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    I think this is a huge issue within English football generally (not aimed at you John, but you've brought it up) - this feeling of self-entitlement, that English football is the best thing going and nothing else comes close. Why else would a young player looking to establish himself even consider leaving these shores?! Madness! Personally, I'd encourage more young players to go abroad on loan. Get a different footballing experience and hone skills that aren't as necessary in our tough, fast, English leagues. If Bamford feels like he's been around the houses in England (which, let's face it, he has) and fancies something different then fair play to the lad. Nowhere near enough English players or managers have the same bottle - we're absolutely terrible for moving abroad.
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    The missus just phoned me...coming back from a school trip to Barry Island; it seems the Welsh football team must be due back in Cardiff pretty soon, as people are waving flags, hooting, cheering and taking pictures of two coach loads of small Asian kids who've just been to the seaside
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    Even for one of those big spiders?
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    Just heard something astonishing - They arrested some bloke thinking he might be a suspect. Turns out he was just a random member of the public... walking down the road with a rifle slung over his shoulder...
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    You can say that again.
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    From Hamburg to Bayer Leverkusen, on to Spuds for £22m, next stop the championship. Seems legit
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    I think the kids all prefer Apple today to be honest with a little bit of Samsung here and there.
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    He can't sign 25 new players. So he has to figure out which of them can be utilised.
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    He spends the first two minutes making blanket statements about young pro remain voters then the next three complaining about his side being stereotyped then the final two being thoroughly unpleasant and patronising. Nice. Still, Hislop is more eloquent than I so I'll offer up his riposte from Question Time last night.
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    Now you bumped the thread, I have to do this.
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    Hope Tony doesn't get impatient with Gollini if he doesn't score a few goals.
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    That's a huge leap from the point I was contesting. Fundamentally I don't think 4 or 5 signings will be enough to turn this shower around. They'd all have to land from the off and drag the rest of them up with them and I don't see that as a viable plan for promotion. The core of the squad needs replacing so that what little talent we do have can thrive. Otherwise, pissing in the wind and hoping not to get soaked springs to mind.
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    It is simplistic and a lot of the time when something as simple as a single stat is posted you can come back with an argument as to why it is misleading and doesn't paint a true picture of the squad. I don't think you can here though. We took 17 points over a season and for me that is what our performances warranted. I could probably micro analyse it and say we deserved a win instead of a draw on a couple of occasions but likewise could also say we didn't deserve to beat Bournemouth or Palace. We were dire. Absolutely shocking. I don't actually think ability wise the squad is as bad as 17 points but when you combine it with the gutless attitudes of many of this squad then it was a lethal cocktail. That is not to give the managers a free ride here by the way but it wasn't down to the managers as to why we folded and hid so easily as soon as things went against us. That is down to the attitude of the players. Having said the above a number of these players are capable of redeeming themselves. To give us any hope of promotion though it needs a number of bad eggs and those who hide too easily removing from the squad and a number of players with the right attitude, hunger and leadership qualities to be bought in so they can rub off on those still here. Elphick was a great signing in that regard and Tshibola and Gollini should hopefully have plenty of hunger to want to make an impact. Three or four more of that ilk, of course with the required ability, will go a long way to re-balancing this squad from one top heavy with wasters with ability but poor attitudes to a squad with ability and the desire and hunger to set this club back on the right track.
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    Welcome to the club! We have needed a decent Golli for a long time.
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    Delph had made 1 appearance in the Championship when we paid almost £6m for him League One.
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    I know lots of us myself included want several players gone, but leaving my bias to one side for a moment if RDM can get these guys working as a unit then we have one hell of a squad for the Championship. Add in players like Elphick, Tshibola, Gollini and a striker or two we have a pretty decent team. Yes it does require RDM weaving his magic at bringing harmony to a squad run by big egos, but if he can manage it then we have some pretty decent Premier League calibre players in our squad which will help a lot.
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    I found a weedle sat on the toilet cistern while I was having a widdle. Caught it, but also lost control of my flow and splashed the floor. These are the sacrifices you've got to make if you want to be the very best. I've got a sweet pokestop within reach of my dining room too.
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    I'm a Police Officer in Australia. We sit around gobsmacked at some of the Police shootings over there. It's such a shoot first culture. It's obviously an extension of American's gun problem but in so many of these cases, the guy could have just been tackled and pinned down. You've got a numbers advantage, control his arms and cuff him. Terrifying culture over there. I've never even considered drawing my gun (or any of my other tac options, for that matter)
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    I said a couple of weeks ago around the time that Elphick sign not expect much to happen during the Euro's. Yes there is a month to go, yes it would be nice to have seen a few more arrive. But it is quite obvious we are making moves for players but as I say every single window these things take time. In addition surely it's only right and sensible that RDM has a good look at what he has got before bringing people in? There is no comparison to be made with Newcastle where Benitez has had far long to make decisions on players both needed and not needed and to put things in place to do deals. While I have a few question marks against both RDM and Dr X at the moment I'm confident that the squad for Sheff Wed will look quite different to the one that got on the plane yesterday. It appears that a Techincal Director will be appointed soon and it's reasonable to think that also may have an impact on our transfer activity. Either way while I get the frustration and to a degree share it this period was always going to happen it doesn't mean players won't arrive.
