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    Wow, you two just don't give a single shit about spoilers, do you?
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    I've just released my first single on 7" Vinyl. A side: Oh I do like to be. B side: The seaside
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    Still, any excuse to get this out
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    I know I'm about 10 pages too late but you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen...with a kebab.
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    Dele Adebola but he's alright now.
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    Don't worry, you're going to look great
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    Decided to treat myself to one of these:
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    Spoilers are like brackets. Donnie has no time for them.
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    TRO people seem to think we are asking and expecting for Barcelona style possession. I couldn't care less what the stats say. All I want is for the team to be able to pass the ball more than five or six times without either a) giving the ball away, or feeling the need to lump it forward or in to the box. Is that much to ask of a Premier League team?
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    Yes, he is a complete word removed. At the end of the day, I take UKIP personally. There's no way I can't. I have been together with my Canadian girlfriend for more than 5 years, but even though we want to move to the UK at some point it will be extremely difficult to meet even the current salary requirements (we're both ESL teachers) and if UKIP's proposed immigration rules were to come into force, I would be essentially permanently exiled from the country. As a white, straight, middle-class male, it's a rare experience to be on the receiving end of a politics which blames me and people like me for much of the country's problems, and I don't like it one bit.
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    Only nine clubs in the premier league had possession stats of over 50% in 13/14. Of those nine, eight occupied the top nine places. The exception being Stoke.
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    Ah yes the benefits of 2 wives
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    Broncos must regret letting Kyle Orton go.
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    Haha, bitter much, Stefan? You sound like anyone who's ever raced VA on GTA V
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    I'm refraining from calling him Flukeo today
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    Every single scouser I know think they're funny, they like to laugh at other people and other situations, but as soon as you have a jibe at them and or their city they don't react well. The media are scared or having a jibe at them because of how they react like some religious sect. I like being a Brummy. Most of the Brummies I know take banter like a badge of honour, you have to take it if you give it out or you're just a word removed. We probably get more abuse aimed at us than anywhere in England yet I like it, because I feel I can dish it out.
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    Yes sir My slow mo above was better tbh.
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    so it would follow then,that if you can't consistently keep the ball, you are not very good? I think that's been the problem for a while. But what I want to know is why can a newly promoted team like Swansea a few years back keep the ball against ANY opposition? Edit: sick of hearing excuse that team we are playing against cost millions of pounds. We're not saying beat them. We're saying do the basics right. These are the kind of examples that make the question worth raising. I too am tired of hearing it takes a kings ransom to secure a player before he can trap the ball or shield it from an advancing opponent...sure the game is quick today, but surely we should see some improvement over the months/years from the work at Bodymoor Heath....or do they just sign in work on fitness for a couple of hours and go home?
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    Have 20 for your trouble: 1) Dead Man's Shoes Kes Uncle Buck Leon (500) Days of Summer A Room For Romeo Brass Harold's Going Stiff Cinema Paradiso Jean de Florettes Manon des Sources Groundhog Day Rocky 3 12 Angry Men Glengarry Glen Ross Withnail & I Being John Malkovitch Aliens Pan's Labyrinth Anchorman The Terminator
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    Thought he'd get a better job when you consider some of the incompetents who've managed in the Premier League. Let's not forget that he is a ginger so I can understand other clubs' reluctance.
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    You don't need an account for Imgur
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    Fortunately my first touch in real life is better than my Pro suggested! I remember that second thread actually, did anything ever come of it?
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    Now watch the double
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    To be fair he got a sly forearm to the face
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    As Mark says, if we are in a comfortable position, we may be inclined to cash in - especially if Senderos keeps up his current performance levels. If our position is more precarious, then you'd think we'd realise that retaining our captain is of paramount importance to safely see us through the season.
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    I was 11yrs old and remember the day well. In those days my mates dad would take 3 of us to most games and as per usual we were eager to get to VP and soak in the atmosphere, lol. My old man was working in Witton and used to ride his bike to work, he finished work around midday and was riding home when he was asked the time by some Jocks. Stupidly he stopped looked at his watch and was attacked for his trouble. My old man could handle himself so he gave as good as he got and then raced home to stop me from going down as it was kicking off all over Aston. He was too late however as we had left by the time he got home. There were loads of Scots acting like knobs on the way to VP however I don't recall feeling concerned, just a normal 70's game (those who were around will understand what I mean, hooliganism seemed somehow normal back then). We got to the turnstiles and my mates dad was warned it was full of Ranger's supporters but he wasn't the type to take a backward step so even with 3 lads in toe in we went. They were everywhere, fights were happening all around us but they left us alone. Dennis Mortimer scored and things started to get rough and by the time Frank Carrodus put us 2 up it went mental. I recall jumping up and down that we had scored and then watching what looked like a scene from a western movie but happening on The Holte. Villa fans didn't stand a chance, way out numbered by a mob of drunken Scots who didn't come to support their team only to show they were thugs. Cowards the lot of them, a couple did try to square up to my mates dad but he's 6'5" and they soon backed off thankfully. I've been involved in worse fights than I saw that day however what sticks in my mind is that they were all like it, everyone of them wanted to hurt someone. I didn't see or hear one of them telling his mate to leave off or just watch the game etc just the opposite. I have always disliked Rangers ever since and couldn't have been happier when they went into liquidation, shame they weren't completely obliterated.
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    I think Vlaar will be off to United in either January or at the end of the season. United have a dodgy defence and Van Gaal clearly rates him so don't rate our chances of keeping him. Would love him to stay though.
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    I'm a massive Oasis fanboy too. Dig Out Your Soul was their worst IMO, and I've always loved Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants because of Gas Panic mainly. The 90s was their peak obviously but you could make a best of from their 00s stuff that sounds brilliant and a bit more varied musically.
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    "Mark has a wide taste of music, so tonight we can expect to hear anything.... by Oasis", was a best man joke at lapal_fan's wedding, just to clear up that he likes Oasis... a bit.
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    Yep, then you take out a 33k tuition fee loan + maintenance to go uni
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    I say we completely demolish the stands and just replace them with 4 muddy hills. **** modern football I want pre-historic football.
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    Gotta say, I myself actually find the possession based style of Barcelona and Spain rather boring, although that may be because of how teams set up against them. I much prefer the high energy football of Borussia Dortmund or Atletico Madrid.
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    I love buying CD's, especially if it's direct from the artist at a gig or whatnot. I like having something tangible, especially if the artwork/packaging is cool. Plus I'm the type of pedantic/sad bastard who considers a couple of hours alphabetising my CD shelves to be time well spent. As for selling 'em off, since I started getting rid of my now decade-old trance CD collection on Discogs (that I don't listen too and has just been gathering dust in a loft), I must have made just under £400. One man's rubbish and all that.
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    Can't stand listening to Townsend, Tyldesley and Chiles at the best of times, but their constant, relentless pee taking of San Marino last night was tiresome and began coming across as just disrespectful. Yes, we know that they're not very good, but we don't need to be reminded every five minutes.
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    I agree with this. The best football we played (in recent times) was under DOL IMO, although there was plenty of terrible performances too. Solano and Angel link up play at its best. "Made in South America"
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    A band from Manchester with a good guitar player and a shit singer? That could never work.
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