in?" I said, "No mate, you're thinking of 'Flipper', this was just about the Nazis."
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    Something that pisses me off is when your in a good boozer with a prime position, nice and comfy and then someone suggests you move on. Why? The next pub is always shitter and you end up strung out standing in a corridor. I'm all up for pub crawls and organise quite a few but sometimes it's OK just to stay.
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    Sometimes they itch so bad you just can't help it. Nothing to cry about, though!
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    A guy from work got here late, sat down, then realised he'd lost his wallet. So he walked back home, retracing his steps, trying to find it. 40 minutes later he calls in to say he's found his wallet, but he can't find his phone, and asks us to take a look around for it. It's not here. He left it on the train. It's the third time this month he's lost his phone. 2 hours later, he's not here. I'm expecting him to walk in with his wallet and his phone, wondering where his shoes are. He's either the clumsiest most forgetful person in the world, or a genius who's figured out how to get away with just taking a day off without using annual leave.
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    I think there is Kohli, Smith and Williamson, and then Root probably best of the rest. Joe consistently makes runs, but he doesn't produce nearly enough match-winning innings for my liking.
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    Nope. Lefties - hate righties Righties - hate everybody
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    Nah, easier way to remember nowadays Righties - hate Muslims Lefties - hate Jews AMIRITE?! #BoliticsBantz
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    I could not agree more......it tries to negate the ability to interpret all the effective bits in a game. take passes for instance......a 100%pass rate only tells you so much, it doesn't value the quality of the pass or the significance/value of the effect. There is no substitute for watching a game.
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    Even worse, when the first pub has a really nice beer on, that you could happily sit and drink all night, and you end up moving somewhere that only sells Doom Bar.
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    I've got a bit of sympathy with that view, too. The ball tampering was bad, and you'd expect maybe a few games ban for each of those implicated - so maybe a few months (depending on when the Aussies next play a series). The lying about it afterwards and the premedited nature of it (taking sandpaper onto the field to do it...etc.) makes it worse than a thumbnail scrath on an unresponsive old ball (though that's still bad). So though the ICC class ball tampering as a level 2 offence and the sort of theing that would get a short ban, in this instance the people involved made it worse, and then there's also the General behaviour of the Aussie team and the attitude, and also the hypocrisy - all of which have made them unpopular, and I think maybe Cricket Australia want a bit of a reset. SO the individual players have maybe suffered a bit in terms of a stiffer penalty in part because of a bit of a history of stuff. You can look at either way, really - a year's ban for ball tampering is unprecedented and out of proportion, or when you add all the things up, the lying, the pre-planned cheating, the antagonism, the cover up attempts - this needs stamping out firmly and a year is now the benchmark.
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    The Spectator (whose podcasts are surprisingly competent and even-handed) have a half hour interview between Andrew Neil and David Davis available to download. Having listened to it, we're properly buggered. I think the man's dimwitted guffaws are probably scratched into my brain, they were so frequent when the alternative was to admit he didn't know the answer to the question.
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    The court, Mr Whack, has heard more convincing defences.
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    Originally welcomed a big reaction and punishment, it was premeditated fraud on the opposition, the public, and the game. HOWEVER......... the players have expressed more regret - probably genuine - contrition and guilt than I’ve heard any Politician, Executive, Tax evader, Reporter, or other public figure express in thirty years. All those people could learn something about actually regrettin* what you’ve done. Additionally they shoukd now be left alone and, when the ban is up be welcomed back into the Sport....they haven’t killed anybody and seem genuinely saddened.
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    Yep, I suspect it will wipe out ball-tampering from the arsenal of Aussies tricks, whereas the ICC punishments for it are perhaps not a huge deterrent. It's pretty astonishing that Smith saw Warner & Bancroft were up to something, and rather than put his foot down just turned a blind eye. Didn't have the balls to stand up to Warner? Australia will be much weaker without him in the batting line up, but I don't think they'll miss his captaincy. They may even have a happier dressing room as a result of Warner's ban and become a better team for it...
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    Nah, he's got another 5 years in him at least. Doubt we'll ever see him in an Australian shirt again though, but there's a pretty strong suggestion that he wasn't even liked by his own team mates so conceivably that could have been happening sooner rather than later anyway. Once this has blown over he'll absolutely clean up on the T20 circuit.
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    I thought Rugeley had been quiet....
