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    Unles Tim is going to pull out De Gea, Neuer or Courtois let's just stick with Guzan eh? Let's not spend x amount replacing a decent keeper for another decent keeper.
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    i want us to be owned by the richest bankrupt guy
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    Trying to eat a kebab at my desk today for lunch and the woman next to me kept retching. Cow. And as for the bloke sitting two desks away...
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    Whoever she was, she had an ass I could pound for seconds.
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    Not picking on you personally, but so many people over play Levy as this shrewd negotiator... He has overpaid for a lot of players in the past and hasn't always recouped what he should... Ben Davies for £10m and siggurdson.. Lamela £25m, Soldado £26m
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    You could have Bill Gates take over us but if all he wants to do is spend what the club generates itself then having all his billions in his bank account is irrelevant to us.
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    Bacuna & Amavi as wings backs back three of Richards/Okore/Clark....I like
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    A) Randolph Lerner not Randy. This isn't a local pub he is selling B ) No mention of Lerner family trust which is listed on the official website under ownership. C) It's nonsense and looks like anyone can edit it which to me looks the case here D) It wouldn't be available on such an open scale to employees.
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    If Benteke was that good he wouldn't playing for villa?
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    If Bill Gates took over....I would crawl 50 miles over broken glass just to stick pins in his poo I don't know how to process that......
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    Yeah but as a young 90's kid what's better? Yul Brynner with some dodgy wiring or realistic gnarling dinosaurs?
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    Great fixtures. Now we just need a team capable of winning a few of them.
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    Let's be honest, it's rare any of us really know much about players from other leagues. I think it's fair to say that most, in fact all of you, are probably shocked by Hudd's work rate and defensive stats. But that's normal, as why would any of you have really watched him carefully. You must all read and hear things about your own players on other forums that constantly shock you as they are so far wide of the mark. I can see why it's depressing being a Villa fan. I'm actually giving you a positive review and highlighting some stuff to show just how false the perceptions of a player you look like signing are and some of you just don't want to take it. It's like you want to be negative. When you signed Darren Bent, I came here and warned you it was a huge mistake, so I'm not just backing old Spurs players. In the same way most had a false perception of Bent, the same is true for Huddlestone, only this time it's a good thing. Darren Bent belonged at a club like Charlton, Sunderland or Hull. Huddlestone should be at an Everton, Villa or Newcaslte type of club. If Huddlestone was a crap signing I'd tell you, like I did with Bent. I got dogs abuse on here and was told I was "jealous" when you signed Bent. But this time I admit, I'd like Hudd back.
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    They almost got Gareth Bale on loan too.
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    He will start him at CB and see how he goes. If he doesn't do well I'm sure he will move him to rb.
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    I think he knows we have been too weak as a team. He needs to find strong players to give us that bit of durability for the nifty players to play off them The likes of Jack Grealish need a platform to play off, not to worry about going back deep for the ball....but to be around the throats of the opposition,where he is most effective. We need a much stronger defence and that is not JUST defenders
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    It's interesting for someone who has worked in the creative industry for my entire career to read some of these views on beards and tattoos etc. I think I wore a suit for my first ever interview over twenty years ago and since then it's been shirt and jeans even when I've been meeting my clients for the first time. As for stubble? Never even crosses my mind to shave for any kind of meeting. Just goes to show the difference in industries I suppose.
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    It does if you can leap like a salmon. thats the answer i was fishing for Uh oh.......
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    Alcohol amplifies my mood. So if I'm pissed off I leave it alone, as it wouldn't cheer me up, it would make me feel worse. In good mood to start with though, fine.
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    Ostrich's with their heads in the sand
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    works out good for me as ive got a family day out on opening day so was hoping we were away and then when im in paris a couple of weeks later we are away again. love it when fixtures come out because you can start looking to next season.
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    Its a very divisive film. i thought it was absolute garbage myself, one of worst I have seen in cinema. Could be good for you or also shit, if a waste of a 45 minute drive you can just blame wazzap24
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    All horrid but how that becomes boiling a kettle and pouring it over someone (and your brother, too)? Sos, mate. There's not a lot of places to go there. no excuses i know. doing that to someone is horrific regardless let alone your brother.
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    I dont really get the hate myself, we have a midfield that couldnt create for about 8 months of last season and havent finished over 16th in last 3 seasons so we arent exactly in a position in which we can say a different player might be a boost
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    Obviously not shit, but Edinson Cavani never seems to do anything when I watch him play. He was useless vs Argentina last night. A badly controlled pass in the box and a shot way over and that was about it.
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    Yes, great start indeed. Not bad for someone judged by some of our "wisest" posters to be only a little more shrewd - or no more shrewd - than Paolo di Canio.
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    I think we will be going with a 3-5-2/5-3-2 type formation with him on the right. It seems Tim is a big fan of the quick, forward thinking full/wing back type player. Hence why Cissokho is getting the boot. I actually quite like Cissokho. Either way i'm very interested to see how our new system will set up.
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    Not sure it will. Can see something happening before July.
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    I've always been more of a fan of Crichton's Westworld tbh. A much better take on the 'Man shouldn't play God' cautionary tale.
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    Whoever she was, she had an ass I could pound for seconds.
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    I think some people seem to forget that the Club does actually make some money. We can buy players without having a stupidly rich owner. The issue with Lerner is he needed the club to stop losing money because of years of mismanagement during his ownership.
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    Them: Stag do on July 25th Me: I'm on a night shift, can do night before or weekend before and after? Them: Its this date so swap a shift then Me: I can try but its a bit short notice and people don't like swapping nights but I'll try Them: ffs pull a sickie then or summat. I **** hate crap like that. I might just not go now to piss them off.
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    Agree with everyone who says he isn't good enough for City. Thankfully he seems to have his head screwed on though.
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    The only place Delph will be going to next month is bodymoor heath.. What i hope he improves on is contributing to more goals next season.
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    I don't think they would be buying him with the thought that he'd be a first team player. Delph might get the occasionally substitute appearance and maybe even a rare start, but he would likely be rotting on the bench and lose his England spot because of it.
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    Maybe we can pick him up in 3 years when he realises the mistake he's made?
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    It's a job interview, not a date. He's not being head hunted as far as I'm aware. The interview is to show whether Stefan is the right person for the job or not. It's good for the inteviewee to show interest in the person who is interviewing them as well as the company/role itself, obviously, but forget all this "flipping it around" nonsense. Keep it simple and show willingness to learn and grow Stefan. At the level you are looking to jump in at this will make you stand out more than any gimic.
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    Wonder when the club will get around to negotiate a new contract for him. I understand he'll be entering his last year this season. Clark is now very important to us.
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    .....but surely,,it's not where they come from......but what they do.
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    Does that make it more or less accurate to the movies? As stormtroopers famously couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a blaster.
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    No IMO to get properly in to them you needed to be in to 7/8/9 on the ps1, them investing so much time in to 13 took all the momentum out of the series and they've been overtaken by other series That said every game is different so because I thought 13 was poor and it's been 14 years since the last really good one (10) doesn't mean 15 won't be great
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    I've always liked Lowton. That performance against Sunderland is one of my favourite individual right back displays I've seen at a football match.
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    Tough , three clubs on opening day.
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    Great away day in the sun, but potential banana skin... ...we've got Bournemouth (A) first off.
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    I don't know why I never bothered before, but I've just started watching Entourage. I'm half way through season 2, and it's pretty decent.
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