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    That was a performance McLeish would have been proud of.
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    She's as hilarious as Shappi "Did I mention I'm Iranian" Khorsandi
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    I have too much free time... and I like it.
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    Just been listening to Goldberg on WM doing the pre-match show. He was asking what was the most important goal you ever saw by your team, in real life. So...a small heath retard calls in. He must have been a fair age because he was referencing a game from 1958. Guess who they were playing at The Sty? Yep, always obsessed... Anyway this bloke goes to the game with 5 mates. One is a Villa supporter and they all stand together, as was apparently possible back then. Villa lead from very early in the game, and with 4 minutes left small heath equalised. As the 5 trogs were celebrating, Villa, from the restart, went upfield and scored again. This time the Villa bloke celebrated. At this point, the caller then told everyone listening in Birmingham & the Black Country, on local radio, that he smashed his friend right in the face knocking him to the floor. As the bloke slowly dragged himself up the thug in question realised an offside flag was raised so the goal didn't stand. He helped the poor fecker up and said "it's OK it wasn't a goal, we're still mates". Point one. They never change. Point two. Mates? What a word removed. Point three. How could a disallowed goal by another team be your most "important ever"? Point four. Admitting your thuggish behaviour on a live radio show? There's more brain cells in the turd my cat just buried in the garden. Always been scum. Always will be.
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    As far as Aston Villa is concerned I doubt very much we'll be the club where Lambert realises his true potential. In terms of fees he is being given a few quid to spend but in terms of wages it seems his hands are still very much tied and he is having to take chances on players with potential but unproven at the level we currently compete at. I give it at the most two years before either Lamberts walks due to becoming totally pissed off with the lack of ambition from those above or he is sacked and made a scapegoat for the failings of the owner.
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    The problem is that our home form is so dire, that games like today are ones that we really need to be winning. If we were competant at home, points away to West Ham and Hull would be acceptable but sadly that isn't the case.
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    Nah, it's an MP "thing". 100's of them could have been spanked during the expenses scandal for flipping their second homes but quelle suprise the authorities decided not to prosecute any of them. Anyone who had doubts about the utter corruption of the system before that scandal shouldn't have retained them afterwards.
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    I do like the irony of the new Tesco "there's nothing funny about Tesco mobile" adverts featuring gina yashere the comedian who specialises in "nothing funny"
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    I'm the same with murder, if I'm away on my toes before they hit the ground, then I class that as an edgy social meet up.
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    Went to see Thor: the Dark World last night. Going in, I thought it was likely to be one of the more interesting entries to Marvel's stable as we hadn't seen a lot of it, Marvel seemed to largely forget it existed at SDCC (despite showing a clip and wheeling out Tom Hiddleston in full Loki gear) this year instead focusing efforts on next years releases Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, and they hadn't had the PR and talk surrounding it anywhere near to the level they had done before. So, going in, we'd had a couple of trailers, a SDCC clip that never leaked, and a few nods to thoughts of what was going on behind the scenes (composer walked out, Portman was said to want to take part about as much as she might want to shovel shit barehanded, there were even rumours director Alan Taylor of Game of Thrones fame might walk late in the day, reshoots for extra Loki scenes...) and little else beyond some hastily cobbled together thoughts based on the cast and characters... Thats a bit odd with these films - usually we see a lot and know a lot and the studio plays a game of hinting things to get the hype up so in the end you sit down more or less knowing exactly what will happen - case in point, The Dark Knight Rises. Thor: the Dark World kicks off in the immediate aftermath of the Avengers - Loki's attack on Earth has been foiled and he has been taken back to Asgard to face justice, consigned to the dungeons for the rest of his days. Meanwhile, the effects of the Bifrost, the intergalactic transport system of Asgard, being destroyed has seen Thor and the rest of Asgard's forces policing the rest of the Nine Realms as thins went to pot in their absence, and Thor still pines for the love he left on Earth in the shape of Portman's Jane Foster. Jane has decamped to London, continues her work with handwavey astrophysics-fartoocomplexforyoumrviewershutupandforgetaboutitshesascientistology, where she stumbles on a force of universe threatening power and awakens an adversary of Asgard, the Dark Elves, thought long extinguished. All very straightforward comic book McGuffin filled stuff. The script is going to win no awards - it carries few surprises, it delivers what you expect. But there is much to enjoy here, if you know the characters. You will get far more from this film if you've been along for the ride with Marvel since Iron Man in 2008, but particularly