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    For anyone that is need of a good laugh: http://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/14m.946642/
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    Shit, that means even if we were to buy him, he's now pre-season tied!
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    Money talks. If another team, say West Ham were to receive a Man CIty style takeover, I imagine most of us fans would be pretty gutted thinking that that would be another team set leave us behind and we'd probably be right. If someone mega rich wanted to take over (Villa) and make a difference they could.
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    It's always sunny is definitely my favourite comedy. The character depth is incredible. The things they get up to is absolutely bonkers but seems completely believable once you get to know each characters personality. It's incredibly intelligent and makes a joke out of everything.
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    Hope so. Would be depressing watching him join (supposedly) skint Everton on a permanent basis.
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    It's not his fault he's had to do four jobs in one. If he was allowed to concentrate on his own game and not keep covering from the constant mistakes of others. I think you would see a solid consistent display week in, week out.
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    any civilian casualties are regretted and not a deliberate act
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    About to watch it now, cheers for the reminder!
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    This is going to be a Martin Laursen scenario all over again. Everytime Okore gets injured or goes down holding a knee, we will expect the worse.
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    thats what they all say. now come on and stop all this tittle tattle, you've been dogging. Stan Collymore likes this post. and Rugeley Villa likes this post.
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    We've got a lot of these new signings lol
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    we could be left with Garry Monk all over our face if this doesn't happen
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    JRod might struggle with a medical too...
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    Pulled out of the Remy deal with concerns over his medical. Wonder if they will go back in for Bony now?
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    I think India will regret only going into this match with three seamers and Jadeja... Pleased Woakes gets his chance...Been carrying the drinks too often for me...
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    I was stopped by the Police the other day, so I pulled over and the woman Police Officer walked over to my car. I wound the window down and said "what's wrong?" and she said "Nothing..."
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    charge for it maybe. 150 people downloading it over a year, and that's your 100 quid back at 99p a go (after apple take a cut)?
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    Lula Cortes E Ze Ramalho - 'Paêbirú'
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    The house is smiling but it has no eyes.
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    has just scored against Houston Dynamo's from a header!!
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    No way without Suarez.
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    Awake to the reality of the world? or awake in the morning?
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    No we don't. We don't have anything even close to that We've got at least half that, come on now. I know I could pay that every year and i'm sure there are many villa fans worldwide much better off than me.
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    Talking of which... Nathan Barley is up there in my favourite comedy series. From recently, Toast of London was hilarious!
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    Just smashed in a "one of every animal, BBQ special". Pork steak marinated in Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, Chinese chicken thighs, minted lamb cutlet, and possibly the best rib eye steak I've ever cooked myself. Feel full now, and getting some major meat sweats, but so worth it!
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    absence makes the heart grow fonder. TRO you will be bitten by the bug when it comes closer to the Stoke game. Like us all.
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    what kind of bus ride was this
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAFEFBaqp_Y +
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    She replied "I'm okay with it most prolly " That was her response, letter-for-letter. Hmmm. So she didn't put a x at the end? Sorry man. She's just not that in to you x
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    Hmm, it does sound like you're moving too fast and I don't think it's right.
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    Subway is great and delicious. Screw the haters.
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    I can shed a bit more light on this. Tonev has a criminal record for criminal damage the incident occured in the Aston region at about 1530 on a saturday. Reports suggest that tonev had actually been intending to shoot but had hit a near by house.
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    My favourite Pavement album. A contender for my top 10 (not that it's possible to ever pick a top 10) favourite albums ever.
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    I find it quite staggering the way the world almost turns a blind eye to what Israel is doing, just staggering. Targeting hospitals and ambulances, snippers shooting civilians, it is truly disgusting.
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    Pfftt, call that a poem? Doesn't even rhyme.
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    Sorry mate got confused because you said nice to meet you kev. My bad. And thank you mate. I do hope Jack can keep his head down whatever happens. Surprised someone hasn't mentioned that Jacks in the squad for the USA tour... Only one to travel out of the younger lot. Happy days.
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    I don't know why, but I find this really funny.
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    I totally agree with this. We need to be very careful not to build this lad up too much. When he arrived he had played just 70 senior games in a much inferior league. Given that Baker started last season alongside Vlaar and when he got injured it was Clark who replaced him it would seem Lambert felt that Okore was going to need some time to get up to speed with the Premier League. A season down the line he has gained no more experience and will be coming back from a very serious injury. It could well be some time before he is ready to be anything like a big player for us.
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    I have a feeling this guy is going to be an extremely important player next season, like Vlaar, Benteke and Delph have been previously. I hope and pray his injury doesn't come back to haunt him.
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    Do we? Hes barely good enough for us and we've finished 15th for two seasons. I wouldnt say he is good enough for 6-7 anymore to be fair. Been getting a free ride past couple of years imo. Def not worth the wages. Do you pay a player high wages for being loyal? Id say not, cant let our hearts rule our heads.
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    The winner is: Lionel Messi.

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