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    Hardly any pathetic squabbles though. Gotta give them that We should send BJ10 over to TBAR on loan just for shits and giggles.
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    Written off before they've even taken over the club because they 'only have $4b'
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    They won 5 in a row before that Davis and Simpson back in
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    yeah no bother lad, how much you after like.
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    Do you not like Lambert then?
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    On topic's 'Enforcer'. Can't name him directly as that would be against his rights but you know who I'm on about. "I shall shout louder than you, I know I'm right & don't need a lesser fan to tell me otherwise, bkargh, blargh, blargh, blargh". Just ban the word removed and 50% of On Topics - OBVIOUS to everyone - problems will miraculously disappear.
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    We haven't anything yet. You'd have to be atic to believe these rumours my words, there's something to 'em I think we need to away from all this silliness now. Get
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    There's nothing quite like a SAF letter of recommendation.
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    Done in principal, just ironing out the Kinks!
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    So you defended Doug for his charity work when people wanted him out did you? Clutch that randy Lerner straw. Doug took our money and gave it to charities on the proviso that he got his face in the paper or something named after him. Randy took his own money and gave it to charity in our name in the hope it would make our football club mean something in the local community. Randy has made a lot of mistakes as an owner - but he's come back each time with more money to try again - and usually made another mistake. You can certainly make the argument that he's not very good at running a football club, but he's keen, he keeps trying and he's not robbing me every day to feather his own nest. Is he the perfect owner? No. Is he the worst owner in football history? No. Is the the worst owner Villa have ever had? Not in my opinion.
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    But with the lettering done properly (I'm semi busy here at the moment, so it was a quickie)
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    VT is the best forum! We have something like 10 million posters, 50 billion funny photos, a handful of Barry Bannan threads and a Hall of Fame containing the Miller thread, Rory Delap thread, honeytrap thread and one about a poster that has sex with his aunt. Good luck TBAR, you'll need more than a bit of poxy takeover tittle-tattle to get my vote!!
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    I'm not clutching at straws because I, like you, want Lerner gone for the good of the club. However, your one-eyed approach towards the man is ridiculous. You're acting like an ungrateful child. Did Lerner have to buy the club and spend all of that money? He's made mistakes. More mistakes than good decisions. However, you are failing to give him any credit for absolutely anything which is totally unfair. Things haven't been great on the playing side, but a football club isn't just about the playing side anymore. Look at Man City. Look at what they've done to that area of Manchester. The football is 90 minutes a week. What RL has done behind the scenes for the infrastructure, charities and fans has been magnificent. If you want to completely disregard that because of what happens on the pitch then that's fine. I, however, think that you're doing a disservice to him. Nice bloke, misguided football club owner.
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    We haven't anything yet.
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    So, nothing yet I take it?
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    Well don't discuss it then Leave it to those who want to discuss it
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    yeah - lots of peeps on here jizzing themselves but it's premature speculation - i'll get me coat!!!
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    There are going to be some very unhappy people on here if Lambert goes and we don't end up with Klopp or Guardiola. Maybe those who say Villa fans have unrealistic expectations were on to something.
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    I've bored people to death on this thread with my comments, I think people believe I see no good in Randy. This is wrong. I don't believe he set out to piss us off with McLeish and I do not believe he wanted things to end on a sour note. I wish with all my heart we could have won a trophy under him, so his initial investment would have been rewarded in some way. He has wanted out for months, maybe even up to two years, and this is why he has tried to run us for barely anything - and whilst this is the usual thing in business when you are looking at a sale, it is not a good choice in football. Maybe this is just showing again, that he never really understood 'Football' from day one. He's done so much for charity too, especially Acorns, which is one of the things that makes me proud to have him associated with Villa. Unfortunately, he just isn't right as a chairman. I hope he still follows us, but I doubt he will. So yeah.. I just wish he could have been rewarded with a trophy under his stewardship.
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    I can announce.... The new owner is.... Please keep this quiet.... So excited.... WOW!..... Please clean up after you... Ready?
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    We haven't anything yet. You'd have to be atic to believe these rumours
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    Bang. There is the problem.... Your "proof" is merely your own opinion.That's fine. We can disagree.*Sits back and waits for smug counter post.*None of my posts have been smug and I'll let the the records speak for themselves. But yes we can agree to disagree.