if you watched Thor and Avengers - the film largely assumes you know these characters and you know the journey they've been on so far. The films crowning glory is Loki, Tm Hiddleston is having a brilliant time playing up as the beaten but still comically slimy adoptive brother of Thor, and has some of the films best scenes despite being the definition of a supporting character, in the main providing some sarcastic comedy but also some of the more touching scenes in the film, particularly an all too brief moment in which the imprisoned trickster lets his glamour projection of himself down and reveals his actual state. Hiddleston steals every scene he's in. There is an enjoyably odd Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings feel to it all - the Asgardians use medieval weaponry but swords have an almost lightsaber feel to them at times, glowing as they cleave the air for instance, and this universe also has spacecraft and laser guns. It seem incongruous but works somehow. And of course it's pretty with successful art design (the Dark Elves craft are gloriously weird - check the bizarre biomechanical peristalsis lift mechanism, and how the ships appear to have been forged from stone at times), well shot despite the television background of the director. Not going to blow your socks off but rather nice all the same. The 3d is... inoffensive. As per usual it breaks at times and is at it's best when very slow moving objects are shown against depth - things moving quickly or pointing out of the screen simply do not work, at best taking you out of the film or worse, making the image a bit messy. The best instance of 3d is a brief scene with a single close up shot of Jane and Thor talking on a balcony, which says it all. It's also a curiously funny film, often playing almost like a comedy. The first had it's comedic moments, playing up to Thor's fish out of water nature when banished to New Mexico, but this plays for jokes whenever it can - be it Thor making an army surrender with a single hammer blow, or Loki making wisecracks as Thor struggles to put a plan into action. It works, but I can see some people finding it frustrating that the film seems, a few choice scenes aside, unable to take itself seriously. Perfomances are all decent, about the only bum note being a pretty flat performance from Anthony Hopkins as Odin. He has more to do than the first film, but in that film he had a calm sterness than was strangely affecting, especially when revealing an appropriately almighty rage beneath it all. In this he is wooden, despite a few chances to again display that disarming sudden anger he cuts a rather bored figure. Hiddleston steals the show, theres a delight in his portrayal of Loki that is a captivating watch, he's a genuine character amongst some more 1 note presences the movie. Hemsworth gives his best Thor performance and is starting to take on the same kind of level Downey Jr has with Tony Stark - he is Thor now, I think, and again you can feel that he enjoys the role, particularly in the little moments. Portman is pretty, so can handle her role, Dennings does comic relief well, Skarsgard gets to raise some laughs, the rest of Thors posse all get a brief badass moment but feel somewhat superfluous, particularly notable for Idris Elba's Heimdall who still feels like an interesting character they don't know how to use as anything other than a prop for the plot. Christopher Eccleston, as big bad Malekith, does well with a pretty slim role - he has very few lines, even less in English, and isn't actually on screen much, as such his character is thin beyond belief but he does have some presence as a villain and carries what little he has well. The lack of depth for Malekith underlines a feeling throughout that this is a film that got cut to within an inch of it's life, it flies along and details of plot (that that there is) are hurled at you and never linger. We get a brief set up for the Dark Elves/the MacGuffin, for example, but it feels like there was originally going to be more development for Malekith in an earlier draft. The same is true for much of the film, it does feel like scenes were trimmed and trimmed to the bare bones. I rather suspect this was originally a far 'bigger' film and had the script culled at a rewrite, the film then edited down from that script to cut all the fat off it. As such, I suspect a few people might ave their head scratching at a few of the less important elements of the plot. Saying that, at it's heart it's a simple picture and a lot of the stuff you might go 'sorry, what?' at really are not important in the grand scheme of things. It is a little disappointing that we don't quite get the grand affair we might have wished for, and that Eccleston's villain isn't as fleshed out as we might like, but the film marks a brilliantly enjoyable entry in Marvel's ever growing stable, with something for everyone. It's truly funny, there's some good action (a few scenes with Malekiths right hand man are certainly fun... and also will have a few comic fans punching the air when it dawns on them what's coming), it's pretty and well made if light and simple. I think it stands as one of Marvels better films to date, easily top 5, and I can see a lot of people enjoying it. Go see it if you've enjoyed the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. By the way, there are 2 credit scene 'stingers' - one follows the film's end title sequence and is likely to leave a few people scratching their heads (a nod for things to come ), the second follows the end of the credits proper and acts as more of proper end to the film (with one last gag). I'm not entirely sure why they cut that scene away from the film proper, but it is what it is. Certainly more worth hanging around for than Iron Man 3s efforts, though if you can't be arsed you could skip the second, it's not essential viewing.
