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    Don't fall for it @Paddywhack It's a pyramid scheme for 'likes' They'll tell you to like their posts and then as 'influencers' they will like yours (for a fee) and that will encourage others to like yours too. Once you have enough 'likes' you can become a 'section influencer'. They'll throw you 'site issues' to start with and you'll have to work up from there. 5 years later you might become a 'face' in the North American Sports section, but they'll never let you threaten the established order. The day you start hitting the main leader board, you'll be banned for some spurious reason and never heard from again ( @limpid is in on it too) Haven't you noticed how some fairly prominent posters just disappear? They chased the likes a bit too hard and 'got a visit' from Villatalks version of Phil and Grant (aka @Stevo985 and @NurembergVillan ) @mjmooney is the one to watch. Comes across as a nice chap, posts about the grandkids etc, but you beat him on that leaderboard and you'll wake up one night as he pulls your first toenail off with a set of pliers.
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    You aren't thinking big enough. No-one with a high post count is a real person. Sometimes I merge or fork some of the bots to keep hooking people in.
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    Don't worry. Just sign up for the upcoming webinar by Stevo, Xela, NV and myself, entitled "How To Get On The Leaderboard... And Stay There". All major credit cards accepted.
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    I'm down in Boston for the march. Should be great. My nephew and his pal are both in high school and they are marching out front with the other students. Taking it to the streets!
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    The first rule of "Like Club".... You gonna pay, now.
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    Sorry for double post but this is a linked, but different point. For the first time in my life, I am financially secure enough that I can go and buy stuff like a suit or a jacket if I want to. It feels great.
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    Is this a very long-running practical joke? Like the snowboard woman?
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    Wife is booked in to have the c-section for our second child on Monday. Some of you may remember the trauma from our first baby, born in Canada, so I'll mostly be spending the weekend trying not to look terrified... Keep everything crossed for us on Monday, please X
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    Stealing the meat could tricky, the steaks could be too high. ba dum tss
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    While I was reading about him, another name was referenced that I hadn’t heard of before, a William “Billy” Clarke Gibb. From the little I’ve read about Billy, it seems he was the first mixed race/non white player to score a league goal in the English First Division. As far as I can see (i’m not sure where to verify it) he scored the goal on Christmas Day, 1901 against Everton at Goodison Park in a 3-2 win for...Aston Villa. Clearly, the fact that these men achieved what they did in the game is the most important thing, who they played for is secondary. But I love that he scored it while playing for us. Here’s a picture I found of him at his time at Bradford City who he joined after us. Edit - oh and it would seem that after scoring the goal, he played for Villa on Boxing Day the next day, beating Small Heath 1-0
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    Its a nice position to be in. it is true that money doesn't buy happiness but what it does do is take away a lot of worries.
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    I understand this to an extent, but we still travel badly. It isn’t the majority, of course it isn’t, but it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME England play outside of England. It’s a huge part of why I just cannot get behind the national team at all. I have no pride there. Our fans are clearings in the woods time and time again. Over 100 arrested in Amsterdam now, mainly for being drunk and disorderly (of course, absolute lads) and some even booed the Dutch national anthem. Yet more **** great work done you absolute geezers
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    you are not getting hate for the amount of top notch pussy you bone
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    There’s just nothing you won’t do to knock me off the leaderboard for the day is there? Good luck to all of you, I’m sure it’ll be grand.
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    Years ago, I sort of hoped equality would mean women could be less hung up about their physical appearance. That as they became more independent and aware they would feel less pressure to conform to a narrow little view of what an acceptable tolerable physical specimen should look like. Years on and all 'equality' has meant is that men watch too much idealised porn and weirdly think their balls have to be baby skin smooth and their eyebrows need to be plucked and their beard needs 'product'. Not how I saw it all panning out.
