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    Exit to menu and reload save from before the international break.
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    This is completely true in the same way that all Christians are kiddy fiddlers.
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    I think most people would agree that the Westboro Baptist church does not represent the views of the millions of Christians in the world.
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    LOL @ people trying to edge a moral highground here
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    This cartoon sums up so much. Please, please can the #ParisAttacks not slam the door in the faces of the desperate.
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    Oh well, that's jolly magnanimous of you mate. To be clear though, what you actually wrote was stop all immigration because the country's full. So you might want to consider either changing what you write, or what you think, because currently they appear to be two completely different things. On a more general note, I hate conversations like these, and if it seems like I'm responding angrily to you, it's because I am angry. They occur in the pub with depressing frequency. They used to be had with acquaintances with obvious racist sympathies (people who also complimented the BNP) but nowadays I end up having them with people who are closer and closer to the centre of the political spectrum, often people who are actually even aware of my situation, and have met my partner, and they always go the same way: Loudmouth: We need to stop all immigration! It should literally be zero! The country is full, and immigrants are criminals and terrorists! Me: Obviously, that's a terrible idea which I can't support. Frankly, I find it pretty offensive you'd say that to me when I'm getting married to ________ and you know we want to live in this country. Also, you've met her, and you know she isn't a criminal or a terrorist. Loudmouth: Oh, but of course I don't mean ______! How could you think I mean that? You know what I mean. Me: Firstly, what you mean and what you say seem to be completely different things. Secondly, am I supposed to just ignore the heavy implication that you just don't want any more brown people in the country? ******************************************************** It turns out running a complex democracy is difficult. Government is actually quite hard. They can't write laws which are then interpreted according to what everybody just 'knows full well' is the actual idea behind them. People might not have white westerners or people marrying long-term partners in mind when they say 'stop all immigration' but those words have a meaning, one that is not particularly hard to discern, and if the government pass a law saying 'literally zero immigration as of now', I can't then take a petition to the government asking them to consider my case, and expect them to say 'oh yes of course, you know full well we didn't mean her'. On the last page, Davkaus said that people making pronouncements like these simply haven't got as far as thinking through any of the consequences of what they say. Which is (almost always) true. But to be honest, I don't have any sympathy for it, nor do I feel particularly bad about taking it personally when the shit people are demanding would affect me personally. To be honest, splitting up families and forcing people (including people you know, people in your community, people who also attend VP) to make a choice between their country and their family isn't a particularly complex second-order consequence of stopping all immigration, so if people can't even think that far ahead then they should really consider their aptitude for political decision-making.
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    The place where you live is going to change. Always. This is a fact of 21st century living. Every culture seems to struggle with its first generation of immigrants, the initial cultural clash. In the sixties and seventies, the UK had huge issues with understanding and adjusting to Caribbean and Indian culture, yet nowadays, the anglicised versions of those cultures and the effect they've had on traditional British culture are just how Britain is -they're the norm; a curry is as much part of Englishness as roast beef and yorkshire pudding. I love that culture is fluid, that it's flexible - understanding this is the key to beating the problems that are endemic in the middle east. Change in the modern world is a constant, a permanent state of flux. In 50 years time, Sweden will be different as a result of its immigrants, if you're as lucky as we are, it'll be better.
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    We can't keep our current immigration policy, it's absurd, barely a week goes by without a Muslim blowing me up.
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    When I tried to end my own life about 18 months ago I remember thinking about all the possible things that people would remember me by. I confided in my best friend at the time and he dealt with it in the best way possible. He just said "look Sam, I'm not completing Skyrim without you" Made me realise people need you. However small. Since then, my life has turned around and I've been able to conquer all demons. Now, I just think what a stupid **** I was.
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    Don't know what he's got to do with it.
