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    Not sure if this will link, but here's Stan in the crowd at Chelsea:
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    We were excited about bringing our cats to Canada. We found a house with a garden that we thought they'd love playing in, and would give them chance to get some proper exercise after the small yard we had in Manchester. Trouble is, our cats like to go out at night. So do the local coyotes, which we hadn't accounted for. So the cats now have to stay in at night and don't get to use the garden as much as we hoped. Apparently the coyotes here don't rely on anvils and ACME dynamite to catch their prey, and are a lot more effective as a result.
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    Our five games v Chelsea under Lambert.... 8-0- nuff said. 1-2- Were going to win until Benteke got harshly sent off which changed the game. Good performance otherwise. 2-1- Played brilliant at Stamford Bridge. Ref totally fcuked us over with his decisions. 1-0- Win. Probably got the run of decisions in this game but a good performance aswell. So o.k not a great record with 4 defeats out of 5 but only in two games have we been outclassed and I'd argue we've done well to come back v them given the pyschological impact an 8 nil defeat to a team can have on our squad.
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    An attack that cost well over a hundred million, against our defence which was put together for less than ten. Yeah, let's blame baker because that's clearly his fault too. I really have no idea how some people's minds work - are they incapable of understanding that sometimes other teams and players just play well and its not our players' fault that they're not as good?
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    A Dutchman living next to a German? That'll end well. They already confiscated my bike.
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    I think it is perfectly obvious from what I've already posted that I'm not saying racism doesn't exist. You can write what you've posted differently as many times as you wish, it won't change anything, it isn't that I don't understand your view simply that I don't agree with it. I don't accept that a non-white applicant for a managers job needs to tick extra boxes. Obviously racism exists within football sadly as it does in almost all walks of life but I simply do not accept that there is unilateral racism across 92 professional clubs in the country. Individual racist owners/directors? Yes without question but not across the board, there is little or no evidence to support such a view and there is no evidence to support your conclusion quoted above other than suspicion. Well that rather remains to be seen and the interview I quoted earlier would suggest he thinks differently to how you are trying to present. You guys? You seem to be suggesting that anyone who doesn't agree with you including myself is racist which is something I really don't appreciate and find quite offensive. I've not expressed anything even remotely close to a racist point of view, I'm not in any way racist as my posts on topics like Suarez and Terry have shown and I'm getting tired of the little digs you seems to be incapable of resisting while discussing this topic. I completely agree, which is one of the reasons I'm against the Rooney rule. That isn't the same as not wanting black managers or thinking in some way that they are inferior. If the next manager of Villa was black I wouldn't careless. Just as with players, skin colour isn't a factor that matters to me. Well actually, yes you did because you keep accusing me and others that don't agree with you of being racist at some level which you've done again in this last line. You don't know me from Adam, you don't have a clue what my views are because rather than reading what I actually post you are, I assume because of personal experiences, projecting views and attitudes on to me that are plain wrong. I'd welcome more black managers in the game I just don't want to see positive discrimination through the Rooney rule because I don't think it fits with the culture of hiring managers in the game and I don't think a box ticking exercise is the way to change attitudes if indeed they need changing. And I'm sure they do in some clubs, but I think they will be in the minority not the majority. But I will bow out of this topic now I think as it seems if you aren't in support of the Rooney rule you are effectively John Terry.
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    Chelsea are a cut above every other team in the league. I would not be shocked to see them win the league without losing.
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    Ingram-85 Took me ages to come up with it.
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    i dont think many people are suggesting all out attack - but there is a position between going completely gung-ho and not having any attacking threat at all. chelsea have only kept 1 clean sheet this season - even burnley scored against them. i do not understand this attitude of a loss is ok, and we should just accept another game where we set up from the beginning to keep the score down, just because the other team has spent lots of money. i understand that they have a better team, i understand that they were probably going to win anyway, but i'm still annoyed that we didnt even have a go at creating something in the game. having a few chances or even getting a goal would have at least given some confidence to the team even in a loss. mcleish used to get slated for having a negative approach to games, and yet the same approach is acceptable under lambert?
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    Me too...unless for example they are hypocritical - as in say, for example, politicians heavily promoting "christian family values" while secretly living a life that, er, wouldn't be described in that way. You seem to get the same thing with people and drugs, or gayness and a few other subjects as well. The sin, really is in in being untruthful/rank hypocrisy, rather than in taking part in whatever lifestyle.
