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    That was a performance McLeish would have been proud of.
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    She's as hilarious as Shappi "Did I mention I'm Iranian" Khorsandi
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    I have too much free time... and I like it.
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    Just been listening to Goldberg on WM doing the pre-match show. He was asking what was the most important goal you ever saw by your team, in real life. So...a small heath retard calls in. He must have been a fair age because he was referencing a game from 1958. Guess who they were playing at The Sty? Yep, always obsessed... Anyway this bloke goes to the game with 5 mates. One is a Villa supporter and they all stand together, as was apparently possible back then. Villa lead from very early in the game, and with 4 minutes left small heath equalised. As the 5 trogs were celebrating, Villa, from the restart, went upfield and scored again. This time the Villa bloke celebrated. At this point, the caller then told everyone listening in Birmingham & the Black Country, on local radio, that he smashed his friend right in the face knocking him to the floor. As the bloke slowly dragged himself up the thug in question realised an offside flag was raised so the goal didn't stand. He helped the poor fecker up and said "it's OK it wasn't a goal, we're still mates". Point one. They never change. Point two. Mates? What a word removed. Point three. How could a disallowed goal by another team be your most "important ever"? Point four. Admitting your thuggish behaviour on a live radio show? There's more brain cells in the turd my cat just buried in the garden. Always been scum. Always will be.
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    Gets a lot of unfair stick IMO. By far our best CB.
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    How could a disallowed goal by another team be your most "important ever"? - Because he is a Nose, they do not score many goals let alone "important" ones and it was in a game against us rjw63. I think it may have been the first game of season 58/9 and had that goal stood we would have stayed up so he may have been looking at it with hindsight...sorry what was I thinking? A Nose who hits a "mate" is unlikely to have the ability to think in the first place!
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    People that winge about strikes. It's their right. You don't know their circumstances. If you don't like it, sod off to North Korea.
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    "Mummy, there's a sex pest in a woman's coat over there!"
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    Interesting article this . Yeung not even in here 12 shockers
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    Last year we played good football and stayed up. Everyone was pleased as we had a plan and all could see a bright future. Reason i am so disappointed this season is that we look like we have went backwards. I was Lamberts number 1 fan last season as my post history will show, but im starting to weaver. Not only is the football we are serving up shocking but lamberts transfer buys made no sense. I ask u all this. Would u rather finish 14/15th and play good football or play mcleish style and finish 10/11th. I know id rather be entertained and look like we are progressing. People wont like this but we are starting to turn into a hoof team and vilas boas might prove to be to far off the mark.
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    He is starting to sound a lot more like McLeish in his post match interviews.
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    We saw signs during the last four months of last season that the shape and set up of the team was really beginning to bloom to the idea that Lambert wanted... This season has just seemed a bit messy so far, all over the place. Whether or not the new players we've brought in just haven't worked to Lambert's idea or not, I don't know but Lambert seems really confused at the moment as to what he wants this team to set up like. It's frustrating to see.
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    Agree with that if we`d lost, but at least it was a point away. Beggars can`t be choosers. It`s the home tactics that worry me more. It was still the wrong decision despite the result. It's kind of what worries me about Paul this year. You can have the right decision and the wrong result, like we've had a couple times this year already, but it seems like Paul is sacrificing a braver decision to play an actual attacking formation in favor of getting points. What was once a very optimistic manager has become, perhaps, too much of a realist. You have to start believing in your team again, Paul, if you want move forward.
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    Define 'ticking over' then? I'm not sure how you can keep things ticking over when you give away 28% of your passes. ...because he attempts more forward passes. derp.
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    Why does your brother support the scum?
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    He's not a scapegoat at all, some are just suggesting that he's a poor player.
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    I've built a working time machine. I'll demonstrate it to you all at 3.00 pm yesterday.
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    Anybody who says they don't care what people think of them has either: ( a ) a monstrous ego or ( b ) no ego at all Applies to very few of us, if we're honest. When I first met my missus a bunch of us were talking about what we fancied in the opposite sex, and she said: "I like people who like me. Not much point otherwise". [1] Simple, obvious, but actually quite profound. [1] (Yes, it was a feed line for me to say: "Well I like you..." )
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    This made me smile when I read it earlier at Moor Street station surrounded by scum fans.
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    Posters. You're Northumberland Avenue
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    Ha Ha, I've got claws and exceptionally thick skin, I could skip breakfast if I did that. What do you have for breakfast, ants?
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    I agree mate, not nearly as bad a manager as soom make out. But lets forget about his actual record and concentrate on the fact he put a brolly up when it was pissing down. I'm not suggesting for one second id like him as a manager at VP, but I do think he doesn't get the credit he maybe deserves. Granted he's had some success and fair play to him for that but you cannot be involved in such things as holding a brolly at the side of the pitch whilst managing England to one of their most humiliating nights and, speaking English with a Dutch accent during an interview. Neither of those things have anything to do with his managing ability though. At club level, he has proven to be extremely successful. Don't take away those achievements because of bollocks such as the bolded.
