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    Would be great if Northern Ireland beat the welsh!!
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    You trying to tell me that thousands of years ago a guy named Jesus Christ John snow didn't get betrayed by a close ally, then killed, and rose back from the dead only to make the world a better place?
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    I really have tried but I have not been able to and I suspect he has had no luck with doing so either.
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    Really hits home why you have to win your group. Our route to the final would've been much easier if we won. Ah well. You gotta beat someone at some point.
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    Spain, Italy, England, Germany and France in the same half of the draw!
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    To be fair to England, we have basically played against 33 goalkeepers over the course of the group stages.
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    True that. Being born in 1971, the same amount of time had passed between then and the end of WWII, as there is between now and the start of the first Gulf War. My grandparents still were very aware of the war therefore, so talked about it a lot. As a kid it seemed like ancient history, with the old black and white photos and films etc, but the first Gulf War starting seems like yesterday. Not exactly sure what point I'm trying to make, other than time's going by I suppose.
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    His deterioration in playing ability has not affected me like some fans, because I rated him in a limited fashion before,anyway.in short I was never a fan, but did appreciate the quality of some of his goals. He was never a rounded enough forward for me.....some exciting goals yes and some timely goals too.....but you could never sort of rely on him regularly to win you a game like Andy Gray could. He has never had the footwork of Sturridge or the positional sense of many others.....never an intelligent play like Henry who could out wit opponents......I am not expecting him to be as talented as those but to just show a glimmer of their talent.....I never shaw it. I think Gabby did play better under O'Neill but then I wasn't overly convinced with the style that Martin O'Neill produced for us either.....a.bit smash and grab and a style that lent itself to away games in the main, not much domination, just hit and run......IIRC the home games where we was expected to dominate a tad more than away,was a bit hit and miss and considering we acheived 6-6-6 ( which I am grateful for, don't get me wrong) we was unconvincing IMO......liked the results, not the performances. Gabby thrived in all of that, because it suited his smash and grab game. Like I say, I understand the folk that do like his game.....but not for me thanks and never has been. I also understand that some fans love the direct game and at times I do, but not constantly and being the only reliant force. I prefer the more controlled expansive moving the ball game, where ball control is essential, perhaps thats why Gabs does not appeal to me.
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    How about we don't bother with one? We just do a Twitter vote for each position for every game and the one the most people have heard of gets picked? It amounts to the same thing and saves a few million in salary. Sorry to be so flippant but it's how I feel, each man in the job does the same largely because they are scared to pick or more accurately drop people. What do Bobby Robson and Terry Venables have in common? They produced our best tournament performances in 50 years and both were free of the burden of trying to keep their job having announced they were leaving. Coincidence? I don't think so.
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    The way teams have set up against us has been quite flattering tbf. You'd think they were playing Barcelona. All three opponents clearly terrified of us. Not sure why, but there you go.
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    Best thing about tonight's game...Slaven Bilic. Only guy talking sense in the ITV studio.
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    I'll let you know if they call. Unless they tell me I can't.
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    We have all been so busy discussing takeovers, signings and RDM, tomorrow our fixture list will be revealed. Would like a nice home game first as can start RDM reign with a bang. Someone like Blackburn or Fulham at home would be a nice start. Here's what you need to know Let the Dr Xia Era begin
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    I didn't bother to watch as I've nothing to gain from it. I've no doubt each side embarrassed themselves with dog whistle claptrap. But on the point you raise... As I said, you (and the others I've seen raise the same point) are massively reaching for an argument that isn't there. It's pedantry at best. It's not really an argument. Unless I'm unaware of a war between contemporary EU states in the last 60 odd years. The EU has fostered peace in Europe - the bits of Europe that are directly engaged with it have not tried to eradicate each other, but instead have done business. Saying 'what about the Ukraine, eh? They said Europe!' isn't any more than pedantry. Ukraine isn't part of the EU. And no-one can reasonably blame the EU, or hold it against it, when a nation that wishes to join the EU becomes embroiled in it's own problems by trying to achieve that aim. It's pedantry. Nothing more. And pedantry doesn't win this argument.
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    I was waiting for that. He basically held the door open for you! :-)
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    If Eng are to win the thing then they have to play some decent teams at some point. I haven't seen anybody so far who I'd say England wouldn't have a chance against.
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    The Bournmouth fans were raving about him on their forums, I looked in for a read and they had massive respect for the part he played in their promotion campaign. He's been labelled 'a leader amongst men'. I was quite impressed with his interview too, talked about how easy a decision it was to cut short his honeymoon and sign for Villa. All the noises are positive, let's see how he does for us. We need players with his desire and mentality.
