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    Things Ashley Westwood is good at: - Reading the game: seeing the opposition players, knowing where his teammates are to lay off a pass, thinking two or three moves ahead. We have almost no one else on our team who can do this. - Passing and ball retention. - First touch. - He is among the most comfortable on the ball in our current team. By that I mean he does not panic in possession. - Through balls. Things Ashley Westwood can improve at: - Tackling and general defending/ball-winning. - Set piece delivery (I'm seeing improvement here, hope it continues) - Taking more risks - Taking shots. We do not have enough goals from midfield in this team. - Pressing the opponent. Things Ashley Westwood will probably never be good at: - Dribbling - "Enforcer" role - while I think he can improve on his defensive play, he is not going to evolve into a Roy Keane style DM. - Pace - Unlocking a defense My feeling is that if we aspire to be a team that controls possession, we need a player like Westwood in the team. I think he's one of our more intelligent players, but I also think we don't really play to his strengths, since we rarely seem to attempt to control possession, and there are expectations on him to do the things he's not suited to. I think it's hard for fans to see the value in a midfielder who doesn't fit either the Enforcer or Playmaker role -- he can do bits of each job but can't fill either role completely. I think he could be an important player for the team, but if we're not going to bother trying to control possession anyway, then maybe going with a midfield two of Sanchez (Enforcer) and I guess Cole ?? (Playmaker) would make more sense. Delph is a big miss, obviously (although he is also neither Enforcer nor Playmaker). Frankly I also think we miss KEA more than we know, no one in our team hassles opponents the way he did. I think Westwood is wasted in a kick-and-rush style of play. I don't know if we intentionally play that style or if our players just panic and it becomes that style. And of course as well all know, we need a creative playmaker in the center of the park, have for years. Other than Cole, who for me the jury is still out on, we have no one to fill this role. N'Zogbia and Grealish both have creativity and flair to their games but I think both are better out wide.
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    If the opposition played without a goalkeeper, Gabby would know their was something different, but wouldnt quite work out what it was.
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    - "We don't have quality players" is not valid when we fail at the basics. - "He was forced to ignore players and put them on the bomb squad" is a lie. Randy does not pick the squad. - "He is working under financial restrictions" applies to the majority of managers in the premier league. - "We have injuries" see above. - "We had a tough run of fixtures" doesn't explain abject defeats to 2 clubs struggling for points. - "They have a better squad than ours" is not always the case - but our opposition certainly play better football. - "He should get until Christmas" because somewhere between now and then he will stop doing what he has been doing for over 2 years....
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    I actually think Lambert has been brilliant in the transfer window, unfortunately, motivating the players, coaching them and getting them to win games is his downfall. When you consider that we could have a first team of Guzan, Cissokho, Vlaar, Senderos, Lowton, Westwood, Sanchez, Richardson, Benteke, Cole & Bacuna, costing roughly £21m, that's a pittance for a Premier League eleven. I actually believe that a better manager could get that team to finish mid-table too, so we shouldn't just dismiss Lambert's good transfers because of our current plight.
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    Fee agreed with United says the money was there and we were willing to use it
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    Date went really well. Got a 2nd date next week. Currently on 3 pulls but no shags as of yet.
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    Plus two of our best performing players Senderos and Hutton are out for Sunday and probably and could be out a while. So once all injuries taken into account we are left with Guzan - still pretty solid Given - could still do a job if asked Lowton - who didn't look great v QPR and now argueing with fans Vlaar - who looks way off in terms of match sharpness and fitness Clark - who just can't defend well full stop Baker - who can defend but usually he and Vlaar are not a good combo, that is if he doesn't go off with a head injury in the meantime Okore - sounds like the injury has really taken it's toll and won't feature for a good while if at all Cissokho - his defending has been pretty average - not as bad as Clark or Lowton but still questionable, his threat going fwd seems to have been identified by other teams and easily snuffed out. Sanchez - who mistakes aside looked good v QPR Cleverly - Westwood mark 2 - tidy but rarely affective Westwood - Cleverly mark 1 - both players aren't bad but do the same job? Bacuna - out of favour and sh*te at right back if he does play there Gabby - good for about 5 minutes per game, which is great if that involves a shot on goal or assist in that time Weimann - see above Benteke - Not fit, would rather he came of the bench rather than we carry him Cole - limited by age and injury, but even if he is fit i can't see how he would fit into Lambert's style of play Grealish - not considered to be ready
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    "our squad isn't that bad at all"... "Lambert's transfers haven't been too good at all". Which is it please? Should be doing better with Lambert's squad or is Lambert's squad poor? Haters gonna hate.
