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    Homelessness in America could apparently be solved with the money that Americans spend on Christmas decorations. The invasion of poor people into the UK is seen as a very negative thing. I bought a tablet that cost £350 the other day. I might use it occasionally. That money could have been used to feed and educate a number of people in the Third World, but I spent it on a trinket. How can I justify this? Just because you were born in the UK you're entitled to live here over another person who was born in Pakistan. Because you won the nationality lotto you want to protect yourself from this foreign invasion of people who are in search of a better life, once you ignore the fallacy that these people are somehow malevolent and coming over to claim welfare. I find it very confusing that, although it has been nothing short of a lottery to determine where I was born, I have these beliefs that it's OK, and I'm glad, that people from Africa can't freely come and live in my country, and that someone in India will die of an easily curable disease, because I chose to spend money on some toy rather than try to get medicine to them. This is of course without even considering the human misery that went into the product itself, where factory workers jump off the roof because it's such a nightmare to work there. Somehow I manage to ignore all these things, yet when I see a woman put a cat in a bin, or hear that a homosexual man has been beaten on the street because of his sexuality, I get all this righteous indignation. Well I'm selfish. That's the answer. But I couldn't possibly be THIS selfish. This is cartoon super-villainy levels of selfishness. The misery and death and suffering that I contribute to by the choices I make in how I live my life has just been so normalised for me. I don't have an answer to this. I suppose it's ignorance and it's also constructed ignorance. The bliss of forgetting where this tablet has come from and what its existence in my hands means around the world, from the person who made it, to the people who will die because instead of giving the price of it to them so that they might get access to medicines, I spent it on something I don't need. It was a choice I didn't even consider. In the same way I'm happy to ignore any suggestion that my access to the benefits of living in a first world country should be extended to other people on the planet indiscriminately. Or that the homeless person I walk past every day is undeserving of my money because he'll spend it on drugs, despite the nature of the situation he was born into. The decision he made to try heroin for the first time certainly did not have the implicit maleficence that my decision to buy this tablet had, and yet I got a tablet and he can't get 50c off me. So how do you manage it? How can you get righteously indignant about anything, when the creature comforts you enjoy come at a very certain and obvious cost of human suffering all over the world? What part of the globe does your righteousness cover? Is your moral outrage an all white affair? Can you justify it because you have worked hard for your money? Harder than the sweatshop workers? You don't see the top 1% donating their enormous wealth to charity, so that makes it OK for you to watch a dog dancing while a child dies of hunger. I don't really understand the word meritocracy. I'll look it up after I post this. I know that some children in the UK need treatment that costs £100k+, and there is fundraising for it and people donate money. UK parents with the internet are more likely to get £100K+ for their daughter's operation than an African mother without the internet is to get £10 for a medicine that would save her son's eyesight. I don't understand that either. We ignore our complete lack of humanity so we can sleep at night. We're far too good at it. The world would be far better if we weren't.
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    "Spent enough to achieve at least mid table mediocrity" based on what? I can agree with issues over style of play or not performing well at home - and, indeed, perhaps the manager isn't good enough - but some fans honestly live in the past where being a "big club" was enough to mean... well, something. You can see the money issue being a "very lame excuse" but, unless you spend in the Premier League, you go nowhere. Currently, we're going nowhere. OK let's simplify it. Every transfer window (of which he has had a few) he should be getting in players that improve the situation and improve our position. If you are suggesting that he has only bought players that are worse than what we had or at best the same as what we had then that signifies that he is a poor manager. If, by chance, some of the players that he has bought has improved our squad then we should be seeing an improvement in position, results and performance. We are not so I can only conclude that he is a poor manager. In the time that he has been here he has spent enough money and brought in enough players to move forward but he has not. Money is not everything, spending it wisely is.
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    Future captain for me.
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    The Christmas market in Birmingham. I just don't get the appeal. I went on Friday with the missus and baby and just was amazed at the brick-a-brack quality tat being sold at ridiculous prices. £4.50 for a pint and £7.00 for a hotdog.
