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    I've missed this thread the most. Gym love.
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    Quit yer whining. You must have seen NRC lifting the Peace Cup.
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    Nearly barfed at the end of the gym today, think I might have overdone it
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    A takeaway curry place called 'Anu's Kitchen' is opening just around the corner from work. Except they use a leaf-esque graphic logo in place of the apostrophe on the signage, so it pretty much reads "ANUS KITCHEN". There is so much beauty in the world.
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    Had a cracking game against montenegro the other day despite them drawing 0-0. The irish press secretary told my dad that Noel King said Jack is a better player than Aiden Mcgeady was at 18 which is quite promising. Was very unlucky not to have scored on a number of occasions. And after playing well against the faroe islands hes looking in good stead for the weekend. Long way to go yet but im hoping he can finish the next two months at notts like he and the team started off when he arrived. Otherwise I think the battle for relegation could happen this year for notts.
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    Probably the final word on Zlatan vs Ronaldo. It's oddly compelling.
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    I think a lot of the players just weren't as good as we all thought they were. Milner was the glue that held everything together as well and losing him probably didn't help either. Also, West Ham were absolutely dreadful that season.
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    Farted in the car today on the way to the shops. The missus nearly threw up. That really made my day
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    I'd expect better from the Guardian Hamsik - Slovakia (SVK), not Slovenia (SLO) Alaba - Austria is (AUT), not Australia (AUS)
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    And don't forget to switch feet for the hopping bonus.
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    Just tried it England drawn with Spain, Japan & Chile. Oh dear. Don't forget to giggle
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    Gotta take the losses and the wins though, dunno if people have the stomach or bank balance for it. I imagine most would give up when the inevitable 2 or 3 weeks comes where a winner cannot be found and 500 quid is lost. Once you accept these happen to everyone and just keep on going on like normal then you can make a seasons profit. I am used to the ups and downs now but I treat each race on its own merits and don't let wins or losses effect the form reading of any race. I suppose it's a bit easier to have faith in the long term profitability when I've got past years of p&l as evidence that it works and I'm still a few years off really having a honed and disciplined approach. Still got plenty to learn. You need to open a betting account with every bookie, you need to back at the best odds available not the odds on offer with the bookie you have. Take advantage of the offers, bet365 is the best, lodge £200 they will give you a free £200 so you right then have £400 to play with and then once there is profit you have effectively a free £200 bonus. Etc.. they all have new account offers. The problem for me now is factoring, I now effectively can't bet with a few bookies, Skybet, Corals, Ladbrokes & Bet365 limit my stakes. Stan James have my account marked. But the way around it is my mates accounts, I now use their accounts. As for how a season unfolds. My betting p&l is usually just ticking along up a bit down a bit staying near level or sometyimes a few hundred up until a big win spikes the p/l up. At the beginning of the month it was Houblon Des Obeaux, I was close on the weekend with Colour Squadron & Rawnaq (which I think was an excellent shout tbh). I'm very hopeful for the Hennessy at the end of the month. Anyway enough rambling. I'll post bets now in next half hour
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    You're doing it right
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    That is a shame. This is a lovely bit of web design though: http://www.polygon.com/a/xbox-one-review#video_review
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    Brazil, Korea, France, Italy. Think of all the lovely ladies in that group!
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    But we did get to see Barry Bannan grace our pitch.
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    Realistically speaking.. id love us to sign Tom Rogic from Celtic. He is by far the most natural talent Australia has produced since Harry Kewell. Completely different player but his skills especially for his size is amazing. He floats past defenders. Available on loan.. possibly view to permanent. I think he would be awesome in the midfield three with Sylla and Delph.
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    At home with the family, in the new house at last.
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    Well its safe to say I'm going to enjoy the Flashman books. A third of the way through the first one and its brilliant. One of the funniest things ive read in a long time. It makes me want to bring out my inner scoundrel.
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    Olaf Mellberg is the one that always annoyed me the most.
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    I'll not judge, till both teams have batted, but you've got to say that was an almost perfect start for England.
