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    Tony didn't need to explain this though. Not necessary. People even with only a single brain cell will understand that the point he was trying to make from his last twitter post had nothing to do with politics.
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    I said some pretty shitty things about both Ellis and Lerner but I at least tried to ground them in some form of reality. I helped to organise and/or took part in protests against both. Xia is neither of them just as they were not each other. Maybe he'll turn out to be another bad owner, but right now he demonstrably is doing a good job. So why treat him as if he were a bond villain? They'd love him to fail just so they can say I told you so. I think that itself is pretty **** shitty and I wish those people would **** off.
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    Richards and Lescott potentially gone in the same day?
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    This twitter malarkey is mental! I posted a pic of my 4 year old boy with his new prosthetic villa leg on and its being re-tweeted by loads of villa fans! :-) Apologies for posting this here but I'm sure quite a few of you may remember me showing pics of his first villa leg here when we were bored a few transfer windows back lol
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    I hope he didn't just do a David Cameron.
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    I liked him at man utd but since he's gone to west ham hes just not the same player
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    I'm looking forward to it. You are perfectly entitled to your opinion, but I feel like you've used this post to have a pop at certain sections of the fanbase yourself, thus making you just as bad as those you proclaim to be sycophantic. I'm on twitter all the time and most users seem to be pretty level headed. Perhaps there is a little bit on confirmation bias going on here both ways, I dunno. I myself occasionally find Tony's musings a bit odd and have said so in the past, I also tell him that I love him on a regular basis, wish him goodnight, sing to him and am on a one man mission to get him to tweet a selfie of him in his Villa pyjamas. Why? Because it's fun. I like fun.
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    Bit of a slow news day so figured i'd contribute a joke, What's the difference between a kangaroo and a kangaroot? One's an Australian animal the others a geordie stuck in a lift.
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    Well that grew legs! 200 odd likes, 40 odd re-tweets and a meet & greet for my little boy with Jack Grealish!
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    Best page of a thread in VT history? It's up there!
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    Exactly. Leave it to the experts and those who have a plan in place and know what they need to achieve that. See Brexit for how well things go when the masses are left to make an important decision.
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    Tell you one thing, right now and after the shite we have had from the previous owner for the last few years, I am really enjoying us being owned by Tony Xia. OK, he could turn out to be part of a people-smuggling gang for all we know but until that time comes - IF it ever comes (I bloody hope it doesn't!) - let's just enjoy the good feeling that the guy is creating around the club right now. God knows it's been a long time since we've all felt a general good feeling about an owner of our club.
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    Yeah they are just waiting to the day before Chairman election day to have maximum effect on his chances of getting back in again. Or maybe the dastardly tricksters are waiting for the next round of fit and proper person tests. So many good reasons for waiting until the perfect moment. To be fair they probably have a lot of experience of the investigatory process. "where were you on the night of the robbery?" "Are you aware that she is your sister?" "So you say you found the official breast inspector card on the floor outside the off license?
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    Welcome back, Ruge! Sorry to hear about that, Rich. It sounds like an awful situation and unfortunately one where the age gap is very apparent. I echo the sentiments of the others but I'd also like to bring up another couple of points. Firstly, my parent's marriage pretty awful nowadays and it's largely due to the age gap. My mum did have kids very young, three by the time she was 22, and the last few years or so as she's been in her 50s she's changed a fair bit, mid-life crisis and all that. She felt like she didn't have much of her youth (her own choice, mind you) and now her outlook and what she wants has completely changed whereas my dad's hasn't. It's not the only reason for their failing relationship, and he takes a lot of the blame too, but it's something to think about maybe. I know you can't predict the future, but if she's against having kids at 23 it's best she doesn't have them in case she might regrets it in the future, resents you somewhat and becomes a different person altogether, leaving you in a worse position since you're older and now there are kids involved. I can understand not wanting to wait until you're 40 to have kids. I'm around the same age and single and its something I'm very aware of now when thinking about relationships. However, you're still a way off that and being a dad at 35 is becoming quite common nowadays. I'd even say it's more likely to encourage healthier and happier families since you've had your youth and days of no responsibility and it's a good time to settle down. She may never change her mind, but then again, she might. In three years she'll be closer to 30 than 20 and you'll still be closer to 30 than 40 and things might change. You'll both be at a good time to start a family and you'll be doing it with someone you love instead of potentially settling for someone you don't love as much but got with her because she wanted children. Lastly, have you found it quite easy to get into relationships and fall in love? I personally find it very difficult to find someone I feel that way about, and as a guy around your age who is single and nowhere near being with someone let alone the right one, I just wanted to ask you about this. You could be throwing away the love of your life and they're such a rare find. I think I'd rather be with someone I love more than anything and be childless than with someone I didn't love to my fullest ability and introduce kids into the equation. Either way, I hope it all works out for the best, mate. You're a good egg.
