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    I got a Burrito book, some under armour boxers and a t-shirt, Chris Kyle's book (American Sniper), some socks, £25 and an Xbox One. My Gf also said 'Yes' to marrying me. Been a gooden!
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    I think cleverley is a big step up from KEA. He closes down players well and keeps the ball well. Let's see what he offers now the teams looking more settled.
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    I'm not a fan of xmas at all and other than the dinner I have no interest, today however my sister got out of hospital with my 3rd nephew, we had to hold the dinner back by one hour but it was **** great man
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    VT, you're all a bunch of cynical arseholes. But I bloody love ya. Merry **** Christmas! #bantz
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    Not a Lynx set in sight, bloody gutted.
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    But at the same time we're to accept the assertion that Cleverley is a dreadful player who would be completely hopeless, is worse than KEA, and has added literally nothing since joining the club? That's a fair evaluation, but Westwood-as-mediocre is ridiculously harsh?
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    Have a good Christmas VT. Stay safe everyone. UTV
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    feliz navidad a todos
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    BBC's "Five Moment's that Captured 2014" Ebola Crisis Boko Haram kidnapping school girls MH17 shot down Conflict in Syria And... Ed Miliband pictured eating a bacon sandwich. Yes, because that is really right up there with the rest of them. Ridiculous.
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    Happy Christmas you miserable people. I just am not excited for Christmas this year at all, I think it's because im not in full time education anymore and i've become more of an adult with getting a job and looking at getting my own place in the summer. Hopefully once i've opened all my presents in the morning and then stuffed my face with chocolate and alcohol maybe i'll feel a little bit more festive. Probably will find myself on here tomorrow night, in the meantime I hope you all have a good Christmas day and Santa brings you everything you want.
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    Christmas greetings one and all. Have a ball, eat too much turkey, drink too much sherry, and generally have a blast!
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    I was wondering this. Did our fans hate Young as soon as he joined United or only after he dived to win a penalty against us in 2012? He got a good round of applause when he first came back and then completely clattered into Albrighton which drew a few boos. But yeah the infamous dive did it for any future goodwill.
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    It was a mass debate club.
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    Vlaar was also directly responsible for QPRs first goal, Clark did nothing wrong in that game either, but keep it up DC..
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    "There is only so much someone can take," Bent told BBC Sussex. Yeah, about £70k a week. Go away.
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    I'm sure Andi and Tayls will make a lovely couple
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    I'd have thought the demise of a Tiger would be something you'd approve of given the hatred of all things German.
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    If i was you mate I'd be paranoid that people are trying to tell you that you smell pretty bad lol....
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    Phew. I've been really worried about him.
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    Ales in a refrigerator? (I'm guessing its a fridge!). Controversial!
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    I gotta knock.....on wood That oak furniture land advert makes me want to murder the producers
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    Gifts exchanged with the gf. She was Delighted with her new laptop but apparently me mentioning that she bought me tickets to a show she really wants to see sounded ungrateful. Add to the tickets, a blu-Ray she knows I already have (she forgot we watched it at mine three weeks ago), a game of bop-it (a game she loves, apparently) and some novelty Christmas socks. I think the only useful present is the Mr Grumpy mug. It's early days but I think this Christmas isn't going to end well. Anyone fancy going to the theatre next week?
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    Charlie Brooker has lots of material for his yearly 'swipe' this year.
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    A trap I've avoided. It's actually an awesome present (in her eyes) so I'll be bf of the year tomorrow
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    I like him and I hope he stays with us. What he ends up costing is for others to consider.
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    Merry Christmas to all be you zany swedes und deutsches etc who celebrate today or 25thers.
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    Bosnich Guzan ** Massive gap ** Friedel Sorensen
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    Muppets Christmas Carol and Scrooged are my Christmas Eve staples. If time allows, Miracle on 34th St and Elf will also get an airing. Elf, mostly for Zooey
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    We need to spend big on a quality midfielder. We have a very big break of luck coming up for teams like ours in that all players in Russian League are going to be looking to leave NOW. With 7-8m we can mop up and pull in some quality players. There are quality defenders out there to replace Vlaar if need be. Cesar Navas, Salvatore Bocchetti, Serdar Tasci, and many other excellent targets out there. In midfield there are players like Jose Manuel Jurado, Patrick Ebert, Tino Costa, Zoran Tosic, Rasmus Elm, Manuel Fernandes, who honestly I think would all be better offensively than our current offensive midfield picks, mostly due to the poor level of our team in that regards. There are also big guns we could go after with so many it's not unlikely at least one or two will end in smaller teams. You have Hulk, Witsel, Danny, Tymoshchuk, Maicon, Valbuena, Criscito, and Lombaerts who would make a excellent replacement for Vlaar IMO . We need to focus on this it's a excellent chance to bringing in a quality attacking midfielder and that would put our team much more competitive and probably stop our worrying about relegation.
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    I misread this as Batman. When i realised what it said I was rather disappointed.
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    But if you do a search for 'callipygian' you get her photo but it doesn't show her face.
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    Ash was class for us, Young,MIlner,Barry,Petrov,Downing. What a midfield we used to have, Benteke would have a field day with that midfield behind him
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    Lazio are going retro next year for their anniversary
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    No, I'm a Villa fan. I finished just outside the relegation spaces.
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    Last night: Too many of these With this a chaser
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    For value for money vs quality of product, some of the classical sets kick ass. Complete Tennstedt Mahler £20, complete Abbado Mahler £30 (was nearly a ton) - The benchmark recordings. Karajan complete Beethoven Symphonies £12, Klemperer complete Beethoven orchestral works £15 'Composers In Person' 22 cds of composers playing and conducting their own material £23, '20th Century Masterpieces' 16 cd Warners - £23, Concerto Koln 'Play Dall'Abaco, Locatelli, Vanhal, Kozeluch And Eberl' - £16 - Really good! Would be worth it for the Vanhal alone. Got around to delving into some of the boxes I'd picked up and just skimmed at the time, it's been good
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    Maybe a career in porn films beckons.............