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    My only issue with this, is once again it just shows the complete lack of any plan Bruce has.
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    Managed to sort a new car just in time to avoid shelling out on ours, all being well collecting it tomorrow. Although the number plate begins with RV so everytime I see it or write it, I think of Black Sabbath, cucumbers and Henry's.
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    That was the most entertaining game of football I've seen in a very long time. In fact I can't remember enjoying a game as much as that (as a neutral spectator). Not one for the purist as there was scarcely any defensive nous on show, but sometimes you just want a barnstormer. I fully expect it will be exactly the same over in Monaco as I suspect both of these teams only know the one way to play. And I think it benefits from Monaco having to chase the game from the off. An early Monaco goal and it'll all be set up vehh nicely. MOAR PLEASE!
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    Shit, I'm in Nottingham I'll watch where I park
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    VK I do recognise my argument to keep him gets weaker by every match.....and I can tend to argue with myself on the AMOUNT of errors these players can muster in a match.....because that is the managers responsibility. I do think disruption and rebuild to the magnitude we have done it , is a valid point, but one I can't say, how long it takes to fix. I do know this and where i am with you guys.....we cannot lose games at the rate we are, unchecked. in regards to the shambles i see on the pitch, i know who is responsible, not sure who is to blame.....not really sure its the same thing.
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    Apart from the first episode which was a bit of whiff imo, this series has been **** excellent. Mac's exercise bike had me howling!
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    That's why for me I'd have him as the lone striker. With Hogan out we need to go back to this. I'd try lansbury or hourihane just off him with adomah and green wide.
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    Only a man called pieface could suggest that
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    @Eastie, apologies, the club haven't got the notes out yet - but this was raised, I asked the question directly to Mr Wyness on a couple of occasions - I'll be interested to see if the club have written an answer into the notes.
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    Nooooo.... I must know why he turned his head.....
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    He is right though. £15m on Scott Hogan is a complete joke. The bloke didn't even manage 40 games in 3 years at Brentford. It's **** ridiculous money which is why we are going the same way as Leeds. Pissing money away in a reckless fashion.
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    The same was said of Bruce, and prior to coming here rightly so. I just don't get why the clamour for Rowett, yes he did decently at Blues, but if people are unhappy with Bruce's tactics, they'll be in for a surprise under Rowett, where we'll have everyone behind the ball.
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    From official twitter account Our #FAYouthCup clash with @ManCity will be screened LIVE on our Facebook channel this Wednesday, kick-off 7pm. #AVFC this is exactly what I was referring to last week - people are paying for avtv and not getting to see this and yet it's free on Facebook - not everyone wants Facebook - so exactly what are we paying for on avtv? edit - just cancelled my subscription - another disgruntled fan!
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    He was shit from moment 1. Just looked a bit pumped up at Hillsborough so the hype commenced.