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    My old man got that just before he passed away. So I can only conclude that you've not got long left. Sorry pal.
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    How are all the other teams doing? Surely a certain championship in France has been taking everyone's attention not to mention annual holidays - the preseason only commenced last week. Just relax people
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    They are going to re-make "Porridge", with the best will in the world there are some things, a few special things that cannot be re-made. Would it ever be possible to replace the cast ? Its not just the main characters but the supporting cast also. Barker was one of a kind, a bit like Rick Mayall & Rowen Atkinson in that it's in built talent and cannot be copied or impersonated. You can try but ultimately it will go badly.
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    I predict we'll sign a bunch of players who we haven't even been linked with.
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    Just to remind everyone that this statement was taken from his personal Weibo account. He wasn't approached by Birmingham Mail they just took his posts. So anyone getting annoyed by this needs to get used to it as he's a social media savvy guy, he's not going to stop using his Weibo just because he now owns us and I don't expect him to.
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    I'm Jordan's agent and if any club wants to loan him they can have my number, its 0121 focking do one!.
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    Of course it was the Lambert masterplan to drop our only threat to fire him up! More like Lambert's eye bleedingly bad football was to blame for Benteke looking isolated and lost. Sherwood, as useless as he turned out to be, saved us that season by doing the basics right - playing to our key players strengths.
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    Trigger warnings, safe places, the perpetual quest to be offended and using this offence as a mechanism to stifle or completely shut down any debate - I think it sums up a depressingly large amount of current younger generation perfectly, although perhaps over-used. http://m.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/columnists/fionola-meredith/precious-little-snowflakes-we-call-students-are-taught-to-be-weaklings-from-a-very-early-age-34749687.html
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    Alternatively, it will cost them a fortune when they decide to fire him in a couple of years.
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    Just been chatting to a Chelsea supporting mate that said RDM speaks fluent English, Italian, French, German and Spanish. I often wonder if instructions get lost in translation sometimes - Sherwood decided it was too hard to even attempt to communicate with Veretout for instance. Plus it should help new players like Gollini settle in a bit quicker.
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    Stop the world I want to get off
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    Christian Eriksen is only 24 and would be an upgrade on Bacuna. Cheeky bid?
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    All you need to know about Pierluigi Gollini in the time it takes me, to make a cup of tea.
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    Don't you know it's cool to not like possession football now?
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    I just joined the Labour Party. Always voted for Libs in past as they were the only party anywhere close to the Tories where I live (Bournemouth) but seeing as they've disappeared I guess they won't be an option next time round. I think we need an opposition more than ever. I fear a lurch to the right with the new uncertainty in politics and Theresa May does nothing to calm that fear. With regards to Corbyn I'd agree he hasn't been a great leader, he hasn't taken the party with him and I disagree with him on several issues like Trident etc. However he is the only politician talking about inequality which for me is the central issue of our age and actually sits behind a lot of the turmoil we are currently seeing. I think he has an honesty and integrity that is missing from most in the Houses of Parliament. I'm very unsure whether he can convince the swing voters/South and I agree with Blandy that having a party capable of winning is actually the most important thing. If the PLP put up someone credible (or not Angela Eagles) against him I'd be willing to listen to that person and form a judgement. The point is though that Corbyn has got me listening at least. I am a swing voter in that I've never voted for Labour before, they have over 500k members now so it's not all Tories Trent who only have 150k. I recognise that is not representative of the wider voting public but maybe just maybe there is an appetite to give the Goverment a kicking after the negotiations and all the mess that will come in the next few years. If there is a lurch one way or the other ill be voting for the left whether that be Corbyn or someone else.
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    At bodymoor heath, the players would all slink off after training to go home etc - RDM would only see them at meal times and training. Whilst away however, RDM will be able to see and get to know more about them as a collective and individually. I feel this is pretty important for a new manager to assess what he has already and which characters are either not up for it skillwise or interested in being here. It's a good thing IMO.
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    Watched him a few times for Forest last season and he is more than capable at this level.
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    The Avalanches - Wildflower it's making me cry sugar sweet, rainbow coloured, tears of joy. Worth the 16 year wait.
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    Maybe the parents shouldn't have promised to spend £350m a week on toys before asking the kids what they thought about the divorce.
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    I just found out that the guy who stole my journal has died. My thoughts are with his family.
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    God Bennett's awful. Would rather stick with aly any day
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    hee hee! I know a handful of the people in the last photo the club will have signed shirts and flags to raffle off later in the year.... ££££
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    A good rule of thumb is to draw no conclusions from YouTube videos.
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