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    But with the lettering done properly (I'm semi busy here at the moment, so it was a quickie)
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    You cut your cloth to suit. He wanted Lukaku on loan last summer. We couldn't afford the loan fee and his wages. I doubt very much Lambert would have signed Holt and been looking at Hoolahan if he had decent money to spend in January on fees on wages. In the end it seems we couldn't even afford Hoolahan. Lambert has made plenty of mistakes here but he has not been helped by the amount he has been able to spend especially in terms of the wages we have been able to offer. Give him even O' Neill type money and I doubt very much we'd have made 90% of the signings we have under him. That doesn't excuse by the way the fact that we have served up some right tripe under him and had diabolical results leading to the shit we again find ourselves in.
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    Massively cutting the wage bill, limiting investment while waiting for a buyer and asking for a large sale price. So basically, by not throwing another £100m after the £250m the guy has already burned, he has ensured that 'his losses aren't too bad' A more childish poster would be 'haha-ing' at that.
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    I look forward to a long and successful period with the new ownership and lambo in charge. I think with the correct investment and lambos canny European scounting network purchases. I think we'll be looking to maybe sneak an europa league spot next year. Paul Lamberts claret and blue army! :-) However... there is a caveat to this attitude. If he fails to do a good job by Jan 15, then I'd say he's been given a fair crack of the whip and that unfortunately, it just hasn't worked out like all of the fans (and probably) the new owners would have liked. Vis a vie. My best interests are with maximising the potential of aston villa. If lambo isn't that man, then best of luck to him in the future.
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    It's irrelevant when there's enough of it. It's not irrelevant if owner's wealth is 1 billion USD. Isn't RL worth more than a billion currently - yet we're fighting relegation. Liverpool's owner is worth less than a billion and they've all but won the title. In premier league terms it's irrelevant. Guys, forget about the worth of the people "fronting" ownerships. The crucial thing to understand is that these are "groups" of people financing the investments. John Henry's wealth is immaterial - he is fronting a group of people with access to money. Likewise, it would appear - if the Texas Rangers model is anything to go by- Simpson and Davis are heading a group of investors. How much they are worth collectively or (more importantly) how much they are willing to invest in Villa is anyone's guess. This figure of a collective worth of four billion for the two men heading the deal is fairly meaningless in the context of their "group's" worth and ambitions. It will be interesting to see how this develops.
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    Chill guys. P.S, we got to get behind the team for the next 4 weeks.. we really have to push hard, like I know our fans can. We can do this...
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    If as seems almost certain we are to be taken over I would be very surprised if Lambert is kept on as manager. If he is though and manages to do well enough to get the majority of supporters back on side it will be the greatest come back since Rocky knocked out Apollo Creed in the 15th round in Rocky II I actually like the guy and believe he is doing his best. I just don't think he is anywhere near as good a manager as I thought we were getting. For as long as he remains here though I'll happily be proved wrong.
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    It really is madness. We were one of the biggest spenders in the league in the first few years under Lerner - these guys are at least 4 times richer but apparently that isn't good enough?
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    Lambert was the first choice of the fans so you'd have to say the fans are a bad judge of manager as well then.
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    Do you suppose that somewhere in the USA there is an internet forum for incredibly rich people to discuss which shit English football club to buy?
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    I do find it slightly curious that when people moan in here about on topic, they never specify that they're annoyed at the negative posters. In fact when I did it I explicitly said I was moaning about both negative and positive posters. Yet its the negative ones who pipe up in here defending themselves when nobody has actually mentioned them...
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    I don't think it's about thinking we're "above" Moyes, I think many people just don't rate him. There are lots of lower profile managers that we'd be happier with.
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    Guys, he is going nowhere and will be our manager for the next few weeks. We really need to get behind him and the team, no matter what. We need to stay up and the good times will return.
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    I just needed to add a badge
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    Lambert came with some promise, but let's not kid ourselves and say that he did extremely well with Norwich. Tons of managers have done OK in the Championship, promoted and then finished decently in the Premier League. He finished 12th, it's not 7th, and Chris Hughton did even better than Lambert in his first season after Lambert left. The easiest jobs are the ones where you are just expected to avoid relegation, where you just set your team out to run a lot and play defensively. Look at Palace and Pulis, they are currently 11th and Stoke are 10th. So in other words, what Lambert did at Norwich was decent but far from spectacular. Look at his defensive record and you suddenly realize he cannot make a team defend for their lives!
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    Many clubs have the star to represent that they were European champions once. Nothing smalltime about it, it is an incredible achievement and one that very few clubs have ever realised.
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    Well as they have got 3 homes games left they may even overhaul our impressive amount of wins.
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    I think people really need to cut him some slack, he's not a world beater but he's not as bad as some of you make out. Don't forget hes only 21, I still hold out hope that with the right coaching that there's a half decent defender in there.
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    I was right with you, up until the slightly racist bit at the end. My least favourite Americanism is "you do the math". It's "maths" FFS! Didn't mean for it to sound that way. I meant that its something I would expect from people who are not native English speakers and from people who are poorly educated as it is such a ridiculously stupid and incorrect thing to say. And I am fully with you on the maths thing too. OK Nick Griffin, I believe you! Now, where's my daily mail.....
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    Im doing well in on topic at the moment. Im so amazingly balanced that even the scrotes are avoiding me because I'm covering every possibility
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    I want someone like Rodgers. Someone who is going to improve players and the way they play with his coaching and tactics. Someone who has a clear vision for success. I think this is more likely to come from Europe at the moment.
