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    Into the Wild. Liked it a lot, have gained much respect for Sean Penn as a director.
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    He's no scapegoat for me, I simply do not rate him at all. I think he is defensively naive, physically incapable against strikers with power or pace and he makes too many mistakes and rash challenges. Okore only needs to be average to be a huge improvement on Clark.
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    I agree that he's raw, but I think giving him the #9 shirt means we'll see quite a bit more than people expect. You don't just leave your #9 on the bench regula... oh, wait.
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    It will be a shame to lose the Scottish Iniesta and the Scottish Cafu in the same window but needs must I suppose.
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    Have no idea how anyone can hate Cats. I think I like Cats more than I like most people.
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    Oh dear.... Just watched 'the making of Ron Vlaar' video on AVTV. The questions Jack was asking Ron's sister and mother were just cringe-worthy. "So, what did you do in the evening at home with Ron, did you watch TV?" Ron's sister just looked at him the same way Lambert looked at him when he asked him about the weather, as if to say 'er, what has this to do with anything?'
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    "winningest" is not a word in English, please don't use it. Forget about whether it's an English word or not... just stop talking shit.
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    "fair game"? the chip off the outside of his right foot to set up benteke was something very special indeed. not sure if any of our other midfielders would have thought of it let alone been able to do it. not suggesting he's suddenly world class, i have no heat maps.
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    Listen carefully, you might just hear a Spurs fan sobbing.
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    Probably just wants sex, man up, book a motel room, take her there, smash her, do it a few more times, then ignore her. Then, text her in 9 months time and try the routine again.
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    I'll post this again in case there's still someone on here who hasn't seen it. We need Sneijder. Bang for buck would be the best player we could possibly get at the moment. In my humble opinion of course.
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    I think all of the Nextgen guys would do well with loans, except carruthers and possibly Jack . I can't help but feel that Clark, Albrighton, etc would have benefitted from playing against men in the Football League at a young age. At 18-20, Burke, Robinson, Donacien, etc are too old/good to benefit from playing reserves anymore.
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    Interesting. Can't say I've ever seen somebody go for 3. The first two are both very highly regarded in the own right as two very different types of film, but 3 seems to fall short to most people. Oh, while I'm here, don't even bother watching Alien Resurrection. Appalling. The best Alien film is Alien, of course, but 3 is I think a bit of an overlooked gem. It's grimier more personal film than Aliens, and while it has it's flaws theres nothing outright bad about it. The Assembly Cut makes it a genuinely good film imo. It also does the entire world a favour by killing off Newt within a minute of the film starting, and thankfully long before her mouth opened. I always get struck at just what an awesome looking piece of work it is too - some of the shots of the planet early on, all the exterior shots really, look brilliantly grim and foreboding and inhospitable, like a post industrial wasteland writ large over an apocalyptic landscape. It even gets right down into some of the design - the flares they use for lights and torches look brilliantly cobbled together with few concerns for operator health. Resurrection, meanwhile, only has a single saving grace - Winona Ryder being in it. Overwise it's a recently expelled boozy kebab consigned to celluloid for 2 hours you'll never get back. Hopeless bit of trash shot with bizarrely whacky 'Frenchness' throughout that only helps make entire thing feel like some abortive attempt at satire.
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    From what Ive seen so far it should be Luna who becomes this seasons Benteke, the problem with that is...have a big club like Sevilla really made a big mistake like that. Need to be a bit careful about judging players on pre-season. El-Ahmadi was a world beater in last summers friendlies but looked miles off the pace in the PL.
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    I particularly don't understand how self-styled dog lovers can hate cats. Having a preference for one or the other, sure - there are pros and cons of each, depending on your circumstances. But if you're the sort of person who is kind to animals, I really can't see why you would actually hate cats - which seems to be the case. It disturbs and disappoints me, frankly.
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    Never heard of it. Weird, works for me This work?
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    So if we do sell the unwanted players, what positions do you think we will strengthen?
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    So it will be an AM? Will.I.Am's dyslexic cousin?
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    No Mexico stepped in because Colombia could not afford to host it. It was Mexico where they had serious earthquakes in 1985, but they still managed to host the tournament a year later.
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    While at secondary school i confided in one of my best friends that i didn't believe in God. This was a school that regularly had priests taking the religion class so you get the idea that if something like that had become common knowledge within the school it would have been referred to as a scandal. The person who i confided in unbeknown to me had let it slip to other pupils and soon enough it got to the teachers. One morning in assembly the whole school was addressed by the headmaster stating that they had heard one of their pupils didn't believe in God and if that person didn't believe in god then he/she was a beast. I shit you not. That was the exact wording used. Most of the pupils (my class) who knew who this 'beast' was kept looking at me digging each other in the ribs and sniggering. Now whether our yearly tutor noted this in the assembly or someone had told him i'm not sure but after assembly and in our first class of the day our yearly tutor asked everyone in our class, but me, did they know who this beast was that didn't believe in God. No-one pointed the finger but it was made abundantly clear who they suspected and made me cringe as much as they could. From that day onward in secondary school i was generally singled out by several different priests in religion class whenever a difficult question had to be answered. Questions like 'what hymn would you sing in this particular situation and i had got so pissed off with it that i always answered by quoting whatever was number one in the music charts at that time to hysterical laughter by my classmates but more often than not i paid for it through a leather belt to the hand or a less patient priest would simply use me as target practice with a blackboard duster. Have hated my school and religion ever since although i have been invited to a school reunion in October which is f**king going to be payback time as several of my school teachers are going to be there.
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    Minstrel who was my best friend for twenty years.
