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    Personally I think he's doing a really good job so far. If you look at the table it doesn't look too great because we haven't put too many points on the board, but if you think about the games in terms of performance things start to look a lot rosier. West Ham - IMO we were much the better side and were unlucky to lose to a sucker of a goal. Everton - We were awful from start to finish and were rightfully spanked, although things might have been different had Given not had a mare with the second and third goals Newcastle - A cracking performance against a very good side. In Pardew's own words, we deserved to win. Swansea - A good win that could have been even better had Benteke buried another one of the four or five great chances he had when he came on Southampton - A fine first half, great start to the second half followed by 15-20 minutes of madness West Brom - A decent result against a side that have had a flying start Tottenham - All in all, a good performance. We restricted them to very few chances and should have been two up before they scored a rather fluky goal. They only really took control when we started to chase the game for the equaliser. Had we got the point, or maybe even all three, that we deserved against West Ham and the win we definitely deserved against Newcastle we'd currently be in 10th or 11th place and the atmosphere around B6 would be very different. What it comes down to is this - We absolutely can not afford to sign the kind of players that would have us competing in the top six in the next season or two. To do so would be to bankrupt the club, as a certain former manager tried to do. That method is unsustainable unless you have the money to keep at it. The only other option is the Everton/Arsenal route - slowly building a very good side by buying cheap and selling at a profit, generating funds to pump back into the team and continue the development. I, for one, am fed up of spending season after season watching Villa be midtable fodder and only briefly threatening to excel beyond that, before the inevitable regression to the mean. I want to see us push towards the top of the mountain, and if we are going to break this cycle we HAVE to do it in the way that Lambert is trying to do it. Food for thought: We repeatedly mention that Villa are, on average, the fifth best team since the Prem began. This is only because, largely through luck alone, we have managed to avoid being relegated several times, i.e. it is a result of us spending 20 years in the league, not a reflection on our performance in that time. Our actual average Prem finish in that time is 9th. Want us to ever go beyond that? Work must be done. Patience (real patience, not just over a season or two) is required.
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    Yes, but think of all the admin. We could do away with all that bureaucracy, get rid of the red tape. How about if the employer simply bid for the services of staff in a free market, and then sorted out things like food, accommodation, medical care and whatever, according to the needs and resources of the business? They would have to guarantee to find employment for the worker's family as well, or else release them on to the open market to another employer. It would be a job for life, or until no longer needed, in which case the opportunity would arise to be passed on to another employer. It would save a massive amount on things like education and health care. We wouldn't need those big expensive universal systems of provision any more - just trust the employer to provide what is most efficient. After all, the natural working of the market will push the employer to find the most efficient form of providing for these things, and employers who provide too little or too much by way of health and education would find themselves at a competitive disadvantage over time, so it would all work out for the best, with the least efficient owners going bust and staff gravitating to those who were better in tune with the market. It would mean that things like all this health and safety stuff could go, because again employers would know the best thing to do, and would not take risks which might disadvantage them through workers losing limbs in machinery, for example. Industrial tribunals would be another wasteful bit of red tape that could be got rid of. Employers could be trusted to determine effective forms of workplace discipline themselves. They would also probably find means of entertainment for the workers and their families, for example the younger ones and especially those of a female persuasion. And of course cutting back the role of the state in this way would prevent all this state spending from crowding out private enterprise, so we would see real economic growth, with rewards going to the risk-taking entrepreneurs. Mr Osborne's plans leave a little to be desired so far, but it seems that at least he's on the right road. God speed the good gentleman's progress.
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    Man with a mission , knows what he is doing , top bloke
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    May I say, I think Lambert's signings have all looked good - they've freshened up the team no end. What a difference. The difference between us and a team like Spurs is in ATTACK, which is the area of the team Lambert hasn't really added anything. I don't blame him for that either - the squad has been woeful for the last few seasons and it is going to take a few transfer windows to sort all that out. Lowton was quality today. Bennett looked impressive, and Vlaar and KEA. We matched them until they scored, and maybe should have been ahead eh. Spurs are good and they have a lot of attacking talent, while we are missing a couple of players to unlock defences. I think those players will come given time.
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    Again it should be noted that the IMF supported Gideon initially, the difference is that the IMF have changed their minds given the evidence, they've been doing this over the last year, as their world economic outlook report showed.
