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    Unfortunately I know enough born and bread brummies who agree. They knead to realise Brum is the second city.
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    Boing boing g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g
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    Analysing the accounts is much more fun than watching the majority of Villa games this year....
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    I agree. If the politicians that we elect stood up and fought for us the way that Crow did for those that elected him then the masses, rather than the few, would be far better off.
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    Yeah, he really ruins Batman movies.
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    I wish the people looking out for my pay and conditions were similar utter cocks.
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    Apparently a couple of weeks back, the goalie for whoever Portsmouth were playing was taking selfies with some of the crowd whilst the game was going on.
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    captain of the reserves is a mixed review of someone's ability isn't it? our absolute best player we don't need
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    Yes he has, think he will get better too, seems to really work hard at his game to improve.
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    Are you working at CERN...?
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    21 minutes of waffle, with no solutions... (no disrespect to the interviewer, who i think did a good job) the thing that frustrates me with something like this, is that it just moans that things aren't as good as we would want them to be... the question to us all is, how do we make it better, and who pays for that? if we were to fire PL and bring in someone new, how much money would we need to give them? how many of the 16 new players would they have to get rid of? what constraints would the new manager be under? who is going to pay for the new funds required? how long will that new manager be given before the fans start to bitch and moan about their performance? if we were to sell the club, who is going to buy it? how much would they be required to pay? how much would they be required to commit on top of that? how hands on are they supposed to be with the club? on what matters should they say yes or no to? will the club be run on a break even or loss-making basis in the future? we'd all like to have 20 points more and to be playing attractive and consistent football - so would the other 11 clubs around us.... however, how you get to that point is a bit more difficult.... my view on it is this - PL, under the constraints set by RL, will get us to a club that sustains its position in the premier league while costing us something close to financial break even.... the majority of the players we have on our books, with the exception of the bomb squad, will have a resale value in excess of their purchase price, or in the worst case, no more than say 3m less.... the days of massive losses on individual players is a thing of the past.... expenditure each summer will be about the smae that it has been each year of RL's tenure, unless players are sold to generate funds.... With a squad effectively in place, future acquisitions will be less in number, more in price and with a view to enhancing our starting XI, as well as one or two keepers to fill in at squaad level.... PL will continue to be backed by RL and the Board, having delivered what his mandate was, which was a mid-table financially sustainable premier league team... the players will continue to back PL, as they have been unanimous in doing so far, and as they reach stability, will start to play with confidence, even at home... we will be in the premiership for many years to come, and hopefully a top half team.... we will not mount a serious challenge for the champions league places, or the title.... if this is right, I sincerely hope that RL stays as our owner and PL as our manager on this basis.... I also sincerely hope that bentekkers stays as our talisman for years to come!!!
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    Reading off topic is quite the unique experience. I wouldn't come on here and expect the lighter side of life just because I don't expect anything at all, it's always different
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    I was staring at a woman trying to breast feed on the bus today. She said, "You're a really weird bloke." "Why?" I asked. "Because I'm staring at you?" She said, "No, because you're trying to breast feed a baby."
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    He's nowhere near as unhappy with his time here as I am.
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    Really? He's been crap every time I've watched him. I'm surprised he's still at Arsenal to be honest. Hopefully he remains there as I wouldn't want him here.
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    Well you could argue Lowton was nowhere near the Dutch team, given that he's English. In terms of signings, it doesn't get much than this chap. We paid next to nothing for him, he's scored more goals than Gabby and even helps out at the back too. Good call Mantis... I've always liked the Netherlands, a wonderful country, a very friendly air force and attractive national team colours. I have a soft spot for Ajax too... They've always been our second team in our house... and let's not forget the lovely tulips, windmills, and 2 Unlimited. Definitely my second team.
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    I was assuming automatic promotion, gotta aim high.
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    I'd like to see Bertrand & Carruthers in the same line-up at some point. Sounds like a Victorian-era solicitors' firm.
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    Dont think Noone is anything special myself. Mutch only turned 22 December just gone. Hes physically imposing, carries the ball forward well and seems to always find dangerous positions. I reckon hell be at a big club in the future. It'll annoy my Birmingham mates as well which is a bonus.
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    Apart from the chap at the front who has a better view than he started with and can sit down whenever he wants
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    We will make the play offs ! COYP
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    It was quite a magnificent way to go out. I mean, in a sort of "it shouldn't be brilliant but it is" kind of way. Yeah, winning the world cup in his final game would have been better, but it's sort of brilliant that someone so good went out like that.
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    do you feel confident you could fart in silence?
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    Although I can remember plenty of conversations about the board and funding, how they treated Tony Barton and the European Cup winning team, politics and money etc... right from when I was young. Now we're talking more about balance sheets and player wages but still, it's just taking an interest in how things are being run...
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    Most of us shared your mindset during the MON days probably but the subsequent seasons of cutbacks and resultant mediocrity have obviously made us realise the importance of sustainable finances to the long-term plan. Impossible to ignore really.
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    its encouraging hearing that from a left back who is real quality. fingers crossed w ecan get him in the summer
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    You hardcore barsteward.
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    Yeah, the key is always station placement. If you start with three stations on one side of the river you're set. I'd be interested in hearing some tips from people who can get to 600 on a regular basis. I seem to have trouble with the 450-550 passenger level. Only real tips I have:
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    Bizarre argument, it isnt Jordans fault if our manager picks him over some of our youth players for a bench spot, could be thathe does more in training, or any number of reasons, I honestly have no idea and nor do any of the rest of you. The loan will do Bowery good he needs games at his age and I hope he does well, like many others I see no real future for him at this club though. Loans can improve certain aspects of a players game but he doesnt look like ever having the technique to be a prem player.
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    Okay, just googled it, grapes are tropical.
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    He moved to Erdington, and hasn't been heard from since. Probably been stabbed and chucked in Brookvale Park Lake. Dear Policemen, if this turns out to be true, this was a joke, and I was 180 miles away at the time. Honest.
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    Did it involve a hoover at any point?
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    That's not very fair at all and you are speaking about him as if he is Darren Bent. Sturridge has many strings to his bow including his link-up play, technique, dribbling, ability to play as a wide forward etc.
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    I disapprove of breastfeeding in public. I assume this makes me a bad person. I just hate the argument of "oh but it's the most natural thing in the world!" So? It's perfectly natural for me to masturbate but if* I did it in public I'd be locked up. *when
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    Sturridge. It isn't even close.
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    You're ready to go back in time and play in the 1980s NBA, I see...
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    It's the other way round. If the big clubs pull away and form their own league no one would watch us anymore. We would basically be a championship club in a championship league with similar TV revenue and exposure.
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    A few months ago it was painful watching him be so unsure of when to overlap and looking lost. Game by game he has got better at the role, fair play to him putting the effort in. Now just to make sure he always closes down the crosser when defending and he could possibly have found a set position.
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    What a prick. Player in making spurious racial claim to sell book shocker.
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    I'm going to the first 3 days same as last year. Gold Cup day is too busy and you have to skip a race just to get a pint. I love going in early on the Thursday, get a hog roast roll, I give Best Mate a pat on the nose, and sit on the bench beside him to go through the 3 handicaps that day.
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    Please send these to them. These three kits are absolutely beautiful. Love the yellow one! Perfect. Simple, understated and a not-so-subtle hint of days gone by. All three shout ASTON VILLA to me.
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    Please send these to them. These three kits are absolutely beautiful. Love the yellow one! Was actually gonna ask did anyone still have these pictures from a few years back.Feckin lovely and were very popular as I remember.
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    Please send these to them. These three kits are absolutely beautiful. Love the yellow one!

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