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    Its up to fans to form their own opinions. personally, i am not interested in the player and for me he has negated every bit of good he has done in his earlier years.
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    ^This disheartens me as a football enthusiast. That people need to look at a stats sheet in order to quantify someone's quality. You watch the game, you should see someones (Grealish's) contributions.
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    It did so I thought to myself "Alpen another one"
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    Finally! I’d change one thing from your list. I’ll give you three guesses
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    Yes as each car will have a delivery charge as part of the cost (even if its not delivered)
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    Yep same happened to me on Tuesday. Someone within KFC has probably cost them literally millions of pounds. This is one of the problems with the constant drive to cut costs year after year. Eventually some chancer will spin them a yarn about new tech (which was the case here) and they will take a short term view to save a few quid under enormous pressure from above to do so and it goes wrong and costs tons more than they ever would have saved.
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    Penalties are brilliant. Get rid of extra time and straight to pens. That would get my vote
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    That's not the sort of story you want to clap eyes on.
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    Your right and bulking has nothing to do in not being very good imo
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    I could be wrong, but my recollection was that it was Agbonlahor's decision to bulk up over a summer break, and he was instructed not to go any further with it.
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    Saw him at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday. Went to accompany a friend that didn't want to go alone. I'm not in his cult, but it was a tidy gig with good sound and no short measures. He cuts shapes like Siouxsie Sioux
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    Pretty sure they have sandpaper for bat handles in every cricket dressing room. As for the tears by Steve Smith this morning, do me a favour. It's ball tampering not murder.
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    Get your Dihydrogen Monoxide point. The dodgy analogy tactic is all too rife on the web, agreed. It's US made for a US audience, what can I say? It will be short, sensationalised and dumbed down. In this case the examples are being used to sex it up, not deliberately mislead. The following criticism of US food industry regulation is valid, in my opinion.
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    At some stage I'll have a crack at something modern. Would be fun. The ones I worked up were back in 2004, and based off this template. Claret body, blue sleeves and white details where here it's blue.
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    Thank God you're back. The rest of us have been struggling to come up with enough appalling puns and bad jokes to keep the site going.
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    To be fair to David Davis though, back then he didn't even know that we couldn't go and do a separate trade deal with Germany or that Ireland wouldn't automatically be leaving with us. So the chap has been on a pretty steep learning curve over the last couple of years.
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    The Irony is the fact that he had alot more good years, and did alot more good for the club, than actual bad. To put his whole Villa career down to "some bloke who is sat in the stands" is laughable. Whether or not you love or hate him based on the past few years the FACTS don't change. I guess Onomah deserves more of a lap of honor applause since he has been "involved" this season. Compared to a player who has come through the youth system, was an integral part of our most successful team in recent times and is our record Premier League goalscorer, and longest serving player. Some true short sighted bollox people come out with. But that's none of my business. lol Save all the inevitable bollox for that Agbonlahor hate cult.
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    Errrm, are you suggesting the 'Rear Admiral Sailors Club' is a gay bar? How dare you!
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    That's no way to talk about @mottaloo"s lady friend.
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    I'll put some WD40 on the gates at BMH........... so he can go quietly.
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    I agree with the point you're making about the fine line between disliking the regime in Israel and taking that extra step into making the cultural association with all Jewish people - I actually think that your example here is a good one too - because for me, right up until the last two words, there's nothing anti-semitic in it - and indeed if you replaced the word Jewish at the end with Israeli, I'd say that's not an anti-semitic viewpoint. Now I'm not sure if you'd agree or not, and I'd understand whichever way it is - but that's probably a decent example of how peculiar this line can be.
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    The men won't be going anywhere. They are there to promote awareness of prostate cancer and are a great idea/contribution by the football league.
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    You would not be the first to say that
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    All you guys say is true, but I'd still like to see more end product from him.
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    If this is the main statistic you're looking at, it's inadequate to judge his performances (or even his involvement in goals). I don't know where you are, and I don't know how many of the games you can see, but he has an involvement in our play far, far beyond what can be revealed by counting goals and assists.
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    Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" was originally serialised in two local newspapers. It was the Bicester Times, it was the Worcester Times.
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    Would have been some very well done eggs if it were me. I'd have banged her for hours then invited all her mates round and banged them too, but not the fat ones, and then put a selfie online which would have been used to sell underpants coz I'm so fit.

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