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    This cartoon sums up so much. Please, please can the #ParisAttacks not slam the door in the faces of the desperate.
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    Don't know what he's got to do with it.
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    Do you only get your news from The Sun or something? If Christians never commit acts of violence then why have Christian nations repeatedly invaded the Middle East? ISIS spung out of an area without a government which only existed because the west bombed the shit out of the governments that were there. Hindus? Narendra Modi (PM of India) is in the country at the moment, he held a big rally at Wembley on Friday night while the attacks were taking place in Paris and just look at his previous when he was Governor of Gujarat, there are a lot of people who insist he was involved in a state sponsored Hindu massacre of Muslims back then and even if that's not the case I don't think you can argue that he didn't just stand and watch it happen. I
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    thank you i have to admit, i probably havent given the question as much thought as i probably should have done until recently. im naive, i've always been living in the hope that it would simply solve it self, that people would come to their senses and not let this slip further to let more people get put in danger. but older and recent events has promted me to stick my head in a bit more further. my dad is Iranian but hes lived in sweden for the last 30+ years, the **** eats more meatballs than the rest of our muncipality combined, so i've always seen him as swedish and i have never felt the need to raise the question until recently. We've never really spoken in depth about his past, about where he grew up and the situation at the time or what it was like for him to come here. Usually hes very outspoken, happy and thoughtful but when i bring the question up about his way over here it's a completely different person im speaking to, and honestly i dont want to know, he means the world to me and just the thought of him making the same trip as the refugees are making for themselves today is gut wrenching.
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    Owen Coyle Mark II. Nice to see that he has gone to another club with crap owners though, which he'll be able to use to deflect from his managerial failings.
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    We will not go down out of the bottom 3 in January 2016
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    Ah man, you're doing it all wrong. Fallout is all about the constant distractions and detours that befall you.
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    Sorry have to stop you there Dubbs.. but massive R.I.P and thoughts from everyone on Villatalk to people who lost their lives and everyone affected including families and the unfortunate in France but... This happened a day before this happened regarding Amavi and is football not politics and people on here in the AMAVI thread have asked questions a regarding how he is doing no need to attack people in Amavi thread because it's something that should be for off topic thread on here/ Sorry if offending you but absolutely no need to attack people when this is Villa only talk.. R.I.P to all affected and their families x
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    I bet you save before the CL final on FM too, dontcha scumbag?
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    as its quite a prominent question at the moment, with alot of emotions involved, its rocking the ground on which we stand on, its natural for everyone to have strong and different opinions on these issues and we hold our views dearly as everyone knows how much is at stake. No one knows what is right and wrong, only the future does, the only thing we as a people can do is to hold discussions and try to come to a conclusion on how to proceed. i think its important to remember that in the end I think most people want the same thing, peace, being able to live a decent life without fear, its just that we think differently in how we precieve the way to our goal. hopefully everyone can bring something valuable away from this discussion, we probably wont change our minds but maybe we have gained an insight we didnt have before, a view that was previously unexplored, it might not be the solution but atleast we have a step in the right direction.
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    word removed cat still **** off with the cat flap. Curled one out on the dogs bed.
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    He isn't eligible for the u21s. It is an old English name originating from the Saxons and it is predominately found in the Yorkshire and Lancashire areas. Lingard isn't eligible for any other nation.
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    Jordan Amavi ✔@JordanAmavi The fall is not a failure. Failure is to stay where we fell ! Thank you for your messages #23 #NeverGiveUp #StayStrong #FightLikeLion 1:37 PM - 15 Nov 2015 492492 Retweets 842842 likes Amavi's message to fans
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    Yep you'd be correct To my knowledge that isn't the message they are being taught , they aren't being told prayer will save you they are being taught it will comfort you .... it works for some and not for others but let them make that choice ... Same way I don't like modern art but I'm not going to stop the school teaching them about it Imo Gods / religion are a part of our history and culture ...id rather schools were teaching it in this context with no reference to them being real
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    Every team has bad luck with injurys. It's just that none of us follow any other teams closely enough to care when their players get injured.
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    Triumphantly installed a new cat flap yesterday, cat wont use it, prefers instead to wail loudly to be let out.
