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    It really is difficult to please everyone isn't it. I'm actually struggling to think of a better team of people that we could have attracted whilst we were in the Premier League, let alone the Championship.
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    even if Richards and Lescott turn over a new leaf, I still wont forgive them for last season and still prefer they dont come back
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    Bond was shaken by these allegations but not stirred enough to go to court?
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    I personally could not give a **** where a manager, coach or player are from as long as they are right for the club.
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    I believe that if he is back to full fitness and the ability is still there then I can't see a reason not to give him a full trial over the summer. I was never a huge fan of his before. Like most I thought he was decent but that's about it. But his love for the club, his leadership skills and watching some of the turgid shite that has pulled on the shirt in the meanwhile, mean I've reassessed that opinion. Forget the sentimentality, a fully fit 35 year old Petrov could be an essential asset over a long old slog of a season. And yeah, imagine the feeling seeing him pull on the famous claret and blue again, even if it's just one more time. After everything he's been through. After everything we went through with him, 19th minute applause and all. Go for it Stan. I'm with you mate.
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    Hardly damning evidence from the BBC there. He's rambling. I'm not defending him per se, I don't actually know what was going through his mind at the time. But I'm not ready to condemn him based on that. Also, this "an innocent man would do this and this" kind of talk is bollocks. Not everyone thinks and acts like you would or want them to. He might have a family who were under enough stress, maybe his parrot was sick at the time. All I'm saying is, Judge Judy and executioner, before you write somebody off as scum try think outside the box for a second. It's likely not as black and white as you think.
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    We want Xia out. Dr Xia out. I just don't think you understand. From European nights to badly designed websites. We want Dr Xia out.
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    If we were still in the Premier League, this would be a very impressive backroom staff team. In the Championship, it's phenomenal.
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    They got older, richer, injured, lazier, and comfortable.
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    That's the kind of crazy out of the box thinking that might just work!
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    Also they all think they're much better than they actually are. Richards actually seemed to think he was actually putting in full effort.
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    Oh no, what have you done!!!!
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    A bit concerning that he was involved at all to begin with, though, isn't it? Even as a figurehead to establish a company, wouldn't you think they could find someone a little more respectable? Setting aside for a moment the guilt or innocence regarding the failure to pay the invoices, this guy really appears to be a small-time hack who fancies himself an international player. The company's ability to pay a $25,000 court ordered invoice hinges on a Saudi passport? And that's the top Google result for the guy? Surely Dr. Tony should have access to someone a little more substantial, given his (presumed) wealth and connections with Harvard and Oxford and what not. If anything, I'd expect a successful businessman to inspiring confidence with his business dealings and possibly leaving us worried about his handling of the football side of things. Instead he's getting the football part right and looking a bit suspect with his business dealings. Not that I'm advocating for poor football appointments, mind you, but I'm a bit puzzled. Perhaps this is why the approval hasn't been as quick or straightforward as we would have liked. It seems he might be shooting himself in the foot to a certain extent.
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    Please can people stop talking about cars in the Top Gear thread please?
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    With two ex boggies managers now appointed to try and turn us around can it officially put to bed the utter garbage that we do not like managers because of where they come from? RDM while not universally popular as a choice, seems to have raised spirits with the only resevations around whether he can construct a football club from the roots up and his length of time served at other clubs Steve Clarke seems to be a unanimously popular appointment. Not one whiff of a "we dont want these because they managed boggies".
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    I rarely go there myself, I just keep my newsnow: aston villa feed and VT open. If the OS pops with something different first them I go there.
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    No excuse what to so ever to not even try when you are being paid £40-60k/w and is supposed to be a professional. Gabby, Lescott, (Bacuna,) Richards all have to go, no if's or but's Edit: could probably add Sinclair & Guzan to that list.
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    Yet in 16 months led MK dons to play offs, got a promotion, won champions league and led schalke to 6th. Some dont even achieve that in 16 years employment let alone 16 months
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    Last world cup I didn't see a single ball being kicked, nothing. It was marvellous, no frustration, no crushing disappointment, no headscratching at Hodgsons ineptness. This year its the euros and the plan is to work, walk my dogs, go to gigs and catch up on films.
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    We should sign some good players
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    I'm still wanking into my socks, so no change for me.
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    Can't Di Matteo bring in Eva Carneiro as well please?
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    He was so fantastic at relieving pressure. When we were under the cosh he would pick the ball up, shield it and always draw a foul stifling the opponents momentum. We haven't had anyone in midfield capable of doing that for years hence why we always concede in the last 10 minutes of every game since 2012.
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    Getting dangerously close to Cock Piss Partridge....(*) (From Mr A Partridge for those sadly unaware)
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