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    Ok as many wernt happy with my Vauge ITK regarding Ulloa I did some more digging. Apparently he is a very sensitive person. Takes criticism badly and really needs to be loved. So he wanted the view of an Argentine that had played for Villa of how the fans would treat him. He was suprised that an Argentine had never ever played for the club. This made him uneasy. He then contacted his hero Maradonna who once wanted to manage the club and was turned down. Diego didn't have good things to say about how he was treated as felt he was right man for the job. So finally he scoured the internet for fan forums and came accross VT. He noticed how quick certain players could become scapegoats after a few bad games and there was no turning back from that. This frightened him and his mind was made up. He could not move to Villa. Hope that clears everything up.
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    Spot on. He is a horrible man utterly devoid of scruples and decency.
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    Didn’t he not turn up for training ONCE? And was disciplined... and his head wasn’t in the right place, so he’s gone to actually play football somewhere. Unlike Agbonlahor. Unlike Richards. Unlike most overpaid British footballers who are rotting in reserve squads. But yeah, what a prick for wanting to continue playing.
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    Are you sure it’s the same girls?
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    Like all things that benefit both sides....I would think the prospect of Axel learning off John Terry.....is a very real thought in Jose's mind.
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    What do you think Tom Fox was in it for? Keith Wyness is the CEO of a football club. A big one. Yes he will make a lot of money if he's good at his job. What a **** weird reason to dislike somebody.
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    We won't be playing 5 at the back. He will be alternating the CDM with Thor & Jedi mainly, acting as cover for the 2 CB's if either one was to get injured.
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    Modern R 'n' B stands for Ridiculous 'n' Bollocks
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    We've just signed a hugely promising young centre back on loan who now has the opportunity to play for one of Manchester United's greatest captains (a former CB), and alongside one of the Premier League's best ever players (a current CB). We've fallen a long way over the last few years, but we're pointing in the right direction once again.
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    What do auditors use for contraception? Their personality!
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    There's a Youtube video called 'Drive Time' where JT is interviewed. He picked Callum as the best prospect at the club.
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    Mate I'm a bloody socialist and even to me this is starting to sound like you've forgotten to take your pills. "Man in high pressured job gets paid well shocker"
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    I'm not going to award you internet points for some random ass guess. You're alright.
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    IF? IF? My ITK is just wasteed on you lot. I'm finding another forum.
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    Have you seen the interview - he did not say he wants to play defence ! he was asked and replied he’s most comfortable at centre back but versatile and can play right back or central midfield - he clearly stated he was happy to play anywhere to help the team .
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    Ancestry.com has recently confirmed that my grandfather's 29th-great-grandfather, Sir Robert Skinner, fought alongside William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, losing a hand in the process. For his efforts, he was awarded Bolingbroke castle as a reward, where subsequently, 301 years later, Henry IV of Bolingbroke was born. I have since been annoying my wife all week by threatening to drive us to 'our castle' this weekend.
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    Good feelng about the club at the moment - the feel good factor is there and confidence is back - long may it continue - it’s been cloudy overhead for years but now there seems some sunlight ahead
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    I'd go see a sleep therapist. Reoccurring dreams about legions of ugly women grabbing at your moobs, could indicate an underlying body image issue
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    He who shall not be named is back...
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    Rather we let Whelan go, even if the offer isn't right
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    I hit pause on a Netflix show, exactly half way through, to the second. Never done that before.
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    No. He was extremely late or didn't show at all on at least 6 occasions according to the manager. He was then given a chance to apologise, which he refused to do. So he was sent on loan. He then came back in the summer and was given a second chance and again, according to the manager, his attitude wasn't right. Ross McCormack has never refuted these claims. Now of course you're entitled to call Steve Bruce a liar, but don't present that as fact.
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    be rude not to not everyone's cup of tea, but I thought this album was proper strong in places
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    I don't really care about Birkir's feelings at this stage. All I care about is promotion.
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    He speaks like a winner. I like him already.
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    Whelan is better than Thor. But hopefully Axel will keep both out of the team.
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    No, he's everyone's problem, full time.
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    Think he ran off with hairy hands.....such a sweet story. mills & boon.
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    A lot of footballers end up in streams, and we end up watching those streams most weekends.
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    I made this and sent it to them, but told them they'd have to pay me for it.
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    I’ve jumped to either side of the fence so many times I’m just going to sit comfortably on top of it and see what happens.
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    pipe down, sugar balls
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    He will be some player.....but I think he will be like Jack. He will come to BMH one morning and his voice will have broken and we will have some player on our hands joking to one side.....his time will come......but what a prospect.
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