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    An attack that cost well over a hundred million, against our defence which was put together for less than ten. Yeah, let's blame baker because that's clearly his fault too. I really have no idea how some people's minds work - are they incapable of understanding that sometimes other teams and players just play well and its not our players' fault that they're not as good?
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    There was some really nice interplay between him and Westwood today, I'm really looking forward to seeing how they do against lesser sides. Some nice one touch stuff, that we didn't see much of last year with players of lesser quality around Westwood.
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    When teams have men behind the ball it's extremely difficult to break them down. You need space in behind to attack. Playing through them is nigh on impossible with a packed box. Then when you lose the ball there's the danger of the defending team being able to break quickly and get in behind you to exploit that space. That's what we do and we're quite good at. It's how we've managed to stay up the last 2 seasons and why we're doing OK this season. If we commit players forward, the better teams can get in behind in us and exploit the space. It's how football has changed. It's now more of a cat and mouse game than ever. Commit forward, risk being caught behind. But sit back all game and you risk conceding a freak goal and then being forced into coming out and chasing the game while the other team sit back. If we 'have a go' against someone like Chelsea then it's suicide. They're too good to leave space behind and more than good enough to play in behind us. The best chance is to sit deep, keep it tight, press, give little away and hope that we can get in behind them. Until we have players like Costa, Ivanovic, Hazard, Fabregas, Matic, etc, we can't take the game to teams of players like this. Yes, sometimes it works and you catch them on a bad day. The vast majority of time you won't.
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    it is negative, its sit back and hope to nick a goal on the break or from a set piece. theres no doubt it can be a valid tatic and it will work on occasion (such as at liverpool) but more often than not you are going to get into trouble if you keep playing that way. mcleish got some wins against top teams but overall he was still negative. i do get that you have to pragmatic against the top teams and are not going to be able to take the game to them as such. i understand sitting deeper and im not expecting to be launching attack after attack at them and dominating the game. my issue is that we have been creating so little, having so few shots on target. weve had 9 shots on target all season - thats got to be a worry surely? and yes we dont always play that way, first half against hull we did attack, but 2nd half hull spent most of the time in our half. newcastle at home we gave them too much of the ball. we dont control games consistently enough whatever the level of opposition. i hope that the return of benteke improves things, but last season with him playing we saw a lot of the same issues - only playing well for half a game, not creating much- we only scored 39 goals in the league remember. its hard not to be concerned lambert is happy for us to play this way.
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    12 monkeys. What a seriously **** up film.... Don't go messing with time travel kids Brad Pitt is brilliant as a nut job though
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    Have read the reviews, they sound as competent as most. You are a star. Saved me nearly £90! For that I will donate £10 to VT. Top chap.
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    Agreed! Looks like he's working on his explosiveness! That's got to worry opponents! His run past two players and shot yesterday was the highlight of the game for me, still he needs those shot to be going in, if that starts happening then we will have a world class player on our hands!
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    NFL at Wembley this evening. Dead excited
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    Have you ever seen "The Verdict". He nails that film so hard. Rather ashamedly I have never seen The Hustler.
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    Saw this outside work yesterday morning
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    I refuse to use them. Putting people out of work! We should destroy all of them
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    1. Hating everything 2. Cheese 3. Vampires
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    Some little runt kid has been blowing a whistle all **** afternoon, I'm about to light all of my firecrackers just to scare the piss out of him
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    Just recreate it. Monday's have mornings?
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    The in laws are around next week so I think a FIFA tournament needs to happen so I've just bought this from Amazon. Was going to get it from Game but... ... look at those flags. This was in the Bullring so **** those guys. November 13th for PES. I'll bet a lot of people plan to do what I'm doing and trade FIFA in for PES in two months.
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    What a belting night of fights. GIF request is Zingano's legit ddt
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    I don't think Westwood would be particularly good in an attacking midfield role. He's not agile like Delph and cannot beat a man. His best position is a deep lying midfielder.
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    It will take a few months probably to see sanchez at his best - we need to give him plenty of time to adapt to the premiership.
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    This is starting to feel like CoD to me now. Started off as a great game, then focussed on all the things the teens would like more (CoD - kill streaks, faster gameplay, silly special abilities) (Fifa - Ultimate team, faster gameplay, skill moves). The goalkeepers are 100x worse than Fifa 14, and that's saying something. They parry every shot that has even a slight amount of power, when you run out with them they don't have any intelligence of where the ball is. Ping-pong passing is worse than ever, and it's so unrealistic with how fast it is. Seriously considering ditching it for PES.
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    Same here, with a grey Cyclops thing for an avatar. Wasn't sure whether to add or not, I'll wait
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    The Thing is awesome. One of the first horror/sci fi films I can remember seeing (thanks to my dads great parenting skills)(I'm not sorry Donnie).