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    In answer to the question, 'why is Christianity becoming so popular in Korea', there are a number of answers. There are historical reasons - Korea received a lot of missionaries, who opened schools (including admitting girls) and translated the Bible into Hangul at a time when society high society wrote using Chinese pictograms (shades of Gutenberg. . .). Such was the quantity of missionaries that at one time Pyongyang was called 'The Jerusalem of The East'. Christians gained further brownie points by refusing to worship the Japanese emperor, and being active in the resistance movement. However, even after the Second World War, less than 2% of the population were Christian, compared to more than a quarter now (Wainy isn't right above, it's actually over 12 million between Catholicism and Protestantism). It's not entirely clear what happened to make Christianity suddenly so popular in the seventies and eighties, but it may be an artefact of urbanisation (being seen as a 'modern' religion) and probably even more likely, a result of network effects in a society where who you know is very important. It might also be related to the huge popularity of American culture in the country. One feature of South Korea you get to experience when living there is the huge number of red neon crosses that illuminate the night sky in the north and west of the country:
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    Syria is a war zone with no rules, 1000's of women and children killed and tortured, its hell on earth. Our answer is to send drones controlled from 9-5 office. The worlds a small place, we can't turn our back on any massacres no matter where they are. Just reading some of the comments made today, replace the word Muslim with Jew and were back in the 30's.
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    I know Scooby Doo isn't that kind of movie but I'm completely aroused watching it. SMG, Isla Fisher and the speccy one with the massive Bristols. Jeez great cast
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    But can they use apostrophes?
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    I'm not scared of dying, I won't even know I'm dead, you want to know why? Because I'll be f****g dead. Jim Jefferies.
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    yes alot of people have arrived recently, but as im sure you are aware from the recent media coverage, alot of them eventually gets put on 12 hour bus rides up north. and for the "thousands" that are here illegally, in the grand scheme of our statistics, they wouldnt make much difference, yes the % might fluctuate with 2-4% but its not a 20% increase. such is the nature of all statistics.
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    I imagine it was not easy at all. UK security appear to be getting a lot of praise at how good they are at stopping attacks in the UK. i imagine they didnt just not bother with this threat
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    Haha. Dez Bryant allows TB to make a pick to ice the game. Philly then, down 1 in FG range, throw a pick and then fumble on their next possession. Washington are trash anyway, so the inevitable loss today won't hurt too much.
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    I got refused exit from Moscow when I was there as I looked nothing like my passport photo.... My passport was coming up on its 10 years and I had longish hair in the photo whereas as the time I had a grade 2 haircut and was wearing glasses gave her my passport and she just threw it back at me and said no (rather helpfully ) eventually we ascertained she didn't believe it was me / my passport after the 9th attempt she got bored and stamped it and let me go home ..
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    Prayer to imagined beings doesn't work. Children shouldn't be taught to pray by the state. I don't follow your modern art analogy. sorry. I agree, I hope they aren't part of our future, but I don't want them to be illegal. They can be personal. I don't want the state endorsing or funding any of them.
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    I went to a C of E primary school and we sang hymns and recited the Lord's Prayer every day. We had a couple of Muslims and Jehova's Witnesses who would leave the hall every time we did this. I'm not religious in the slightest but neither are my family really. They sent me there because it was the best school in the area. My parents didn't teach me about religion so it's not like they tried to counteract the religious stuff I would experience every day. I guess what I'm saying is that I can see both points of view. Even though I went through this at school and I came out a heathen, I'm not sure I'd be totally comfortable sending my kids to a school that was so religiously orientated. Then again, I think I think a lot of it is down to the family life and parenting. In an ideal world I suppose we'd just do away with all religion in school and instead focus on being a good and decent human being. You shouldn't need religious doctrine to teach that really, but I suppose some people feel the threat of eternal damnation is needed as some sort of incentive to keep kids on the straight and narrow. Not that it works anyway.
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    Yes, his 511 word reply is just a 'typical come back comment'.
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    So what is exactly happening, cause I have been completely misled if they are coming over one by one passports in hand! An Hano's point was far from fair. Its the typical come back comment. There's is a complete difference in trying to get your fiancee in the country to letting thousands of refugees in the country everyday.
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    Christianity, Judiasm and Islam were all born from the same stories and beliefs. In very broad terms they are all different interpretations of the same religion. http://www.islamicity.org/4654/how-is-islam-similar-to-christianity-and-judaism/ Denouncing Islam for the violence of a sick groups interpretation of the Qur'an is as appropriate as attributing responsibility to all the Abrahamic religions.
