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    Reaaly. I thought he looked like a player who was playing his third game in a week after being out for 3 weeks injured having been arguably the best player on the pitch in the previous game against the league leaders.
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    I get the sentiment here but Thatcher didn’t “invade “ the Falklands... The Argentinians invaded them , she rightly sent a task force to eject them
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    one average game where he was moved into QB position as we chased the game and he’s jumped on... The overreaction is real.
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    People who water down Fairy liquid or hand soap to get the last bits out the bottle. Disgusting. If you’re going to do it, use warm water ONCE then throw it away.
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    Refs behind the goal have to be the worst modern invention in football, even worse than VAR. So many times a player gets hacked down in the box and he dosen't do anything. Last night Welbeck just collapses under no contact and he tells the ref it's a penalty. Clueless.
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    Why would anybody want Yaya Toure to get recognition. He just a mercenary
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    Get tanked up and do it at the Tap & Spile, that's what I do!
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    You might wanna give today's coverage a wide berth for the next 4 hours @snowychap
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    It crossed my mind to go but even though I'm not self centred i was still annoyed at her for leaving me hanging for over a week so i thought to myself "don't be a lapdog"
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    For me it's when the competition starts. The group phase is the height of tedium
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    Eeeek! Ha just had a look, got dumped. I'm now £6k down on Flixx
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    This one seems to have legs. If it happens then very likely the Iran deal gets canned. Also don’t know if it’s been mentioned previously but the New Yorker article on Christopher Steele and the Trump Dossier is incredible journalism. Well worth a read.
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    There's only one for me. Her, or Michael Fish in a wig.
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    Didn't Bruce say O' Hare would be in against Sheffield Wednesday and then didn't even make the squad. Difference between announcing something and actually doing it
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    If you go a bit further, you see that while he doesn't address Murray's question about whether it can be shown to have been produced in Russia, when someone else asks him that question he does answer, and says not. So, he's posted some information about the chemistry of novychok and how it can be identified, but is saying that this doesn't show it was produced in Russia. His belief that it was is based on the balance of probabilities, ie things other than the chemistry. The twitter thread is full of stuff on the lines "Wow, you really showed him up", "Great to see a proper scientist debunking the conspiracy nutjobs" and the like. I'm really puzzled about why people think he has provided a science-based rebuttal of the possibility that someone other than Russia could have produced the stuff, when he says clearly that he hasn't. His opinion about that is formed on the same basis as other people's, ie judgements about possible motivation and the like. One of the comments to Murray's article points out that Davies seems to have been responding to Murray's doubts about how the substance could have been identified so quickly, not the subsequent question about where it could have been produced. Possibly people reading the tweets have concluded that he answered all the questions Murray posed, when he didn't. Those tweets are referenced in a further article by Murray, here, which looks at the form of words being used in governmental statements. When the same extremely careful phrasing is never deviated from, you know it is the result of a very delicate Whitehall compromise. My FCO source, like me, remembers the extreme pressure put on FCO staff and other civil servants to sign off the dirty dossier on Iraqi WMD, some of which pressure I recount in my memoir Murder in Samarkand. She volunteered the comparison to what is happening now, particularly at Porton Down, with no prompting from me. So, can this stuff be made in Russia? Yes. Can it only be made in Russia? No. Was this particular batch made in Russia? At present it seems we don't know, and governmental statements seem to stop short of definitively claiming that, although government ministers clearly think it was, and want others to believe that as well. And in answer to the bigger question of whether the Russian government ordered the attempted murders, I take it that the evidence doesn't prove that (perhaps new evidence may do so), and it's a question of judgement and probability. If that's the case, then the response we make should be more cautious than if we are certain.
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    Wrong thread mate. You are looking for the Kodjia thread.
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    Welcome to the Ravens, especially now we've got rid of that potentially stupid contract to Ryan Grant after he failed his medical. Still.. Crabtree, Brown, Moore.. not a WR corps to be shouting about.
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    We should have concentrated on winning the second ball against QPR. They were first to everything. I am convinced if we had played Thor we would have won that game. Not because he is a world beater but because he is more mobile and quicker to the second ball.
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    I'm both sorry and relieved to hear that Rodders. From reading your posts in here, it seems like it has been coming and I'm glad that it was 'nice' as far as break ups go.
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    It works both ways. A few superb games in the championship and fans are saying he should be going to the World Cup. This is football.
