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    Who cares? I wish it were better but I couldn't give a toss where we rank. It's the kind of crap modern football fans like to argue about as part of the Sky soap opera and in lieu of actually going to games. Willy waving.
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    Just get yourself busy on there and nail as many slags as possible, if you nail 2 in a month that is still less than a proper brothel would charge, last time I checked it was £60 for 1/2 hour, just hammer some slut bags and get your money's worth, they are only on there for one reason
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    If they think it's bad at the ground they want to spend 5 minutes on here!
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    Losing "a bit" lately???!!! I think signatures don't show on all platforms, so in case anyone has missed it, here are some stats that go in my signature. Paul Lambert overall league record: Pl.87 W23 D21 L43 F91-146A GD-55 Pts90; Last 20 matches: Pl.20 W4 D3 L13 F12-39A GD -27 Pts15 That's more than losing "a bit"
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    He's the current Owen Coyle He does look a little like Mcleish though so maybe Randy and Faulkner were duped by Mcleish (funny accent , ginger hair) and he told them he was Koeman, makes sense now that appointment
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    Seriously? What's not to get? Everything. Thanks to CED for reminding me of another of my "don't get"s. No appeal for me whatsoever. If I've got a tenner I'd rather spend it on something I want rather than throw it away on the slim chance of getting a win. I completely agree, I've no interest in gambling my money. Betting is very different though. Take poker for example, skills can be used to make yourself money. Same way as betting on sports. But people who gamble, like the machines in bookies or people who play casino games. I'd never do any of that. I don't get gambling. I do get betting. Unless this is the point where you tell us you make £1m a year betting and never lose , I'd say you were gambling I don't make £1mil a year!! It's impossible to get anywhere near that as bookies refuse to take bets. But I do make a healthy profit each year, was about £9,000 last racing season and nearly double that the season before due to an amazing Cheltenham festival The Betting Advice section of my site is already heavily in profit from my tips. It's betting advice, not gambling advice
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    Please do. I'm assuming the original comment was in regards to a lot of those Belgian kids sounding like they are of African descent, and the "English" comment was suggesting that we do exactly the same and quite rightly don't see it as a problem I'll say that saido berahino is hardly john smith and leave it at that i did not see it as a problem either but it is a little hypocriet to say it about belgian players if england does it aswell and thats exactly my point. wer living in a multiculteral world. besides theyr all born and grown in belgium.
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    Some of these comments are frankly bizarre. Sure you can question his overall value as a player due to his injury record but it's staggering how some can still so badly underestimate his ability.
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    I've said this one before but when it's hammering down and people decide to run to their destination, if it's raining that hard if doesn't matter if your outside for 30 seconds or 30 minutes Once you get to your destination you can dry though. Shirley you would want to get there sooner? rubbish, embrace the rain, one of the few times in life I feel really happy is when I get caught in a massive downpour and I just stroll about watching all the other ants panicking like they are going to drown to death
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    He's savvy, chooses his co-conspirators with care and skilfully managed to reinvent himself every few years to stay relevant. Hate him. Can't sing and steals ideas - BBC4's Krautrock documentary is well worth a watch.
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    I care, I would love for us to have an atmosphere at VP. Admittedly, we have had nothing to shout about but **** hell, VP is full of some miserable, boring words removed. If we actually created an atmosphere, a siege mentally we might actually contribute to making VP a difficult place to go. Contribute.
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    Indeed - as indicated further down the article, it looks like Mr Carney believes he will be writing an open letter to the chancellor before the election comes. I wont read it unless it includes this
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    checks Pelle isn't looking .... Watched a show on ITV the other night about Queen ... it showed an insight into how they wrote the songs , how they evolved , how David Bowie was a bit of a cock with Under Pressure and so on the interesting thing was that loathe them or loathe them their music is quite diverse ... where as you can hear one Coldplay song and you've no need to listen to the rest of their entire catalogue as it's the same .. Queen to their credit mixed it about a bit ... We will rock you .. it's just foot stomping and hand clapping with a guitar riff at the end .. nobody released records like that ..but they did ... Bohemian Rhapsody ... 6 mins long with a mini opera in the middle nobody released singles like that ... but they did ... Elvis tribute act , sure lets do it and release crazy little thing called love ..bit of funk , sure lets release another one bites the dust ..bit of gospel , well lets do Somebody to love their music isn't for me but to call them over rated I think is wrong .. for the fan boys then sure they over rate them ( as do fans of any bad ) , but the rest of us are probably guilty of under rating them i feel so dirty have written that
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    He really wasn't. He was twice as bad.
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    "Put your feet up and watch Villa score while you enjoy a brew with this 1874 mug" http://shop.avfc.co.uk/shop/aston-villa-1874-mug/index.html Basically you can enjoy a brew every month and a bit.
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    Barely used remote play but it was just as good as the Vita. Camera is very good but I would say that coming from a N5. Sony's skin is fine and the battery life is amazing. I forgot to charge it last night, so I had it on 70% from 7am, used it shit loads for browsing the web and it's still on 38% as of right now. It shits all over the N5. Not to mention it's water&dust proof.
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    Why? He's rarely performed to a really high standard in a villa shirt. He's had stand out games and good performances but consistently he's done very little to improve our defence. Its always been blamed on the players around him but I think vlaar has to take his fair share of responsibility. I'd argue the opposite and say that he often performs to a high standard in a Villa shirt - his biggest problem is that he just gets injured a bit too often. Our defence is poor in spite of Vlaar, not because of him. I honestly don't think taking him out of it would improve it in any way and in fact the stats show that without him everything gets much much worse.
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    Vickers Type 559 1955 Far out, huh?
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    The rarest of weekends where neither Villa or the Jags can lose !!! I may be able to take the suicide hotline off from my friends and family telephone plan for a few days !
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    I'm not sure if I missed this first time 'round (not looking through the thread to find out), but the correct answer is U2. Always U2.
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    Please do. ok: dan nlundulu,japhet tanganga,trevoh chalobah,lukas nmecha,layton ndukwu,dominic solanke,joshua onomah,tosin adarabioyo,alex kiwomya,dele alli,ola aina,chuba akpom,nathaniel-chalobah,jamaal lascelles,marcus bettinelli these are some names i picked out from the national youth teams of engeland.
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    You'll have an accident with that egg in your mask.
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    It's black magic. Burn the witch!

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