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    How much did you pay for the manicure?
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    Fair view point too Terry. I can only speak for myself obviously.....but I welcome opposing views its how we learn.....and if I see their point, i will say so. This forum gives us the opportunity to agree with other opinions by activating the " like this" button......If we disagree we have the option to ignore it......facts are entirely different, they can be challenged. I think one of the problems with disagreeing with opinions.....they are opinions. You can't say someone is wrong for having their opinion, but you can offer yours and then it is up to anyone /them to favour the stronger one. It is not up to the writer to avoid pissing on other folks chips, its up to the recipient have the strength of character and opinion to dismiss it.
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    But surely what a man quotes and what a man does are two different things. quotes made by unsavoury people can still be implemented in a positive and humane way......even the most dastardly characters have intellect.....just channeled wrong. My interpretation is our owner tried to relate a quote of Mao to apply to his project.....not an endorsement of his life's work.
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    Hmmm......I get a hint of 'we're not after Valencia now' from this.
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    No lone anvil, we screen algae from extra six coves. Sausages?
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    This thread should have the option to make it invisible. Like Westwood is.
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    Joined Walsall on loan as well, good move
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    The caution in the whole post is understandable, and "grounded"- but the bit quoted is ridiculous. As far as I know people on twitter or on here or on other sites are not bound by any set of rules saying "it's not allowed to hold the following opinion, or to state it" What does happen is that people disagree with all kinds of views, agree with others. The notion of censorship of views which are not all "over the rainbow" is bonkers. A number of people have managed, despite the claimed unallowability of it to post views ranging from "I'm really worried about him" to "it's too early to be sure" to "wish he'd stop tweeting" to "he's brilliant and I love him". That's not just on here, that's everywhere.
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    Piss off, I'm Australian. My coaches growing up were a Dutchman, a German and a Italian (no this is not the beginning of a joke). My football education was continental and Westwood is still shit.
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    Benni McCarthy spotted arriving at Arrivals at Birmingham airport this afternoon! I would have got a pic except for I was just about to surpass my highest score on Snake game.
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    Sounds to me like it IS Hernandez we're after.
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    No more Rumours. Big Tone clearly not a fan of Fleetwood Mac.
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    Pretty sure Michael Carrick was labelled as ineffective but what does Sir Alex Ferguson know. RDM has been pretty ruthless with our squad, yet Westwood has started every game... If RDM thinks he isn't useless that's good enough for me.
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    Why are you on their forums? Clear your internet history immediately.
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    And here I am feeling like a right muggle for not seeing the obvious Pirlo-clone we have in Westwood. Let's hope no big name club from Spain or Italy, who sees him for what he truly is swoops in and steal our future England captain before the window closes.
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    I'll post my thoughts on our new owner after the window is closed, as was suggested a few weeks ago when people said "the window is shut at least give him until the end of the window". however, my thoughts on sections of a fan base that comment on him are that I am concerned and a little disappointed that every utterance he makes is jumped upon as a positive and deciphered in anyway someone wants in order for that comment to be a positive or fit what people want it to fit in order for it to be brilliant. If it doesn't fit then it is dismissed as something lost in translation. If anyone dares to read something else into it, perhaps something not fitting the perceived line that people want it to be then woe betide that person. Dissention appears not to be allowed. I cringe sometimes at the responses. It is on all social media it is visible. people paint scenarios about what the owner is saying, it is very reminiscent of disciples hanging on words like tomes or commandments with Twitter being the burning brush. They try and demonstrate a wisdom of understanding how the club is being run when patently no wisdom exists. Naysayers are dismissed and shunned with all sorts of accusations thrown at them.
