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    The Argentinians invaded the Falklands; Thatcher invaded the Malvinas.
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    Reaaly. I thought he looked like a player who was playing his third game in a week after being out for 3 weeks injured having been arguably the best player on the pitch in the previous game against the league leaders.
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    UK has shared the intelligence with Germany & France satisfying them of Russia’s responsibility for this act. Neither country has an interest in escalating tensions with Russia by standing with the UK, but they are. Trump has appeared to favour Putin so heavily he’s regularly referred to as the Manchurian Candidate. Yet, UK shared the intelligence from Salisbury and the US has now fallen in behind the UK position. The Russian backstory and penchant for murdering people who cross them is well known, this poisoning fits their MO. Their general response to the story through domestic media basically boils down to a schizophrenic combination of “the Brit’s did it” and “yeah, so what?” Aside from a few er, eccentric characters like Craig Murray & Jeremy Corbyn their doesn’t seem to be much argument over what’s happened. I’m struggling to understand the reluctance to acknowledge the obvious, unless the paradigm is “Western colonial oppressors = bad, Anti-Western forces = good.” Is that what’s all about?
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    My little girl made this for me at nursery today. She may have had some help, as she's only 2, but she got the important bit right!
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    Hourihane is criminally underrated on here.
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    From where I was stood in the Holte I heard plenty of booing at half time although in fairness in the Trinity adjacent the tunnel the players did get a resounding send off and plenty of encouragement. Bottom line for me is that as a fan base we can't be so reactionary and short sighted. In terms of Bruce this means remembering what he inherited 18 months ago which was a club that was at rock bottom in terms of confidence that wreaked of a losers mentality that hadn't won away from home for 14 months and had won a total of 5 games in 18 months. It was potentially heading in the same direction as where Sunderland find themselves now. More recently it means putting Tuesdays result in the context of still having won 10 of our last 13 games. We need to step back sometimes and cut the manager and team a bit of slack as despite things being very much on an upward trajectory lately there will still be downs and it is at those moments we can play our part by staying 100% behind them.
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    Boring draw. If everything goes according to plan UEFA will have the 4 teams they want in the semi's City, Real, Barca, Bayern avoid each other. Quelle surprise .
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    I get the sentiment here but Thatcher didn’t “invade “ the Falklands... The Argentinians invaded them , she rightly sent a task force to eject them
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    one average game where he was moved into QB position as we chased the game and he’s jumped on... The overreaction is real.
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    I think all teams suffer, but with different training methods, different age profiles, differences in difficulty of individual games the effects occur at different times of the season.
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    Breaking News: Downing Street release photo of first expelled Russian undercover agent leaving the country.
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    We appear to have a child representing us on the world stage. How did it come to this? How can the Russians or anyone else take us seriously? We have a national talent for self-parody, but this surely goes too far.
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    Got this little fella last week! Here he is taking a break from wreaking havoc
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    Did the right thing pal, she ignored you for a week. If she does that at the start of dating then its not a good sign, unless there is a very good excuse and if there was i'm sure she would have told you. Next!
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    Too late, that's where I am now, with my new "friend" who is wearing sunglasses and a black suit. Got a lovely black motor with tinted windows, and he's carrying a spade. I'll be fine, what could possi.........
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    That was the argument advanced for why Litvinenko was targeted, but even assuming that was true of Skripal (seen nothing to suggest it is/was), there are ways of going about it. This looks much more like strategic communication saying different things to different audiences. The protocol, such as it is, appears to be that those people involved in swaps are subsequently left alone by the other side. It’s really not common for countries to bump off each other’s spies, for obvious reasons of reprisal/reciprocation. There’s some interesting open source analysis online about ‘Reflexive Control theory’ as developed by the Russians. Not just propaganda (or info’ ops in the modern lingo), but guiding an opponent down an already thought through path to a desired end state by tailoring an event to illicit those responses - then introducing certain stimuli to prod them along. Basically engaging in conflict using means other than war to achieve a goal/end state. Some analysis of the US election interference cites it as a classic example of this, whereby it’s not about who gets into the Whitehouse, it’s about putting the opponent in a cognitive box and keeping them there. The election interference wasn’t the operation, it’s the box within which to trap the opponent - and the operation is ongoing. Worth considering whether Salisbury is a similar play, what reaction it’s supposed to illicit and what the other side’s desired end state is.
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    I'd sack him now and get steve cotteril in - the new manager 'bounce' will see us through to 2nd.
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    As a Dr the best procedure I can recommend for this is to administer the the slip-n-dicktemy to both.
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    There is only one TV weather lady for me, Look North's Keeley Donovan. Apart from anything else, her dad (Terry) was a Villa centre forward. Royalty.
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    I think the Iraq war poisoned the well of good faith in the government so much that if they told us the sky was blue a lot of people would still look out side and check.
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    People who water down Fairy liquid or hand soap to get the last bits out the bottle. Disgusting. If you’re going to do it, use warm water ONCE then throw it away.
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    Prefer Beccy off Midlands Today.