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    edit; this was supposed to quote Paddywhack’s usage of Pseudoded..
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    Going off past events I see why Corbyn would be reluctant to blame the Russians. Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.
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    On Panaorama earlier in the week, they were saying his strongest opposition has been forced to pull out. They believe that there will be an “80%” turnout, but some may be forced votes.
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    Couldn’t agree more, clearly the responsibility of the coach in my view. I don’t how it can possibly be down to the players.... firstly they will be playing to whatever instructions they’ve been given, secondly if one player unilaterally decided to “ do something about it” he’d muck up the whole shape, thirdly how on Earth are players in the middle of the battle expected to work out what to change ? He got selection wrong, ( clear with hindsight, arguable beforehand ) and tactics, and reacted too slowly - the key issue for me in the defeat. These elements continue - on occasion - to be something of an Achilles heel....but then again they are for most Managers.
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    And that tells you everything you need to know about the England selection process.
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    I'm pretty headstrong, and I've never been pseudoed to do anything I didn't want to do.
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    You don't think Bruce should have seen that, and done something from the sidelines rather than leaving it to the players to try to work out during the game while they trying to play football and are under pressure?
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    So we are not allowed to post justifiable criticism on this site anymore?
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    I don't see a better argument anywhere. The one I've seen with (for me) the strongest case is that: The attack on these people sends a signal that not only will Russia kill "traitors", they'll die, suffering horribly. That just prior to the imminent Russian "elections", this act stokes nationalism to increase turnout to a level which gives better "credibility" to Putin's re-election. That Putin knows from past attacks on Russian "traitors" in the UK, that nothing of note will result in terms of retaliation - he's showing Russia's ability to act with if not impunity, near impunity. That the traceability of the chemical used to Russia is a deliberate signal that it was Russia, rather than a bullet would have done it completely untraceably. The Russian media have been basically smirking about it, as have their embassy. It shows division within the "weak" West, in the lack of a coherent response - lots of word no action. I don't see any credible arguments for the UK to have done it - it's not exactly going to encourage other to defect to the UK. It may temporarily boost May, though there's no election due. It doesn't help the more pro Russian Corbyn at all. The USA - Trump, well, 'nuff said, so it wasn't them. Ditto it being against their interests, given the intel sharing with the UK. Israel. I saw Craig Murray's idea that they might have done it to "weaken" or isolate Putin because Syria. It seems a bit tenuous that, to say the least, as it clearly strengthens him. Occam's razor.
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    Watched Ricky Gervais' 'Humanity' on Netflix last night. Easily his best stand-up and very, very funny.
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    The international break comes at a good time for us as we are badly in need of a break. Lets just hope for a win at Bolton and that Derby do one against Cardiff this weekend, and then the run in will be interesting. Cardiff still have to play us and Wolves, which is a potential 6-point swing right there. QPR was a disaster but we might look back at that results as the catalyst for an unbeaten run-in. When the worst-case I can imagine is that we still make the play-offs, we can't be doing that badly.
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    I never understand this point of view. Football players get paid lots of money because the industry they work in generates lots of money. It's just capitalism, I don't understand why people give out about it.
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    Hughes must be a member of the Illuminati.
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    I still think Cardiff are more likely to win the league than lose 2nd now.
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    That's funny as the Republican position before the result said something quite different. He is also pro ACA, pro Medicare and Social Security, and pro union so if you want to cherry pick a few positions he can begin to sound really rather progressive. Conor Lamb Lamb fought a smart campaign against an admittedly lackluster opponent, but Republican light he is not.
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    **** hate people who do that. I’ve told the story before, how I was stalked online, also turned up at my work, but it was ‘banter’, he ended up getting the sack from his job as he was doing it to a lady too - but played the most incredible victim card. ‘It was banter and now I lose my job’ - **** prick.
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    Not sure about that mate. Hull have scored 7 goals in the last 2 games, and 56 in total. They have form on their side and goals in the team. Sha have neither of those
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    Long and meandering, a lot of the supporting cast wooden and completely outshone by the star, it tries some twists and turns that a better watch would do with a more light touch but it surprisingly pulls it off and finishes well.
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    I've ordered some German food over the internet. The sauerkraut has arrived but the wurst is yet to come
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    Did you just friend zone Robert Snodgrass?
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    Need Traore & co to smash them up big time tonight. No new manager bounce. Demoralise these inbreds straight back into wetting their smeared yellow pants.
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