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    The Vote Romaine campaign didn't quite come off then
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    My nemesis at work resigned. That alone should make me happy but the fact that he did it as a power play that has spectacularly failed makes it all the sweeter. He was expecting the Directors to fold and accede to his demands. Instead they called his bluff. Oh and the fact I get to take over his teams with a re-grade and a sizeable salary bump doesn't hurt either. Today is a good day
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    "Hey Wun Wun , what weapon do you want ? An entire tree ? 20ft bow and arrow ?" "I'm good ta" "You sure mate ? You could probably do a lot of good with an oak tree in each hand pal " "I said I'm good thanks" "Don't you remember how much damage you did at the wall with weapons in your hand ?" "Yeah , but Jon's only wearing a leather body warmer and some brylcreem. It doesn't look like it's gonna be one of those "weapons required" sorta battles" "You sure Wun Wun ?" "Snow"
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    He can't be that short then, if he's got lengthy ankles.
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    We've only just got rid of him.
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    i think, whatever the result, that the UK has been polarized in a way that doesn't bode well for the future.
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    That was Ramsay's plan with having his archers shoot everybody. You might have expected some of his men to realise what was happening and just hightail it out of there but there had to be some suspension of disbelief in these things. Otherwise you'd just watch documentaries all your life. I also enjoyed Greyworm's take down of the two masters. I'd begun to think hanging around drinking and telling jokes with Tyrion and Missy had made him a bit soft, but great knife work!
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    The Commentator keeps talking about Kalinic's time at Blackburn. I seem to remember that he always scored against us, I just looked it up, he scored 13 goals in two seasons at Blackburn including 5 goals in 5 games at Villa Park. On the bright side he lost every single one of those five games by an aggregate score of 19-8.
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    Would be great if Northern Ireland beat the welsh!!
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    It takes a special kind of talent to be the worst manager in a season which we had Remi Garde and Tim Sherwood. He managed it though.
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    It's actually quite enjoyable as well. It's like the thrill of gambling but without the losing.
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    This. I'm sure there ARE good reasons to leave. But the only people I know who do want to leave have crap reasons!
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    You trying to tell me that thousands of years ago a guy named Jesus Christ John snow didn't get betrayed by a close ally, then killed, and rose back from the dead only to make the world a better place?
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    The voiceovers on Eurotrash. I think they were lost on me as a kid as I was trying to knock one out to 3 second tit shots.
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    'We shouldn't praise possesion against a team that did not want the ball' Quote of the tournament right there.
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    This is a ridiculous suggestion, and the kind of attempt at 'humour' that I find very irksome on this forum. Tell her you've fancied her since she was 8 years old and she hasn't aged a day, then invite her brother to participate in a threesome with the both of you. Can't possibly fail.
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    Bring Juanfran with him. If you're going, sign Juanfran Isco. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...
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    Souness made the valid point after the Slovakia game that now Roy has to nail his colours to the mast. No more experimentation. The team that starts the next game, injuries permitting, absolutely must be the team Roy believes is his best starting 11, and that it will be very interesting to see what that team is, because up to now the Euros for Roy has been an experiment, which in itself is an indictment of any manager going into a finals tournament, not least one who has been 4 years in the job.
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    Officially left the club. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2016/06/21/thank-you-to-eric-and-ton
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    I must be the only one who loved Ramsey's mischievous demeanour His shrug and facial expression below @ 02:42 when the first arrow misses. His smug satisfaction on launching the second one @ 02:55. I thought he was excellent villainous comic relief. We've lost one of the best characters in the show now IMO although I fully appreciate that it was presumably necessary for the overall story arc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqMPkg1QXEY EDIT : And why has this not embedded ?
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    Its been 12 days since i signed up to the 14 day trial. I've made £200 profit bankable and another £150 profit in progress. The first few bets were taking me 20 mins each, i'm now doing them in 2 minutes max. Last night i signed up to the annual membership - i can see that i should be able to make £100/month long-term, even once the easy sign-up offers are exhausted. I could make more, but i don't plan to spend that much time on it, a few minutes here and there every couple of days.
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    Yes Kim, I probably did....
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    I know it was cliche and obvious but I really enjoyed it. It shows you how well it was acted and shot that you knew pretty much how it was going to play out yet you still were holding on when Jon was suffocating and you were grinning when Jon was punching Ramsey's face in.
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    The best part was when Bolton offered to pardon the treasonous Lords if they gave up and then the camera shoots straight to Lyanna Mormont on horseback . That face was priceless.
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    Gabby wont like that
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    I really have tried but I have not been able to and I suspect he has had no luck with doing so either.
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    I think 50 appearances in the heart of defence for the team promoted to the Premier League in 1st place is the more relevant Stat.
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    No quotes whatsoever
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    Look, he's leaning on the crossbar! all this talk of him being a midget and he's actually 14'6!
