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    Less bad, but we should have gone for this:
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    Presumably not his commentary.
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    Townsend would be a absolutely terrific appointment in my opinion. Get him in Hollis
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    You're right I think. I suspect the general answer is that the EU tends to be viewed as protecting us against the vileness of unconstrained free market types like the tories and big business. It's been good for employment rights, the environment, peace, science, opportunity for easy travel and so on. It's massively flawed, but viewed as better than the alternative, I think.
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    To be fair, that doesn't actually look too bad. I wish we'd scrap the AVFC and just have Aston Villa but other than that it looks a lot better than I thought.
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    If you are going to make a change, make a **** change. I would have rather they went all out and made some completely revolutionary, maybe even bizarre, maybe even complete shit...but at least it wouid have been different. That badge is absolutely pathetic.
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    I don't mind them commissioning a new badge. The current one was always divisive. It' never overly bothered me. I thought it was at the very least clean and uncluttered. I like that they'll be removing the 'Prepared' which has frankly become an ironic rod for their own unprepared backs in recent years. It's not like the people responsible for sorting out the on-field fortunes will be tied up paintshopping the new badge so in that sense it can go on off to the side. The cost of it, as has been said elsewhere, was just a guess by a newspaper. But again, I'm confident that it will have been assessed as being able to be absorbed by the finances whilst not infringing on our ability to finance the squad and get us back up. So it's all good. Some won't care. Some will. Some will love it. Some won't. Either way it's probably a step in the right direction (hopefully). On a broader note, I don't want the club badge to become something so temporary as to become regarded as something which can change on a whim every few years. Growing up, club badges were far more constant, and as a result far more traditional/quaint. Now it's just one more element of the brand-greedy game.
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    As the new one is the third version of our badge, it should be recorded on our badge motto like this: III Prepared
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    If that is the one, and it looks likely, it's a real missed opportunity. As a side note, if we paid 2 million for someone to remove the border, the word 'prepared' and make the lion a bit rougher, I'm switching bloody careers.
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    Did this 2 years ago
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    Will it be an embroidered version of this, but with Learner and Krulak?
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    I've a feeling we can't use the circular badge because we didn't copyright it - something to do with Doug not feeling the small fee was worth it as no one would ever want a football club badge on anything. I'm not sure where I heard that, I'll see if I can find anything to back it up.
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    We can't let another potentially very good player go for what can only be described as pennies in Premier League terms. Especially with all the PL sides about to have a bump in revenue. £2-3m is a joke. We let Cahill go for £5m and he goes on to play for England and win the CL and he was pretty raw at that stage like Grealish is now. Why bother having an academy if all we are going to do is let them go?
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    Women pushing these magic beans "juice plus" for weight loss and then using pseudoscience to back up their claims taking these pills at I think its 40 euro per month will make you slender etc ....thats something to piss you off .......burn more calories than you eat and eat a balanced diet no mystery
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    Is it just me who thinks we have much more important matters to focus on as a club? Or is that just too sensible?
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    The majority of the public is more interested in which one is which from Ant and Dec.
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    A guy I used to work with has been jailed for robbing 500,000 euro from a company he was the accountant for ......he seemed a down to earth genuine guy ....ah well
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    I'm not that into Willie Nelson for some reason. Same with Johnny Cash. They're both OK, but my guys from that era were Merle, Waylon Jennings and George Jones.
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    Still touring, too. I should try to see him live sometime soon methinks.
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    If the Mail hadn't run such an inflammatory story yesterday I'd say we'd all have just agreed the lion looks better and moved on. Instead people get inflamed over the £2m and expect an all singing and dancing new badge or they've moaned over the fee. If the lion looks like the photo on the new kit it'll be a big improvement.
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    The musician cull continues. Merle Haggard.
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    I want Newcastle to come down as it will be another team for the supposed smaller clubs to target. We all know we will be a target when we're down.