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    No it was in Germany. Paderborn and Bochum. Wasn't that this season? Of course. My bad. Weren't we in Asia Lamberts first pre-season and in the USA when AML was here. no, pre season 2011/12 under McLeish we played in the Barclays Asia trophy pre season 12/13 was America 13/14 was germany
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    Shouldn't have got rid of Fergusons backroom team, they would have helped him so much. and 30million for fellaini
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    Couple of new ones. Trying to stay with the round design but not too similar to the previous one.
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    Not really sure, given all we have now learnt about his management style (harsh summary: leave everything to Culverhouse and Karsa) that we can really be sure how much of the achievement at Norwich or his failings at Villa can actually be attributed to him anyway.
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    Nicola Cortese would be my choice as CEO!
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    Fair enough, you're right just did a bit of research and it does appear they aren't just going to let clubs brazenly circumvent the rules, although I'll hold off until the verdict is announced on the under investigation clubs, particularly City and PSG as you said, before putting too much faith in the strength of the authority.
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    Oh please! If it's not an oil sheik then there is no point? I would much rather a Liverpool level of investment than Man City.
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    If it turns out to be Ray Davis and Bob Simpson, then fair play to 'admin' on TBAR for getting proper ITK info and sharing it too. <br /> <br /> The talks of a new Man City/ Chelsea owner & model were a hopeful fantasy, to say the least, but another owner of Randy's wealth (or slightly more, in footballing terms) in still good for us. <br /> <br /> In the early days, Randy was happy to give a manager £30m-£50m to get the ball rolling, and then steady ongoing investment. If the new owners do the same, I'll be happy as it'll hopefully make us compete again.
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    he'll be ready for his autumn almanac
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    Self made billionaire in 'pipelines'.
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    As someone mentioned late last night Mark Walter fits the rumours weve heard. - A consortuim with a front man - who has some interest in sports franchises http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Walter
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    If we go down, it'll be the brand new car (a lovely Mini Metro with the hazard lights on). If we stay up, it'll be the speedboat (useless to anybody living as far from the sea as Birmingham is). Lambert and Lerner are the equivalent of the shit couple with a thicky for the quiz answerer, and a lady for the darts thrower. BFH for Randy please. Now, Paul and Randy, your 20 quid, thats's safe, so for 30 pounds, how do you spell AMBITION. (Waits for Bully to come across the screen mooing as they run out of time whilst staring blankly at each other) MOOOOOO
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    Ah, Cameron Diaz. I missed her in Antigua a few weeks ago because my daughter didn't want the couple of hours at the beach for the final afternoon. Apparently Ms.Diaz was happily mingling and having photos taken with folks. My daughter was more gutted than me, but I have to secretly confess that as a fat, bald, middle aged man, had she posed with me it would have been a hell of a FB wall post!
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    So by your own logic then you'd classify someone like Ian Holloway as being a better manager than he has shown in the Premiership? Di Canio could have acheived back to back promotions if he'd have stayed with Swindon. Didnt make him any more of a success. Lambert will be consigned to the George Burley/Owen Coyle/Phil Brown drawer once this season is over. He'll have to rebuild his reputation somewhere else.
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    It got missed a few pages back but I posted a link to a new Guardian article, stating that Lambert has been told to prepare to work under new ownership. Maybe he isn't as gone as many think he is. Please see edit. (Typo error) I would not sack Lambert. No Way! No, I was letting you know that maybe he won't be going in which case you'll be happy. Personally I'm not sure but if new owners were to come in, I feel that it would make sense to at least let him try, players that he has signed for 'better' sums of money (aka £3m+) seemed to have been positive. Vlaar, Okore, Benteke and Kozak are all signings that I am happy with. I also think that bringing in a new manager and backing him to overhaul the squad yet again with a whole bunch of fresh faces could turn out badly, especially if the potential new owner does not really know who he should be bringing in. Agreed.
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    I'm sure we'd sign 1 or 2 though. I hope we don't sign a load of players that are deemed to be awesome, as I've said before, Q.P.R. Yeah thats an issue with 'New Money' - players will be happy to come - but they can run circles around the club if the management isn't strong..... Like what happened with City. Santa Cruz, Bridge, Bellamy, Adebayor etc Yep or even with us and MON. But this time we will have klopp!
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    Who knows? Maybe he will become President Emeritus No.2? He would certainly be more worthy of the title than the No.1 First job for the new owner, kick the freeloader out on his arse!
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    I think that might be a parody post
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    If & when we get new owners at Aston Villa I hope they continue the wonderful work with Acorns.
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    There doesn't seem to be cloud support for saves (apparently something they wanted to do, but no word on if it's being patched in or if it's coming in the port of the second game). Some people have been using Dropbox/Drive for it - the save files are identical to the PC version which is quite good. Not something I've tried as I only have it on Android and only have one device. A friend needs a battery with ridiculous life. How long does your Note3 last under heavy use? Particularly calls. And can it charge from QI pads? I might not be the best reference as I tend to spend less than an hour a day using it for calls, but I've never managed to wear it down in a single day. Today for example it's been off charge for 15 hours, the screen has been on for 4 hours, I've had music streaming for a couple of hours, and the battery is down to 45%. I turn off most of the Touchwiz things like air gestures and always-on listening as after the first couple of weeks I wore tired of them, it's a bit gimmicky, and they seem to be quite bad for the battery life.
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    I would assume a MLS Villa team would be the first port of call, with them paying us handsomely to use our colours, branding elements and name, just like City are doing
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    Bloody hell, Montpellier were 4-1 up away at Lorient with 3 minutes to go and ended up drawing 4-4
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    I don't think the second option is actually possible in this league.
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    Looks like it may happen Lerner wouldn't just sell to anyone, he'd sell to someone who would invest in us. Despite the criticism he has had, I think he's only had the club's best interest at heart. It was just a job too big for him.
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    And here's my little secret. I. KILLED. MUFASA!
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