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    Posted this in the 'trolling' thread a few minutes ago, didn't see this one: So a man has been jailed for saying bad things on Facebook. I'm sure I've read similar types of jokes posted on VT, let alone Facebook. Social media is dangerous, you can ruin your life in a few taps of a keyboard. I don't feel sympathy for the accused, he did something stupid, but I do wonder whether what he did was simply distasteful rather than criminal. If he harassed the family or friends of the missing children, then the case would be entirely different, but it's not clear whether he did this or just posted on his own feed for his friends to look at. I dunno, the lines are getting blurry. I didn't know being a complete word removed was a crime. Like This
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    Because Touchwiz is a piece of shit. I know that's not exactly helpful, but it's true! You should see what being a train driver can do to your battery life. Hurtling through the Home Counties countryside at 100mph means my phone is constantly searching for a tower to connect to if I have it switched on when I'm at work.
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    Of course not. There needs to be some serious thought about the kind of precedent thats being set with this sort of thing. Besides that, I really dislike this developing culture of causing 'offence' (whatever the **** that means) being some kind of heinous crime. Grow the **** up.
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    It's not about being 'above the law'. Would you be jailed for telling 'sick jokes' to a few mates? What about to a few mates in the pub? What about if you're in the pub and someone records it and shows it to more people? At what point does telling an inappropriate joke become criminal? There's thousands of people who post on Sickipedia who should be jailed. Is Madeleine a fair target? What about 9/11? Unnamed dead babies? Or is it just when the lynch mob gets big enough, with no set rules? If you think a joke is disgusting, the correct punishment should be shunning the people telling them, not putting them in to our already overcrowded prisons. It's ridiculous.
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    Erosion of workers rights is certainly a common theme from this Gvmt and from previous Tory gvmts so it really should come as no shock
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    What a ridiculous scheme. What happens if a worker swapped their redundancy package for shares, only for the company to later go out of business forcing the redundancy, then there would be no redundancy money and no shares. A lose-lose situation.
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    5 points from the opening 7 games including losses to two of the new boys one of which was a hammering is crap, utterly crap. None of Lamberts signings have looked convincing either which is a worry. I think the team is weaker than last years team and I dont thinks Lamberts plan of a young and hungry team than runs around a lot is going to achieve anything at all. Lamberts man management is poor and tactically he is very limited
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    I don't think they have any idea what they are doing.
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    St.Ledger is carrying an injury so with Dunne out I can see Clark getting a game as between him, McShane, O'Dea and O'Shea who has been disgraceful in last few Ireland games
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    Good post, but I agree with this in particular. We've been a boring club signing almost exclusively established Premier League players for quite some time now. It didn't really deliver much in terms of results and certainly the financial results it delivered were dreadful. I think Lambert's getting a lot of unfair stick for his policy of mixing experience from abroad and young players with potential. It's something we've needed to do for a long time and some people only seem to have the short term in mind. And look at QPR. Everyone was talking them up this season (as they were last season) because they apparently have a very good squad with lots of quality but they're doing absolutely dreadful this season, even worse than us. He's not getting praised for that though, he's getting praised for performances which have been a marked improvement on last season.
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    Depends how close you want to be to the university, and how much you want to spend (buying or renting?) The main student village area is Headingley, but if you carry on north through there on the Otley road, you come to more pleasant residential areas like Far Headingley, Adel, West Park, Cookridge. They can be on the pricey side, mind. Or, going west beyond Kirkstall, you've got Horsforth, which has a lot going for it. In a nutshell, check out estate agent websites for north and west Leeds, use Google Street View to get a feel for how the areas look. If you want specific details, I know all these areas quite well (I've lived here for 40 years!), so feel free to PM me. Woman at work just had it done voluntarily in order to lose weight. The cruel gag in the office is that she had tried absolutely everything else, short of dieting and exercise. She's certainly lost weight, but I can't say she looks very well.
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    Found my usual running-shoe brand (Asics Kayano) on a 70% discount. WIN!
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    Judging by the fact that I read the first sentence, and immediately scrolled past the rest, I'd guess that PM is from Levi?
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    I think we may have missed the contact first time round. It's clear as day from this angle
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    Reading other sites I can say a lot of Spurs fans are more optimistic about our prospects than much of VT. Many of them have commented on the contrast between our last two games at WHL.
