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    I remember a discussion when I said MS would want to make you download everything. Hmmm. I owe Acorns £100 and will sort it out in the next week.
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    Being the first guy a woman who's married to another woman has had sex with in about 15 years.
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    Your Keenan is weak old man!
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    To pay for the system that Labour engineered during those 13 years. The laughable thing is Labour supporters bleating about Tory cuts without which the borrowing trajectory would have been even higher!and the laughable thing is the Tory party wanted more public spending while labour was in office . Oops
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    It's about a young boy called Oliver, en't it? What it is is, his mam dies and he gets whisked off to a proper magical world in the hope of reviving her, mun. Acourse there's a flippin' witch after him to spice things up a bit! It's tidy.
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    (I don't care if it's just a quick pay day, it's Monty Python reunited [sans Graham Chapman of course]!)
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    They are very different players and I don't think you can ever make a fair comparison. Ronaldo can absolutely dominate a game in a way that not many players before him have been able too (but then that raises the question of how much he has benefited from playing in an era where forwards are afforded so much more protection than they were even ten years ago) while Zidane was just the master of the ball, his first touch, his control and even his range of passing are up there with the best the game has ever seen. In terms of pure technique I think he is miles ahead of Ronaldo but of course, there is more to winning a game of football than just having the best technical player in your team. But just look at that. The control is insane.
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    I've missed this thread the most. Gym love.
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    Just watched Gravity at the Giant Screen. Utterly spectacular. The science is wonky and it's a bit on the nose at times but blimey it's pure spectacle.
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    George Osbourne's past with drugs and hookers might rear its head soon enough anyway
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    Quit yer whining. You must have seen NRC lifting the Peace Cup.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KD8-r5s7m4 best part of it
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    Hits the old prostate everytime though......
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    Nearly barfed at the end of the gym today, think I might have overdone it
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    Flashy geeks bragging about Rocksboxing their iPod or some crap, whatever it means.
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    Managing to Rockbox my iPod Classic without blowing it up. No more having to use iTunes, no more crashes, no more skipping tracks, FLAC support, better functionality, better everything.
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    A takeaway curry place called 'Anu's Kitchen' is opening just around the corner from work. Except they use a leaf-esque graphic logo in place of the apostrophe on the signage, so it pretty much reads "ANUS KITCHEN". There is so much beauty in the world.
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    In my hiatus, I got my bench up to 180kg True Story* *In no way is this a true story
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    Her anus, near Cape Town. Fixed
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    Absolutely love that movie.
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    No need to bring him back. He's already here.....with a much subtler alternative account.
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    was changing cd in the car and heard fern cotton say "that's totally cringe" she can **** right off
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    Did she try and scissor you out of habit?
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    Had a cracking game against montenegro the other day despite them drawing 0-0. The irish press secretary told my dad that Noel King said Jack is a better player than Aiden Mcgeady was at 18 which is quite promising. Was very unlucky not to have scored on a number of occasions. And after playing well against the faroe islands hes looking in good stead for the weekend. Long way to go yet but im hoping he can finish the next two months at notts like he and the team started off when he arrived. Otherwise I think the battle for relegation could happen this year for notts.
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    The last three years have been dire. The O'Neill disaster, the mess up over Houllier's appointment, the same miserable old git running us down all season, The Manager Who Shall Not Be Named, selling all our best players, getting humiliated last Christmas period, and now the turgid dull football of Lambert. A right load of old tat.
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    Probably the final word on Zlatan vs Ronaldo. It's oddly compelling.
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    Is Mulled wine just wine that people think a lot about ?
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    I think a lot of the players just weren't as good as we all thought they were. Milner was the glue that held everything together as well and losing him probably didn't help either. Also, West Ham were absolutely dreadful that season.
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    'La Haine' is black & white, and foreign. Two birds, one stone. And it's **** brilliant.
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    Now he's back, let's keep him here! So no one write anything that may upset Steve. Ok? Does he still have the fit girlfriend ....or has she dumped him and that's why he is back To the Relationship Thread!
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    I'm trying to think of something that I can post that is abusive enough to get me a warning point, but tame enough not to get the post deleted, in response to this... You could make reference to the fact he once said, a few years ago now, that the thought of a lady doing a poo was sexy. Or that he used a 'z' in the word patronising.
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    Farted in the car today on the way to the shops. The missus nearly threw up. That really made my day
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    Stevo! Stevo & Gareth back. All is well with the world again
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    We are a bit like the 50-something tart down the pub, who used to be fit. Perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss a potential facelift.
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    I'd expect better from the Guardian Hamsik - Slovakia (SVK), not Slovenia (SLO) Alaba - Austria is (AUT), not Australia (AUS)
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    And don't forget to switch feet for the hopping bonus.
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    Autobiography, Hitz?
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    Gerrard instead of **** prick.
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    Germany, Japan, Chile and England would be worst group possible best would be Switzerland, Honduras and Nigeria as they will kill each other Interesting England better hope they are in Group B or H they look like the ones with least amount of travelling and also in the south which has cooler climate
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    I agree with that but it's hard to know where to draw the line. I'm fine with people calling Cazorla "cah - zore - lah" as opposed to "cathorla" because we're english. And that's how we say it. But then nobody called Thierry Henry "Hen - ree", and it would have seemed silly if we did.
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    Baileys? Christ last year it was Ingram with his babycham revelations and now this, who's next? Stefan knocking back Malibu?* *that honestly would not surprise me.
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    I shall be in Mauritius with Mrs H and the kids Think i've been at home for Christmas once in the past 15 years , my kids are half convinced that Santa is black and visits children via a speedboat and why does he wear an outfit like that when it clearly makes him sweat when it's 86 degrees
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