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    Do you only get your news from The Sun or something? If Christians never commit acts of violence then why have Christian nations repeatedly invaded the Middle East? ISIS spung out of an area without a government which only existed because the west bombed the shit out of the governments that were there. Hindus? Narendra Modi (PM of India) is in the country at the moment, he held a big rally at Wembley on Friday night while the attacks were taking place in Paris and just look at his previous when he was Governor of Gujarat, there are a lot of people who insist he was involved in a state sponsored Hindu massacre of Muslims back then and even if that's not the case I don't think you can argue that he didn't just stand and watch it happen. I
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    I took one line because it represented, I thought, the basis for the rest of what you were saying. I wasn't offended by it but I disagreed with what you said and where your argument began and ended. The 'self-policing' line can and does only go so far. Gathering whole groups of people together who may have nothing more in common than the wider religion they follow or the football team they support and expecting those groups to 'self-police' or face consequences will inevitably lead to resentment (at first then probably more later) towards those who pursue that end from those who are not responsible for the actions that are being 'rooted out'. In a situation where it's detention for all or a fine for the club then it doesn't really matter (though it can and should give one an appreciation of how stupid it is), where one is attempting to encourage people to feel part of the society to which they belong and not push them away and disenfranchise them then it's very counter-productive and dangerous. If I were to chuck a pound on who was getting het up here then I wouldn't be putting it on me.
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    He's French and the French FA are dealing with him in France right now are they not? I think that country and the people in it have more pressing concerns right now.
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    they dont. we have always claimed to be in the front when it comes to welcoming refugees, fighting inequalities, anti-racism and to be fair, it might be a bit of a generalisation of us as a people, but we have always been on our high horses pretending we are ethically and principally superior, do-gooders to the bone. But its easy holding up those principles to get a pat on the back when its easy, but now when its getting strained, when its tough, we start fiddling with our principles. The whole **** point of ethics, principles and so on is that they are suppose to be a guiding light, they are not worth shit if you give up on them as soon as it starts to get tough to follow through. Its now that they are the most important part of our view of life and were giving up on them.
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    Are you sure you don't mean wasabi?
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    Just been reading the ISIS magazine. Their stated intent is to remove the "grey zone" i.e.. to engineer that there is no mixing between Muslims and non-Muslims (almost certainly they mean just their own type of Muslim). Attacks on foreign soil are purely to increase hatred against indigent Muslims so that they come to the caliphate. They want non-Muslims to drive out the Muslims. People spouting the anti-Muslim stuff are unknowing puppets of ISIS. This is published by them on line. I've probably already got myself on a list by reading it so I'm not going to link it here. It's not hard to find.
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    Sorry I don't understand your argument. How is migration "adding to the problem"? The problem is a lack of education leading to non-acceptance of "others". That applies to the population as a whole not just a segment of the population. What you are proposing is to make it harder to accept "others" and thereby worsening the problem.
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    'An Hano's point was far from fair. Its the typical come back comment. There's is a complete difference in trying to get your fiancee in the country to letting thousands of refugees in the country everyday.' (foreveryoung) ***************************************************************************************** I didn't, even once, mention refugees. I mentioned 'immigration', which was a response to was a comment saying 'stop all immigration'. I didn't need to mention refugees, because refugees are only one type of immigrant, but, as is painfully obvious, 'stop all immigration' doesn't distinguish between different types of immigration. Foreveryoung, maybe you should take some time to read the last two pages of thread and follow the conversation that actually happened, rather than imagining a conversation and then responding to it. I wasn't discussing refugees at all.
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    He certainly was 'involved', as he was the Premier of Gujarat at the time. He has been legally cleared of any responsibility for the intercommunal violence that followed, though that court decision has been credibly accused of suppression of evidence and political influence. In 2002, a train carrying Hindu pilgrims was set on fire. In retaliation, Hindus in Gujarat began a pogrom of violence against the state's Muslim community. Somewhere between 500 and 2000 Muslims were killed, many of them set on fire. Other tactics used were acid attacks, flooding homes, electrocuting people and a widespread campaign of rape and sexual violence, including parading naked women through towns and villages before beheading or burning them. Women and children were in fact frequently specifically targeted. People from all kinds of backgrounds do really, really horrible stuff in the name of religion. It certainly isn't limited to Muslims.
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    I hear what you are saying , but they are just kids at the end of the day... When my cat of 21 years died and we had to bury him in the garden , do you think it was the appropriate time to tell my distraught kids who wanted to light candles and say a prayer that there is no God ? Bad news kids great nanny has died but don't worry we've found a nic skip we are going to chuck her in .... Religion isn't all mad bad and dangerous ,we'd only find any excuse for killing each other without it .... it's not for me , but if it gives people comfort then good for them, i wouldn't ban it and I certainly won't prevent my kids from learning about it and they can make their own minds up , in the same way I did . At my kids school they teach them about all the religions , I don't have any problem with that , hopefully it will stop them posting ignorant shit on Facebook in years to come !!