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    Too late, the German Cyclops accepted, only room for one Stefan at a time
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    All teams surfer If you take out the two best players. Take out Costa and Fabregas and we would have had a much better chance.
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    We should be happy we don't have to rush him into the team. We are in a good position where have have good numbers for the defence, so we can take our time with Okore. Why bring him back at 60/70% when we can wait till he is 100% ready? It's not like we are being forced to play Herd at the back. And Baker has done well since he came in for Vlaar. No rush...
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    That was 3 - 0 to Chelsk without them even trying. If Hutton hadn't gone on that good but speculative run we'd have had no shots on target. Chelsea didn't get out of second gear. Yes, I know there's a gulf in class, but we're not putting a pub team out there. These are still professional athletes on tens of thousands of pounds a week that should be capable of stringing some chances together. Even against the best. The same problems are there for me as last season. As long as teams prepare properly against the counter-attack they will grind us down. Maybe Tekkers can hit the ground running when back, but it's a big if and also maybe Cole or Grealish can be given a chance to actually give us some creativity. Chelsea weren't worried about us at any time at all - at all!!! At the final whistle they didn't even look like they'd been in a game. No easy games in the Premiership? We just saw one.
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    nah mate, shes wanted it for a while and ive had cold feet about the whole idea but im ready now ive come to terms with a few things.
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    There was some really nice interplay between him and Westwood today, I'm really looking forward to seeing how they do against lesser sides. Some nice one touch stuff, that we didn't see much of last year with players of lesser quality around Westwood.
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    Consistent self loathing, plus a search for ones inner self through masturbation and flagellation. At a guess like.
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    Touchdownov ! Our first Russian TD in yonks !
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    Jags score their first rushing TD since 1872.
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    He was a brilliant actor with charisma to burn. Pretty down-to-Earth guy too, lived in Connecticut and gave Hollywood a big middle finger the latter half of his career.
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    After 5 years of private renting and paying someone else's mortgage off I think were on the cusp of getting our own mortgage, and after meetings with our mortgage advisor our monthly cost will be less Tha what we pay for private rental, and were buying a much bigger house Really cant wait to give the keys back to the landlord
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    it is negative, its sit back and hope to nick a goal on the break or from a set piece. theres no doubt it can be a valid tatic and it will work on occasion (such as at liverpool) but more often than not you are going to get into trouble if you keep playing that way. mcleish got some wins against top teams but overall he was still negative. i do get that you have to pragmatic against the top teams and are not going to be able to take the game to them as such. i understand sitting deeper and im not expecting to be launching attack after attack at them and dominating the game. my issue is that we have been creating so little, having so few shots on target. weve had 9 shots on target all season - thats got to be a worry surely? and yes we dont always play that way, first half against hull we did attack, but 2nd half hull spent most of the time in our half. newcastle at home we gave them too much of the ball. we dont control games consistently enough whatever the level of opposition. i hope that the return of benteke improves things, but last season with him playing we saw a lot of the same issues - only playing well for half a game, not creating much- we only scored 39 goals in the league remember. its hard not to be concerned lambert is happy for us to play this way.
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    Got to be honest, we only have ourselves to blame.
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    12 monkeys. What a seriously **** up film.... Don't go messing with time travel kids Brad Pitt is brilliant as a nut job though
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    It isn't negative though, we won against Liverpool. Its only deemed as negative if we lose, but against teams in that higher bracket it isn't often that if you take the game to them that you will win. If that was the case, they wouldn't be in a higher bracket. Against Hull we played differently, much differently, because they don't have the ability of Chelsea and such. If we were good enough to play slick football and beat top opposition, we wouldn't be where we have been for the last few years. We aren't good enough, so we try to win or gain a point using different methods.
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    Is it really, really red, then?
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    Have read the reviews, they sound as competent as most. You are a star. Saved me nearly £90! For that I will donate £10 to VT. Top chap.
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    I thought you said ISIS first lool
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    Agreed! Looks like he's working on his explosiveness! That's got to worry opponents! His run past two players and shot yesterday was the highlight of the game for me, still he needs those shot to be going in, if that starts happening then we will have a world class player on our hands!
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    Ronaldo would definitely sort out their inability to defend.
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    NFL at Wembley this evening. Dead excited
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    Better than Dedlph yday? Whats this totally outlandish claim?
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    Have you ever seen "The Verdict". He nails that film so hard. Rather ashamedly I have never seen The Hustler.
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    He was excellent yesterday. Some of his interplay with Cleverley was a joy to watch.
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    Saw this outside work yesterday morning
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