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    "When Carl Bishop smashed his way into a grand house on a leafy avenue in Formby, Merseyside, successfully evading the security system, he was delighted to find a bounty of champagne and whisky. But there was one 6ft 4in item of anti-burglary technology that he had reckoned without: the Everton striker Duncan Ferguson. Bishop tried to smash a bottle of vodka over the footballer's head, before feeling the full force of "Big Dunc's" fist in his face – the thief was confined to hospital for two days. It was the second attempted robbery that Ferguson had foiled in his home; two years earlier, in 2001, he had sat on a thief until the police arrived." https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2009/oct/05/away-day-robberies-premiership-footballers
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    Alright I’ll explain it to you. At no point did I say Owen Smith was more in touch with the Labour Party on a wide range of issues, which is what a leadership election is fought on. I said however that Corbyn is out of touch with the vast majority of opinions both within the parliamentary party and the wider membership on Brexit, you won’t find a single poll that disputes that anywhere. And despite what Corbyn might say, Brexit is the biggest single issue in the country by far and the leader of the opposition isn't doing anything to oppose it. He's effectively propping up the government. Three line whips supporting government Brexit policy back this assertion up. If the Labour Party actually opposed the idiocy of Brexit and went around the country campaigning on that basis instead of holding rallies based around the Cult of Corbyn (possible typo) then the country might not be complacently and resigningly limping into the Brexit oblivion we appear to be at present. Currently Labour isn’t doing anything different, it’s just another election victory focussed machine, same as it’s been for decades. It’s all about winning elections and that’s it, nothing else. They have a few more left wing policies compared to the past, sure, but they're allowing the leadership to dictate a policy that the vast majority of the party disagree with, just because they think the numbers stack that way. Yet more disingenuous political bollocks. Same as it’s ever been
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    If it’s a girl name her Ajax after Baselayers
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    Thanks guys. I genuinely appreciate the support. Any suggestions for boys names are gratefully received too. I've got a hit list of favourites, but the Mrs doesn't really agree. I quite fancy "Thor" for a laugh, but she's definitely not having that!
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    Every bit as insane? Not even close. However inaccurate that post was it was nowhere near the insanity commonly displayed on the right. "Both sides are as bad as each other" centrism is the worst. No. No they absolutely are not.
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    I've seen the picture. Can't say I fancy it to be honest.
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    No its pretty easy if you steak the joint out first.
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    Same here. Two kids, then the vasectomy. No regrets here.
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    I went to Bodymoor Heath today for a 12pm kick off v Tottenham with Noel and my mate Nick. We lost 5-0 and were played off the park by a dominant Spurs side, they had some excellent players, they played some great football at times. We lined up with: Kieran Boucher in goal, he always impresses me, he's dominant and commands his area well, he didn't play well today though, we conceded 5 and the score line flattered us a bit. Jake Walker slotted in at right back and he's quite a player I'm surprised that we haven't secured him on a professional contract yet, he could be an excellent player in the future. He's usually captain for the u18s, he was probably the pick of our players for me today, he's tigerish in the tackle, not only that he's good on the ball, he could be great Dominic Revan lined up at centre back, he's another player of great potential too in my opinion, he's quick, strong in the tackle and good on the ball. I'm surprised that we haven't secured him on a professional contract, he could be great but he had an off day today Isiah Bazeley-Graham played alongside Revan at centre back, considering we lost 5-0, he played quite well. He's quick, versatile and good on the ball but we couldn't Spurs' attacking players and as a result, we kept inviting pressure from Spurs Mungo Bridge slotted in at left back and acquitted himself quite well considering we lost 5-0, he's quick and has good ability on the ball Colin Odutayo- played right wing today and I was impressed, he works hard and has ability on the ball, not only that but he's a goal threat. He was one of players that came out of today's game with a bit of credit Jack Birch- played central midfield, he gave the ball away quite often and invited pressure onto our back 4, on the other hand, he works hard and is industrious Indiana Vassilev Dmitri Sea Luke Ige- wore number 17 and came on at left wing I think. It was the first time I had seen him play today and I was impressed, he works hard and has good ability on the ball The rest of the players I didn't know, there's usually a report on Spurs Odyssey so I'll keep an eye out on there
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    I was shopping today as I got an Easter bonus at work and I found a jacket/coat that I loved. Went to buy it and found out that there's an Easter promotion and I can get anything else in store up to the same value for free. The coat wasn't cheap so I'm getting a suit for free
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    How the **** is Tim Cahill still playing international football?
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    At my CLP meeting today, my normally 'Corbyn Sceptic' MP alluded to the fact that Owen Smith should have been sacked weeks ago. This is someone who publicly backed him in the leadership election, is a member (or was a member) of Progress, and claims that he's a friend of hers. Aside from rights or wrongs of Brexit, his sacking is based on him being a shadow minster, disobeying the whip, and going against official party policy of not having a second referendum. My MP actually works with Keir Starmer, and told us that Smith had contradicted the work the shadow Brexit team have been doing. It seems that there was little option, other than to sack him.
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    When random strangers, quite often scumbags, come up to you in the street and ask for a light or a fag. Piss off, I don't smoke and even if I did I wouldn't give you one.
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    I have a feeling that if John Terry is with us next season, it might not be solely as a player. I think he will want to be involved on the coaching side, at whatever level. He is a smart, ambitious guy. He knows his playing career is coming to an end. I have never thought his move to us was only to play. I always thought he had a longer term plan - makes more sense than coming to a struggling Championship side.
