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    Can't believe we went into a 46 game season with 3 CBs, two of whom are in their 30s and one of those is Chris **** samba shambolic
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    Whether you back Bruce or not, I think it is IMPOSSIBLE to excuse the lineup/formation in the last ten minutes. It's a disgrace. It demonstrates a complete lack of tactical nous or even a basic idea of football. I can excuse trying to squeeze an unfit Snodgrass in to the line up. I can excuse trying to play two out and out strikers. I can even excuse the stupid decision to bring Samba on for Terry (Jedinak or pushing Hutton across for Taylor to come on would have been better) but I can not forgive the constant chopping and changing of practically every player in to every position for a few minutes at a time to the point where he's throwing on midfielders who need the ball at their feet to then lumping it to Samba. It's an absolute disgrace Samba plays, never mind as a striker. I don't think it counts as good tactics to shove the biggest guy in the squad up front in the hope he can just bully defenders with absolutely no skill. We might as well sign Frank Bruno. And forgetting today at all it was practically inevitable that either Chester or Terry would get at least a small period of injuries this season and to leave us with practically no cover is unacceptable. Bruce has had millons and time and has left us incredibly weak at CB, LB and LW. I'm not unhappy at today particularly, their first goal was fantastic and some times you have a bad day, but it was a complete summary of why Bruce is lucky that he works at such a big club that it covers so many of his inadequacies. The Championship has moved on, he hasn't. Poor formation. Poor substitutions at the wrong time in the wrong places. No clear plan. Lack of squad depth in areas now telling. Desperation. Given the time and resources he has had, particularly the time, I don't think he should have any excuses left. He brings nothing. We've had some jokes for managers but he's right up there for me. I don't see where he's improved us in over a year that time wouldn't have done anyway. Our best players this season are players Bruce wouldnt play at the start despite nearly every fan seeing it (Hourihane and Adomah) I'm at my lowest ebb for the future of this club than I ever have been. Even when we were relegated I saw new owners coming etc. Now, I see no light. There is nothing positive about this club. Being fifth is fine but I'm 100% convinced it's the absolute highest we will reach this season. We can't cope with any team that comes at us and Bruce's go to plan is shoving Samba up front. We're a laughing stock. We have no divine right to be a Premier League side but I am fed up with how far we have fallen. We're not going back up with Bruce. Depressed. We've had a nice/lucky run but the real fruits of Bruce's decisions are about to come to the fore. Today epitomised them. The season is now only going to get worse. Feel free to quote this back to me in May - I'd be delighted if you could shove these words down my throat.
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    Sigh. Terry injury gives him even more time. His "key man" Jack back soon, but he'll forget that and when we're losing games mid-Feb he'll still be crowing about Terry. Saying he's only been in the job 9 months, and didn't get another £25m to spend in the bleedin championship. Out at the end of last season, out during pre-season, out in the middle of our run of wins, and out again tonight. No future with this man. He has the best squad in the league and we only ever stumble to wins. Yes, Wolves have a some really good players, but look at the likes of Conor Coady, Matt Doherty and Barry Douglas. They've been brought up a level with some decent coaching and a manger saying "do this, don't do this". There's no plan, there's hardly a formation, there's Hutton, there's lies, there's his wages which are almost certainly the highest in the league, and most annoying there's everyone who never watches us telling me how good he is and how he's a PFM. I'd really like to just not hate watching us.
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    This thread is getting sillier than normal. I suppose now we seem to be resorting to pops at each other it will see the end of the infuriating 'you're either in this pigeon hole or that pigeon hole' type posts that just narrow the debate. At least for a short while. Truth is, no ones proved anything yet and the whole season is going to be like this - unless we drop so far off the pace as Bruce is gone. And as for you @Grasshopper, well, quite apart from the fact that I don't agree we should be getting rid of Bruce just yet, even though I didn't want him in the first place, even though I wanted a 'Bruce type' to come in and remind our squad to be a bit more 'competitive in the tackle' (is that a nice enough way of putting it @TRO ? ) and even though I agree with you that I hate watching us play under Bruce sometimes I think he has a good chance of getting us in the top 5, maybe even better and even though half your posts start drifting into 'Xianese' that take me a few goes over to understand and you're quite obviously some sort of nutter, you're our nutter and you can think want you want and write it here if you want. Don't ever change Personally I hope you stay on a downer with Bruce AND we get promotion, that way we can all end up jealous of you when an entire seasons positive emotions are suddenly released all at once through your being. Somehow it matters more now there's a personification of joy to hope for. Like @sidcow and his desk thingy being the right way up or not. That's the shit that matters Anyway back to the inny-outy shizzle. Don't mind me, it's the weekend
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    Ridiculous decision to play him
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    I think it could be The Undefeated. Stars John Wayne and Rock Hudson and contains some/most of the elements you describe plus there is a firing squad scene
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    Better without him. Hilarious.