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    Oh and Mr Shapps, or Mr Green, or Mr Fox or whatever alias you may be using to pursue your possibly dodgy dealings, How can it be wasting police time to report a possible crime? especially when the police, upon investigation conclude a crime most likely occurred? Obviously your powers of reasoning aren't behind your political rise
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    What is a Karim El Ahmadi and what is its purpose?
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    Gets a lot of unfair stick IMO. By far our best CB.
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    Another superb game, and this thread is quiet yet again
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    Yes, A Thing That Pisses Me Off That Shouldn't is this practice of having bonfire night/fireworks displays not on November 5th, but on some random Friday, Saturday or Sunday in early November. Never happened When I Wor A Lad. If Bonfire night was on a Wednesday, it was on a Wednesday. No problem.
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    small heath being bottom three and making a frankly shit Villa team look brilliant
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    I like Martin Jol. I like to think he directs pornography in his spare time. He's lost his way a bit, though.
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    How could a disallowed goal by another team be your most "important ever"? - Because he is a Nose, they do not score many goals let alone "important" ones and it was in a game against us rjw63. I think it may have been the first game of season 58/9 and had that goal stood we would have stayed up so he may have been looking at it with hindsight...sorry what was I thinking? A Nose who hits a "mate" is unlikely to have the ability to think in the first place!
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    People that winge about strikes. It's their right. You don't know their circumstances. If you don't like it, sod off to North Korea.
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    I do like how any notion of free speech is forgotten when one insults a corporate body.
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    Come to the dark side... we have cookies.
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    "Mummy, there's a sex pest in a woman's coat over there!"
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    Again, I agree. He's had £40m the last two years, not a fortune, but not a pittance either. He chose to spend it how he has. 10m this, 20m last is not a fortune when he has to build a team.
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    It's a good job they're not striking on Tuesday then, I suppose.
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    What's funnier than a female comedian? Everything.
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    Wouldn't teaching abroad imply, you know, dealing with foreigners?
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    Why should a Villa fan have to join the 'Villa Trust' in order to access information that should be made available to the wider public? The club are to blame for this, in reality. They agreed to a meeting with the trust and they agreed/pressured the group into non disclosure of information. As an outsider, it's galling that the club would agree to an open event, and then tell participants that they mustn't discuss what was said. If it's an open event, the information should be open to all fans. There are no villa fans that are more deserving of privy information from the club, than any other 'because they could be "bothered" to attend' or are a member of a trust.
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    Last year we played good football and stayed up. Everyone was pleased as we had a plan and all could see a bright future. Reason i am so disappointed this season is that we look like we have went backwards. I was Lamberts number 1 fan last season as my post history will show, but im starting to weaver. Not only is the football we are serving up shocking but lamberts transfer buys made no sense. I ask u all this. Would u rather finish 14/15th and play good football or play mcleish style and finish 10/11th. I know id rather be entertained and look like we are progressing. People wont like this but we are starting to turn into a hoof team and vilas boas might prove to be to far off the mark.
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    The Barry town story only tells half of it. Amongst a thousand bizarre acts he banned me at one point, posted it on the official website and informed the local newspaper that ran a story naming banned football supporters. First I knew about it was when my boss called me in and asked me to explain myself. Anybody care to hazard a guess what I was banned for? That's right, non-attendance. .....the club is finally ours, fan owned, he didn't get a penny for it.
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    Define 'ticking over' then? I'm not sure how you can keep things ticking over when you give away 28% of your passes. ...because he attempts more forward passes. derp.
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    Jeremy Kyle, Episode 6 series 7 2005: When Sperm Clinic Throwback Mix Ups Attack
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    I've built a working time machine. I'll demonstrate it to you all at 3.00 pm yesterday.
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    This made me smile when I read it earlier at Moor Street station surrounded by scum fans.
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    I love you all, and I know you love me too. You bunch of words removed.
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    This is the badge MFF I have…no where near Aston Villa capacity…lovely guy, fighter…not capable…
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    It does not exist, Fabian Delph does not create.
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    Did you dhutwu? If not, what is wrong with you?
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    Maybe it'll give Hart a kick up the backside. Imagine how bad he'll be in Brazil if he's been on the bench for months. This could cost England the World Cup!!!1!
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    get him fit and get him back in the team. we need nzogbia in the starting XI, yeah he is unpredictable but thats not a bad thing. we must be one of the most predictable teams in the league!
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    is there a link to this policy as I'd be interested to read a bit more about it You are probably correct in questioning my assertion. It is more likely that the Tories put VAT on fuel because they much prefer regressive taxation, which hits the poor disproportionately, rather than progressive taxes which hit the rich. Apologies.
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