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    I got a Burrito book, some under armour boxers and a t-shirt, Chris Kyle's book (American Sniper), some socks, £25 and an Xbox One. My Gf also said 'Yes' to marrying me. Been a gooden!
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    "There is only so much someone can take," Bent told BBC Sussex. Yeah, about £70k a week. Go away.
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    What does it matter?! Okore is in the team and he is playing well. Enjoy it.
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    Probably because it's pathetic to accuse fellow fans of being "sheep" just because they're content with a 0-0 draw against a decent team while our two best strikers are out.
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    It was a mass debate club.
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    I'll say it again. Tell Delph he is better off staying where he is playing well and getting in the England side and give him 60k a week on a long term deal. Remind him how we looked after him during his injury nightmare. Vlaar we can afford to lose, delph we cannot.
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    I think cleverley is a big step up from KEA. He closes down players well and keeps the ball well. Let's see what he offers now the teams looking more settled.
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    Maybe a career in porn films beckons.............
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    YOU WERE IN A DEBATE CLUB?! [emoji32] [emoji39]
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    Why did the sperm cross the road? Because I put on the wrong sock this morning.
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    No, I'm a Villa fan. I finished just outside the relegation spaces.
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    I'm sure Andi and Tayls will make a lovely couple
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    Christmas greetings one and all. Have a ball, eat too much turkey, drink too much sherry, and generally have a blast!
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    You might be right but it seems a massive coincidence that the exact moment he's ready is the exact moment there are no other fit defendersThat probably wasn't the exact moment he was ready. But that was a good opportunity to give him a chance. And he's taken it. I agree with that, I just think there were other chances he could have come in which could have helped us and stopped okore getting frustrated. If we hadn't had injuries what would be looking at? Probably okore wanting to leave in a couple of weeks. It's not really an issue to criticise Lambert over, it's not an easy one where there's a clear right way to do everything. But at the same time IMO it wasn't handled perfectly and actually we've been fortunate that we've now got a top player happy and playing week in week out. What would managing him perfectly entail then? Putting him in the team earlier at the expense of well-performing CBs and possibly before he's ready? Just to keep him happy so we don't lose him (which wasn't going to happen anyway, and if it did it would have been on loan). That's not good management, or even realistic management. You keep saying well performing cb. He could have replaced clark after he was poor against arsenal. He could have replaced baker after the Chelsea game and consecutive 3-0 losses. He could have replaced Clark after his poor performance against QPR. After that poor performance he could have been on the bench against Everton and replaced baker when he got injured. Crazy to look back on that spell and think there were no realistic opportunities for okore to come into the team. There were realistic options. The manager chose someone else. What's the issue here? We are told he wasn't quite there, all hell would have broke lose if he'd played and injured himself again. We have to take what we're told at face value, we have no evidence to the contrary. In fact, from what I recall he was only performing OK for the U21's, a long way from premier league standard and in line with his pre season performances. Perhaps given the chance in the big team he has thrived on it and stepped up a gear. It's very hard to judge how a player might react in that situation until they show you so and at the time it was obviously not worth the risk. Why would the manager hold him back intentionally if he knew he had this in him? Ridiculous assertion. This debate is serving no purpose whatsoever.
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    I'm not a fan of xmas at all and other than the dinner I have no interest, today however my sister got out of hospital with my 3rd nephew, we had to hold the dinner back by one hour but it was **** great man
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    I like Seth Rogan, James Franco and all that lot. They don't take themselves seriously, and their films aren't to be taken seriously. They're all obviously really good mates and just have the luxury of being rich and making stupid films. I envy it.
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    People are talking as if he's Alan Hutton and he's been in the wilderness for 2 years. He's been on the fringes of the squad for about 10 games at the start of a season after making only 3 appearances previously and missing almost a year through serious injury. God forbid Lambert would be slightly cautious about bringing him back into the team
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    But if you do a search for 'callipygian' you get her photo but it doesn't show her face.
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    Watched the last 2 episodes of season 2 of The Wire and it was excellent! The start of s2 was slow but the last 4-5 episodes were great. I'm back with it now and start s3 tonight
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    But at the same time we're to accept the assertion that Cleverley is a dreadful player who would be completely hopeless, is worse than KEA, and has added literally nothing since joining the club? That's a fair evaluation, but Westwood-as-mediocre is ridiculously harsh?