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    Made me do a breakfast marathon on youtube. Never gets old
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    I've just seen this on The Telegraph site http://goo.gl/ZRpEYZ Potential bidders for Aston Villa believe that Randy Lerner may now be willing to sell for just £100 million - half of what was thought to be the original asking price when he put the Premier League club up for sale in May and only around a third of what he has spent. Lerner had hoped to recoup £200 million for Villa but, despite tentative discussions with interested parties and the American businessman issuing another statement in July claiming the sale process had been "productive", no buyer has been found by Bank of America, which is handling the sale. The official asking price is now thought to be £150 million, and a so-called 'indicative' price is said to be £125 million. But bidders believe Lerner would be prepared to sell for as little as £100 million and understand he has to cut his losses. Given that Lerner paid £62.7 million to acquire Villa eight years ago and it was estimated that by 2010 he had pumped £206 million into the club - by now the figure is believed to be around £250 million - he will be losing a lot of money on the deal. Reform Acquisitions Limited, Lerner's holding company which owns Villa and a number of related businesses, has recorded losses of £217.7 million with last season's accounts to come. The latter are expected to show the club is now self-sufficient and, as it said in its last accounts, "closed the chapter of heavy spending". Lerner has been an extremely generous benefactor and has respected the club's traditions, although he has acknowledged he has had his fingers burnt financially. "Fates are fickle in the business of English football," he said in his statement confirming Villa were for sale. "And I feel I have pushed mine well past the limit." On the surface the deal to buy Villa looks like a good one given it is an established Premier League club with some global cache, even if it is not in London, which tends to attract far more interest as a location. Villa Park has been upgraded and has a healthy 42,700 capacity, plus a large tract of land also owned by the club. The training ground, Bodymoor Heath, is impressive and there is other property. The club's huge wage bill has been slashed and although the value of the playing staff is not high there are valuable members of it such as Christian Benteke and Fabian Delph. Manager Paul Lambert has signed a new long-term deal and a new, highly-rated chief executive, Tom Fox, is in place. Villa have also made an encouraging start to the season although the priority is to remain in the top flight. It is believed that Lerner is prepared to make more funds available in the January window after doing so in the summer in the hope of avoiding another relegation battle. He knows his chances of eventually finding a buyer, whatever the price, would decrease further if Villa are not in the Premier League.
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    He just doesn't sound right on tv.
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    sorry this one was late, but table up. Should be ok now. Had to double check a few positions.
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    So were Ince or Barnes on a different level to Sol Campbell? I wouldn't say they were so why were they given opportunities yet Campbell is denied opportunities by the colour of his skin? Something doesn't add up there. I would love to know which managerial jobs Campbell has applied for, I suspect that could be quite telling. As for Brian Deane, here is what he had to say when asked if he felt his colour stood in his way of a job in England. So the example of Deane doesn't much strike me as an example of the colour glass ceiling some are trying to say results in the current low ratio of black managers. If Deane does well I've no doubt he will get a job in England. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2013/aug/24/premier-league-briane-deane-sarpsborg
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    I don't think he's ever done anything crap 2012....utter shite
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    Didn't realize you lot were such a bunch of thinkers. Sometimes you just have to go along with the premise. I can see it now: "A horse walks into a bar..." "No way, a horse would never be allowed in the door!"
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    Have to say Gabby had a thankless task today but he worked his bollocks off, held the ball up well when it did come to him, and given he was a one man attack he at times actually caused Chelsea a few problems. I think he has had a very good start to this season and once again showed today, even in a comprehensive defeat and with very little support up top, that he should never just be judged on goals alone.
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    I really, really dislike people getting fired or losing their jobs over their personal sex lives (as long as they are legal & consensual etc.).
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    Silver linings playbook, actually quite a good film
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    Agreed. Kicking downing should always be okay... Rewarded even
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    I'll be waiting for when you get an advertising budget then....
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    B94 villa I just Gizoogled your post and here are the results Seems ta me dat tha failingz of both species is exacerbated by tha playas whoz ass keep dem as pets mo' than anything. Every other doggy den on mah street has a thugged-out dawg dat howls all day, settin all tha others off cuz playas be thinkin you can keep dem as doggy den pets instead of struttin em. Equally, tha shop n' lampposts is plastered wit missin pussaaaaay postas cuz playas don't seem ta be able ta grasp tha concept dat pussies is nocturnal predators dat hunt over a wide area n' don't live up they lives within a hustlin day. It make me wanna hollar playa! Off topic a lil' bit but there be a a posta near mah doggy den dat say suttin' along tha linez of "Missing: aiiight lookin black pussaaaaay called Snuggles/Kitty/whatever, if approached will respond up in tha aiiight manner of a cold-ass lil cat" Wtf do dat even mean, biatch?
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    I got 770. 75+2 x 9+1 Without brackets your solution gives 94 (as the multiplication is done before the addition) (soz dorris) (75+2) (sorry donnie) x (9+1) (sorry donnie) Better?
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    I do wonder what it's like living in your world sometimes.
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