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    You cut your cloth to suit. He wanted Lukaku on loan last summer. We couldn't afford the loan fee and his wages. I doubt very much Lambert would have signed Holt and been looking at Hoolahan if he had decent money to spend in January on fees on wages. In the end it seems we couldn't even afford Hoolahan. Lambert has made plenty of mistakes here but he has not been helped by the amount he has been able to spend especially in terms of the wages we have been able to offer. Give him even O' Neill type money and I doubt very much we'd have made 90% of the signings we have under him. That doesn't excuse by the way the fact that we have served up some right tripe under him and had diabolical results leading to the shit we again find ourselves in.
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    Wait, wait, back up...there's a baseball player named Prince Fielder? If were blessed with such ownership, we could finally afford Sir Cecil Kicklesworth or perhaps Baron von Scoresalot.
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    Is it just me that thinks this whole thing is a little premature ?
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    I live in Dallas and follow the Rangers closely. Here are my initial thoughts, for whatever they're worth: These guys will stay quiet and behind the scenes. Don't expect them to say much or do interviews (unlike Liverpool's owner, Henry). They will want to field a competitive team. The Rangers' General Manager (who is essentially in charge of the team, strategically) has said that he has never asked to spend money and been turned down. That said, I wouldn't expect these guys to come in and spend bucket loads of money on transfers. We wouldn't be the new City, or really anything close to it.
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    Hilarious comments from some on here. These 2 lads have 4 times the miney Randy has and people are still not happy. Also remember Lerner has a fair few $$$ in the first place but has decided he doesn't want to spend it on Villa the last few seasons.
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    I think this is where I differ. I just can't shrug off the last 4 years as patching up the damage. He could have patched up the damage after MON but instead made it worse and then continued to make it worse. 4 consecutive relegation battles, the last 2 and potentially this one could see less points than Doug's final year. Club record breaking lows and just abysmal home form. For me that's not patching up the damage. Patching up the damage to business - the effect of that on the pitch was always going to be visible, but it's been amplified by poor decision making, much of it Lerner's. McLeish was a mistake, Bent was a mistake, we've made poor choices in a number of areas and made the process of getting the club straight more difficult and more extreme than it needed to be. It needed to be done, it's been done badly, but I think that it is now done - and I think it's something he wanted to do before selling up. I still believe there's a basic decency to Randy Lerner, a desire to do the right thing - not a lot of common sense, but good intention. It's not been pleasant, and it's not made watching the team enjoyable over the past few years, but I think it's been done for the right reasons. I can forgive that. Can't disagree with that. But for me good intentions isn't enough. McLeish had good intentions, heskey had good intentions and I'm sure grant Holt has good intentions. Good intentions, for me, don't make up for awful decision making or not being up to the job. Good intentions and money give him enough to be just about in credit for me. Holt has good intentions on the pitch, I'm sure, but he's not paying to play (regardless of whether he should be). I'll not look back too fondly on the last three or four seasons when Lerner has gone, but I'll remember the good times and for me he'll be a man that wanted the club to succeed, tried and failed. It's the right time for him to go and the right time for someone else to see if they can make it happen.
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    Massively cutting the wage bill, limiting investment while waiting for a buyer and asking for a large sale price. So basically, by not throwing another £100m after the £250m the guy has already burned, he has ensured that 'his losses aren't too bad' A more childish poster would be 'haha-ing' at that.
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    We haven't anything yet. You'd have to be atic to believe these rumours my words, there's something to 'em I think we need to away from all this silliness now. Get
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    Ferguson deserves manager of the century for winning the title last year with that squad.
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    I personally am not so bothered by how much they are worth anyway. I am more concerned with the model and strategy that they will attempt to implement. Lerner pumped quite a bit into this club and we are no better for it precisely because it was done in tandem with gross mismanagement and no coherant plan going forward.
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    That sounds like a dreadful piece of business. We'll be worth a multi pack of Walkers in 4 years if they own us!
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    So you defended Doug for his charity work when people wanted him out did you? Clutch that randy Lerner straw. I don't see what you're actually arguing against. I want Lerner out. I'm not defending him. I even said he hasn't been a good owner on the footballing side. I genuinely can't see how you can argue that he hasn't done anything good in his time here. I said the charity work with acorns was superb. It had to be provoked out of you. You were just bleating on about how awful he's been without any mention of any positives. Sorry I thought we were talking about a football club. The fact acorns is the main thing people are jumping to defend him shows what a failure he's been as a sports owner. Nobody is using Acorns as a means to defend him, people are just reflecting on his time here and mentioning the positive things that he has achieved rather than just solely focusing on the negative. Why is that such an issue to you? Pretty much everybody you are debating with right now actually wants him to go. Why? Because of the footballing reasons that you yourself want him to go for. Your view on Lerner seems to be the exact same as it is on Lambert, you seem to dislike anybody saying anything positive and if they do, you believe they are wrong.
