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    Not having to go to the Job Centre anymore , finally off job seekers and into a job!
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    Had to go in to work today while our print server was being upgraded and while waiting around I decided to get a start on some jobs for next week so I went over to one woman's desk and noticed she had printed out a few Grumpy Cat memes and pinned them to her desk divider and that was when I realised... CED is Grumpy Cat The text on pretty much all Grumpy Cat memes go perfectly with CED's picture.
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    I agree with most of what you've said but I have to pull you up here. Swansea/Southampton built their styles in the lower leagues. Under far less pressure. What they do isn't a system they could have implemented from day 1.
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    Homelessness in America could apparently be solved with the money that Americans spend on Christmas decorations. The invasion of poor people into the UK is seen as a very negative thing. I bought a tablet that cost £350 the other day. I might use it occasionally. That money could have been used to feed and educate a number of people in the Third World, but I spent it on a trinket. How can I justify this? Just because you were born in the UK you're entitled to live here over another person who was born in Pakistan. Because you won the nationality lotto you want to protect yourself from this foreign invasion of people who are in search of a better life, once you ignore the fallacy that these people are somehow malevolent and coming over to claim welfare. I find it very confusing that, although it has been nothing short of a lottery to determine where I was born, I have these beliefs that it's OK, and I'm glad, that people from Africa can't freely come and live in my country, and that someone in India will die of an easily curable disease, because I chose to spend money on some toy rather than try to get medicine to them. This is of course without even considering the human misery that went into the product itself, where factory workers jump off the roof because it's such a nightmare to work there. Somehow I manage to ignore all these things, yet when I see a woman put a cat in a bin, or hear that a homosexual man has been beaten on the street because of his sexuality, I get all this righteous indignation. Well I'm selfish. That's the answer. But I couldn't possibly be THIS selfish. This is cartoon super-villainy levels of selfishness. The misery and death and suffering that I contribute to by the choices I make in how I live my life has just been so normalised for me. I don't have an answer to this. I suppose it's ignorance and it's also constructed ignorance. The bliss of forgetting where this tablet has come from and what its existence in my hands means around the world, from the person who made it, to the people who will die because instead of giving the price of it to them so that they might get access to medicines, I spent it on something I don't need. It was a choice I didn't even consider. In the same way I'm happy to ignore any suggestion that my access to the benefits of living in a first world country should be extended to other people on the planet indiscriminately. Or that the homeless person I walk past every day is undeserving of my money because he'll spend it on drugs, despite the nature of the situation he was born into. The decision he made to try heroin for the first time certainly did not have the implicit maleficence that my decision to buy this tablet had, and yet I got a tablet and he can't get 50c off me. So how do you manage it? How can you get righteously indignant about anything, when the creature comforts you enjoy come at a very certain and obvious cost of human suffering all over the world? What part of the globe does your righteousness cover? Is your moral outrage an all white affair? Can you justify it because you have worked hard for your money? Harder than the sweatshop workers? You don't see the top 1% donating their enormous wealth to charity, so that makes it OK for you to watch a dog dancing while a child dies of hunger. I don't really understand the word meritocracy. I'll look it up after I post this. I know that some children in the UK need treatment that costs £100k+, and there is fundraising for it and people donate money. UK parents with the internet are more likely to get £100K+ for their daughter's operation than an African mother without the internet is to get £10 for a medicine that would save her son's eyesight. I don't understand that either. We ignore our complete lack of humanity so we can sleep at night. We're far too good at it. The world would be far better if we weren't.
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    There was a 6500 mile (10500km) away day in Russia when FC Baltika Kaliningrad travelled to FC Sakhalin this weekend in the Russian second division.
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    I think it came from the suicide statistics when Alan Green did a full 45 minutes.
