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    Granddad's out of hospital tomorrow, heart attack conquerer.. Tough little bastard!
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    Unfortunately I know enough born and bread brummies who agree. They knead to realise Brum is the second city.
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    From the same game. It seems the Fenerbahce goalkeeper is actually a ninja.
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    A Villatalk paradox; signing Noone in a transfer window but being happy about it.
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    Boing boing g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g
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    he is 35th highest scorer in Premier League and joint highest defender with Coleman would be joint 3rd highest scorer at Arsenal or Spurs. more goals than 42 million Ozil for example
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    RIP Bob Crow, he was a savvy operator. I saw him being interviewed by Andrew Neil recently. He effortlessly batted away Neil's attempts to undermine him with the kind of trivial, personal bullshit the right wing media use when they know they're losing the argument. He increased union membership and did well for his members. He was a real thorn in the side of the few who want it all their own way at our expense.
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    Analysing the accounts is much more fun than watching the majority of Villa games this year....
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    Those pictures from Turkey are terrible and yet another example of the ugly side of the game that is so common there. It is about time FIFA acted and gave them a World Cup.
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    or rather a shocking indictment of our strikers/midfielders Ah yes, every silver lining has a black cloud.
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    I would be very suprised if his fee was much above £5m, he has barely played 30 PL games according to Wiki and he is now 24 years old so it is not like he is a young prospect anymore.
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    Brookvale Road? As in The Brookvale Cult? As in the Brookvale Teacher bum rape & murder cult? Probably not.
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    I never used to dislike Albion, however since many of their fans now have delusions of grandeur, and since they recently released my lad from their academy i now loathe them and will rejoice in their demise.
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    If Bayern Munich played without a goalkeeper, they would probably be bottom of the league as everybody would shoot from halfway and score all the time. #boringstats
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    Its different area to area but a lot of LEAs are transfering services over to Social Enterprise Companies. There is a lot of statutory "stuff" the LAs have to do but the agenda at the DfE is very much giving Head Teachers as much power as possible. This is almost universally a terrible idea. Sorry, are you suggesting that Head teachers lack the experience and business acumen to run an SME in order to turn a profit, tap into new and innovative revenue streams, anticipate changes in built environment demands that will only be finalised 2 months AFTER the time slot for appealing for funding closes, hit ever changing targets and KPI's and still offer a genuinely rounded education?
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    I agree. If the politicians that we elect stood up and fought for us the way that Crow did for those that elected him then the masses, rather than the few, would be far better off.
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    A great union man who took up the challenge of defending his members pay and conditions, and showed that if you're prepared to stand your ground together, and fight, you can win. Would that we had more like him. RIP Bob.
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    Yeah, he really ruins Batman movies.
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    4am yeah. Woman accidentally joins search party looking for herself Love this story
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    I wish the people looking out for my pay and conditions were similar utter cocks.
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    can't wait when you find out in a weeks time he's joining the same company as your new boss
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    I assume you can't say much, but whatever it is make it good or you'll be lynched in OT
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    I have a lot of respect for Bob Crow he fought for his union members and for what was right. RIP.
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    Apparently a couple of weeks back, the goalie for whoever Portsmouth were playing was taking selfies with some of the crowd whilst the game was going on.
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    captain of the reserves is a mixed review of someone's ability isn't it? our absolute best player we don't need
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    Yes he has, think he will get better too, seems to really work hard at his game to improve.
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    Are you working at CERN...?
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    I wonder if my Pogs are still at my parents house.
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    Definitely. It's a false economy. If you give everyone something then nobody's better off. In fact, we'll end up worse off. Because players will demand higher wages, clubs will demand higher transfer fees and everyone will demand parity with everyone else. And in the end the cost clubs have to pay in wages and fees will outweigh the additional money. As somebody on here put it wonderfully (I think it was The_Rev so give him credit) It's like being at the theatre. Somebody near the front stands up to get a better view. So the person behind him stands up to get a better view, then the person behind them stands up to get a better view. Eventually everybody in the theatre is standing up to get a better view. They've now all got the same view as they had before, but nobody's got a seat.
