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  2. Assume Pulis doesnt like it - mind you they play like that at home.
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  4. The last two seasons have provided more enjoyment than the previous 10. The goal of reaching the premier league is driving us all on but what happens when we get there? Be careful what you wish for.

    U.S. Politics

    Distraction worked. ███ ███████ █████ ███ ██ █████ ████████ █████. We go again.
  6. Mazrim

    Dean Smith

    The Club don't put them out. Leeds do.
  7. A video I found God knows how. Jack v Hull 4 yellows in 16 mins. Don't know the language but they thought it was funny
  8. Yep easily pots. If jack had been fit all season it would probably go to him, but McGinn will top the vote comfortably
  9. Friday Championship Bristol City v Reading 12pm Sheff Utd v Forest 12.30pm SS3 Millwall v Brentford 1pm Small Heath v Derby Leeds v Wigan SS3 Red Button Middlesbroug v Stoke Preston v Ipswich QPR v Blackburn SS3 Red Button Swansea v Rotherham Albion v Hull Norwich v Sheff Wed 7.45pm SS3 EFL on Quest 10pm Saturday Premier League Tv Games Man City v Spurs 12.30pm SS2 Newcastle v Southampton 5.30pm BT Sport 1 Bournmouth v Fulham Huddersfield v Watford West Ham v Leicester Wolves v Brighton MOTD 10.30pm Sunday Premier League Arsenal v Palace 4pm Super Sunday Everton v Man Utd 1.30pm SS2 Cardiff v Liverpool 4pm SS2 MOTD 2 10.30pm
  10. maqroll


    Anyone been? What was your experience?
  11. Swamp monster doesn't drain swamp. Behaves swampy. Report delivers very little. Money happy.
  12. Farlz

    John McGinn

    Voted him my POTS. Best signing this club has made in an extremely long time, consistently superb.
  13. Farlz

    Dean Smith

    Must say I do really enjoy these training videos the club puts out.
  14. blandy

    U.S. Politics

    Trump’s an arse clown, Russia dun bad thing, probs get way with it. That was 13 words.
  15. Xann

    U.S. Politics

    Horrendous dodgy businessman ethos unwelcome in government. Package of proof inadequate, for now.
  16. Yes, amazing to score twice in injury time! That feat reminds me of Man United's champions league final or Man City's premier league winning last game of the season. I just noticed we've had six different scorers in the last three games: McGinn, Adomah, Abraham, Kodjia, Grealish and Hourihane. It's good that so many players have been chipping in. That's generally what happens in my Villa daydreams too (so that all the players get a bit of glory and are happy)!
  17. He signed Alan Hutton, Nzogbia, 5 year deal for Shay Given and blink and you miss him Jermaine Jenas. Cracking business His season was summed up by Ireland winning player of the year
  18. I can’t recall anything quite as bonkers and joyous as that. Utterly mental. It was the perfect 5 minutes.
  19. @turvontour....yes, but not just because we are likely to Win....just that we and loads of others are in contention, that there’s genuine jeopardy and genuine dreams pretty much every week. Also, probably more contentiously, I like the football more overall.
  20. I genuinely struggle to remember anything from that period of our history. It must have been some sort of coping mechanism to remove all memory from my brain of that shite.
  21. Lol. When I renewed we weren’t really close to getting promoted, but I guess/ I’m sure I’d have renewed anyway.....without even thinking why ( which certainly explains anyone who renewed in the latter days of Lerner !)... I suppose the answer is it’s the heart when you renew and the head when you are sat at home musing on life in the higher League and somebody posts something that triggers a feeling.
  22. peterms

    U.S. Politics

    I really can't be arsed to read 448 pages. Life's short enough, and there are many other things to do. Can someone sum it up in 13 words, or less? Please?
  23. Yes but the manager also has to chase them down the motorway
  24. Im a bit like this. Love going to matches at the mo knowing we are likely to win. Those last 5 years in the PL were horrible, when you see drawing at home to West Ham as a good result. Oh and those inevitable 4-0 defeats to Tottenham. Christ. I want Villa to go up but only because of the financial pressure that we're under if not and that outside chance that we could do a Wolves. Also for the standing of the club and the fans from further afield that cant access the games so easily currently. Im far happier seeing us beat teams at this level. Just looking at the faces around me in the first half of that Derby game. Everyones in the toilets singing at half time. Hugging random strangers when Grealish scored that volley. Sheff Weds away recently. The jubilation. Thoroughly enjoying this division at the moment.
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