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    Welcome to the Championship 2016/17 VT prediction league, you can join in at any time during the tournament but please make sure you follow the instructions carefully. However, if you are just thinking about just playing for a single week, or are going to lose interest after a couple of weeks, then do us all a time saving favour and don't bother playing. -- Making a Prediction -- Head on over to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JJHBdYRs_tzHsVDF1lpSoNIvr6E0nthT6nE47V_UQ44/edit#gid=927939056 Make sure you are selecting the right sheet for the Gameweek (inactive sheets will be fully locked) Find the first 'blank' entry with all scores set as '0-0' and 'ENTER YOUR NAME HERE' as the name Green Cells are for you to enter stuff into, all other cells are not! Fill in your predicted scores for each game When entering your name, make sure it is EXACTLY the same as your VT name and that it doesn't have any erroneous spaces and is CaSe SeNsEtIvE Incorrectly entered names, even if it is just a space at the start or a capital letter, will result in tracking errors throughout the tournament Once your prediction is complete, copy the cells within the dotted line and post them into this VT thread If you do not post the results correctly into this thread then your prediction will be ignored Thread banter is encouraged! Gameweek already started? No problem you can still play, just put the score for the games you have missed as N/A, e.g Fulham N/A - N/A Villa -- When will prediction threads be posted up? -- Generally I will try and post threads on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week, but this may slip at times. Just keep an eye on the forum and it'll be there before the games start. Gameweek matches will follow those as laid out on the BBC Championship fixtures page, let me know if I miss something due to a game being moved or postponed etc. -- Previous Gameweek Results -- Name Result Points Score Points Total Points imavillan 4 9 13 Rodders 5 6 11 Chewie 7 3 10 Czechlad 6 3 9 chappy 6 3 9 andykeenan 6 3 9 Daniel 5 3 8 Hornso 6 0 6 Demitri_C 6 0 6 TheAuthority 3 3 6 Villaphan04 5 0 5 rubberman 3 0 3 Just 3 of us on double points for the last gameweek, with imavillan topping the weekly table with 13, and rodders on an unusual 11 rubberman has a 'mare! Name Points from Correct Results Points from Correct Scores Total Points GWs Played Avg Points per GW Daniel 173 120 293 32 9.2 rubberman 156 135 291 32 9.1 Demitri_C 170 117 287 33 8.7 andykeenan 178 105 283 33 8.6 Chewie 181 99 280 33 8.5 TheAuthority 153 120 272 32 8.5 Villaphan04 173 94 269 33 8.2 chappy 144 114 258 33 7.8 Rodders 141 99 240 32 7.5 imavillan 130 102 232 30 7.7 Czechlad 125 99 224 24 9.3 knoppy1987 102 78 180 21 8.6 Hornso 88 48 136 17 8.0 villianusa 32 18 50 7 7.1 kurtsimonw 27 18 45 5 9.0 Nigel 8 6 14 1 14.0 meme 6 3 9 1 9.0 villalad21 5 3 8 1 8.0 ColonelBlimp 5 0 5 1 5.0 theboyangel 3 0 3 1 3.0 Richard 2 0 2 1 2.0 And with that 'mare, rubberman drops down to second place after a very respectable run in the top spot, with Daniel replacing him. -- My (Chewie's) Prediction for this Gameweek -- Name Home Team Away Team Guess Burton 2 1 Blackburn Burton Wolves 2 0 Birmingham Wolves Leeds 2 2 Wednesday Draw Villa 1 1 Derby Draw Barnsley 1 2 Huddersfield Huddersfield Brentford 3 1 Rotherham Brentford Cardiff 1 1 Fulham Draw Newcastle 4 0 Bristol Newcastle Preston 3 2 QPR Preston Wigan 2 1 Forest Wigan Brighton 3 1 Reading Brighton Norwich 3 0 Ipswich Norwich Chewie When pasting your prediction table you might want to hit enter a couple of times before you post your prediction in. The editor makes life difficult to create a new line after you paste the table in if you haven't 'entered' a couple of times first. -- Bets -- In each Gameweek I will aim to select two predictions of my choosing, one for correct results and one for Both Teams to score (Yes/No). I shall then place a £1 accumulator on each of those bets, should they win I will give the predictor 20% of the winnings to be paid via Paypal. Likely to be no bets at all whilst gameweeks span across like 5 days. -- Good Luck -- Good luck to everyone for the week, and please don't be a bitch and mess with other people's predictions in the Google Sheet, there's a good girl Games start Friday through to Sunday. There are 3 games on Tuesday 28th Feb that will not be included in ANY gameweek. So the thread for next gameweek after this (GW35) will be up on Weds March 1st.
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    Would be a good signing for a team fighting for survival at the bottom of the championship.
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    No I read it and it was as you say a good article.
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    As an aside I thank you @OutByEaster? for being our VT representative and doing this on behalf of us.