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    We won it under Doug but he's hardly spoken about with kind words. Randy got us there having inherited the mess at the end of the DOL era. Ellis got us there after dismantling THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE and getting them relegated in the process AND lining his own pockets into the bargain. Hardly a fair comparison is it?
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    No transfer fees. Either player trades or free agent signings. No Relegation either. If memory serves, he bought the team while they were teetering on bankruptcy. Didn't they pay $50 million for a pitcher? **** me - I can get a 4 pint pitcher for £8 down my local - **** wasters - overpaying or what????
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    Agree, apart from in The Mask.
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    I look forward to a long and successful period with the new ownership and lambo in charge. I think with the correct investment and lambos canny European scounting network purchases. I think we'll be looking to maybe sneak an europa league spot next year. Paul Lamberts claret and blue army! :-) However... there is a caveat to this attitude. If he fails to do a good job by Jan 15, then I'd say he's been given a fair crack of the whip and that unfortunately, it just hasn't worked out like all of the fans (and probably) the new owners would have liked. Vis a vie. My best interests are with maximising the potential of aston villa. If lambo isn't that man, then best of luck to him in the future.
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    Thanks for all that Paul Faulkner... How nice of you to drop by
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    It's irrelevant when there's enough of it. It's not irrelevant if owner's wealth is 1 billion USD. Isn't RL worth more than a billion currently - yet we're fighting relegation. Liverpool's owner is worth less than a billion and they've all but won the title. In premier league terms it's irrelevant. Guys, forget about the worth of the people "fronting" ownerships. The crucial thing to understand is that these are "groups" of people financing the investments. John Henry's wealth is immaterial - he is fronting a group of people with access to money. Likewise, it would appear - if the Texas Rangers model is anything to go by- Simpson and Davis are heading a group of investors. How much they are worth collectively or (more importantly) how much they are willing to invest in Villa is anyone's guess. This figure of a collective worth of four billion for the two men heading the deal is fairly meaningless in the context of their "group's" worth and ambitions. It will be interesting to see how this develops.
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    Chill guys. P.S, we got to get behind the team for the next 4 weeks.. we really have to push hard, like I know our fans can. We can do this...
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    Shaggy, does Moyes' Everton career suddenley mean nothing because he has struggled at Man Utd. Use your noggin mate.
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    And you're just adding to the idea that he should be toasted because he's not Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan. Then you're not reading my point or just making it up. If you think my issue with Lerner is based solely on what he's spent then you're wrong. What IS your issue then? He took a punt on CL qualification, worked on the 5 year plan towards that (and it was fun - don't tell me you spent the four years under O'Neill worrying about what would happen next instead of enjoying the cup final and the win at Old Trafford and consistently besting Mourinho) and was scuppered by someone with more money coming in and beating him to the punch. Based on that he realised he couldn't compete, has cut costs dramatically (and dangerously - a real negative and a horrible few years with it) and seemingly prepared us for sale to someone who gives us a better chance of competing. Like he promised he would at the outset. Has it all been perfect? No. Has it all been absolute shit? No. There have been highs and lows. That's football. You seem to dismiss things very easily. I loved the MON years. I don't know if my posts are still around this long but I doubt there were many posters more positive about the club than myself. I didn't worry about the future and enjoyed it as I thought our owner knew what he was doing. But like my example with leeds, while its good at the time it doesn't mean its reflected upon fondly and just shrugged off when it leads to struggles. He spent with no clear plan and then made things much worse with his managerial decisions, especially McLeish who is probably the worst appointment any premiership club has made. He then cut costs making the team worse and worse till it reached a point where current season ticket holders saw us lose more games than any other set of fans in the history of the club. He stayed away from the club and failed to communicate with fans while happily gambling with our premiership survival. Have a look at the players we signed during the last 3 January windows. He's made sure his losses aren't too bad while we, the fans, have suffered. You've no problem with that, I have. Either way it seems he'll soon be gone. A failure in another sport. But that is the thing, we all do have a problem with that, which is why we want him gone. Thing is, as bad as things have turned out, it is still possible to look at the positives that happened previously too. Hopefully what has happened will turn out to be useful for the new owners should they arrive and they'll be able to learn from not only his mistakes but also from the things he did okay with.
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    And don't forget Palace already know the line ups and formations for both those games
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