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  2. Really? The game last night what fantastic, and I can't think of one moment where VAR even remotely ruined it. Though, I haven't been paying attention to too many other games in fairness.
  3. I went to upper Witton during the play offs for the first time. Disaster of a stand. No space at all, not only was it uncomfortable and unappealing, it was definitely dangerous considering the overcrowding.
  4. Well if we don't end up signing anyone today atleast I had a good laugh.
  5. It's official then. Still not signed.
  6. top class is a bit much, he has only had 2 full top flight seasons and 1 was the relegation season when he was woeful
  7. sne

    Jack Butland

    He has 2 PL seasons to his names and been loaned out and playing lower league football the rest. Still young-ish for a keeper thou. Never been a top keeper but a bright prospect when young.
  8. Yep. Which was €51m according to Wiki
  9. Who picks up the Guide dog's mess ?
  10. Obviously not followed Butlands career but wasn't he a top class keeper at one point? Surely signing him would be a coup?
  11. Butland was one of the reasons Stoke went down 2 seasons ago as they replaced Grant who was in better form, no team touched him and he looked shaky at times in the Championship. Would say 8-10 million is expensive for him. Is better keepers available not that its a position we are desperate for somebody
  12. Buffon was £32 million at the time
  13. sne

    Jack Butland

    Oh absolutely. The money has gone full retard. And every quality keeper that moves now will automatically move to the top 5 of that list. It's just that is Butland top 50 in the world, top 100, top 200 among keepers? £20m is still very, very much money even for us. I think we would be paying well over the odds if we give Stoke £20m or more. Edit: Buffon to Juve possibly the best transfer ever made still
  14. I am sure out there somewhere something or someone is going down...
  15. Its good to see the hobbit is getting in on this lark...£30 million for Webster!
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