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    An attacking style of football requires no more or less money than any other style. In fact a style requires no money at all. The absence of exciting attacking football is for me the biggest dissappointment regarding lambo. Where on earth is it, or anything even remotely resembling it ? You are right, a style doesn't require money but to do it properly it does. I could go onto a Sunday league pitch and tell them to play attacking football but if they aren't up to the job what do you think will happen? You can't tell the fans that the manager you appointed will play attacking football knowing full well the players available to him aren't up to it and then still expect it to work. 2 and half years later, with multi millions to reshape the squad to how HE wants it, with the players, style and football philosophy HE dictates, and we are still play awful, negative, narrow, ineffective 'football'. He has had time. He has had money. He has had his chance. Now it's time to **** him off.
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    it's called counter attacking football, which QPR executed brilliantly against us. The key to this type of football is having a clinical finisher like Austin who can bake the most of his chances. There was no luck in it. QPR didnt counter attack against us. They played long ball. First goal was long ball, second was a bad pass by Sanchez. They are the slowest team in the league.
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    I believe you can never truly rate a musical act until some of their work has been "Easy Star All-Stars"afied.
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    Check out 3:30 - the guy gets a bit of boob on arm contact! Lucky sod!! Good spot, I only made it to the 2 minute mark first time around ..... You should pace yourself or you'll never make it to the money shot.
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    Thanks for that, 5 hours of education. I've not dug into the history of the game that much until now,
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    I revoke my choice for Piers Morgan and choose Katie Hopkins. Yes she's not a man but who really cares she deserves a good punch.
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    they wanna give me a job they gotta take the whole package....I haver werewolfe hands,they aint hairy but they are grizzled,,, themz be my handz
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    I think he's more than good enough and if the movement up front off the ball (Benteke apart) was better then Westwood will shine.
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    The point of the coin toss is that your subconscious already knows what you really want. It's completely non-binding, obviously, and it sounds like trying to use pure reason isn't working for you because both are reasonable options.
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    Benteke with late chance, great reaction save, he is back on it lads! Be great in a team with some creativity!!
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    But it's likely to be the case unless the owner gets more ambitious. If we're spending £30m in a transfer window and flirting with the drop, he'd go. If we're spending £5m, staying up is good enough. Not Very ambitious from Lambert either though is it? If he is happy signing a new 4 year contract knowing the contriants and the future is just to keep us in the premier league, says alot about him really. Any other manager i.e like Pulis, would not sign another contract knowing he will have to struggle through with little or no transfer fees.
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    All About Me That was terrible
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    I like the Saints today. I think they can "right the ship", so to speak. Bungles just are not that good. Andy Dalton has never impressed me as a QB. Plus, he's a ginger.
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    I love playing with my mates next to me, as I beat them and rib them. It's hard to rib somebody you don't know and usually they complain like cry babies.
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    Football games online suck.
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    Maybe Lambert's just lulling the other managers into a false sense of security and come the business end of the season he's going to unveil his master plan of superb tactics and we'll be thrashing teams every week. Maybe not - maybe 12th in the premier league (his biggest achievement as a manager) is as good as it is going to get for him. Time to go for a proven replacement not someone who's shown he is capable as a good premier league manager for a mere one season.
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    I agree - doesn't help that we promote our younger players too quickly into the full set-up (sometimes justifiably) and then refuse to let them go to U21 tournaments. If you look at the current Spanish, German, Italian and French teams a lot of their current squad have experienced U21 finals. I'd love England to take a full strength squad to the U21 tournament next year, including the likes of Sterling, Chambers, Shaw etc it would really benefit them with experience of competetive tournament football. I feel England in recent years have baulked under pressure at full International events.
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    I do not want him here. He is not a footballer, he jumps, tackles and wins headers - that's it. Always late in challenges, makes rash decisions, slow, easily outplayed... we already have such a player in Baker.
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    This was what I thought would put you off it entirely. It's not totally the same as Tony Stark's humour, but close enough that I thought you'd hate the film because of it.
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    Elbow. That they are rated at all by at least one human being is enough to qualify them for this thread.
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    Pixies by around 14 million miles. Also could go in the 'Don't Get' thread.
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    I may have already recommended this a few years ago earlier in the thread, but after a recent re-watch it's worth putting it in here again: Based on historical events and featuring incredible performances from Lindhardt and (as per usual) Mikkelsen. One of the best war movies i've seen.
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    *Adds Stevo and Troon to 'the list'*
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    People getting his and he's the wrong way around.