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    Strikes me that these things are rigged. Also, the worst thing to happen to football is the concept of seeding, whether this is in club or international settings. It's designed to ensure the 'big'/ most marketable clubs get to the latter stages. There's something very 'anti-sport' about modern day football.
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    Not sure we should be announcing that.
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    If he doesn't score, he does nothing. It's been tough to drop Hourihane because of those goals, so that's a credit to him. But all this defensive work he does is routine for me, not something others can't do. Lansbury deserves a go. We're totally reliant on Grealish. If he fires, we've got a good chance of winning. If he doesn't, we're probably not scoring.
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    Incredible how you have decided he has been junk when he hasn't played for about 2 - 3 months? :/ Like a few others, he essentially played when pretty much the whole team were shite.
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    I am not one of Bruce's biggest fans (you may have noticed) and much as I was infuriated by the performance mid week we absolutely have to get behind the team and the manager for the rest of the season. Let's hope for a reaction on Saturday and we get back on form for the rest of the season.
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    Absolutely. We all want promotion and all of us are emotionally invested in achieving it. One loss to QPR doesn't close that door. Despite being a blow to our chances of automatic promotion. IMO whether you are pleased with Bruce or not now is not the time to do anything but back the team. We still have an excellent chance of going up. We should be a source of confidence rather than compounding the anxieties. Until our chances of going up are put to bed we should be behind the team and Bruce.
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    Putin’s election win is not in doubt but it’s not about whether he wins or not. Apparently the Russian government work on a 70-70 model for elections. The theory goes that Putin needs a 70%+ turnout and of those voters he needs 70%+ to vote for him. Any less and it encourages his opponents out of the woodwork. From what I have been reading there is a real danger of voter apathy in these elections meaning you might not see the 70% threshold reached. This assassination has come at a great time for Putin. Nothing like a bit of nationalism to drum up a vote before an election, a bit like Thatcher invading the Falklands, and if it causes further chaos in the West, all the better. He would have to be a pretty major suspect at this point. He certainly has motive and opportunity, and that is without seeing any of the evidence the UK government is privy to.
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    Remind us how many games has he started this year? He hasnt been given a chance at all this year.
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    He's not going to make the Russia squad. Take the Villa coloured glasses off, Southgate already has to work hard to win over a sceptical fanbase and picking an unproven kid from the Championship who has missed half the season through injury isn't going to do him any favours is it?
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    There will be those who will make it though (they’re doing it now rehashing the stability argument) and that’s their prerogative but for me one of Bruce’s failings this season is not utilising the squad at his disposal. The persistence on using Onomah until lately instead of giving Hayes more of a chance and not using O’Hare more when Grealish was injured has cost Villa points. It was also very obvious to me that Bjarnson was a decent DM in the making some time ago and would have added more energy to the midfield yet it took the arrival of Agnew to recognise that. In essence Bruce has cost Villa points this season by not having the guts to change it when needed and he did it again (on his own admittance) against QPR. Yes the criticism is harsh when you consider the recent run and the result against Wolves but those performances should convince us that Villa were capable of more this season if the manager had gotten the team selections consistently right.
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    If he comes back the player he was he's a brilliant player at this level, can't believe that's still being questioned. He's an elite Championship level striker and he has that ability to score a goal out of nothing, which is something we're missing at times to be fair regardless of how clinical we are. 0-0 at the Den going into the 94th minute needing a win for promotion, ball breaks into the final third from a clearance... Is there another player in the squad you'd want running onto it?
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    Just rescued this little fella from the cat in the living room .... took him down the road to the forest where hopefully he will survive ... either that or mousey heaven awaits
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    Catching up with the second series of Mum on BBC iPlayer. Loved the first series, and this one has been excellent. The last episode in particular (episode 4) was superbly acted. Had a proper lump in my throat, watching the scenes with Michael and Cathy.
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    Get tanked up and do it at the Tap & Spile, that's what I do!
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    I meant in 6 games. Cardiff have won them all fulham have drawn one.
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    Watched Ricky Gervais' 'Humanity' on Netflix last night. Easily his best stand-up and very, very funny.
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    So Steve Bruce should be rewarded for maybe getting us up next season, after failing to get us up this for the past 2 seasons, with what will more than likely be a weaker squad as everything has been thrown at it for the past couple of seasons. If he can't get us up, or consistent with this very expensively assembled squad, what would magically change and make banking our future on Steve Bruce a sensible option? Sorry but we would be better off getting a long term, talented young coach at that point to nurture the young talent and develop whatever the "Villa Engine" is.
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    I think the future of the manager should be determined by just that, the future. If we don't go up this season, but the board and Xia think that Bruce will get us promoted next season, then he should stay. He shouldn't be sacked purely for not meeting his target this season IF they believe he will achieve the target next season. That's throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Managers shouldn't just be rewarded/punished for what they've done. It should be for what they are going to do. (and before I get jumped on, I would have this opinion in the total opposite situation too. As in if we do get promoted, but the board don't think Bruce can keep us up next season, then he should be sacked. He shouldn't be rewarded with another year if he's not up to it)
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    Was the username Miguel118?
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    Did you just friend zone Robert Snodgrass?
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