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    Sigh. Terry injury gives him even more time. His "key man" Jack back soon, but he'll forget that and when we're losing games mid-Feb he'll still be crowing about Terry. Saying he's only been in the job 9 months, and didn't get another £25m to spend in the bleedin championship. Out at the end of last season, out during pre-season, out in the middle of our run of wins, and out again tonight. No future with this man. He has the best squad in the league and we only ever stumble to wins. Yes, Wolves have a some really good players, but look at the likes of Conor Coady, Matt Doherty and Barry Douglas. They've been brought up a level with some decent coaching and a manger saying "do this, don't do this". There's no plan, there's hardly a formation, there's Hutton, there's lies, there's his wages which are almost certainly the highest in the league, and most annoying there's everyone who never watches us telling me how good he is and how he's a PFM. I'd really like to just not hate watching us.
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    I have no idea whether he is any good or not. But he is 100% definitely no use whatsoever to us, we must get rid ASAP and definitely don’t play him again.
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    Whilst I can see a small advantage to an extra 24 hours recovery time, it’s a bit difficult to argue they were all knackered after 17 seconds. I’m sure it will form part of SB’s post match excuse fest though.
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    No sorry mate. This guy is just not good enough. Complete panic signing of a shit player going through a decent spell.
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    I put it in without actually realising initially I was a Villa supporter and you should never back your own team I immediately regretted that decision, I was praying it wasn’t going to be the only match to let me down. Turned out I got 3/7 wrong.
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    Maybe Steve should tag along too? Manager trois?
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    He saved this club from the abyss IMO.
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    If that is true then absolutely disgraceful from Bruce.
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    No idea what this bloke has to upset Bruce. I think he's a much better player than Elmo. He's actually a very decent RB (at this level), Elmo is a winger that can play RB when needs must and it shows.
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    In nearly 30 years of watching Villa play I have never known a player actually be laughed at during play. We've had players we've cheered for and certainly loads that have been jeered at, even screamed at. But today there was audible laughing from the crowd every time he got the ball. On one occassion he went on a little, incredibly clumsy, run and you could actually hear the Holte laughing with an ironic cheer at the end. He's an absolute liability. A joke. It is an embarrassment to this club that we have sunk to the level where he needs to be our first choice CB now. So to then add to that insult and suggest he's now our best striking option is one of the most depressing pictures I've ever had of this club. Embarrassing isn't the word. If this is the case going forward then we stand ZERO chance of going up. I don't find it amusing, I find it an absolute disgrace we find ourselves in this situation and demonstrating this much lack of planning and desperation. I'm more fed up tonight than I have been in YEARS.
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    I don't agree, I think he has been real quality for us. Does anyone know why he was taken off just before half time? He looked really angry and was throwing things when he took a seat on the bench. Just before he was taken off it looked like he was in pain when he took the ball on his chest, did he have a rib-injury before? I really hope he was taken off because of an injury. It wasn't his best game, nevertheless he was one of few who looked like he would create something and had a couple of good runs and shots as well.
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    Damn! I shouldn't have jinxed it by saying last week I was surprised he had played every minute without getting injured... I'm not quite sure how reliable Samba is, but I'm willing to give him the chance until January, but then we should def go all out for a new CB.
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    Well we need leaders in the team, I think it might be right to have Jedi back as CB. Obviously not the best CB but nothing get past him in the air. Distribution from the back will obviously suffer though.
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    He is incredibly limited as a footballer. Doesn't put himself about, couldn't trap a bag of cement and poss poor when he has the ball. League 1/2 player who had a one off purple patch in a higher league. Much like when Marcus Stewart had a good season in the premore league and then turned out to be a bag of wank
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    Not our day today. 18 seconds in we concede a wonder goal and then just nothing really went for us. I don't think we were urgent enough and our midfield was especially poor today. Best to forget about it and move on IMO.
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    Got a startlingly low amount of service today from our poor midfield.
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    Suspected broken metatarsal. Fantastic...
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    Doesn't he have a responsibility to try and improve it? Can't always be on the team. He does nothing to get himself in the game. Stats show once again has the least amount of touches of players on the pitch.
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    I do like him, in the sense that I enjoy watching him lumber around like a panzer division, but I guess it's more amusing when we're winning. I've never seen anyone look so panicked to receive the ball.
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    Bet of the weekend is Ipswich to beat Preston at home . Somehow they've been chalked up at 8/5 despite PNE having no defenders fit as we saw the other night. Got a feeling West Brom will win today aswell, think they're 11/5 or even 3/1 as Genie has found. Pulis usually pulls a win out of the bag when he's under pressure.
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    Over the moon to see him back. Hope he can get a little run out
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    People were crying out for Jokanovic. Look at Fulham. Look at us.
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    The problem is, people have mentioned that he needs to earn a starting place, but bringing him on with 15 minutes to go and lumping long balls to him is not utilising him properly. Using him in this way will never bring the best out of him and he will never earn a starting place. The best chance we have of getting Hogan firing is playing him on day's like today (with Kodjia & Onomah missing) next to Davis who can hold the play up for him. If we aren't at least going to try this then we may as well put him up for sale now.
