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    Congrats on your new job, Stefan! Link
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    Wow, you two just don't give a single shit about spoilers, do you?
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    I think it makes you look dangerous. More so.
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    Finally getting around to Zombieland Rule number 4 already means I'm gonna like this a lot
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    I've just released my first single on 7" Vinyl. A side: Oh I do like to be. B side: The seaside
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    Still, any excuse to get this out
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    Children of the Corn Children of the Corn II - The Final Sacrifice Children of the Corn III - Urban Harvest Children of the Corn IV - The Gathering Children of the Corn V - Fields of Terror Children of the Corn 666 - Isaac's Return Children of the Corn: Revelation Children of the Corn '09 Children of the Corn: Genesis The Little Mermaid
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    luckily it was only rugby world would be in meltdown if that had been a football match with celebrity footballers in it we'd have Cameron touting law changes, a shock special on ITV and helicopters over giving live feed over Lancaster Gate
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    Is this the same immigration policy that Herr Farrago was saying in January would be a 5 year blanket ban on immigration? Doesn't sound the same to me. How should we know what is current UKIP policy? It seems to change by the pint
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    Well, most of the economic concerns people raise (low wages, unemployment, welfare etc) are not the result of immigration, but are the result of 30 odd years of neo-liberal policies i.e. if there was far less immigration during that period, we would still have those problems. For example, 'market forces' led to the decline in manufacturing in the UK and the subsequent problems within working class communities. For that reason, I don't buy the usual lines trotted out by UKIP voters. I can understand their disillusionment with the system, especially among working class (usually Labour) voters, but they are focusing their anger on the wrong area, and IMO they have been led to do so quite shamelessly by politicians & the media.
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    I know I'm about 10 pages too late but you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen...with a kebab.
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    You don't have to watch highbrow nonsense to know that xfactor is a turgid puddle of semen gloop
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    Dele Adebola but he's alright now.
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    Don't worry, you're going to look great
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    Haven't changed a bit.
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    So? What has that got to do with anything?
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    Decided to treat myself to one of these:
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    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? Time Bandits? I'm having a hard time with this thread I've written out about 100 lists and altered them straight away each time.
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    Hearing that our kid had beer and fish and chips this weekend - :-)
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    It was probably someone on the Top Gear team, hoping to get some mild controversy - but it has spun a bit out of control. Yes, that's how much I respect the integrity of the whole Top Gear set up. Juvenile cock worshippers all deserving of any petty stone throwing and cat calling they are subject to.
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    Spoilers are like brackets. Donnie has no time for them.
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    Problem is we have technically sound players being coached by a relic of a manager. We need a young progressive manager who picks players on current form not reputation. Woy doesn't have a clue, playing Henderson, wilshere & Milner against the worst team in the world smacks of desperation. UTV **** England Problem is we have technically sound players being coached by a relic of a manager. We need a young progressive manager who picks players on current form not reputation. Woy doesn't have a clue, playing Henderson, wilshere & Milner against the worst team in the world smacks of desperation. UTV **** England
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    Utterly impossible for me to choose a ten but 12 Angry Men still remains top of the pile.
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    TRO people seem to think we are asking and expecting for Barcelona style possession. I couldn't care less what the stats say. All I want is for the team to be able to pass the ball more than five or six times without either a) giving the ball away, or feeling the need to lump it forward or in to the box. Is that much to ask of a Premier League team?
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    so it would follow then,that if you can't consistently keep the ball, you are not very good? I think that's been the problem for a while. But what I want to know is why can a newly promoted team like Swansea a few years back keep the ball against ANY opposition? Edit: sick of hearing excuse that team we are playing against cost millions of pounds. We're not saying beat them. We're saying do the basics right.
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    Just been to a record fair at the Motorcycle museum...good job I only took a set amount as I'd have blown a fortune. Got these though...
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    None of this would have happened if they were allowed to scrum properly.
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    For 4 mill you may not get a lot although we did get Ron for 3 mill. As things stand he leaves for nothing next summer so lets just say in the summer we may have set aside 7 mill for his replacement we can make that 11 mill if we get 4 mill for him in January. Ron is a very good centre back but he isn't the difference between finishing say 14th or 6th which is what would be required to get the 4 mill by keeping him and the half a mill for every place you finish higher. As ISA said if we are again in deep shit then I could see us turning down 4 mill and keeping him. If we are however comfortable mid table then we will take that for the 15 or so games, which could be a lot less depending on injuries, he would likely play before leaving for nothing.
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    Wolf of Wall Street was excellent As others have said, didn't feel like nearly 3 hours. Great writing and DiCaprio was fantastic as always. Lots of t&a as well
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    Yes, he is a complete word removed. At the end of the day, I take UKIP personally. There's no way I can't. I have been together with my Canadian girlfriend for more than 5 years, but even though we want to move to the UK at some point it will be extremely difficult to meet even the current salary requirements (we're both ESL teachers) and if UKIP's proposed immigration rules were to come into force, I would be essentially permanently exiled from the country. As a white, straight, middle-class male, it's a rare experience to be on the receiving end of a politics which blames me and people like me for much of the country's problems, and I don't like it one bit.
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    It pisses me off that I actually give a shit what some(people I don't know or care about) say/ think.
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    I've tested them and they all work, should just be able to paste from the image URL.
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    Only nine clubs in the premier league had possession stats of over 50% in 13/14. Of those nine, eight occupied the top nine places. The exception being Stoke.
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    General rule on here seems to be: Is club football being played? -> Yes -> Complain about how shit the Premier League is and how you've no interest in it, aside from Villa. Is Club football being played? -> No -> Is International football being played? -> Yes -> Complain about how International football is pointless and boring and how you miss club football.
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    Only got shown this about half an hour ago but I've watched it about 5 times so far. Absolutely incredible: I CAN'T SPAKE
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    1982 FKL on a car bought by Top Gear to drive through Argentina and you think its a coinkydink? C'mon Son.
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    That's really expensive for 3 tracks... #banter
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    I'd like us to keep the ball better in home games, but this possession fetish is distracting. I dont care how much is possession we had against Hull, we were head and shoulders the better team. The idea that possesion equals either winning or exciting football is a nonsense.
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    Have 20 for your trouble: 1) Dead Man's Shoes Kes Uncle Buck Leon (500) Days of Summer A Room For Romeo Brass Harold's Going Stiff Cinema Paradiso Jean de Florettes Manon des Sources Groundhog Day Rocky 3 12 Angry Men Glengarry Glen Ross Withnail & I Being John Malkovitch Aliens Pan's Labyrinth Anchorman The Terminator
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