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    Arrows in the sky aren't easy to see and by the time he did see it it'd probably already be stuck in him. As for Sansa, she was in the camp the night before the fight (I was convinced Ramsay would do a surprise night attack on them) so Christ knows how she circumvented the battle and met up with Littlefinger. Suspend your disbelief I guess. The speed and ease of travel within the world has been a particular gripe of mine this season.
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    I imagine it's fairly similar, as all the teams have to play each other twice Just kidding, it could have been a leak, but I personally doubt it was.
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    We did that last season and lost 3-1 remember?
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    So he can sit on his fat arse. I would have him doing gym work every day for two years. If he is late, fine him. If he doesn't turn up, fine him. If he is unfit for purpose, fine him.
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    Hated him. What a loser. Was basically given a clean slate and a win win situation to try and please the fans and make things a bit more tolerable. Instead this word removed seemed to go out of his way to make supporting this club more miserable. Absolute word removed.
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    Thank god useless
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    I've put these as the results for the 8 remaining games: Poland beat Ukraine German beat Northern Ireland Czech beat Turkey Spain beat Croatia Austria beat Iceland Portugal beat Hungary Italy beat Ireland Belgium beat Sweden Englands route would be: Hungary, France, Germany, Final Wales route would be: Croatia, Belgium, Spain, Final I'd argue ours is slightly easier IMO. Also, I noticed - with the above results - if you change Ireland to beat Italy, then ROI go through at the expense of NI. Would be interesting! Czech/Turkey ending in a draw would mean Wales play Albania and Italy play Croatia - Wales should be cheering on the draw!
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    sounds like a Greek political leader
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    As I understand it below are a few issues, happy to be corrected. Unlike housebuilding I research, not work in agriculture. If you look at it from the price of milk you'll get some idea where the EU is impacting our farmers domestic and export powers. Since 2006 EU milk producers have more than halved, down 600,000 companies. Two years ago EU quotas for milk production were removed, a downturn in demand meant the gate price of milk dropped again which caused more businesses to close. The majority of these were local farmers who due to oversupply struggled to complete in the domestic market. Subsidies on land also frustrate. Many are historical which means the largest subsidies may go to land which now isn't being farmed, the subsidy can continue for letting the land go wild. Some farmers keep their land and subsidy and then share it with new farmers. The problem is, as with the UK (welfare to work as an example) there are far too many middle men taking a cut and too many regulations to allow that. The EU is trying to change things but France as a founder member has no interest in sharing a major funding stream to help new EU farmers. It won't reform in any wholly positive way. Then there are crop rotations and subsidy reliance. One tells farmers how to farm and the other tells farmers that they know their methods aren't working so they'll top them up. I find that a little perverse and confusing because as more countries join that subsidy will no doubt come under pressure. Our Govt said they will continue the subsidy if we left but farmers are cautious because they don't have a great relationship with the Government.
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    Managed to have a quick look at the update this morning before work. The showroom works great, as does the trade in system. You can use which ever items you like that are uncommon, whether you have dupes or not. I got rid of 5 I wouldn't use just to try it out, got a rare decal for the dominus. You don't get to pick what you get, it's random. Played a single competitve game, solo standard. I found myself quite apprehensive, as it's a complete unknown who you're playing with and against, skillwise. It was a solid 1-0 win for our team. The post-match showoff thing is pretty cool, I didn't get any special titles though. Can't wait to get back home to play more!
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    Not at International level, Argie fans can't stand Higuain with him missing sitters in Copa and World cup final. Suarez number one these days.
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    u can think a little bit more indepth about this surely...
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    Roy needs to be sacked for that match alone. Henderson stays on but Lallana off?! **** Roy.
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    Oh I don't know. Some of those Cotswold villages are very nice.
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    Just watched it, I enjoyed it - especially the exit of that word removed Ramsey
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    All the pressure and not putting chances away. You know what's coming, don't you?
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    This was the scene moments earlier...
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    'Enters thread, sees Ellis discussion, quickly leaves.'
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    I'd rather have Pantilimon. Guzan is absolutely not "definitely better". However, I'd like to think there are better keepers out there than both!
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    I think it is a case of players not being played in their best positions, Guzan, for instance, should be opening the batting for Warwickshire 3rds! ¬_¬
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    Simon Ansell ‏@simonansell 13h Tony Pulis has tonight broken the world record for the amount of times anyone has said the word 'Clive' during a 90 min period
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    No 80's party is legit without this.
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    Should be easy ... He looks and sounds just like him .
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