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    If only we were all like you BJ I'm sure Villa would be Champions of Europe
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    The point of a strike is to cause disruption. They're hardly going to strike on 'fire safety day'
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    If you mean, use gmail/google as a login service, then no No, I mean have an account on another e-commerce site (perhaps one with 1-click ordering?) where a password reset request sends an email to your gmail. In that case, this attack works: 1. take control of your gmail account 2. request a password reset on other site 3. act on the link in the email 4. buy stuff with the stored card number/direct debit details/etc. 5. profit! Two factor authentication makes it at least somewhat harder to mount stage 1 of the attack.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWwUJH70ubM As you sow, so shall you reap.
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    Up till the age of about 13 or so, I genuinely thought people got pregnant just by praying to God. Thanks dad. Well if you've got a better idea I'd like to hear it wise guy? Not British...can't process this...
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    It does not exist, Fabian Delph does not create.
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    Did you dhutwu? If not, what is wrong with you?
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    We need a proper attacking mid and N'Zogbia is the closest thing to that in our squad. I'd like to see him given a run with Delph and Sylla behind him. Benteke and N'Zogbia seem to have a connection that none of the other midfielders have.
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    Good on 'em. I support everyone who feels the need to strike. (Except teachers, obviously, they take the piss...)
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    It is your problem with what you view as their miscategorization. The link I gave takes you to Hansard last Wednesday.In giving that link to Hansard, I wrote: So, those would be Cameron's specific words, as per Hansard col 296, specifically mentioning the £112 during PMQs as per the Hansard link given in the previous post where I quoted, verbatim, what Cameron was reported to have said at PMQs by Hansard. Also, this answer was in response to a question from Brian Binley (mentioning the effect of Mr Huhne’s unfortunate legacy which would imply that Camereon's response acknowledged that the £112 was at least in part due to actions of his own government).
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    Idaho broadcaster, Paul Gerke, does entire segment as Ron Burgundy (for Halloween). He's good at the ad lib
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    Meath was like "I like like him", and BOF was like "Like totally", and I'm like... wtf?
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    ridicule ˈrɪdɪkjuːl/ noun 1. the subjection of someone or something to mockery and derision. "he is held up as an object of ridicule" synonyms: mockery, derision, laughter, scorn, scoffing, contempt, jeering,sneering, sneers, jibes, jibing, joking, teasing, taunts, taunting,ragging, chaffing, twitting, raillery, sarcasm, satire, lampoon,burlesque, caricature, parody; More verb 1. subject to mockery and derision. "his theory was ridiculed and dismissed" synonyms: deride, mock, laugh at, heap scorn on, hold up to shame, hold up to ridicule, expose to ridicule, jeer at, jibe at, sneer at, show up, treat with contempt, scorn, make fun of, poke fun at, make jokes about,laugh to scorn, scoff at, pillory, be sarcastic about, satirize, lampoon,burlesque, caricature, parody, tease, taunt, rag, chaff, twit; More
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    I can remember going out with my mate and we went up to these birds and my mate said "hello lady's" the one snooty bird looked us up and down and said "oh **** off"...Quick as a flash my mate turned around and said "oh come on don't be picky...we wasn't". The lads next to them, and some of the birds started pissing themselves.
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    He's spent more than that. £22m in year 1, £20m this. Other than Benteke, hard to point at a player who has been an out and out success, and he's spent a fair bit quite badly, e.g. £7m on Kozak. By my reckoning he's bought 16 players in and shifted 18 players out, spending around £37m net. Around £2m a player - not much in modern terms. He's also cut the wage bill substainially I think PL has bought extremely well given the constrictions imposed on him. Many of his signings I suspect are stop-gaps or prospects to get us through the short-term until PLs real targets begin to arrive (Benteke, Okore-type players). Now he has a foundation to build on I think he will start to bring in more player like Kiyotake who we were chasing in the summer. I also doubt we would lose any money on PLs transfer activity so far There is much talk about what PL style of football is - I would say that he is employing one style now to maintain Premiership football in the short term but longer term we will see a completely different style appear as more talented players are available to him. We improved as the year went on last year, we are 4 points better off this year than the same fixtures last year so decent progress. We will rid the club of the final high salary players this season and then can look forward to further progress. I'm expecting PL to get us near to Europa League positions next season and any progress after that will depend on Lerners ambition and support. As PL has said himself, patience is needed Nice to see "fans" writing off Kozak in the same way Benteke was written off last year
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    I've just (this morning) activated all 3000ish of my colleagues on Google+.
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    Underground car parks with pay by mobile only. What kind of modern f***wittery is this?
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    Me too. The real stuff though, not that Cadbury's joke version. Preferably the rose and pistachio versions.
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    Well he doesn't get pissed and cause problems for a start.
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