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  2. Just about the only positive thing you could say about Trump's Presidency is the fact he hasn't started a war and it would be typical if his first one turned out to be a civil one. This is **** nuts.
  3. Injuries have held him back, he has a lot of natural ability. He hasn’t even started a league match for us. He’s been in and around our first team for 5 years now, I don’t think he should be written off
  4. That's a difficult discussion. While I agree in some situations, soldiers have to be some what protected from poor leadership. They ultimately are under orders.
  5. That was my initial thought. Mostly due to this right wing nutter fighting the very amendments they seek to protect.
  6. Today
  7. Thanks Dom. We actually departed NYC March 14th - we are very lucky that my wife's family has a summer condo in Santa Fe New Mexico. We've been holed up here ever since. (Her parents hav cancelled their summer trip.) We're musicians so all of our work has been cancelled including the Santa Fe Opera which we were both meant to be playing this summer. Today we found out that the Metropolitan Opera won't open until December 31st which means all of the other other institutions will be similar. Carnegie Hall, New York Phil & Broadway will all be shut until the New Year at the earliest. @maqroll Our apartment is on 99th and West End (1/2 a block from Broadway) and I hadn't been worried until today. I was up with my little lad at 6am here and turned on the news. I couldn't believe, 8am broad daylight on 14th street in Manhattan people openly looting stores. I just wonder how mad it. could get - that display tonight by Trump was truly terrifying. They seem to want a war - divide and conquer.
  8. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    Where do you live in NYC?
  9. Dom_Wren

    U.S. Politics

    its mental mate, and you're in the thick of it. Stay safe mate.
  10. Dom_Wren

    U.S. Politics

    Type Dave Lyle Blvd into Twitter. this is my city. Police shut down a whole mall and more. Pics of patrol cars backed up to entrances after a tip the rioters and looters were coming down from Charlotte to smash it. Thankfully this is the other side of town from me, but were hearing they want to get into neighborhoods. Bad move for them if they make that choice.
  11. Davkaus

    U.S. Politics

    Every one of the soldiers that helped clear his path is complicit in his crimes.
  12. Dont cus theres discussion before corona that Buffy was returning.
  13. Player sales revenue the past two seasons, I dont know about you but weve been selling penny chews out of the Villa store because we have not sold much that made us any money off player sales. Were that bad in player sales revenue that weve goe the shoe shiners and pick pockets back on the streets of Birmingham.
  14. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    Trump going full dictator now
  15. Tonight dinner: chips.gravy.cheese.super noodles.
  16. Tomaszk


    I fear this fell down the pecking order as targets were missed out on. It has to have. I refuse to believe players like Wes, Trez and Targett can have been watched regularly and it was decided they're worth money we paid. I think multiple agents have spoken about giving Suso players (could be the same guy on different occasions) and that's where I think more moves have happened than is useful. We're not in a terrible spot, because these owners are clearly interested, but we need a big change in this department. The beige swindler Gregg Evans wrote about our recruitment the year we went down recently. We had a fantastic setup, picking up players like Gueye, Veretout and Amavi for under £25m, those three would cost you at least £70m now. Sadly Tim Sherwood was in charge and told the recruitment team he was going to play 3-5-2 all season (main reason they went for the attacking Amavi), plus he insisted on signing Lescott and Richards. We were always going down with that Representative for Wellingborough in charge. I think those players would have thrived under Smith, despite his shortcomings.
  17. Yesterday
  18. This is what Trump and his cronies want. A war. This is Bannons wet dream - a civil war based on race and the rise of a white ethnic-state. The best thing everyone opposed to Trump to do right now is just go home. Don’t give them the rope to hang us all. This article is from 2016 A Prediction
  19. Italy and Spain are now under 100 deaths a day aren't they? I naively thought we'd follow the same path a few weeks after but this government is doing its best not to.
  20. Nigel

    Dean Smith

    I like the one jacket idea...seems far more fitting!
  21. And due to Coronavirus we can’t even fly out.
  22. This is insane. I’m genuinely terrified.
  23. Wainy316

    U.S. Politics

    Next level dictator madness now. He’s gone to pose in front of a church in the immediate area they’ve just cleared holding a bible
  24. Wainy316

    U.S. Politics

    "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Thomas Jefferson
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