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    Agree but having been to Portugal on many occasions I thoroughly recommend Carvoeiro or Ferragudo ahead of Alvor
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    So we only spent 80k on the bastard thing. 1oo years of history badge represents, and they knocked one of for 80k. Pathetic. Sack the board. Lerner out. Bring back Deadly. Jlloyd Samuel for England.
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    Top 6 should have been the minimum I think baring an FA cup win it's almost inevitable he will be parting ways such has been the underperformance form them this season .... but he wouldn't come here , he's already turned us down before , and I doubt we would ask him again
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    or very clever to give himself some wiggle room for if / when he's found out you lot really don't like to give a Tory any credit at all do you
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    At least going down we might have the opportunity to see Villa win a league title next year!
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    I really hope we will be singing that when we play them.
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    I've just finished doing this. Definitely better on second viewing!
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    Geez... I'm getting old.
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    It would be stranger if you had ever thought about it tbh
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    The simply stunning Ssangyong Rodius
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    It is **** awful. But it IS slightly less **** awful than the current badge. So that's a positive... right? Guys?
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    £2m for that? What a load of tat.
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    Don't let facts get in the way of a 'at my work' story. Fact is, working conditions in this country are pretty poor, workers have very little power.
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    the question that was put: the answer given: Guardian What are the odds that at some point in the future we will find our PM picking over the exact wording used? Will there be some 'debate' over whether a blind trust he doesn't control set up by his advisers for the Cameron kiddies could be included in 'I have'? Only time will tell I guess. Wonder how the likes of Peter Mandelson are viewing all this?
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    Thank god that fat bastards leaving
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    If only there was some objective way to assess which team was worse :-P Outside of opinions like.
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    yeah i can think of at least 10 at Villa that are ahead of him
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    On reflection there are more players for us that I would hope we keep than I thought there would be. I originally and quite dramatically said they can all **** off but I hope we manage to retain the following (including U21s who have seen some first team opportunity so far not talking about all the U21s) Okore Amavi Sulliman Mason Gueye Veretout Gil Traore Lyden Ayew Green Kozak Sellars Amazed it is that many. I aprticularly would like to retain Amavi on the left and Traore on the right as I think they will be quality in the championship. I also think Okore will improve dramatically in that league if we can add a partner to the central defence for him and have clark and baker as back up that should be ok for the back two. ust need a new right back. Midfield I think we will need some cover in the centre and wide left / right. Up front we are weak and weaker if Ayew goes. But on that basis I think we will need a goalie, two for defence (right and centre) two in midfield and two up front..
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    For what it's worth, I think it will be Pearson and I am ok with that. I can understand those who aren't however the work he did with Leicester was magnificent. Even when they were doing poorly last season, they were still playing well. The negative press about him came at that time and I'm sure it must be quite stressful and therefore I can cut somebody some slack! My only concern is that the majority of his key backroad staff are still employed by Leicester so we have no chance of getting them. Remi didn't get his backroom team either and so we were fighting a losing battle from the beginning.
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    I think Moyes is a good manager but there would be another thing about his appointment that would be a positive for me. I don't think there is a cat in hells chance he would come unless he was given guarantees about funding and felt he would be backed to bring us back up. I think the next manager will say a lot about what is going on above him which will have a direct impact on what we can achieve on the pitch.
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    Green, Grealish and Adama behind one of the shit strikers we own would be nice to see.
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    Interpol alert for The Grim Reaper requested. Death has developed a bloodlust
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    I can go 36 hours without eating, easy. Or I can eat 5 bowls of cereal, easy.
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    I suspect I will be on the phone for a few hours tomorrow sorting this out, my argument is the first incident i was told would be closed from december first yet is still open despite no activity so i expect this to be closed and i will at least get back 2 years, and the second claim i was told when i reported it, would be classed as a no fault claim and wouldn't affect my NCB, so how can i lose 2 years+. All Thi has done has strengthened my belief that vehicle insurance is legalised robbery
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