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    Sooner this is moved to non-football the better. This squad should be performing better. Performance is measured by results. Results are rubbish. Manager is responsible for performance. @TRO You make tons of valid points about the "man/men" quality of our squad/performances, but the manger should have them or demand that they do better. I simply don't see evidence for that happening.
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    It's only the knockout phase that has some good games. The group phase is the most boring football around.
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    ok .....I value your opinion, but let me just say this....just one element picked at random from many from Tuesday night. Jed aside, we could not win an aerial ball anywhere on the field.....I find it hard to directly blame the manager for that......Thats players going for the ball with no heart, just "shadow boxing" to coin a phrase.....some of these have just had massive pay rises.....they should be fired up. some may say its only headers this is where you gain or lose ground and begin to find yourself under pressure, if consistently lose out like we did.....it sends out messages too.....soft underbelly.....they( the opposition) grow in confidence and put you to the sword. Thats whats happening in games in the first 15 minutes or so we start ok, get out muscled and can't find a way back in because the opposition have stolen the initiative. I understand the overall gripe about the style and all the technical stuff not being done.....but we can't get the basic/ugly stuff done. Ps If you can't win the ball.....you haven't got the ball to do anything with it.....it may sound a bit simple but its true......WE can't win the ball, we just chase after it.
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    This is a good point - the team on paper is a good one and the players have ability - also would McCormack come back into the fray next season with a new manager which could save taking a huge loss on him ? i see many positives in making the change but only if it's for the right manager and the time to attract a decent manager is generally the summer - I don't feel we will get dragged into relegation trouble and if Bruce can grab a couple of wins next week would give him to the end of the season and see where we are . However we obviously cannot continue losing games and if we don't turn it around then the trigger point may be close.
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    Keep up dude. The point of Brexit was to stop the tories (and now more recently, Labour) losing some votes to the UKIPs.
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    I think people are turning on him. How many of our players have impressive assist stats? He's a goal scorer. To say he's in it for himself is very harsh. The guy works hard most games, a lot harder than others. Hogan was isolated, when kodjia plays as a main striker he doesn't allow himself to be isolated, he gets involved, he makes things happen. He has flaws, of course he does, he is a championship striker. But IMO there's plenty of players who deserve criticism before this guy, and as I say it's starting to turn past criticism. He works hard, clearly loves playing for the club and has a good goal scoring ratio in a team where no one else can score and we barely create any proper chances.
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    This idea that Hoddle is some sort of 'great' coach is one of the biggest myths of the past few years. Go back 20 years and you may have a point.
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    Never expected Rafa to have trouble managing Newcastle - big difference being Newcastle probably the smallest club Rafa has managed whereas villa are the biggest club Bruce has managed and he's struggled to cope . maybe he is so afraid of failure that he is too cautious in his whole approach but he needs to throw caution to the wind and play a far more aggressive game on the front foot taking the game to opponents rather than sitting back like frightened rabbits . Bruce to me is in the last chance saloon and could be gone in 10 days unless he brings about a change in fortune fast .
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    Completely entitled to your opinion & POV mate but why do you think he will turn this round (anytime soon) when we keep being let down week after week and having to endure this suffering? It really has been long enough and any reasoning or excuses just hold less and less value now. I don't intend any offence or anger toward anyone but we are going through a massively frustrating time and it's difficult not to appear enraged and fed up. Even if we managed to pick up a result from somewhere I do not trust this guy going forward, we need to change it.
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    Coyle out, Mowbray in within 24 hours. That's how it's done. I sincerely hope conversations with interested parties are taking place as we speak.
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    That's the woman I may marry, you're talking about! But yeah, deal...