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    It's very close to Bassey's "Diamonds Are Forever", though!
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    Who? The Strokes? Or Loop? The new Wade-Giles album should be good.
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    Rev the S3 gets JellyBean this week. As for the nexus, I also dislike the on screen buttons when the bezelbelow is so big . I assume newer nexus phones will have smaller bezel down there. The Note 2 does look a superb handset if you are ok with the size. The originalnote was fine for me , it fit into my pocket no bother.
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    Well, night night lads. It was entertaining and bloody annoying at the same time. Willis, tread on a rake!
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    i watched the WBA game last week and benteke's all round game was very very poor. did no more chasing than bent does and he gave it away with a terrible touch everytime he got. i didnt see the game today but the commentators were saying he wasnt tracking back etc. couldnt really get an impression of how his first touch and hold up play was and i guess its only the commentators opinion. however as a striker he needs to be putting those chances away. goals get you points. benteke could become a good striker for us, yet at the moment he is very raw and i dont believe he should be starting over someone who has a proven record of putting the ball in the net.
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    Actually, I don't think we look that bad. It's just the results that are shit.
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    9 games and people "start to wonder". This is a longer term project thn that. Sorting out the shit we have been in the last two years is not an overnight fix. Did people expect us to be challenging top six this year or something ?
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    Would be interesting to know which of our full-backs are "average and experienced", because Hutton and Warnock are both far from that. Also, I think writing off Lowton and Bennett as "average" already is a bit harsh. They're inexperienced (in this league), young and raw but they've also got lots of potential. But yeah, I think Lowton and Bennett are much better than Warnock and Hutton. If they had come from other Premier League sides I don't think people would be so harsh on them.
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    Just back from the game and it's sad to see the apathy setting in already. We where competitive in the first half and made a good fist of it, Vlaar was very solid putting in some decent challenges and being a rock in the heart of defence. We had two great chances to score at the start of the 2nd half, both falling to Benteke and after that header went inches wide, we seemed to fall into our shell and began playing like Villa of last season, kept giving the ball away and no-one seemed to influence the game at all after that! To be fair, Spurs have just won away at Old Trafford, and will be pushing onto the top 4 this season, and they'll beat better teams by more goals, I don't think the alarm bells need to be ringing just yet, but we need to start picking up the wins soon! Oh, and the bloke who started singing "Gassed in the morning, you're getting gassed in the morning..." at the spurs fans - Grow up, get a life, we don't want to be associated with you.
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    What's with the "albino in a coal shed" avatar that everyone is rocking these days ?
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    true, i prefer wearing a latex dildo suit when im with some trannys
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    I think you are judging. What I wear when I'm in the company of trannys is none of your business
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    They haven't released a decent album in a number of years, have they?
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    working class Ed who just happens to live in a £1.6m house ? On that note, have you been following the latest Scargill story? No , but just had a look .. the Barbican flat story I assume .. everything that is wrong with the Union leaders in my opinion And imo the only credible argument against re-nationalisng the railways.
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    He did get the squad wrong today that is true, but don't you remember the Norwich fans told us this? They told us he was constantly changing the first 11 week in week out, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't... Today Given proved to us that he has had it. He made what, one decent save in the 2nd half? He proved to us that he has not recovered from the horrendous Euro's he had with that shocker of a second goal. I didn't see him concede one like that all last season. My squad for the next game would be: Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Baker, Lichaj, KEA, Delph, Ireland, Holman, Bent, Weimann Nzogbia doesn't deserve to start, neither does Bannan, neither does Fonz. I will however stand by Lambert no matter what. My fingers are crossed as to future signings, as we need 3/4 signings before the end of this window, so as to not fall so far behind before January that there is no point of return.
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    Unfortunately, when players are simply not good enough, they have a habit of not looking bothered. When players are good enough its amazing where they get their enthusiasm from. Confidence is an essential ingredient in football ..... its funny how the best players lose it less than the not so good. most of our current first team just ain't good enough, no other way to put it. I agree with everything you say regarding the players not being good enough. However it is unacceptable to be standing in the centre circle not even wanting the ball. That applies to both strikers for a lot of the time in the first half.
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    Very very very very very strong rumour.
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