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    Surely I'm not the only who thinks this looks like a sci-fi comic book movie?
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    I'm in a similar slightly more harsh situation. but I'm determined to salvage what I can......by leaving Florida........and visiting Birmingham......in December......Yuuuuup, it's gonna work out just fine I expect a lot of funny moments and a friggin Villa win. You'll get snow! No snow in Florida.
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    The biggest tragedy is that no one makes heat maps about conference matches.
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    I really like the short stories of Daniil Kharms You can read most of his stories online
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    You too? I always thought she was a bit of a dish. I bet Stevo's pleased he's returned. If I remember correctly, he always loved puns.
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    Stefan hasn't accepted the exchange for my dad. I is offended.
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    I still can't believe that we went from beating West Ham 3-0 to losing to Newcastle 6-0 the following week. I remember thinking after that West Ham game that we would be able to push on after O Neill and get a decent manager to win us a cup and have another crack at the top 4. We appointed Houllier and went from being top 6 to relegation fodder for most of the season. The rest is history.
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    Tbf hes still got unbelievable tekkkerzzz
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    I agree with that but it's hard to know where to draw the line. I'm fine with people calling Cazorla "cah - zore - lah" as opposed to "cathorla" because we're english. And that's how we say it. But then nobody called Thierry Henry "Hen - ree", and it would have seemed silly if we did.
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    Yeah that's the worst thing about current football, it's not the fact that certain teams can spend so much more, but the fact that they can waste so much more than others. We spent and wasted a shitload but are paying for it, whereas teams can spend a fortune on Wright-Phillips or Santa Cruz and it means nothing to them. We sort of had one chance and blew it.
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    I'm trying to think of something that I can post that is abusive enough to get me a warning point, but tame enough not to get the post deleted, in response to this...
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    Hi! Sorry I have been away for a while, but I guess we are at that stage where it slows down a bit. I have had a couple of meetings with Paul Faulkner & Lee Preece. They have produced a paper of the survey results which are still showing over 97% in favour of safe standing. They are really pleased with the survey, and believe it gives them something to take forward, but now they really need other clubs to come out in favour too. With that in mind, I was interested to see that Arsenal have published a major fan led survey on 'atmosphere' wich also shows 92% in favour of safe standing. this also shows that things are moving, the tide is turning, fans are starting to stand up & ask for this now. (black Scarf is the name of the fan group - you can find them on twitter - they are well established and it is a much bigger survey than mine) I went to a national meeting of Supporters Trust on Tuesday, and spoke about what we have been doing at Villa. People seemed impressed and I spoke to some of the reps of other clubs afterwards. I am hopeful that we can go down this route to get other sets of supporters to go out and survey their own fans. We need fans up & down the country to demonstrate that this is what fans want. the good thing about Supporters Trusts is that they are about working together as football fans on common causes, like the recent 'Twentys Plenty' campaign for cheaper away tickets. This is a really god place for me to be taking this forward. Paul Faulkner probably need half a dozen other clubs to be able to show their fans are behind this before he can get it properly on the table, and then we need a total of 14 Premiership clubs to suppport it to take it back to parliament. The Football Supporters Federation are also doing some publicity about my survey to encourage fans of other clubs to take it forward. ......and the campaign will be featured in the evening mail and on the official site tomorrow, with some frightening pictures of yours truly, having come straight from work and looking absolutely nothing like your average Holte Ender!
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    Is 'with your mom' an acceptable answer in context? Only if you're American
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    Aston VIlla- "it gives you the shits"
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    So. Who gets kicked out to accomodate the return of the veterans?
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    Gareth and Stevo back in the same week?!
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    They could've squeezed Bannan in there somewhere.
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    Not an album an EP (of cover versions) but there you go. Produced by Dave Grohl, and as beautifully melodic as their other stuff.
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    Onkyo does some high quality equipment. In fact, my first stab into HiFi was a Onkyo receiver. I haven't listened to one in a long time but if reviews are good I take their word for it

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