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    Were not far off though. First half of West Brom and Second Half from Newcastle. We just have not had the luck which is my concern. Hitting posts.. missing chances.. bad decisions against us. All we need is one win to give us a bit of confidence and 3 pts on the ladder. I think we can get a draw at Everton and beat West Ham. 4 points and the season is different. A signing to our midfield is huge. El Ahmadi to replace Bannan in our starting line up alongside Westwood will also improve things. Time will tell. Heads up guys.. were all in this together.. if we get relegated.. we get relegated together.. and we will rise again. But for now.. its not over yet.
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    I don't actually think its all over for us. We can still rescue this but two things need to happen. Lambert firstly needs to settle on the formation that we played in the second half tonight. A flat back back 4, 2 holding midfielder players, an attacking midfilder with Benteke up top and two either side who when need be can make a 5 in midfield. No more **** about with 5-3-2. Lerner also needs to free up some money in fees and wages and we need to bring in at least one, preferably two defensive/holding midfielders and an experienced centre back especially now Dunne has had a set back. It is so frustrating. I have seen enough even recently to know that with 2 or 3 good signings in the positions we are crying out for reinforcements in and Lambert doing away with 5-3-2 we can escape. We are not a million miles away. Had we have made the necessary signings already this window we'd have beaten Southampton, beaten West Brom and won tonight as we were the best team for long periods in all them games. This season could well be one of what ifs if we don't act now. What if we'd have signed 2 or 3 players in January. Its not too late. Has bad as things have gone we are still with in a point of safety and 3 - 5 points off a number of others.I just hope we don't go down with a whimper and Lerner puts his hand in his pocket and starts the fight back by funding the players we need and give everyone, manager, players and fans, a massive lift for the fight ahead.
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    You really should have put 'Their, how do you like that?' for comic effect. Then again, you probably thought you were using the wrong one
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    Can't tackle, no technique. Sylla out.
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    The most important phrase for translation for team talks... "nous allons encore"
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    That's some crazy shit mate. Can't we just sell him?
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    He's a defensive midfielder who's big and black. What more could we ask for?
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    Yacouba the hatchet man, Thank **** he's replaced Bannan, His surname is Sylla, He plays for the Villa, Yacouba the hatchet man! I'm here all week.
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    Shame we didn't make 3 signings 4 losses ago.
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    If we sign any sort of major players tomorrow, I think we could get the money back by sending Lambert on a world poker tour.
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    I don't know how many points, therefore how many wins/draws are needed to survive. But we are not the only club down there. We are only in the bottom 3 on goal difference, 1 point from the safety position at the moment. If you don't think we will suddenly start winning loads of games, why do we tend to think others will. Are Reading any better than us? Are Wigan any better than us? Are QPR any better than us? When you look at the league table, no. Every team has its problems, including us. We only need 1 point more than the bottom 3, whether that be 30, 34, 35, whatever. I believe we have the capability to survive, we have the goal scoring capacity, we may be able to improve our defending with more training time now we are on 1 game a week. We are not dead yet.
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    Why the **** do people keep spouting this bollox about going down will be good for us ? How, in any way, shape or form can it be good ? If you are in the Championship, you have 2 objectives. 1, not to go in League 1 2. to get ptomoted to the premiership. At the moment, we are in the premiership!!!!! Why the **** would we want to go down to come back to where we are already ?? We need to stay up...full **** stop. We can get rid of our dross while in the prem, we do not need to go down to do it. I would rather have 2 or 3 more years treading water in the prem, but staying in there while we 'supposedly' sort our finances out, than spend 1 single year in the championship.
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    Come on, Gareth! Aren't you overreacting? Those Blu Ray's looked expensive!
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    There just aren't enough Triple Threat matches in the Championship these days. I'm going Millwall Bristol City win by DQ following an illegal chair-shot by Watford.
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    You talk about players not developing in our struggling side, well it hasn't done Weimann or Benteke any harm. It's all about mentality and application.
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    Like 99% of us I have never heard of the guy. He may well turn out to be a good signing he may not. Logic would suggest though it is a big step up from the French 2nd division to the Premier League and you'd expect it to at the very least take him a number of games to settle and adjust to playing at a much higher level. Hell of an ask to expect him to hit the ground running and make the instant impact we desperately need.
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    heads up on the latest dastardly e-mail scam guys If you receive an e-mail with an attachment claiming to contain free Aston Villa matchday tickets DO NOT click on it. A mate of mine opened it, and it really does contain tickets to watch Aston Villa. Heartless bastards.