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    It is a freak accident and there is no getting away from that.....but the way we play, is there any wonder.....we attract injuries and suspensions, by the way we play, we are the architect of our own demise. we have to use the ball better.....and run off it much better.....we may then avoid so much physical contact.
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    I have no idea whether he is any good or not. But he is 100% definitely no use whatsoever to us, we must get rid ASAP and definitely don’t play him again.
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    We don't have any pattern of play so when players have off days or it doesn't fall for us we get days like today. Sheff Wed play 442 every game so to match them and hope to be better than them was stupid. I don't blame Bruce for the result I blame him for the football we get to see. Good results make crap football worhwhile but crap results just highlight how bad we are with the ball. Terry looks like being out for a few weeks and that'll be a big problem. We are lucky our bad day hasn't affected the playoff positions.
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    Whilst I can see a small advantage to an extra 24 hours recovery time, it’s a bit difficult to argue they were all knackered after 17 seconds. I’m sure it will form part of SB’s post match excuse fest though.
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    That Nathan Baker at Bristol City is a good shout.
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    Didn't see much difference performance wise to the majority of games under Bruce - in general shoddy passing, movement and style, with a few bright moments when someone decides to get the ball and try and do something themselves. It's just this time we weren't playing a bottom feeder like Bolton or Burton, we weren't playing a team like Preston with 4 starting defenders out (and two more lost during the game). Obviously we were unlucky with the quick goal and Terry's injury, but while we continue to be so limited in passing and movement etc, we are always going to be open to results like these. We will win our fair share due simply to having so many individuals better man for man than most teams in this league. But when we come up against the good teams, we will struggle more, particularly if we go behind, because our manager is so limited and has no idea how to break the opposition down.
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    Spending your 50p winnings this week? And Genie putting Aston Villa in his acca, when will the child learn....
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    Because it’s not hysteria. For the most part people who want or wanted Bruce out had perfectly valid, calm, reasons for it, just like many many thousands of fans at Palace, Everton, Sunderland, etc. There is no reason why others should agree with those views, but they are no more “ hysterical” than those who wanted him to stay were blind, or scared. The reason there is less call for him to go is because there is less reason to want him gone, and less reason to think a change would now help, yet unsurprisingly, there could be more reasons to want him gone in the future, just as there could be less and then people comments might change. Simple really ?
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    We weren't switched on. Terry was underpressure so wouldn't clear the header far they never reacted and that was the same all half. Even for the 2nd Elmo sat off and the bloke had a free header to start the move. Our energy levels seem awful at times.
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    Sack Bruce now and offer Smith what ever it takes. Wolves aside Brentford have been the most impressive team I've seen this season and that's after losing their best players. I bet they finish above us.
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    I'm fed up of this sh*t. We had Barry f**king Bannan ruining the show against us today because he actually had players that moved to recieve a pass. I'm not being fooled again by the odd good result. There is not a chance in hell we are getting promoted under this manager. He will be gone at the end of the season as well half of the squad. We're looking at a complete rebuild which could involve several years in this league. This is not just a knee jerk reaction from today's game. This is after seeing the inevitable happen today because all of the problems of last season have not been fully addressed!
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    I think you have severely misunderstood on several counts firstly, as you well know because we’ve have many similar discussions, I wanted Wagner before we got RDM and even more so before freakin Steve Bruce - so wise after the event is totally wrong secondly, we have some quality PL players, some top loaners, some record breaking championship signings so under a better Manager, of course our players are easily good enough for automatic promotion - the fact we are not and won’t be in that position is totally down to Bruce I struggle to understand the rest of your points which seem to add to my argument that Bruce is not good enough rather than yours that he is? finally, how does what wolves do or don’t do have anything to do with this? I could absolutely care less
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    No sorry mate. This guy is just not good enough. Complete panic signing of a shit player going through a decent spell.
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    That is harsh. It is a bit of a freak injury and nothing to do with the amount of games. He has been cruising through games and hasn't had to get out of second gear in most of them and could have played four games a week never mind two such is his reading of the game and conservation of energy. Someone else now needs to step up to the plate.
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    I put it in without actually realising initially I was a Villa supporter and you should never back your own team I immediately regretted that decision, I was praying it wasn’t going to be the only match to let me down. Turned out I got 3/7 wrong.