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    You’re right, of course. But I think it’s more cowardly still. I mean even if we ignore the fact that most Labour MPs and most labour members believe remaining in the EU is by far the most sane option and so that’s what labour should be fighting for. So I f we allow for Corbyn’s view that the EU would stop his kind of socialist dream for Britain from coming true and so as leader he can decide what labour wants and stands for and what it’s policy is, then we should be hearing him explain that policy (whatever it is). But that’s not happened either. Labours policy is essentially exactly the same as the government policy, but with a different meaningless slogan to hide the inherent nonsensical, harmful and contradictory content. Labour’s version of the future via their version of Brexit will lead to exactly the same clusterpork as under the tories. Fewer jobs, hobbled NHS, companies shifting abroad, lower investment, reduced freedom of seamless travel and movement for Brits, reduced international influence, higher taxes, worse economy and all the rest of it. As you said earlier, Brexit is the single biggest ( by an absolute mile ) issue and factor on the future of the country and Labour’s leader and the Tory leader are both on the same side on it, both utter fools and cowards. Labour / Tory same outcome, same results, just different slogans. “Would sir prefer the red, white and blue shafting, or the jobs first shafting?”
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    Good enough for me. He's One Of Our Own.
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    When i went to the euros in 2016 to watch england in st etienne (horrible experience) just talking to guys in the pubs there about marseille and russia so many of them said 10 minute walk and it was all avoidable, thousands of normal england fans sat in normal bars enjoying themselves not seeing any trouble The cameras only follow the idiots, the social media groups with LAD and Bible in their names only show the idiots I can also tell you that in st etienne / lyon we were no worse than any other teams fans i saw but the attitude of uefa and french towards you is a different world, treated like something off their shoe, moan that english fans piss in the street when they provided a quarter of the toilets that they did 3 days before for croatia vs czech republic, the whole atmosphere changed for england
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    I dont, we have how many thousand empty seats in the upper trinity? Should have kept it open and closed the north to refurb it, instead we get promoted start doing well again people come back attendances pick up to around 40k average and then we close the north? Doesnt make sense
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    Personally I think driverless cars fully integrated on the roads are still light years away. For them to work optimately, every vehicle on the road will need to “talk” to each other so that they know where each other will be going. That means that every car will need the technology attached to them. Look at how many old cars (not even including classics) are still on the road. They are never going to have the technology in them, and so there will always be the discrepancy between the vehicles. Not only that but road infrastructures will have to be vastly improved. As for the discussion re deaths, obviously it is not a fair comparison because there are so few automated cars out there that of course statistics will be higher for cars with drivers.
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    Cheers @Eastie To be expected I guess. They’re not likely to say Bruce better get us promoted or he’s outta here at this point. I’m 90% certain that, unless we completely collapse and lose all our remaining games, Bruce will be in charge next season, promotion or not.
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    The question of 'who's more in touch with the Labour Party, Owen Smith or Jeremy Corbyn' might be considered to have been settled fairly comprehensively in recent history.
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    What next? Hitler cats being hung in a feline Nuremberg trial?
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    There's definitely a massive amount more focus on this sad accident than is the case for "normal" accidents involving a car and a person. It's always the way with new fangled thingumajigs. Lots of focus and attention, lots of fear and trepidation about how the new fangled thingumajigs are going to be the ruin of us all and "I wouldn't go in one of them" Steam Engines - travelling at more than 20 mph will be fatal for passengers, the motor vehicle - you need to go behind a man with a red flag because of the danger....aircraft... then aircraft where the control are run by computers, not actual physical wires and rods. Eventually it becomes clear that the technology is safe and capable and so on, and the fuss just goes away. Where there's a bit of an extra factor, with unmanned vehicles is the psyhcological aspect of there seeming** not to be a person "who's in control and sorting everything out". The technology can do the job and it will definitely be able to do it, and do it better than humans in the future. Once the psychology breakthrough happens, they'll be all over the place. They are the future. Places like the UK won't be at the forefront of them being introduced widely - I guess they'll start in some square grid desert town with a fairly constant, benign climate and wide streets and all that. Regulatory bodies (Government agencies needing to approve their introduction and use etc.) will be and are the "drag" (rightly so, safety etc.). **there is and probably always will be a person "legally" in control. With a UAV it's an operator on the ground, with a car/truck it may end up being either one of the human occupants, or an operator in a hub somewhere else (Uber's underground lair, or wherever).
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    No change there then...

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