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    "Spent enough to achieve at least mid table mediocrity" based on what? I can agree with issues over style of play or not performing well at home - and, indeed, perhaps the manager isn't good enough - but some fans honestly live in the past where being a "big club" was enough to mean... well, something. You can see the money issue being a "very lame excuse" but, unless you spend in the Premier League, you go nowhere. Currently, we're going nowhere. OK let's simplify it. Every transfer window (of which he has had a few) he should be getting in players that improve the situation and improve our position. If you are suggesting that he has only bought players that are worse than what we had or at best the same as what we had then that signifies that he is a poor manager. If, by chance, some of the players that he has bought has improved our squad then we should be seeing an improvement in position, results and performance. We are not so I can only conclude that he is a poor manager. In the time that he has been here he has spent enough money and brought in enough players to move forward but he has not. Money is not everything, spending it wisely is.
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    Based on what? Exactly ? Why does he 'deserve' a chance. IMO He's had a massive chance. He's had a chance to show he can step up from the relatively low expectations of a Norwich to a big city club like ours. He's had the chance to show how he can make that step up and improve something that drastically needed improving. He's had financial backing. He's had free reign to do what he wants. And what he has done is blow it. He has blown his chance, and that's because he is not upto the task. I have been saying for a long, long time the job is too big for him. That's not one of those throw away statements, I truly think he is out of his depth. When he signed Benteke, he said that the amount that the amount of he spent 'frightened him'. To hear our manager speak like, frightened me, because what it told me I'd that he has a small club mindset. That has been confirmed by his constant 'bigging up' of other teams and 'tough games' mantra. Again, small team mentality, which without doubt, has become engrained in the team, and also a lot of fans. This approach means the team plays with fear. Fear of competing, fear of taking the game to the opposition, fear of having a go. It mans we are very easy to play against, very easy to pick off. Every team in the country knows how we play. Thats why we will not improve under lambert, he knows no other way to play. He talks us down. He has talked our expectations down, leave him to carry on and he'll take the team down as well.
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    He has had money - yes he has . Around 46m I think over three years. With that he has had to reshape a squad. Is it enough to compete at a reasonable level in this league ? Possibly if he was able to spend that on two or three players to supplement what he had. Unfortunately he has had to buy more than that. Yes some of his signings , notably left back, haven't worked out and he has had to buy a few more than just the one . But you know what players are not guaranteed to work out and especially when they are cheapish signings as the not top quality tend to be. My ex mother in law used to say buy cheap buy twice and I think that is right. Has he had enough to keep us in the league? Barely and that is what we have done barely stayed in this league. He has had time - yes he has . He has been here almost three years now and are things much better then when he arrived? In terms of the squad I think they are marginally . That comes from the fact that we had players not contributing much but taking a lot , now they are at least not taking much! . We will recoup most of our outlay from sales and they are young enough to be around for a few years. I think the squad is better. In terms of style of play well really I've heard that we should play more attacking football but if your brief is keep us in the league and see what happens then playing all out attacking football isn't going to help your brief. He would love to play that style, he's played it before. But I'm afraid at this club he had to keep us in the league that is the very least expectation. It wasn't at his other clubs. Getting us relegated would be a disaster and playing this style is best suited to keeping us in the league with the players he has been able to attract and afford He has had his chance - not sure he has. He has had to work to a regime and a direction that has not given him a chance. Cutback, invest little, reshape the team, keep us in the league and maybe we'll have new ownership that will give you money to do better. He's done his bit but the new investment that will give him a better chance to do better for us has not arrived and doesn't look likely yet. I think for me this is the biggest thing, he needs a chance and he deserves to be here if that chance arrives.
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    Future captain for me.
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    You could argue that the manager is part of the problem (I'd probably buy into this as well to a certain degree) but it seems pretty obvious that things will never get much better unless the owner changes or unless he drastically changes the way he runs the club.