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    The Tolkein Estate hates the movie adaptations, and isn't really that happy about adaptations full stop (hence them refusing to allow the Silmarillion rights to be acquired) so I'll be surprised if they are actively seeking to have a TV version made, and even more so a version helmed by the company that ultimately paid for the versions they got that they hate. I think it's only Tolkein's grandson that even wants to talk about using the rights and he's supposedly been nearly disowned. That aside, as someone who loves Tolkein's world, no. Just leave it.
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    I agree Mark you have to let folk stretch a bit to get the best out of them, its no good laying it on a plate.....it will all be sorted to our/his satisfaction.
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    Life, but not as we know it?
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    It's for this that I'd like us to sign him up. In terms of resale value, I think he's hugely important. Kodjia might get us about £10m, Hourihan might get up to that level at a push, but of those we own, we're not getting money for Elmo, Hutton, Terry, Whelan, Jedinak, DeLaet, Samba, Gabby, Richards, Elphick, Adomah or Bunn - they're all on their last contracts - and we won't get too much for Chester at 29 or Taylor at 28. We have appalling residual value in our squad, especially considering how much they cost us. I'd like to see Davis tied down because I have a feeling he's the most valuable asset this squad has financially - he IS the good 1st team player we'll need to sell to replace the dozen older players we have in the squad.
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    From a financial perspective, this is a £20m asset that needs to be secured before we lose it for £5m. That puts Keinan and his representatives in a very strong negotiating position, whether they're after money or they're after the ability to be able to make a move cheaply when the time comes - it's very difficult with a player that comes out of nowhere and is suddenly worth a huge amount more than he was six months ago, but it's vital that we reach a deal, especially given that a future Keinan might end up being vital to our ability to strengthen the squad under FFP.
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    The eternal unspoken debate which sustains this forum and will forever more... As an Aston Villa fan, is my search for happiness and the fact it continues to elude me, a sickness all of my own, or can I find someone to blame?
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    Was looking at Dolos, but opted for Air Horse One instead. Air horse One 8/1 Bristol De Mai 8/1 Antony 9/1
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    The chap who claimed he suffered PTSD after an actor grabbed his crotch or people offended by raunchy jokes. While not pleasant they don't deserve to be talked about in the same category as the serious claims
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    Not at all. It's a long season and he's a young player. Bruce has already given him some small glimpses of the first team and I'm sure as the season progresses we'll see him more. One game where he is or isn't in the squad doesn't mean the manager doesn't rate him.
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    If this is correct, this is extremely serious, and should be a resigning matter. She can't go around conducting her own private foreign policy.
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    That would be me - I wound not trust him one jot in the prem
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    Unless I'm reading it wrong, the long ball count at whoscored seems to currently suggest that we have played the 4th-lowest number of long balls in the division, yet the assertion that all we do is 'hoof and hope' seems impervious to change. The problem with Hogan isn't just that the ball is in the air too much for him - although he is, let's be clear, completely shit in the air - it's that when the ball comes to him fast, when we break quickly, he nearly always loses it extremely quickly. Davis, notably, doesn't lose it straight away. He even sometimes finds midfield runners or drags defenders out of position. Hogan doesn't do much of any of that.
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    I think in an era where games show way too much footage and give way too much away this approach of keeping some things secret is great. I would love if this game launched and we didn't even know who the playable character is.. I understand I probably won't get that wish as E3 2018 will likely have extended gameplay, but I would love to be 100% in the dark as we could be playing as anyone in Part 2. These days I prefer vague trailers which is why Last of Us: Part 2 and Death Stranding are two of my most anticipated games cause I know **** all about them, it's great.
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    I got sent to jail. I didn't take it very well. I yelled insults and attacked everyone, even rubbed my own shit on the wall and went on hunger strike. For some reason I've now been banned from playing Monopoly with the rest of the family...
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    Nothing changes then. Id never take that cretin back after what he did to us
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    The truth is... The truth is, I suppose, I like you... I like you, John. Is that such a crime? Should I be hounded to the ends of the Earth just for liking you? I like you and if you can't handle it, you can just... you know, **** off.
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    What We Do In the Shadows - on iplayer atm - very funny NZ mockumentary about the undead. Sought it out after seeing Thor, directed by the same guy. Now to find Hunt for the Wilderpeople which I assume is still in Netflix
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    Aw. He looked dead chuffed when terry said he was a nightmare to train against in the post match interview
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    We play better as a team when he is on the pitch. Simple as that.
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    try to explain to the prick, possibly via social media, that being a prick on social media just makes you look like a prick
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    I was out at a gig last night so was spared the trick or treaters, but getting the late train back from Brighton was an experience, even more so than normal. One thing that did piss me off was at the venue, the urinal arrangements were very odd. I've got a horrible feeling I pissed in a sink. I thought it was on of those trough varieties but then realised there was a soap dispenser right in front of me, and normal standing urinals a bit further along.
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    Yeah this. I suppose a spare LB would be useful, but Hutton's done OK there. We've still got Grealish & Green to come back, O'Hare to fit in etc. Not sure we need anyone else - it's going to be hard enough keeping everyone happy as it is and as Junxs said, it's not going to change our style of play.
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    Happy Halloween Ghosts and Ghouls! Now stop knocking my ******* door.
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