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    21 minutes of waffle, with no solutions... (no disrespect to the interviewer, who i think did a good job) the thing that frustrates me with something like this, is that it just moans that things aren't as good as we would want them to be... the question to us all is, how do we make it better, and who pays for that? if we were to fire PL and bring in someone new, how much money would we need to give them? how many of the 16 new players would they have to get rid of? what constraints would the new manager be under? who is going to pay for the new funds required? how long will that new manager be given before the fans start to bitch and moan about their performance? if we were to sell the club, who is going to buy it? how much would they be required to pay? how much would they be required to commit on top of that? how hands on are they supposed to be with the club? on what matters should they say yes or no to? will the club be run on a break even or loss-making basis in the future? we'd all like to have 20 points more and to be playing attractive and consistent football - so would the other 11 clubs around us.... however, how you get to that point is a bit more difficult.... my view on it is this - PL, under the constraints set by RL, will get us to a club that sustains its position in the premier league while costing us something close to financial break even.... the majority of the players we have on our books, with the exception of the bomb squad, will have a resale value in excess of their purchase price, or in the worst case, no more than say 3m less.... the days of massive losses on individual players is a thing of the past.... expenditure each summer will be about the smae that it has been each year of RL's tenure, unless players are sold to generate funds.... With a squad effectively in place, future acquisitions will be less in number, more in price and with a view to enhancing our starting XI, as well as one or two keepers to fill in at squaad level.... PL will continue to be backed by RL and the Board, having delivered what his mandate was, which was a mid-table financially sustainable premier league team... the players will continue to back PL, as they have been unanimous in doing so far, and as they reach stability, will start to play with confidence, even at home... we will be in the premiership for many years to come, and hopefully a top half team.... we will not mount a serious challenge for the champions league places, or the title.... if this is right, I sincerely hope that RL stays as our owner and PL as our manager on this basis.... I also sincerely hope that bentekkers stays as our talisman for years to come!!!
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    His versatility could well get him the nod as their second right-back. He has an outside chance for sure.
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    Reading off topic is quite the unique experience. I wouldn't come on here and expect the lighter side of life just because I don't expect anything at all, it's always different
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    I bet he was fapping when he typed that post.
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    Red Riding did it better. Which I agree with. Red Riding was **** superb. British TV hasn't come close since imo. (I've heard the books are great too).
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    Some thoughts on likely future spending plans. Our non TV income is extremely stable and has been about £37m for the last two years, so assume it stays the same next year. Our TV money was £45m this year, which was the last year of the old TV deal. This year, Sporting Intelligence estimate that the team finishing 14th (which I think is a realistic position for Villa but I can provide anthing else if you like) will take home between £66m and £80m, depending on overseas income. Let's use the mean and say £73m That would make our total income £110m (37+73). If after the recent further cut backs, our wage bill drops to say, £65m, it would leave £45m in the post. Take off the £20m of other expenses, and there's £25m of "cash" for improving the team. Amortisation would wipe out most of this leading to us breaking even in a P&L sense, but this would still leave the cash amount for team strengthening. It'd be about what Lambert has had per year for the last two years, but hopefully he could use it to try and buy some higher quality players. If he's still here. Obviously if the other variables are different (eg if sponsorship income drops, or overseas income for the TV deal is less, or wages don't drop by as much) then the total reduces accordingly.
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    I was staring at a woman trying to breast feed on the bus today. She said, "You're a really weird bloke." "Why?" I asked. "Because I'm staring at you?" She said, "No, because you're trying to breast feed a baby."
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    words of advice for young people: if you find yourself in a well to do part of town (where the window frames are all painted heritage colours), if in that area you venture into a small local café where people are sitting reading actual newspapers and novels whilst talking to their builder about how the work is going..... DO NOT I repeat DO NOT say to the pretty girl at the counter that you don't know what to order, so just bring me something good, 'surprise me' you could end up paying £19.85 for a coffee and a salad, a very nice salad admittedly, but 15p change from a twenty for coffee and salad Having declared 'surprise me' and taking a seat with a flourish and joining the in crowd with my novel, I did notice that little pork pie sized quiches were £5 a pop and I did consider bailing out, but I didn't quite have the balls to declare my error. So I sat there and waited for my lovingly produced taster platter of everything from everywhere all around the world. Roasted parsnips, mung beans, cous cous, various sizes of various seeds, beans, pulses and sprouting stuff. Pommigranite bits, multi coloured leaves, a squirt of dark jelly stuff, a drizzle of orangey coloured stuff. Avocado, sweet potato, apple and whole baby carrots with a little green stem left on. Seriously impressive. But at the end of the day, salad. To be fair, I said surprise me. She fulfilled the original brief.
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    I know these are from a few years ago but I really like them especially the collars and sleeve details on the first 2. Were these your designs Luke?
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    You hardcore barsteward.
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