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    As I read through these threads, it's crazy how people can have such polar opposites of the same players. Poster A - "After such and such, fantastic player, would be well chuffed" Poster B - "Hell no, absolutely dreadful player, will slit wrists if allowed anywhere near club" Good thing it doesn't matter what the hell we think anyway. lol
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    I can't really comment on Pantilimon too much, I've not really seen him play I'm surprised so many feel in a position to assess him. There are a couple of things I think worth noting in speculation with him and any other keepers this summer. We've already made one change this summer relating to keepers with the arrival of the seemingly very well respected Massimo Battara. It was Battara that championed Hart over Given at City an opinion listened to by Mancini and proven to be right, it seems likely to me he will offer and expect his opinion to be listened to here and what is more RDM will want it. So any keeper we sign will come with his approval. It is also worth pointing out that Battara was at City from 2009 to 2013, Pantilimon was there for some of the same period so the two have worked together previously. So if we are in for him it isn't random link it may appear at first to be and secondly if Battara is as good as reported, personally I'm happy to take his judgement on a player he has previously worked with. As for the Romania squad, players playing for their clubs always tend to get picked ahead of those that aren't unless you are Jack Wiltshere anyway. Just my two pence worth anyway.
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    The issue isn't with VT or those that post on it the issue is with the premis of the article that conveyed the story. The story had the title "The other side of Villa's Gabby Agbonlahor", intentionally or otherwise that headline is implying a level of balance in his actions and was always likely to prove to be inflammatory to a fan base angry at him and still raw from relegation. Saying donating shows his other side suggests "look I know his attitude and conduct was terrible last season but look he made a donation he isn't a complete right off". The problem is the gesture, nice though it is does absolute nothing to redeem him in post people's eyes let alone act as a counter balance to his ills. Then you have the value of his donation, not a small amount by a normal mans standards but it is a tiny sum for someone who earns around 56 times that amount each week. This wasn't some grand gesture, it wasn't akin to the likes of Craig Bellemy setting up charitable foundations or Beckham donating a years salary at PSG to children's charities. It was the equivalent of one of us putting our loose change in a collection tin when we just dropped a few hundred quid on something. Its a decent gesture, it's kind, the value of the donation shouldn't be judged and it's a good thing to do. But let's not pretend that I'm somehow doing so it makes some grand statement about character or in any way redeems past wrongs. If he average man on the street has been a complete whopper and then gives £3.00 to cancer research would people say 'see he ain't that bad really, that's the other side to the guy' would they balls they'd still think him a whopper. That is the issue here, that is why people talk about the size of his donation because it's relevant to the topic at hand rising from the utterly ridiculous headline on the article. Now if Gabby said 'I'm giving 3 months salary to X because I want to do something to help and let's face it I didn't earn it' then that would be a different side to him and be treated very differently. Not just because of the value, though it would help, but because it might actually start to balance things out a little more. As it is he remains in most people's eyes a disgrace to the shirt, a charlatan of a footballer and frankly a bit of a judus given he is supposed to be one of us. But the Mail got what they wanted from the click bait headline getting a reaction to what was ultimately a non story.
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    what is the point of the goal line official if he's not going to advise retaking that penalty? he was 4 yards off his line. not that i care, Ramos missing is hilarious.
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    They said on the radio this morning that England have one of the lowest percent arrest rates per fan... Obviously it can be misconstrued but it does show some media here only want to portray the fans in a bad light.
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    Good news in terms of revenue. Bad news in terms of choice of beer partner! Heineken? It's worse than witch piss!
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    You should read Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino
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    Didn't enjoy The Lobster. The pacing was glacial and it wasn't helped by the deadpan delivery of every single line. Some good ideas but that's about it really.
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    The giant was badly played out of position, wasn't he ? Instead of rallying the North, they should have spent the last few months making that dude some armour, then just sat back as he ran riot.
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    Exactly. If you can spot a Player then be a scout. However he spent a significant amount of money to assemble a SQUAD who were one of the worst in history. Individual players may have been OK and I do only mean OK* but the squad., the overall vision was beyond disaster. Prime example was spending a lot of money on Gestade but not having a single player to cross to him or any plan on how to utilise him. Or spending another significant sum on Traore as one for the future when we needed someone for NOW. His tenure has been an absolute and total disaster, in fact disaster doesn't even begin to describe it. We got 17 points and BOURNEMOUTH blinking BOURNEMOUTH got 42. He put together the most utterly contemptible squad ever, weak, gutless, embarrassments who produced the most humiliating season of my 46 years of supporting this club *and I still think people are massively over rating much of our squad from last year you just cannot be that utterly awful if you have mainly good players. I won't mourn one single one of them if they decide to go, not one. . Some I would prefer to keep like Ayew or Amavi but will not lose ANY sleep if they go.
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    Don't want to get into another debate about Ellis, his times gone. John Lerwill is entitled to his opinion. It doesn't make it fact. I was also there in 1968. Ellis was a bit part player, who being the chancer he is, saw his chance and jumped ship from the Blues board, to join a group of fans who had never been on Blues board, to save our club from the decaying state it was in. The main mover in all this was Pat Matthews. Ellis is a man who undoubtedly has a place in the history of our club. But his overwhelming motivation was his own personal advancement. Perhaps we should leave such a divisive character to history,and accept that there will always be different views on his tenure. Here's to a better future with Dr Xia.
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    Pat Matthews was the one who took control of the club and put the bulk of the money into it in 1968. He brought in other investors and directors one of whom was the one that you have mentioned. That man came to us from Small Heath, tried to takeover Wolves in the early 80s and now has a stand named after him at Villa Park. That man took millions more out of the club than he ever put into it, rewarded himself very well for the time he spent at the club and referred to Villa fans as being merely "men of the terraces". John Lerwill said that he is "not defending everything" that our President Emeritus has done. I will not be defending anything that he has done. But that is water under the bridge and we now have a new owner. My focus is on his potential to prove a far better custodian than the two that went before him were.
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