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    One thing in our favour - although obviously we need to be able to capitalise on it - is the fact that purely from a league position and venue point of view, we have a relatively kind schedule left. We've played all bar one of the top sides in the division away from home. Only Huddersfield are left out of the top 6 with Fulham next highest after that. We've a few tricky home ties (SheffWed, Norwich, Reading, Brighton, sha) but frankly if you can't sort your home form out then you've no excuses any way. Basically, if (big if) Bruce and the lads can get themselves into better shape in the next few weeks then the remaining fixtures will play their part for us too. The above does not take into account that relegation threatened sides get trickier as the season progresses, but then you'd imagine we'd benefit from that effect too so ...
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    Difficult situation. He's our most effective attacking player and our top goalscorer but i'm still not convinced. Doesn't work well up top on his own, doesn't work well in a pair and doesn't work particularly well out wide. £15m worth of wildly inconsistent mid table Championship striker.
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    Tony needs to bring in some Chinese monks to sort them out.
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    And that isn't going to change under the current manager.
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    It's an ankle injury from landing awkwardly, nothing to do with his previous knee problems. If Shelvey had elbowed him in the face and broken his nose, you wouldn't attribute it to injury proneness, would you?
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    There's a transfer update in the steam workshop if you want it now, I've got that, a bigger database and one that means that the spread of regens is more global rather than just Brazil and Argentina meaning scouting should be more fun started a schalke game, expecting it to be hard going, signed luan, never bought him before, he's had a great start
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    She posts all this bollocks on fb about positive things happen to positive people quotes like that. She doesn't even do what she preaches. Option C is definitely how we are. She likes me I like her what the hell is the problem? Women just like drama in their life and maybe because I didn't cause any she wants some excitement in her life. Who knows? Really don't wanna go back on tinder but looks like gonna have to Cheers @Xela as annoyed as I am I can't be a hole it's just not in my nature. But I'm certainly going to be more ruthless
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    Oh ye of little faith. I bet you feel silly now. Link
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    Yeah he had a good game and so did hutton
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    He has been the only January signing to look any good so far, for me anyway.
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    I doubt it. He had massive delusions of grandeur when he arrived and spouted load's of bollocks. He also had his little rant at Holloway too which looks more embarrassing by the minute. We are looking like a car crash of Leeds United proportions
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    Out for the season I believe.
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    What's really frustrating is that despite spending a lot of money on players and 2 different managers, on paper they made/make really good sense, (Di Matter possibly the odd one out but still not a wild appointment). Cb's who have been promoted from the division, Chester easily holding his own in the Prem. Strikers who have banged them in at this level, midfielders who have scored and assisted in this division (albeit arriving in January), a DM who Palace fans seemed disappointed about losing, a winger who helped get Boro promoted last season. A manager promoted 4 times from this division. GK has been a stumbling area but I'm not in the camp of thinking Johnstone is a complete liability, he wouldn't have been given a new deal at Utd if he was truly awful. Xia's/the club's decisions make sense but at the moment there doesn't seem to be a unity and togetherness amongst the players and fans and the players themselves. Bruce can't settle on a side, although injuries in key areas haven't helped but we have all the tools to push on. The Richards thing shows desperation, if we could all take a step back and relieve the tension a little, Bruce included then I think we could give a few teams a good hiding but as it is, Bruce is so concerned about losing that he's not focusing on how to win. The likes of Hourihane and Lansbury need to be closer to the opposition's Cb's rather than hours but such is the worry about losing we're miles of a forward thinking style. Bruce has to be brave and go at teams. At worst, we'll be caught in the break and lose but fans can accept losing giving it a good go rather than losing with a whimper. Come out swinging Bruce because you have the weapons to inflict damage to others otherwise we and you will get a kicking. More advanced CM/CM's linking up with the strikers rather than launching long balls for them to scrap off and by-passing the players who can do damage with the ball at their feet. Sometimes football can be complicated but it can also be simple if you make it so. Apologies for kinda going off topic but I started so I thought I'd finish, ooo-er.
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    Each to their own and all that but I thought it was very good.
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    This is one for the "things you don't get" thread. Why do you inflict this pain on yourself? Eating is supposed to be pleasant, not an ordeal!

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