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    That'll be me with 'no taste', then. I bought that album quite recently, having heard how great it was. I thought it was utter, utter shite. I actually chucked it in the bin, terrible album. Wow, to me that is crazy! How many listens did you give it?One, of course! Couldn't sit through that again. Ha, do you not think maybe you were being a bit hasty? I have an image of you patiently listening to it all the way through, ejecting the CD and calmly frisbeeing it straight into the bin.
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    2 Broke Girls has got to be one of the worst comedy shows ever broadcast, and I've seen My Family.
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    The thread isn't "Things that dAVe80 gets"
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    If we are to judge Lambert on purely the results and ignore all outside influences, mitigating circumstances and the modern game then there is little to support him. We are having awful season after awful season. HOWEVER, then surely the same should apply to Lerner. Ellis was a better chairman than him; it's simple, we won two cups under his stewardship and were frequently in Europe. We are not allowed to look at the environment surrounding their tenure - simply what results we have while they are in charge. And this, for me, is why saying Lambert is awful is too simplistic. I hate as much as anyone what is happening to our club but I don't feel changing the manager will change our fortunes. I think he's doing a good job based on what he has to work with, which is unfortunately bad players. He's made mistakes but to judge him on all the awful records we have broken is too easy - he's just head of a badly managed company with a limited chance of being able to fix it. But I know this will fall largely on deaf ears because we're all hurting too much at the results. I just think we're looking in the wrong place for the fault.
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    Reserve keeper be like.......
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    Gillian Anderson is conventionally hot indeed. But I've always thought that from certain angles she looks like she has a touch of downs.
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    Difference? Difference in what? Accents? - not an expert but Ireland and n Ireland accents will sound similar to anyone who isn't really familiar with those accents. Be like me not being able to recognise different accents in Belgium. Northern Ireland is part of uk tho where as Ireland is not. Scotland is completely different but again I suppose that would come with being familiar with both accents. Scotland was also the only nation in history to vote against its own independence.
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    A mate of mine sitting near the dugout at the West Ham match said he distinctly heard Keane mutter at one point, "I want to yell out, but I just can't dang-diddily-do-dang, do-dang-diddily-darn do it!”
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    The final few scenes of the last episode in the west wing season 2 is amazing.
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    The rarest of weekends where neither Villa or the Jags can lose !!! I may be able to take the suicide hotline off from my friends and family telephone plan for a few days !
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    I agree with this, as long as everyone else does.
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    This clearly isn't true. IMO of course
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    Well if the latest rumour today is true its definitely the last option. Apparently the government have now slapped no less than three D notices on stories about a cabinet minister and Elm Guest House
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    I have flights between countries booked the rest is just winging it, well sort of. So I start in Sri Lanka where I am there for 4 days (flight times cut it down). I'm booking everything for that. Taking in Sirigiya, Minnersa, Worlds End, Yala and Negombo. After that it's 2 nights in Singapore nothing booked for that. Thailand for 30 days, got 4 days around Full moon party booked and a week at an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai. After that everything else is winged, depending on who I meet and what crops up. Will be in BK a few and will try other places , probably Phi Phi and others down south. I have 2.5 months in Aus flying to Cairns just before Christmas and leaving from Sydney. Nothing planned here. NZ another 2 months again nothing planned, even though defo want to do Queenstown for bungee jump and canyon swing as well as some of the LOTR mountains. Leave from Auckland where I have a mate so I will stay with him for a bit. Fiji for 3 weeks, just plan to island hop. Hopefully will have learnt to scuba dive so may go out with the Tiger Sharks. Final week in USA. In LA a night on my own (well outside of people I meet). My sister and her husband are coming down from San Fran the second night, we are then heading to some mountain my sister wants to hike (didn't really pay attention to what she was saying as didn't mind what to do). Final three nights in Vegas staying at the Aria (sister has booked and paid for this). I have the final night and day on my own. I have an option to alter flights for free (with a weeks notice) if I want to alter plans. So we'll see. Can't wait now it's all I can focus on. (Sorry if the post isn't 100% coherent as had a few tonight) (sorry donnie).
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    So you're getting a pint-size partner now too are you?..copycat...well copydog Anyway, I think VTW has gone bankrupt by now, the last time we had a show Benteke scored. To be fair Ddid aleady owned me about my height a long time ago so I'm not going to comment....
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