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    Have a good Christmas VT. Stay safe everyone. UTV
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    BBC's "Five Moment's that Captured 2014" Ebola Crisis Boko Haram kidnapping school girls MH17 shot down Conflict in Syria And... Ed Miliband pictured eating a bacon sandwich. Yes, because that is really right up there with the rest of them. Ridiculous.
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    VT, you're all a bunch of cynical arseholes. But I bloody love ya. Merry **** Christmas! #bantz
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    I like him and I hope he stays with us. What he ends up costing is for others to consider.
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    Happy whatever damn holiday you celebrate, VT'ers!
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    We need to spend big on a quality midfielder. We have a very big break of luck coming up for teams like ours in that all players in Russian League are going to be looking to leave NOW. With 7-8m we can mop up and pull in some quality players. There are quality defenders out there to replace Vlaar if need be. Cesar Navas, Salvatore Bocchetti, Serdar Tasci, and many other excellent targets out there. In midfield there are players like Jose Manuel Jurado, Patrick Ebert, Tino Costa, Zoran Tosic, Rasmus Elm, Manuel Fernandes, who honestly I think would all be better offensively than our current offensive midfield picks, mostly due to the poor level of our team in that regards. There are also big guns we could go after with so many it's not unlikely at least one or two will end in smaller teams. You have Hulk, Witsel, Danny, Tymoshchuk, Maicon, Valbuena, Criscito, and Lombaerts who would make a excellent replacement for Vlaar IMO . We need to focus on this it's a excellent chance to bringing in a quality attacking midfielder and that would put our team much more competitive and probably stop our worrying about relegation.
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    We let 3 in against arsenal, a game in which if i remember correctly a lot of people were putting the blame on Clark for at least one of the goals (1). We then let 3 in against chelsea, 2 against city, 3 against a poor everton side, 2 against QPR, 2 against spurs, who also had some very good chances before we were down to 10 men(2) and the only reason we kept a clean sheet against west ham was because guzan was brilliant and they finished poorly. There were other issues in those games but not sure how anyone can look at that run and decide it was unthinkable to drop any of our defenders based on that.(3) We certainly weren't a defensive rock in many games despite a few decent individual performances in our defence. 1) Clark wasn't in favour at that point and was picked out of necessity. 2) I know how many we conceded - but those are, bar QPR, most of the best teams in the division. 3) None of the centre backs who started those games played badly enough individually to deserve dropping. Simple. 1) Regardless of why he was picked you said defence wasn't a problem. Read the Clark thread, it clearly was a problem in that game. 2) Good teams or not if we're conceding and losing surely it's not crazy to change the defence. And Everton and Spurs were certainly not playing like top teams at that point. 3) None of them had terrible games but then a defence has to be a unit and that unit was not stopping teams scoring or creating good chances, even though there were some good individual performances. It wouldn't have been completely unreasonable to have changed the defence at some point. I don't think you realise how poorly the Clark example serves your point. He played badly against Arsenal, and was dropped for the Chelsea game despite being available for selection. In fact, here is a clear example of Lambert dropping a centre back when he plays poorly. Does this not suggest that in the other games, the centre backs just didn't play that poorly? Per the other two points, conceding goals against top half teams is exactly what bottom half teams do. Stoke didn't play very well against Chelsea last night, do you expect Shawcross to be dropped for the next game? Of course not, conceding goals against those teams is priced in. You don't immediately leap to the conclusion that your defence has played badly because they've conceded a couple of goals to Champions League chasers. Basically, there are thousands of legitimate sticks to knock Lambert with, but you've picked one of the few where he's genuinely impervious. He signed the player. He brought the player into the team when necessary. He has gotten some brilliant performances from the player in recent games. RE Okore, Lambert is on safe ground.
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    no but he did rely on being two legged!
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    I mean I'm sure he'd leave for Spurs or Napoli because who wouldn't, but still, I didn't read too much into the interview. Me. **** Spurs.
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    Ash was class for us, Young,MIlner,Barry,Petrov,Downing. What a midfield we used to have, Benteke would have a field day with that midfield behind him
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    Lazio are going retro next year for their anniversary
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    Absolutely hanging today after another heavy night... in order, well the ones I can remember... followed by
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    Last night: Too many of these With this a chaser
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    I wipe every day, a few weeks is too long a wait for me.
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