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    So we are making signings now? Shame we didn't do it three **** weeks ago
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    It's not a con trick, it's his money. He doesn't have to spend a penny on the football club if he doesn't want to, it's not like he hasn't pumped in a fortune already. The money tap does have to stop somewhere though you know. He has decided the line has been drawn and the club has to run on it's own income. That is fair enough, we have no right to expect any more money. That is something spoilt children demand.
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    Boring (way to go not taking in any previous facts yadda yadda). Can you stop repeating yourself by any chance?
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    Funnily enough I was thinking about this today. There's no loyalty left in the sport anymore. It's all greed. I've never understood how a player so easily leaves so much behind for an extra £20K or so a week - baring in mind he's already on £50K. Some people earn that in 4-5 years. Shame.
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    He would be pretty cheap I imagine..... contract expires in 2014 according to Wiki
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    Udinese are no mugs finding players
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    most footballers are thick as sh it anyway, theyre just lucky enough to have their hobby as a job, nobody is worth £30k / £40k or even more a week, not even a world leader so why should these pri madonnas get that? as i was saying to some fellow villa fan friends yesderday, footballers arent in it today for the love of the game, theyre simply in it for the money, their undeserved 15 minutes of fame they should all be on £5k per week, and ticket prices for supporters should be alot less, about £5 a game, why should they earn £40k for 90 minutes work? pi sses me right off nowadays
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    Interesting news doing the rounds about this guy.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yacouba_Sylla
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    Warnock and Hutton are out on loan. It stands to reason the club would see no benefit in this if a substantial amount of their wages were not being picked up by the second party. Warnocks contract is up in the summer, he'll never play for us again. Hutton has moved with an option to make permanent. Fingers crossed I guess, but we don't seem to have much trouble shifting him, crazy as it seems. I think he likes to play football and he's too young to give up on a career. We'd move him, no question. In other words, we're getting there. We must be almost there. If there's no room for speculation now in order to survive then Lerner may as well sell. I'm sure he understands that.
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    why the hell would we want Jones. We have enough (decent) strikers what we don't have is anyone to create the bloody chances for them. AHHHHHH, its not rocket science !!!!
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    Still support him 110%. Difficult circumsttances, this is not just about the last 6 months. This has been coming
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    Well Barry Bannan posts on here so I guess the answer is yes.
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    Andi played with a virus yesterday and was still the most active player on the pitch, his effort and professionalism is impressive.
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    You'll be back. I'll give it two hours, tops.
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    Lambert is basically an idiot. With him in charge, we are totally ****. Weimann has been scoring goals and gives 100% so he leaves him on the bench. Wonderful. He really doesn't have a clue. I can't name one manager who I think would do any worse than Lambert. I'd take Bruce, Curbs, Di Matteo, Adkins even McCarthy over this fool. To stay up though, we need TWO midfielders and John Gregory.
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    I'm hurting as much as the next man - but I'm trying to keep a clear head and think without anger. The first half he got it wrong of that there is no doubt, however we really are having the most awful luck. Cabaye hits a screamer it goes in, Nzogbia hits a screamer it hits the post. If Nzogs goes in it's a different game. The second half how we didn't score I just don't know, we did everything, and torn Newcastle apart, it just didn't fall for us. That fight and determination is a small thing to hold onto. But I dont think it will be enough - I think this season was very much misjudged by the board and Lambert as to the amount of quality we had. We're 5 players short of staying up, the actions of the board are criminal. I just dont think we can escape this.
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    He had over 90% pass completion yesterday. He misplaced 3 passes all game. (Only 3 players (Santon, Vlaar and Perch) completed a higher percentage) I think you might just have picked out the anomaly rather than the norm there, mate.
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    Needs to go. Now. Whatever faith I had that he could even get us back up should the worst happen has been completely eroded. You don't win promotion by trying hard for 45 out of 90 minutes. Quite frankly, as uninspiring as the names of potential replacements like Curbishley are, it has got to the stage where they simply cannot do any worse.
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    Thanks for cheering me up, thats the funniest thing I have read in ages. The best crosser in the premier league but yet he can't take a corner.
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    He should have gone after Wigan
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    Fast becoming my favourite player. I knew he had something more about him than the rest of the academy striker sprint team from the way he played in the Valencia friendly. Still lot more to give and looks like he's got the fire in him to reach his potential.
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    I clicked 'show it anyway' because I was intrigued. Shouldn't have bothered.
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    Probably ordering giant banners to be hung around the ground with those immortal words emblazoned on them: "WE GO AGAIN".
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    Possibly. Or Lambert has a list of options and Sissoko's wages were too high for us to pay, even if Bent left. Maybe we are waiting to get Warnock and Hutton off the books to give us a little more flexibility in the last couple of days but we still wouldn't go as crazy as £50k/week+ anymore.
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    So it wasn't bad lack? It was a lack of skill or finishing

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