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    Into the Wild. Liked it a lot, have gained much respect for Sean Penn as a director.
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    He's no scapegoat for me, I simply do not rate him at all. I think he is defensively naive, physically incapable against strikers with power or pace and he makes too many mistakes and rash challenges. Okore only needs to be average to be a huge improvement on Clark.
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    I agree that he's raw, but I think giving him the #9 shirt means we'll see quite a bit more than people expect. You don't just leave your #9 on the bench regula... oh, wait.
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    It will be a shame to lose the Scottish Iniesta and the Scottish Cafu in the same window but needs must I suppose.
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    Have no idea how anyone can hate Cats. I think I like Cats more than I like most people.
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    Move over Mr Bannan I think we have a new scapegoat.
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    I think it's more a case of why it was done rather than what was actually done that is the problem. For me it is anyway. This culture we have now of bending over backwards for some intolerant religion out of a fear of offending them. It means everyone else has to change their ways for no good reason. By giving in to these people you perpetuate, validate and encourage their complaints and make them safe in the knowledge they'll get their way. I wonder why I can't be offended by their intolerance. Live and let live. If [insert any religion] doesn't like it then look the other way.
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    Liking your own posts now? Outrageous behaviour!
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    Helenius will get game time this season but he is very much one for the future rather than to depend upon right away. He is raw and will need work much like Bowery and the price we paid for him reflects that.
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    We don't need to replace what we sell, because they played no part really. We can only register 25 players over 21, remember, and we've pretty much got that already
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    Not sure why billionaires would get into the Premier League at this late stage, the return on investment is low these days because they have to complete against the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd & Man City. Better off investing in Italy where you can probably still buy the title. Did Abramovich/ Abu Dhabi buy Chelsea/ Man City expecting a return on their investments? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny6EX9VxaqE
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    I prefer the sequel, PWERTYGPPDSERTGHGFP6545
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    Oh dear.... Just watched 'the making of Ron Vlaar' video on AVTV. The questions Jack was asking Ron's sister and mother were just cringe-worthy. "So, what did you do in the evening at home with Ron, did you watch TV?" Ron's sister just looked at him the same way Lambert looked at him when he asked him about the weather, as if to say 'er, what has this to do with anything?'
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    "winningest" is not a word in English, please don't use it. Forget about whether it's an English word or not... just stop talking shit.
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    "fair game"? the chip off the outside of his right foot to set up benteke was something very special indeed. not sure if any of our other midfielders would have thought of it let alone been able to do it. not suggesting he's suddenly world class, i have no heat maps.
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    Due to the cost cutting.
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    Listen carefully, you might just hear a Spurs fan sobbing.
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    Source? The Guardian. Soooo tempted to sign up to a Spurs forum and tell them all a compromise will be met and that Bale holds all the cards here.
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    **** it man ..do her.... twice !!!!! After take a shit in her toilet and dont flush then run and dont look back ..then in 20 years over a glass of single malt look back with a wry smile on your face
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    Great soundtrack too. Tragic story though, although having read a little more about the real life version of events, he (McCandless) came across a little less sympathetic.
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    I think all of the Nextgen guys would do well with loans, except carruthers and possibly Jack . I can't help but feel that Clark, Albrighton, etc would have benefitted from playing against men in the Football League at a young age. At 18-20, Burke, Robinson, Donacien, etc are too old/good to benefit from playing reserves anymore.
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    So if we do sell the unwanted players, what positions do you think we will strengthen?
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    Surely we should address stuff in order of priority. I'm quite irked by people exporting assault rifles, sniper rifles, anti personnel mines. I'd have to put having a serious look at that being a legitimate trade just above porn on twitter.
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    No Mexico stepped in because Colombia could not afford to host it. It was Mexico where they had serious earthquakes in 1985, but they still managed to host the tournament a year later.
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    "winningest" is not a word in English, please don't use it.
