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    Well at least we know the roundabout in this thread is 40 pages big You are right that the turnaround hasn't been enough to pull us clear of trouble, but then that's not even nearly the point that's being made here. Everyone knows that once you are down there, it is very difficult to pull free. You need almost champions league chasing form to pull yourself totally clear of all other relegation threatened sides. Even Southampton, who went on a mad run a month back, could find themselves uncomfortable if we win tonight and Wigan (will) win their game in hand at home to Playa del Swansea. I'm getting to the point being made ... Firstly the actual facts. Our form has been midtable since the new year. That is unarguable because it is quantifiable and contained within the table in my linked post. And now to the point that is actually being made. If we were to start next season with the trend of results that has happened since the new year then next year we wouldn't be IN this season's trouble in the first place. In other words that form would be fine as it wouldn't be happening from a position of 17th. We'd probably have a Fulham-esque type season of mediocrity. This season you are right that it hasn't been enough, because of the hole we dug ourselves into early on. But when talking about how a squad is progressing you have to look not only at the subjective stuff that I see i.e. the players maturing. There is at least a correlation to reality and the results they're picking up. I know it's an inexact science. Wigan prove every year that the side that finishes the season is rarely the same Wigan that starts the next one. But then we go back to what we're trying to achieve here and how we're going about it. Wigan's problem is rarely experience and age. It's usually off-season pillaging. Which brings me back to my original point. If we can keep this group together and strengthen it in some of the weaker areas then we'll be more than fine IMHO.
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    He was outstanding tonight. MOM without a doubt. I'm sorry for putting a negative on him a few weeks back. He was superb!!
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    I know you've all been on tenterhooks waiting to find out what happened... It went very well. She's still lovely. Third date went particularly well too. I think this one might be a keeper...
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    Well...seeing as this is relevant to me today. I've just 'liked' all of my Birthday messages. It just a little nod to know you appreciate the effort that, yes they've seen it's your Birthday and took a few seconds to acknowledge that. My mum still hasn't called me...
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    Only on VT would a confession that one tried to get a blowie from their dog be shrugged off...
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    **** new razors, man. Practically cut my face off this morning. I went out looking like this
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    Wait... Morpheus is **** his aunty? Fair enough. I'll sit this one out.
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    'Like' this post if you're a fan of Dog on Doug action
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    So you lied to us. You CAN be arsed to make something. You make me sick.
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    Suddenly your comments about me seem less impressive, given that you are taken to dog fellatio. Doesn't say much for your taste in women!
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    There's another female around. Can only mean one thing... To the Rogues Gallery, Baselayers is about to get her knockers out.
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    I heard there are 4 bus loads of blues fans going up to the DW on the last game of the season. If true, this qualifies as their biggest away following of the season.
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    OK I have given it serious consideration, and as much as I'd like to give a comical answer like I dunno Quina Quen from FF9 or the pink girl Sonic, I can't. As you know I take my gaming vr srs, so I must provide an honest answer. That answer is Aika from Skies of Arcadia. Oh that red headed minx. I might even knock the current one on the head, and find a red headed girly who will cosplay as Aika. Even just the pigtails would be fine, actually. My god I'm actually hard thinking about that. BEHOLD
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    Now I've read the thread... No no no no no.. NO! NO! I mean I've done some pretty messed up things in my time. I put pate on my cock once as a teen in an attempt to get the dog to give me a blow job (almost ended in disaster). Thank you for making me feel relatively normal. Having said that, sounds to me like she groomed you. Have you ever thought of it that way?
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    WEEI 93.7FM? Sounds like it ought to be a geordie radio station.
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    Well 'Swit Swoo', hasn't a certain forum based website had a makeover...
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    I'm an accountant for a car manufacturer and spend 4 days a week in the gym
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    Look at Ronaldo for example, he's 28 and I would say he is in his prime right now. According to monkeyfacts.org a chimpanzee reaches his potential between 15 and 28. Bale has just a few years left in him before being donated to a safari park
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    Its frightening to think he is only 22. This guy is going to the very top. I am not sure how much longer we will have him for but I am going to just enjoy it while it lasts.
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    The moment when he made a vital interception and instantly raced up the pitch, before he even made that perfect pass to Weimann, was the moment I realised he's not just excellent, he's brilliant.
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    **** me!! Could you ask for a better performance or result? That was brilliant.
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    I've given him some stick this season. But every one of his signings tonight were brilliant. If tonight is the future under lambert then sign me up.
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    If we beat Norwich we will be two points clear of the Canaries and at least even on GD.
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    McLeish had Petrov for most of the season. I think it's very hard to overestimate just what an important player he was for us. I reckon that if he had been fit and healthy this season we would've been comfortably safe by now.
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    I assume DDID's favourite fish is the dogfish.
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    Don't worry Hitz, I'll wish you a happy birthday, even if none of these other miserable buggers will. Have a Lahmacun on me.
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    Baselayers, offering someone a fishy hole? Never.
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    On topic. People who "like" every single 'Happy Birthday' message that they get on Facebook.
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    The word gamble hints at there being some kind of reward if everything goes well.
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    If it was an uncle doing the dirty with his neice then it would a be a **** scandal Yup. Me making a girl sleep on the floor after boning her would probably see me scrape into the football league. Morpheus is 20 points clear in the Prem at the moment.
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    Welcome back You've chosen an interesting time to return. Over the last few days the site seems have turned into a twisted testosteronal tornado. That's easy for you to say.
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    Michael Owen saying he voted for Benteke. I'm really starting to warm to that bloke.
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    Has a Villa player in fact already worn a mask at a match? Some photographic evidence...
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    Yes their policies are utter crap, but they will get some voters because of their policy on immigration.
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    will we have to wait another 5 years for the next big revelation? 2018 and somebody confesses they like watching their relatives take a crap....
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    My current sexual partner has had exactly the same amount of sexual partners as me. I am my current sexual partner
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    Won tickets to Rays @ Red Sox in June at pub quiz night last night...
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    I'm going on a second date with a lovely girl tomorrow. Makes me happy, but I'm also crossing my fingers I don't fugg it up.
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    Shexh, lots and lots of shexh. EDIT : I suppose that counts as both a suggestion to Mike and a standalone response in the thread
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    I like Clark, I think he'll be a fine defender in the future, but I'd rather have Bennett on the lb than him, tbh.
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    ^^^ yeah but does his heat map and cross success rate compliment his dribbles completed over defensive errors made multiplied by metres covered per percentage of passes played backwards to the power of key passes per game?

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