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    The thing about playing like that, too, means that one of Benteke and Andi could drop back a little when needed for the easy ball from Jack or another midfielder. If all 3 of them are more fluid than the usual static approach we take, you'd potentially cause problems for the defence. Of course, for them to become fluid like that, they need to play together, a lot, so initially you'd run into the issue of nobody knowing really what the other is doing, and we'd have people on their back pretty fast, but for my money, and if I was involved in coaching Villa, those 3 would be training together, very specifically, every single day working on their movement, creating a repertoire of runs and and learning to know where the other 2 are at any given time, in any given area of the pitch. Will that happen, though? Unlikely. Also, I have no coaching qualifications, so, in fairness, I have no actual idea of the ins and outs of making it happen, or the reasons why it possibly shouldn't. But like seems to be a regular theme in threads here lately, the adage that "it can't be any worse than what we're seeing right now" rings true 4 at the back (ideally Cissokho, Senderos, Vlaar, Hutton). 3 in a flat midfield (given Delph's injury, probably Sanchez, Cleverley, Westwood - you'd be looking at something that'd be solid and functional more than attacking or creative, and that's pretty much what those 3 guys offer). jack linking up play. andi and christian up top. On paper, and in my head, it's very straightforward
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    I'd love to see this - irrespective of Jack's game time. We're just desperately lacking in the final third/creating chances (i.e: against Q.P.R., we had so much of the ball that we should have created at least one great chance) and having two up top with one creative player behind seems a sensible shout. Sometimes bringing in a "new" player can give everyone a boost and/or a kick up the arse. Maybe Jack would provide both of these things; maybe he'd provide neither. Either way, worth a shot right now for me.
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    I'm often baffled by some of the names that are served up when people discuss managers, Sherwood? I'd rather just keep Lambert.
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    For hot runny egg chat? Called it. Now engaged to a Welsh bird called Gwen. We're honeymooning in Hereford.
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    Finally realised who the Delph reminds me of UFC flyweight champion Demetrious 'Mighty Mouse' Johnson Uncanny
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    To be fair though, when has the midfield ever offered creativity in the last few years?
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    fairport convention, fairport convention. great stuff
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    I said REALLY interested
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    Maybe he's cut out to be an unearther of talent, and perhaps that's the approach we should take if/when it comes to moving him on. Offer him the head scout role or something. Let him get himself out of the spotlight for a while and do something he's clearly good at. If he took it it looks a lot better on a CV than a firing, and it'd let him get out of the spotlight for a while and even step aside soon after if he really wanted to get back into management, touting the line that he "needs the hands on day to day stuff". Nobody loses there
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    Could probably score some off the dentist.
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    Being signed by a team challenging for Top 4 and being signed by a Martin O'Neill team challenging for Top 4 are completely different though. Heskey, Harewood, Beye and Shorey were all signed around the time we challenged for Top 4/5/6. It doesn't automatically make them good.
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    To save yourself a lot of anguish, consider the possibility that the "stuck record" is a concrete reason why we are served dross nearly every week. It is a stuck record though. The small-minded excuse of Lambert having to work on a budget has become something of a skeleton key to his supporters who just shoehorn it into any conversation to explain away his obvious managerial deficiencies.
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    I'd be interested to know which of our exciting megabucks signings you think Lambert isn't getting the best out of, and why. And there's also a possibility number... 3. He bought players into the club that are no better than what he already had because he is operating on a budget = we still don't know if he is a poor manager.
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    She sounds like a keeper mate.
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    Peaky Blinders is definitely the best thing on TV at the moment. This season has been brilliant.
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    I think if we are going to play a front 3 again for the Spuds then the Zog needs to be on the right and Grealish on the left and drop both Gabby and Andi down to the bench.
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    Sweet Jesus. If there was an open goal do you not think the variety of shots would be different?? Wouldn't be an open goal if they stick an outfielder in nets I think that's the crux of the issue. For the opponent at the moment their keeper is the guy who takes goal kicks and stops us shooting from 30 yards all the time. He's not got much else to worry about
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    Creativity, yeah. I should have been an artist. Have a flower @ V I I
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    Welcome to unemployment [emoji2] [emoji2] How come mate? Oh.... I've got another one lined up its all fine. Time to move on and do something different and for a 25% pay rise I'll suffer the 2 hour commute.
