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    He can't sign 25 new players. So he has to figure out which of them can be utilised.
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    Now you bumped the thread, I have to do this.
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    I'm a Police Officer in Australia. We sit around gobsmacked at some of the Police shootings over there. It's such a shoot first culture. It's obviously an extension of American's gun problem but in so many of these cases, the guy could have just been tackled and pinned down. You've got a numbers advantage, control his arms and cuff him. Terrifying culture over there. I've never even considered drawing my gun (or any of my other tac options, for that matter)
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    How are all the other teams doing? Surely a certain championship in France has been taking everyone's attention not to mention annual holidays - the preseason only commenced last week. Just relax people
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    Trigger warnings, safe places, the perpetual quest to be offended and using this offence as a mechanism to stifle or completely shut down any debate - I think it sums up a depressingly large amount of current younger generation perfectly, although perhaps over-used. http://m.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/columnists/fionola-meredith/precious-little-snowflakes-we-call-students-are-taught-to-be-weaklings-from-a-very-early-age-34749687.html
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    Just been chatting to a Chelsea supporting mate that said RDM speaks fluent English, Italian, French, German and Spanish. I often wonder if instructions get lost in translation sometimes - Sherwood decided it was too hard to even attempt to communicate with Veretout for instance. Plus it should help new players like Gollini settle in a bit quicker.
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    moseley village.loads of women.the prince of wales is a great pub as out the back is literally a small village.marquee,cuban cigar shop,cocktail bar,and full of women of all ages.you'll have no trouble pulling.rated as the best night out in brum in the tourist guides.
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    Joe Allen roundabout. Police won't let Robson Kanu have a roundabout in case it sends Belgians the wrong way.
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    That wasn't boring and it certainly wasn't nonsense. Some of Germany's football this tournament has been excellent. I have been so impressed by Kroos, Khedira (big miss) and Ozil. They really have just paid the price for not having a focal point at the end of the team.
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    So you managed to embolden that part, but missed "not aimed at you John, but you've brought it up"? Good work, sir.
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    They'll be buzzin'!
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    Cheers for all the best wishes folks, I really appreciate them They say time is a healer and, after what my family has been through, I certainly hope that is true! Having a decent Villa side to watch and cheer on would be helpful. Let's hope they can bring some decent additions into the club and really go for it this season.
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    This just doesn't make sense.
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    If he offered you a contract for 20k a week, and you were hilariously out of your depth, is it your fault?
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    It will likely be announced tomorrow. It's likely all gone through but like Gollini the club seem to be down with the idea of doing the photos with the shirt at the training camp in Austria. So if everything went to plan then an announcement maybe tomorrow.
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    It should also put us off too.
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    Just went 2-0 down, then won 10-2, with a random partner. It's helped rekindle the love, a little.
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    Hindsight. Easy for me to say now, of course.
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    Getting back on topic and off the topic of my (non existent) love life! More of a gastropub than a traditional pub but a nice place to grab some food and a few cold ones. White Swan, Edgbaston
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    Playing in Scotland is worse than Spain tbf.
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    Seems too complicated, iv just disabled it for this domain
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    jed's going to steer guzan out of Villa Park
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    Even in the Championship the deluded nature or some posters never fails in cheering me up. You people keep me young, you really do.
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    three shite managers, an owner that didnt care and didnt invest for a few years, multiple managers before last season leaving remnants of different squads and tactics, poisonous atmosphere at home.... I could go on. I take your point though Dave and to be honest there are about 8 or 9 players I would happily blindfold, drive somewhere and we'd never see again. But I do think there are some that would benefit from a better atmosphere at the club. Players like: Guzan Richards Lescott Bacuna Sanchez Sinclair Flabby Clark and to a lesser degree Westwood I'd happily never see them in a Villa shirt again. But we will have a squad of 25 ish so that leaves around 16 or so from last year that will remain, in my mind anyway and those that remain need to be ones that benefit from a change in approach at the club
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    I know we don't really care about fees and it's not out money but it's a little odd that line about narwich having a £2m offer accepted just a month ago.....
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    I would be surprised if any potential manager said that the only option is to get everyone out and start again. Each one of them like the original point made would have confidence in their managing ability to get more out of last seasons players. If any of them said that, I'm not surprised they never got the job.
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    I'll throw a live version in too. The Super Furries always finish on this song at their gigs, I think part of the reason they do is because it always turns into a crazy jam session after the final chorus which is different almost every time they play it.
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    Agreed. Unless, of course, he has a release clause of, say.... £9m.
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    The numbers of shootings in the US now have grown to the point of becoming simple statistics. It's hard to care much about numbers. Saying that, this is absurd. The whole thing. The black men being gunned down in ridiculous circumstances, and now someone deciding the way to help this situation is to further develop an instinct in police officers that they are targets. Absolutely absurd.
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    That's not even being discussed right now, the whole thing is so static...I'm worried things are going to really spin out of control beyond this current madness.
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    I think business will speed up after this week's training stint in Austria, especially the friendly RDM has organised. I was not at all surprised to see the group taken to Austria, doesn't contain any of the kids pushing for a first team chance, I think it could well be the equivalent of 'the last chance saloon' for several of the squad.
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    Well we want to hope May wins it because otherwise those 199 MP's may well revolt. She's slightly less mental too. Only slightly.
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    Both teams were fantastic tonight in different ways. Bravo France, cannot begrudge them that. Final should be fun.
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    If RDM is to deliver in the post Lerner era then he needs to stamp his authority on the squad.
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    while these incidents are treated as racism they'll never be stopped they are a mixture of the american gun problem, the culture of fear in the states and shockingly bad police training if i was a white american policeman id be scared of doing my job, if i was a young black american man i would have a huge distrust of the police and the whole american legal industry
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    It was a belated birthday trip out for my mate (he doesn't live in brum either, he just fancied it). Those brum pubs were preceded by a couple in The Great Western in Wolverhampton (yep, good pub, one for the trainspotters) and following the Brum jaunt, it was Wolves again and then a pint in some chain pub/restaurant in the new development near the train station, a pint in a bar which is a converted Costa Coffee (unsurprisingly felt exactly like having a beer in a converted Costa Coffee), followed by two quiet pints in the Finchfield area (West Acres and the Swan..decent pubs, but on this occasion, both were dead). The drinking peaked way too early. As for your Digbeth dilemma, I'm of no use having only been drinking there once, you'll know far more than me matey. But I've made a mental note to check the relationship thread in a couple of weeks to see what trouble you've found yourself in after this proposed pub crawl.....
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    But he can take a free kick, like, erm his brother. And I'd wager Lansbury with never play in the PL. The guy isn't good enough to be at the heart of a team trying to get promotion. So he might fit right in

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