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    I can't stand the dudes who look at themselves in the mirror more than they work out. Some of these guys would be standing in the squat rack looking like they've just finished a set of something and are flexing at themselves, until you realize they weren't lifting anything . You were just waiting there for 10 minutes for no reason.
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    This is another problem with trying to discuss emotive issues, people take one line from a general point and get offended by it or make it more sweeping than it is generally meant. Context is an important issue but so is recognising that any disussion relies on making similarities to experiences the reader may be more familiar with, quite clearly in this case where it is stated it's principly unfair but it is about self-governing and clearly making sure everyone knows you're nothing to do with what is being represented under your name. I didn't once state all Islamic countries should be punished, I said peer pressure from those you respect modifies your behaviour and a load of rich white politicians in Britain is not going to curtail radicalism as effectively as a more robust response from Islamic scholars. Self-policing. And I don't care what you or anyone else in this thread says both against or in support of my short little paragraph that states a general belief I have, I have no intention of commenting in this thread again. I'm self-governing to recognise there will always be people who like to get all het up about stuff that really isn't required and it's not worth arguing semantics over such issues.
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    Splitting up tens of thousands of families because tens of people may commit terrorist acts is ridiculous logic. It's also absurdly cruel to thousands and thousands of children who will grow up with father's because of their skin colour. Doesn't sit right with me in the slightest. Imagine being a child travelling all that way to finally reach safety and your father is told to bugger off because he's of 'fighting age'.
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    Yes, I still have hope - I was encouraged by the display against City. There could be egg on a lot of people's faces if/when we do stay up.
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    I'd watch out for the people first
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    West Texan I am looking after: "Who is your President in England?" Me: "David Cameron." West Texan: "Oh, you don't have the same President as us then?" Me: "No ma'am."
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    Hopefully this trip does the trick for him ,he has been struggling for a while now no form at all ,hopefully Garde can get him going again as he was very good under O Neill ,personally I think he is finished at this level ,isn't as quick as he used to be and he relied on that a lot ,he doesn't have the footballing brain to compensate for his loss of pace .
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    0.003% of 1.6 billion is 48,000 mate.
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    Got my 328Ci back from the garage and its running great again. Had 2 compliments on it yesterday about how nice it looked. 15 years old and only done 83k miles. Was thinking of getting rid of it for something a bit faster but I think I'll keep hold of it for a bit longer now
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    Love a redwine / bordelaise sauce. Perfect steak meal it makes. good steak needs no dressing up. just like Brigit Bardot in her prime au naturel
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    Nah. I'm better than Richardson and Cissokho's better than me.
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    I'd rather move Hutton, get Bacuna in that side, try Ilori, use Crespo, push Clark over there with Okore in as CB or practically anything rather than Richardson come back. Anything apart from involve Lescott. That's the line.
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    Hopefully this will be constituted as advice but please feel free to delete if not. As harsh and slightly unfair as I think some people have been to YGabbana (I think I get what he's trying to say - he just hasn't expressed himself clearly/well enough - and I see his point if so), I would suggest that he stops believing everything that he reads on T-Nation. You have to filter the information on there, and similar sites, very carefully. There are some amazing writers on there but it's also rife with insecure, macho bullshit.
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    I'm in the same boat - think I even defended him right up to the last. I don't hold any of the negativity toward him that others round here seem to. I always thought he was an honourable man who worked under very tight restrictions without complaining. I hope whatever job he ends up in, he does well. I have noticed though, a softening in opinions on him since that chancer Sherwood left. For me, TacticsTim showed what a (relatively) good job Lambert had done. (I appreciate I'll be in the minority on holding these beliefs).
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    I've nicknamed my daughter Poppy and I'm Muslim so there. **** you twitter.
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    Just watching that Battle of Britain flypast programme. Interesting, but full of errors. They keep saying things like "The sound of hirty six Battle of Britain Spitfire Merlin engines". Erm, no. Lots of later model Griffon engines, two seater trainers, photo recce models, etc. Not to mention the Hurricanes, which deserve more respect.
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    About average. 5'8"/9" at a guess. 5'8" is average now? I'm delighted to hear that

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