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    Anyone in a suit ... I knew you'd come around to my way of thinking eventually :)
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    Yeah, I like the way the Australians hold migrants in camps on islands & stop journalists from reporting on the terrible conditions & harassment that goes on.
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    Can you please all stop posting such long and interesting posts, I'm trying to play fallout.
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    Quite a few were actually questioning why we loaned out Cissokho and not Richardson a few months before Amavi even got injured
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    The fact that if you are cautious about who comes into this country you are branded a racist in some quarters. Absolute bullshit. I'm not against immigration in the slightest, but I think we need to be sure who exactly is coming into the country.
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    We are definitely full. Last time I got on an aeroplane out of London pretty much as soon as I was in the air all I could see were these weird masses of green. It was such a strange sight. Must be all the refugee and migrant tents.....
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    I don't think that goes far enough ruge. Firstly we must close all borders, especially to anyone looking or sounding a bit muslimy. But many are already here. So I'd also advise rounding up all Muslims, and Muslim sympathisers, and putting them all into some form of grouped camp. A concentration of people, if you will. It's both for 'our' good, and 'their' good. It's the only way. Then after a while, send them all 'home'. It r really is the only answer.
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    I went to the gym the other day and there was a jacked meatwad on the bench next to me who'd throw his dumbbells onto the ground every time he finished a set. Not just drop them, but throw them. There was directionality involved. This guy could crush my skull with his bare hands, mind you. I asked him, "Is there any reason you're throwing your weights?" He said, "I like it. It's easier for me. Is it bothering you?" I said, "It just seems a bit...excessive." I think he was trying to decide whether or not to crush my skull with his bare hands, but he eventually decided to rack the weights back up and walk over to the treadmills. I'd had half a mind to say, "Well, then maybe you should use lighter weights," or, "I just thought I should let you know you're being 'that guy'," but if I had, I might not be writing you right now. I may go to the gym, but man, I can't stand gym guys.
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    Yes, I'm sure we all experienced collective punishment at school. It was stupid then and it's stupid now.
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    No, sending people back into the arms of your enemy is a brilliant idea.
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    thank you i have to admit, i probably havent given the question as much thought as i probably should have done until recently. im naive, i've always been living in the hope that it would simply solve it self, that people would come to their senses and not let this slip further to let more people get put in danger. but older and recent events has promted me to stick my head in a bit more further. my dad is Iranian but hes lived in sweden for the last 30+ years, the **** eats more meatballs than the rest of our muncipality combined, so i've always seen him as swedish and i have never felt the need to raise the question until recently. We've never really spoken in depth about his past, about where he grew up and the situation at the time or what it was like for him to come here. Usually hes very outspoken, happy and thoughtful but when i bring the question up about his way over here it's a completely different person im speaking to, and honestly i dont want to know, he means the world to me and just the thought of him making the same trip as the refugees are making for themselves today is gut wrenching.
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    not saying you are wrong in any way, but can i have a source for that? all i have i can find is numbers from 2013 and they state 25k illegal immigrants in the whole of sweden. in regards to having friends in the police i completely understand how your friends feel. they deal with the harshest of situations everyday. but its worth mentioning that youre basing your view on the opinion of your friends, say you have 10 friends (counting high here) in the malmö police force, with(2014 numbers) 3784 police officers employed in skåne, it makes it a grand total of 0.2% of the total police force. say half of them work in malmö, 0.4%. you dont have to live in sweden to understand the issues we are facing, and listening to snowychap or anyone elses opinion from the UK should IMO be ontop of our list. I lived in london for 8 years, i lived in prominent muslim, indian and pakistani communities, not once did i feel like i didnt belong or that i wasnt welcome, not one of my friends that were muslim or indian felt like they werent welcome, ofcourse there was the odd comment made by someone bellend, but basing opinion on solely first or second hand impressions is very dangerous.
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    100% bollocks You think the government could or would even want to stop the Sun and the Mail reporting such a thing?