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    Swansea are a team who play great football, and it didn't cost them millions to do it. Southampton played good football without millions (their first season in the prem). Lambert's Norwich is another example. We have some good players at the club, some with ability for top six clubs (Benteke, Vlaar, Delph, Cissokho) and some who would easily get other teams mid table and above (Westwood, N'Zogbia, Weimann, Hutton, Baker, Senderos, Sanchez, Guzan). The problem is that the MANAGER, cannot get these decent, good, very good, players to go out on the pitch and perform, show urgency, get the ball forward, get us scoring goals, get us defending, get us breaking teams down. He has no plan, no ploy, no idea. He sends us out to break fast, when we have no movement, and against teams who sussed us so sit deep and soak it up. When that goes wrong he has the team playing long ball when up against big strong defenders. Get a new manager, one who can breathe belief into the club and players. Not one who looks and acts like he is lost in a job too big for him.
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    Oasis for me - basically a plagiaristic pub band. Some good tunes, worthy of being heard on a night out in the pub but no way world greats....
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    Just on route to Heathrow. Wish me luck VT.
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    So apparently global warming will be running riot in B6 in 2016. About to play an FA Cup 3rd round game in 34 degrees and sun in January...
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    Finding out he won PFA Player of the Year for the 92-93 season makes his nonsensical ITV commentary even worse. teehee
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    Sorry for the late update this year. The trophy was presented to Fabian Delph by Paddys dad Barry. Fabian was very greatful to receive the award and hear about Pats story. The trophy was presented in the tunnel after the Arsenal game in September, but we have only just received the photo through from the club. Thanks again for all your support. Looking forward to seeing who wins this season
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    Haven't had the chance to try it yet.
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    The Christmas market in Birmingham. I just don't get the appeal. I went on Friday with the missus and baby and just was amazed at the brick-a-brack quality tat being sold at ridiculous prices. £4.50 for a pint and £7.00 for a hotdog.
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    Going back to Butler Sloss and how all of this is connected… No less than the Attorney General at the time Michael Havers warning Geoffrey Dickens not to expose a high ranking Paedophile in the diplomatic service… How did they come to appoint his sister to run an enquiry into child abuse? Just that act alone leaves me with no confidence that the real truth will come out
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    Not pointing fingers at you, but England/English players tend to get criticised for things others get praised for. Jack played the ball around very well, did his job without fuss and put in good effort. But he wasn't "noticeable". Busquets, Schwienstieger, etc do that every week and get superlatives thrown at them left, right and centre. Baffles me, this trend of trying to knock everything England. Truly don't understand it.
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    I tend not to play online, more with mates around a TV. We used to love our pro-evo nights
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    I thought Westwood took a lot responsibility when he captained against Manchester City. Here is an example of some good pressing and tackling from Westy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kNYKYMlmvs&list=UUrFgcdLJCB0hSLHOkaUUgZA
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    There's a nose in this clip?
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    An attacking style of football requires no more or less money than any other style. In fact a style requires no money at all. The absence of exciting attacking football is for me the biggest dissappointment regarding lambo. Where on earth is it, or anything even remotely resembling it ? You are right, a style doesn't require money but to do it properly it does. I could go onto a Sunday league pitch and tell them to play attacking football but if they aren't up to the job what do you think will happen? You can't tell the fans that the manager you appointed will play attacking football knowing full well the players available to him aren't up to it and then still expect it to work. 2 and half years later, with multi millions to reshape the squad to how HE wants it, with the players, style and football philosophy HE dictates, and we are still play awful, negative, narrow, ineffective 'football'. He has had time. He has had money. He has had his chance. Now it's time to **** him off.
