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  2. Boring? Have you watched any of them play? How many penalties did we win last season and Tammy take? It's not like we don't already have penalty takers so we're not gaining extra goals. Honestly I find Mili an average CDM that is just a unicorn stats wise because of scoring penalties that Zaha wins
  3. Agree But then nike charge you north of £60 for a shirt... Can blame nike and the clubs but ultimately it's FFP That's driven up the value of the deals which has resulted in the fans having the piss taken out of them I think nike have made a lot of effort and produced some really good training gear from I've seen this year but that's £40+ a shirt now too
  4. Prepare for the Jattle of Butland.
  5. If the rumours are to be believed, we aren’t messing around and are showing a bit of ambition. These new owners clearly aren’t messing around, long may it continue, we mean business again
  6. I’ve got a great idea for a chant for him. It goes Super, Super Jack, Super, Super Jack, Super Jacky Butland.
  7. They're almost definitely circumventing FFP by paying reduced agent fees, the released figures looked like they'd saved somewhere between £10-15m which is another player, whether or not they can avoid him taking a portion of the players wages too meaning they get paid less but take more home There's the rumour that rainola or whatever his name is wants a £10m fee for de ligt, in the wolves / Mendes scenario fosun can just pay him that direct, outside of the club and outside of FFP That's the main benefit that I can see, I don't see that if wolves wanted James Rodriguez this summer he would have joined just because he's a Mendes client, he has influence but not control
  8. I'm very intrigued by cheese flavoured white chocolate...
  9. Yeah that's a pretty biased way of showing it Definite element of truth though.
  10. Definitely But(t)land with the Blue and White reflecting on his SHA alliance.
  11. Is everyone involved with football watching the cricket then?
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