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    He 'forgot' about them or did he just not know that you'd gone around and counted them?
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    They must have kept the flood of terrorists quiet. Maybe it's more a drizzle of terrorists? Or maybe this is a silly comment. I'm not sure.
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    Owen Coyle Mark II. Nice to see that he has gone to another club with crap owners though, which he'll be able to use to deflect from his managerial failings.
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    He does a job all right, a shit one.
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    We will not go down out of the bottom 3 in January 2016
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    For all the stick Richardson gets and I agree he isn't great....we've still won big games with him at LB, Liverpool cup semi, Spurs away, thought he was one of the few outfield players in the actual cup final who did alright. I wouldn't say he's quite as liability as Bennett is on a poor day.
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    Ah man, you're doing it all wrong. Fallout is all about the constant distractions and detours that befall you.
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    I'd agree that we need to be cautious on who gets into the UK and is then left to their own wits and devices to wander the country. A refugee crisis brings it's own problems. As a dumb little scenario, if something weird were to happen in Ireland or England, I couldn't guard the port of Fishguard or the Severn Bridge to stop families arriving, fleeing the bloodshed and the horror. How many people here, with bombing, rape, kidnap and murder going on in the background, could push people back in to the chaos rather than let them in. Now, that's not the same as dumping 2,500 unknown people into the middle of Bradford and hoping it all works out fine. The discussion gets strangely polarised, do good nutters versus scared racists. Life can be more nuanced, which is a bit of a pain. As for the UK being 'full', it's a bullshit. I can't decide if the people that say we are full are deliberately lying, or have never looked out of the window as they drove down a motorway. Take a trip down the M4, 90% countryside. M20, 90% countryside. I took a trip down the M5 from Bristol to Exeter last week, guess what, 90% countryside. I'm not citing places in Scotland or Cumbria, that's the crowded south for you.
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    Bit of difference between teaching kids about religions and teaching them that the word of a religion is an absolute truth.
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    The majority of Christians say that you have to believe in Jebus to have eternal life. That's it. It doesn't matter what you've done. It's an exclusive club which includes Hitler and a lot of kiddy fiddlers. We encourage people who think this is moral to run our schools. Why do we allow our kids to be educated to believe some fairy tales are "true"? We have to stop religion (any religion) having any kind of privilege. There is no place for religion in the running of any state. My taxes should not be used to indoctrinate children. Don't get me started on religions not paying tax while taxing their followers. That's for a different thread.
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    Sorry have to stop you there Dubbs.. but massive R.I.P and thoughts from everyone on Villatalk to people who lost their lives and everyone affected including families and the unfortunate in France but... This happened a day before this happened regarding Amavi and is football not politics and people on here in the AMAVI thread have asked questions a regarding how he is doing no need to attack people in Amavi thread because it's something that should be for off topic thread on here/ Sorry if offending you but absolutely no need to attack people when this is Villa only talk.. R.I.P to all affected and their families x
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    "Sorry kids, Daddy can't come with us to our new life in Europe. Just in case he scares the locals."
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    I'm not so sure about that. I don't know that being power-crazed necessarily prohibits belief in a deity and the associated rigmarole.
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    The music of ELO. Just love it! (even taking into account that Jeff Lynne is a small heath fan!)
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    Jordan Amavi ✔@JordanAmavi The fall is not a failure. Failure is to stay where we fell ! Thank you for your messages #23 #NeverGiveUp #StayStrong #FightLikeLion 1:37 PM - 15 Nov 2015 492492 Retweets 842842 likes Amavi's message to fans
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    When was the last time England actually controlled a game in midfield against a decent side in a major tournament out of interest, don't give me they did it against Slovenia or something. Euro 96 maybe when they smashed Dutch perhaps? Even in the quarter final v Spain they were dominated by then. The more I think about it it's just not in English football culture to dominate games and endlessly pass the ball around. English history is full of backs to the wall, last ditch tackling, Terry Butcher, Incey heads bandaged etc. Problem nowadays is there's so much money in Football and people pay so much to watch it they expect better but is a 50m Sterling earning the GDP of a small country really that much better than John Barnes back in the day?
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    Corrected for you as you obviously got the signs mixed up
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