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    Oh please not the 'you don't get football if you don't rate westwood' nonsense again. That stopped when he was abysmal last year. Some excellent performances at a lower level shouldn't bring this garbage back up again.
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    He's using it as a point of reference not as an inspiration. If I was looking for a quote to support a point I'd quote music from the 90s, he's using something from his youth / upbringing. He only uses one element of it, the importance of the masses -he doesn't use the whole quote to suggest removing all opposition to AVFC.
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    Can concentrate on the league now and finishing in the....Europa league places. Sometimes I wonder what is the point of football. This is one of those days.
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    I'm sure the 30 to 40 million that died in the Chinese famine weren't completely his fault. But in all seriousness Tony has probably been bought up being told how great a leader Mao was, so why wouldn't he quote him.
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    Mate, your head must be split in half. Makes me sad to read it. I'll now go the other way and echo what Blandy said. My first child will be 1 on Monday. I've always wanted to be a Dad. I'm now 37, my wife is 38. We met when we were both turning 30, and at the time she wasn't keen on having kids but wasn't totally against it. Since having a child (and despite it being a very traumatic birth for her - the baby was fine) she's now keen to have more. She loves being a Mom. I would've been ready to have kids as soon as we met, and now I have one I'm glad we didn't. As Pete said, the holidays and parties and adventures are there to be had and you should both be taking the opportunity while you can. She's only 23 and will miss a whole chunk of her adult life if she becomes a Mom right now. Being a man puts you on the lucky side of things in that your clock won't be ticking as loudly as hers in your 30s so time is definitely on your side. In terms of age in relation to your kids, I can understand that. My Mom and Dad were 43 and 44 when I was born and them being older now has had an impact on my life. That said, I think their maturity level really benefitted me as I was growing up. They were calm and experienced and it paid off in raising me. Say you wait till your wife is 30? You'll be 37/38, which is still absolutely fine. But then I would say that. Bottom line mate, is if you love her and she makes you happy in every possible way, then you've got a lot to hold on to. You've also got a very good start point for beginning a family - at the right time. I don't know the ins and outs, and obviously you know where your priorities lie and what is important to you, but as a mate I'd really encourage you to take a step back and look at it all through her frame of reference. Time is on your side. It's very very much on hers. Think how much your approach to life changed between the age of 23 and 30. It might alter your perspective enough to get you both through this...
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    Nobby Solano never seems to age.
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    He's basically a pacifist socialist attempting to lead a country whose media is mostly owned offshore for tax reasons, is a World leader in banking and hiding the spoils of the wealthy, with a sizeable war industry that's important to the economy, jobs and diplomatic relations. He wants to put the machine that's been serving the wealthy and privileged into reverse, and the W&P are trying to stop him via the media they control. Many in his party don't fancy allying themselves with him. They see the abuse he receives and don't fancy their chances against the establishment. They will settle for having a crack at a little bit of power again. I know Corbyn's not perfect and quite woolly in many respects, but he means well (I think anyway) and the lens through which he is perceived is grossly distorted. It's also not going to be clear how to deal with problems above. They're well entrenched and the psychopaths pulling the strings command way too much power. It's well broken here anyway, I have no problem letting him have a crack. Might even vote for him
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    The beards thing goes back to a player called Mellberg who had one and was a bit of a legend. Hairyhands is a former VT poster who was very much ITK.
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    Sidwell? He looked a bit crap among the midfielders we had around him at the time, but he was way better than the shite we've had in midfield for the last few seasons.
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    Whoop, whoop, - phoned MBNA Tuesday was told 'no decision yet' - I said "what decision ? - you're not going to comply with the consumer credit act ?" - more mumbling - so emailed the CEO of MBNA - today I've got the whole lot refunded ! - including the increased costs that the hotel charged to rebook - Result !
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