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    I don't know why there is so much snobbery when it comes to oasis, yes pretty much every song has to pay royalties to someone else and they weren't amazing musicians or weren't as good as what came before but in the 30 years of my life no ones comes close to them in terms of impact, significance, influence, number of great songs, live performance, general buzz and excitement, you name it definitely maybe and what's the story stand up as classic british albums (so should masterplan but I'm guessing it's lazily written off as b sides, 9/10 bands dream of writing an album as good as masterplan) what's the story is the quickest selling and 5th biggest selling album in uk history, wonderwall especially broke boundaries, I agree it's a song you'll hear in the pub, it's a song that's instantly recognisable to a huge % of people, played from radio 1 to smooth fm and by every shit busker I've ever seen, that's because it's a **** great song! The best thing about that song? The cd came with round are way, swamp song and the masterplan as b sides I stand by my comment on the previous page, oasis are underrated If 30 years time when the dust has settled they'll be at the top table of British music with the likes of the Beatles and the stones (and the arctic monkeys )
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    An attacking style of football requires no more or less money than any other style. In fact a style requires no money at all. The absence of exciting attacking football is for me the biggest dissappointment regarding lambo. Where on earth is it, or anything even remotely resembling it ?
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    it's called counter attacking football, which QPR executed brilliantly against us. The key to this type of football is having a clinical finisher like Austin who can bake the most of his chances. There was no luck in it. QPR didnt counter attack against us. They played long ball. First goal was long ball, second was a bad pass by Sanchez. They are the slowest team in the league.
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    Personally I hope he isn't still here in January however there is probably zero chance of that happening.
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    As we all know on VT, it's because women aren't funny
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    Lovely for a Sunday Morning and any other time.
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    Bourbons as a Custard Cream backup? You sicken me. (I bet, to the fancy pants biscuit boys, this looks like two hobos fighting over who's crisp-packet gloves are better).
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    I hope Lerner gives him some cash to spend in January, because we're a few more injuries away from being totally buggered.
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    I've suffered with depression my whole adult life and while that's a very minor issue in comparison to what others go through, it's also taught me a few things. First of all, I come first. Second of all, don't care what others think of me. I don't need any justification to do/buy something that makes me feel better. If it makes me a word removed, I'm a word removed, I'm also fine with that. If being a "good person" is giving to those who have less than you, or similar, then the poorest person in the World would be the richest. But he's not. Because we're all selfish, this includes 3rd World people who have more than other 3rd World people.
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    By this logic, we should play the entire u21 team.You still have to be good enough. Maybe Grealish just isn't. Yet. Again, you could say this about any player not currently in the squad.It's Salifou syndrome.I'm not calling for him to start games every single week but maybe it's something that needs to be done with our lack of creativity. Remember when we threw Albrighton in and he was excellent for 5 months? What I see every week is we're dire to watch, hardly create anything and don't often score so I don't think Grealish would do much worse, I really don't.Our last bench at West Ham had two centre backs and two utility players on it, you can't be serious when you're saying there's no room on the bench.And what happened with albrighton? He was an option, thought he was decent last season and I for one was disappointed we let him go.
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    I like a custard cream with a cup of tea.
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    My date spotted this. It was our pepper shaker First ice rink :3
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    first episode of Fargo is amazing.
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    Ah come on... At first I was like...... but then I was all like........
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    This x1000. I can't eat if feet appear on the TV, which they relentlessly seem to do at dinner time.Same. Feet are disgusting. Men who wear flip flops or sandals anywhere other than the beach or on holiday should be slapped. Women's feet are less offensive than men's, but still horrible. I don't get flip flops, or should I say specifically flip flops where the post goes between your big toe and the one next to it. Just so uncomfortable I think flip flops are great for the beach. Slip easily on and off, don't hold onto the sand, easily washable in the water, cool (temperature I mean). Exactly how they should be used. But under a pair of jeans while you're at the shops? **** off.
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    I believe you can never truly rate a musical act until some of their work has been "Easy Star All-Stars"afied.
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    Check out 3:30 - the guy gets a bit of boob on arm contact! Lucky sod!! Good spot, I only made it to the 2 minute mark first time around ..... You should pace yourself or you'll never make it to the money shot.
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    Thanks for that, 5 hours of education. I've not dug into the history of the game that much until now,
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    Not a man but this ****ing word removed:
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    Michael Bay. The punch would of course be followed by a series of explosions.
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