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    Not good enough. I expect to see 'premier league' quality for him and he rarely shows it. He is slow and unfit and does not deliver enough on the ball. Bitterly disappointed.
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    We're in a spot of bother and I expect us to go on a bad run. I guess the risk factor with Terry is that at his age he's more likely to pick up injuries, he has been fantastic for the most part but the issue is that we have no cover. Seems like a dumb decision to let Baker, a capable defender at this level go. Chris Samba is **** abysmal, in fact worse than that, he simply cannot even run any more. Chester and Samba will be like the chuckle brothers at the back, the other alternative is Elphick and he is terrible as well. It's simply ridiculous to not have any sort of strength in depth at the back and rely on a 36 (soon to be 37) year old to play virtually all of the league games in such a long season. We are going to be a shambles at the back without Terry. Another piece of ridiculous mismanagement by Bruce.
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    Not happening is it.
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    Regardless of the result the worst thing is terry taken to hospital with a suspected broken bone in his foot - dreadful news
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    The annual weekend of my cats being petrified because every gormless clearing in the woods in the street wants to have their own personal firework demonstration in their garden. I wouldn't ban fireworks, but I'd happily ban their sale to the public. There's enough official events in every town and village across the country without every clearing in the woods feeling like they need to have the biggest arsenal in the **** postcode.
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    Just looking at the fixtures - this really is a big weekend. Preston, Ipswich, QPR and Forest are currently in positions 10-13, and they play eachother, so points will be dropped. Sheff Wed are in 14th and they are playing us, and hopefully losing to us. This might be the week where you see a gap emerge between Norwich/Boro and everyone below, with those above being the teams in contention of the playoffs...
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    Spot on. How is Grealish doing since being labelled the next big thing and being given his big contract? People are going way over the top about this lad.
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    The bigger picture is also we don't want to be setting precedents by putting very young players on big contracts after a few good games. I don't think that does the player, in terms of his hunger, or the club any favours. I am confident the club are offering him a good contract. He needs to sign it and focus on continuing his development. The big contracts will take care of themselves.
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    Must be the only person with even a vague interest in UK politics that hasn't seen the spreadsheet Of course he knows
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    In the league: WITH: W5-D2-L1 (17/24) WITHOUT: W2-D3-L2 (9/21)
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    Either it's what you said. Or it's people pointing out that they are impressed by a team who have been thrown together in quarter season and look very organised/play good football/top of the League etc. ALSO, impressed by the fact that it seems they have made good decisions from the top down and are making progress at a rate which seems to be 2 or 3 times the speed of us. After we have been effectively told that we are circling Vultures and deluded because these things take time and players need a season or 2 to gel etc etc and the cow jumped over the moon Effectively with less overall spend and reputation. The "taking a snipe" at Bruce is not only because of Wolves beating Fulham so don't let your blind adulation cloud the facts. It's simply people reinforcing why they think other managers could be doing a better job than Steve Bruce given the time and resources we have had. I think mentioning Spurs beating Real is a bit of a stretch for a comparison as Spurs are a team which have been carefully built over a multitude of years and have top players, a top manger and probably one of the best strikers in Europe/The World at the moment. While Real are going through a rough patch. Ironically, the Spurs level is where we should/could have been now if we were romantically nourished more.
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    I'm looking forward to "Un Chien Andalou", "Last Year in Marienbad" and "Koyaanasqatsi".
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    Maybe Steve should tag along too? Manager trois?
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    This NOFX song was written back when Bush Jr was president, but the lyrics are even more apt now.
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    He saved this club from the abyss IMO.
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    He **** up today. Taking a man from the middle of the park and playing Hogan was idiotic
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    I think we needed the cash for ffp - the bad mistakes were splashing out around £15m for hogan and Bree in January both of whom have barely figured - Bruce may moan about lack of cash but he wasted a large chunk of his budget on players not in the side.
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    Doesn't he have a responsibility to try and improve it? Can't always be on the team. He does nothing to get himself in the game. Stats show once again has the least amount of touches of players on the pitch.
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    Get in Bristol city! Good result for us I think, now we need to do the business
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    I can see a tea cup. Ooh! Breakfast At Tiffany's!
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    That would be me - I wound not trust him one jot in the prem
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    A Hutton goal is coming soon, I can feel it. yes, in the opposition's net.
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    We play better as a team when he is on the pitch. Simple as that.
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    Yeah this. I suppose a spare LB would be useful, but Hutton's done OK there. We've still got Grealish & Green to come back, O'Hare to fit in etc. Not sure we need anyone else - it's going to be hard enough keeping everyone happy as it is and as Junxs said, it's not going to change our style of play.
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