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    I heard that Lambert filled the team bath with soapy suds and 8 stunning dirty birds and said " fill yer boots son, there's more where that came from if you sign here..." Rumour has it that for each goal he scores this season, another bird gets added to the bath...
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    I still read that as 'Alex McLeish' and I'm afraid I'm inclined to slap you Punishment accepted :'( from now on I shall say Attacking Midfielder, instead of "He who shall not be named"
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    You quote the compensation given to slavers. This is where Cameron's family's wealth derives. Immoral, offensive, should be taken off him, preferably by force. People demanding reparation for this and other crimes are in a very different position.
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    If she really thinks that is an appropriate simile then she needs her **** head looking at. As per the commenter on the Grauniad article, it would be similar to having to being impelled by statute to ask permission (of a private service provider) to access this perfectly legal material and to be on a database (or to have that 'toggle' on, as it were ) for requesting access to it. I disagree. Admittedly, if there's a competition for heinously stupid bits of crap articles that shouldn't have been commissioned, and if received, should have been punted straight back to the "writer" for "further work", this would no doubt be in the running. I can see that. But there's an even more stupid para. I offer you: So this basically says: the argument that it (censorship) will be ineffective doesn't work because there are other things we have to do because paedophiles exist, children exist (this evident truth is left hanging, no part of the argument depends on it), and some adults find porn upsetting and should not be discounted because of "it". What "it" is in this part of the sentence is not explained. Neither is any connection between this outpouring of random words, and state censorship. It is a good example of the complete abdication of any argument, in favour of mood music (internet freedom=porn! Porn=bad! Censorship=good!). Shocking and disgraceful. And Will Self, self-appointed intellectual arbiter of everything, if you choose to live with someone who spouts this shite, you should go into monastic retreat, you clearing in the woods.
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    Wasn't slaves, it was torture during the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950's and 60's, totally different situation, therefore no precedent. Different timescale, there will still be survivors and direct descendants and different events.
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    I still say Benteke will score 5 goals in one match next season. Who would bet against it? Goal Christian Benteke! Goal Christian Benteke. Awesome!
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    He was brilliant going forward tonight but was caught out a couple of times defensively and had to foul their player. The first of which he would of been booked for in a proper match but Im happy enough with him making a few errors if he can continue get forward like he did tonight.
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    Any sort of news/TV programme where they go out and talk to people on the street. I've just had to mute the anniversary games after 8 minutes because all they're doing is talking to the spectators about the olympics. None of them have anythign interesting to say, it's all the same questions and the same shit answers. As it is on every programme they ever do this on. WE DON'T WATCH TV TO HEAR WHAT AVERAGE JOE THINKS!!
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    Good luck to the lad. The vitriol on here is an embarrassment, quite frankly.
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    Paid overtime? What is this wizardry...
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    I love my cat. Im 21 and she's 18 so i've kinda grown up with her. I've always been her favourite as whenever we got another pet i always paid special attention to her to make sure she didn't feel left out. She has been a truly excellent pet and friend. Sadly she is also on her way out. she is deaf, dropped form 4kg to 2kg, has dementia and has a bad heart and deteriorating body in general. We've come to accept that it is just old age taking it course and we're lucky to of had 18 years but it is horrible to see her fade away. Whilst she is still comfortable and enjoying life we will keep doing all we can for her but when it is clear that she is in pain or struggling I think it is only fair to put her down in peace instead of watching her suffer. With regards to the poll cats are great if you put in the effort, like most things in life. They are great family pets and perhaps a 'safer' option for a young family with children.
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    More likely limp while holding his shin. Because a fly hit him ..... in the face ......
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    Yeah, and rape victims need to dress more conservatively.
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    Imagine Carroll in a team being supplied by Bannan eh?
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    Let go of your caution, allow yourself to believe . But I can't see a thing with this blast shield down
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    We should do something along the lines of 5th Dimensions - Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In Look out who's scoring It's a goal for Helenius Nicklas Heleniussssss Helenius! Helenius! 35seconds in from the song
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