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    From what Ive seen so far it should be Luna who becomes this seasons Benteke, the problem with that is...have a big club like Sevilla really made a big mistake like that. Sevilla have been making a lot of mistakes lately. There's a reason they've been losing all their best players and progressively been sliding down the La Liga table. Giving up on a good left back would just be one in a line of errors.
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    You will love it mate. Here's some things I've learnt: Hooters has $3 blackjack. Only two tables. But if you break even. You can drink a few cocktails for free. Cheetahs (baps bar) is ace, cheap and empty (so more attention) during the day. Rehab if your there on Sunday is a must. At the hard rock Casino royale has 1$ beers and margaritas. Go to ghost bar purely for the view. It's amazing Bellagio water fountain is a must If your gonna do a big club. Pony up for a table with the lads. It's almost the same cost but much more comfort. Fremont is nuts! Check it out. Do pool party's during the day. They are ace! Pre book your tickets, it's cheaper and you get in quicker. Anything else, ask! I'd also take a rest day before you fly home, just to chill in hotel, couple of quiet ones and a lot of good food, if poss, as you may need it, I know I appreciated it. Any other questions just ask, oh and it's **** expensive!!!!
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    I heard that Lambert filled the team bath with soapy suds and 8 stunning dirty birds and said " fill yer boots son, there's more where that came from if you sign here..." Rumour has it that for each goal he scores this season, another bird gets added to the bath...
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    Is that Mickey Peirce in those pics or Michael Cera with a dodgy moustache
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    I still read that as 'Alex McLeish' and I'm afraid I'm inclined to slap you Punishment accepted :'( from now on I shall say Attacking Midfielder, instead of "He who shall not be named"
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    After catching a bit of the Bowie/Ziggy doc on one of the channels, have wrapped myself up in the comforting blanket of Hunky Dory.
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    You quote the compensation given to slavers. This is where Cameron's family's wealth derives. Immoral, offensive, should be taken off him, preferably by force. People demanding reparation for this and other crimes are in a very different position.
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    If she really thinks that is an appropriate simile then she needs her **** head looking at. As per the commenter on the Grauniad article, it would be similar to having to being impelled by statute to ask permission (of a private service provider) to access this perfectly legal material and to be on a database (or to have that 'toggle' on, as it were ) for requesting access to it. I disagree. Admittedly, if there's a competition for heinously stupid bits of crap articles that shouldn't have been commissioned, and if received, should have been punted straight back to the "writer" for "further work", this would no doubt be in the running. I can see that. But there's an even more stupid para. I offer you: So this basically says: the argument that it (censorship) will be ineffective doesn't work because there are other things we have to do because paedophiles exist, children exist (this evident truth is left hanging, no part of the argument depends on it), and some adults find porn upsetting and should not be discounted because of "it". What "it" is in this part of the sentence is not explained. Neither is any connection between this outpouring of random words, and state censorship. It is a good example of the complete abdication of any argument, in favour of mood music (internet freedom=porn! Porn=bad! Censorship=good!). Shocking and disgraceful. And Will Self, self-appointed intellectual arbiter of everything, if you choose to live with someone who spouts this shite, you should go into monastic retreat, you clearing in the woods.
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    Wasn't slaves, it was torture during the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950's and 60's, totally different situation, therefore no precedent. Different timescale, there will still be survivors and direct descendants and different events.
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    How the **** did we manage to keep this guy...
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    It'll be against Spurs.
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    He was brilliant going forward tonight but was caught out a couple of times defensively and had to foul their player. The first of which he would of been booked for in a proper match but Im happy enough with him making a few errors if he can continue get forward like he did tonight.
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    Any sort of news/TV programme where they go out and talk to people on the street. I've just had to mute the anniversary games after 8 minutes because all they're doing is talking to the spectators about the olympics. None of them have anythign interesting to say, it's all the same questions and the same shit answers. As it is on every programme they ever do this on. WE DON'T WATCH TV TO HEAR WHAT AVERAGE JOE THINKS!!
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    Oh dear oh dear. That's actually an infuriatingly vacuous, patronising and uninformed article because not once does it address the actual concerns behind the porn ban i.e. that it paves the way through legislation for broader internet censorship by allowing an increase in the ban's scope further down the line or that it sets a precedent that can easily be used subtly differently by future governments. It's a lazy article written by someone who hasn't bothered to understand the outrage at all. While reading it I also happened to think to myself "this has to have been written by a woman" and funnily enough I was right.
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    http://storify.com/Eamonn_Forde/tony-blackburn-s-autobiography-compressed-for-stor this summary of alan part -- I'm sorry Tony Blackburn's autobiography. read it and not think of alan. I dare you. His comment on the miners in 1973 is my favourite I think, or his solution to racism. Just first class. Also "I don't know why we called him Simon."
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    Young - would improve us but no thanks, been there done that and Man U are getting rid for a reason. Now Milner, there would be a real re-signing we would all love, worth 2 Ashley Youngs.
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    More likely limp while holding his shin. Because a fly hit him ..... in the face ......
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    simon dawkins? regarding ashley young, i was so gutted when he left, but no thanks, not anymore, he might fit into the team but his attitude is all wrong, plus, he would play in gabbys position, theres no dropping gabby, not for anyone
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    I'd rather find the next Young to be honest. There's plenty of tricky flair players out there who are still really raw. When Young first joined he was really raw and it was exciting because he was so unpredictable. I did really like Young as a player... but that ship has sailed now.
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    Imagine Carroll in a team being supplied by Bannan eh?
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    Just seen a dwarf struggling to carry a plasma TV back to his car so I shouted over, "Can you manage with that telly mate?" He replied, "**** off it's a kindle."
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    So you'd prefer we kept Hutton or Warnock than Bannan?
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