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    I think the most prevalent points over the past couple of pages are as follows; - No one enjoys where we are at the moment - No one enjoys watching us at the moment - Some people think Lambert is not using this squad to his potential (bad management) - Some people think Lambert IS using this squad to it's max potential (you buy cheap player, you get crap) The overall opinion is that no one is happy, but some think we should be tactically more astute (who doesn't?), others think "well, what can you expect?" Either way, none of us are happy, but some are more willing to live with failure, and others aren't. - Some people think we should get rid - Some people think there's no one better that will take a job with no funds available
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    The funniest thing about this thread is that some people actually rate Tim Sherwood, someone who was at a pretty wealthy club, with lots of resources and did ok, but not great...yet...Steve McLaren, who was very decent at Middlesborough, was excellent at FC Twente, ok at Wolfsburg and has done really well at Derby, is seen a bad choice...it's mental. Moyes would be a good shout and probably Randy's first choice. McLaren would be a decent option in my opinion, although that doesn't guarantee anything. Pulis has experience and may steady things, but he's not the type of manager who signs up as a stop gap. If he hadn't fallen out with his chairman he'd have been a Palace for a while.
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    Automatically downloads updates and dlcs duh
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    Yeah, you tell 'em that, see what they say I can just look at a map. depends whether you're looking at a proper map, or one that calls Derry Londonderry though
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    He was also known to relegate the same team...twice.
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    Much as i love tits i rather not have Sherwood as our manager. (Nor Moyes)
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    In spite of the horror pass he should definitely start against Spurs without a doubt.
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    Forgetting that he's an ex player, southgate is a terrible manager
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    Nah, to be an underachiever you have to have had some ability which hasn't been properly utilised. Lee Hendrie was an underacheiver for example. If anything, Gabby has overachieved to remain a Premier League player for this long when he has possesses so little footballing ability.
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    Grealish should be starting games. Not making the odd squad / getting the odd run out off the bench. Why do we need to ease him in? He doesn't look lacking in confidence and would only get more confidence from playing. He's got the ability and is what we're crying out for in our team.
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    Well we surely can't lose 10 on the bounce right? Thats my only positive right now.
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    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2799893/indian-mirozam-premier-league-footballer-dies-spinal-injuries-somersault-goal-celebration.html#ixzz3HVpHT9L4 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Saw that the other day. Horrible. And they say the celebration was similar to Miroslav's, unfortunately it wasn't Klose enough.
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    I am fed up to the back teeth with hearing how we have had a good start but played the top sides etc. Where did we have a good start, yes we got points on the board but at the same time we were not creating chances, an any other day we could have lost them games. I see nothing that shows me we can move on. We reward average players with new contracts, sorry but Gabby should have been shown the door, he aint good enough, only plays well for one or two games and does not bust a gut despite being a so called fan. We hire journey men on high wages who just want a pay check to see them till they retire. the club stinks from top to bottom, why run your self into the ground when you know you will be on the team sheet whatever you do. PL does not know how to change things, he tried the all out attacking plan and we got spanked, he is now trying to play defensive but has lost the attacking side. he is devoid of ideas, He has the players at his disposal to change things but does not use them either at all or to their strengths. I was in the give him time camp but now I have turned, enough is enough he has to go, just how many bad records is he trying to break, we are a joke, any person who knows football can see CB needs crosses to succeed, yet we have no width, Too many times we see the players have the ball in the middle and have to pass back due to lack of forward player movement, these are inexcusable facts and are 100% down to the manager. Can you imagine any other manager putting up with the disinterest the team show. He wont be sacked but then again he wont jump either as who the hell else would employ him with the CV he has made himself here at VP.
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    i thought he played ok last night, put in his usual work rate but id rather play him and Benteke with Cole or grealish behind him
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    F*** it. Drop gabby and Andy and play Zog off Benteke. Just try something Paul, anything, give it a go FFS.
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    Yep my thoughts exactly. Never thought I'd say it, but Senderos is much better and leads the team more than Vlaar.
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    I've never really got the fuss over him. He's never really looked excellent for us on a regular basis and performing well in the world cup does nothing for us. This weekend i've been more impressed with dunne and collins for the two teams they now play for. At the moment i think senderos is more important than vlaar
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    This is not childish or reactionary despite the hurt of losing to a poor QPR side. This is the culmination of years of mismanagement under Lambert and his back team staff, poor decisions in the transfer market, poor tactics, terrible football. Almost every unwanted football record broken along the way. There have been plenty of mitigating factors and excuses and I respect Lerner and Faulkner have played a key part in what has transpired. But ultimately we have struggled to stay in this league season after season and despite adding experience and a humiliating bombsquad reversal we are arguably as bad if not worse than when Lambert took over. If Lambert won't do the decent thing and Lerner won't cough up to pay him off then we THE PEOPLE the fans have to do something.
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    So… Small Heath appoint Villa fan Rowett from League Two. Meanwhile the one team below them sack their manager and who is in the frame for the job…. Lee Clark. Can you just imagine if he gets the job and manages to turn them around and get them above Small Heath... That would be too funny.
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    It's almost like some people aren't familiar with the concept of having a squad.

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