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  2. I agree, I hate it when we wear completely all claret.
  3. I'm not against Kappa being on our shirts but I do feel that something dreadful will make a comeback now. I've not heard anyone say it for such a long time yet there are those who used to brand anyone wearing Kappa ( A KAPPA WEARING HO ), I'm scared to wear our shirt and being called one for once rather than branding my friends with it ..
  4. Claret and blue boots should be a thing for us.
  5. Superstition is not a rhing we should get caught up in lol.
  6. Club shop/Villa Village I think Jim? Going to inquire myself later today. I'm now torn between this one and our White shirt from this season.
  7. Home: Claret and blue shirt, white shorts, black socks Away: White shirt, white shorts, claret socks Change: Black shirt, black shorts, claret socks Club should mandate black boots. Imagine a rampaging Villa all in black boots...
  8. I think its been obvious from when the Owners took charge on what they'd spend, I think they would spend tons. The owners have the coin and they stated they wanted Villa back to winning ways, i think the message has been clear from the start. You also can look at how they restructured the club, they could of brought in less experienced people who cost alot less, they didnt and brought in what i would say have been some of the very best in what they do. If we go up, the plan will be to bring in players who want to win things, not players who just want to earn, those players will cost a fortune. The owners could say go all out and price is of no concern, I do not know in what our limit would be, any ideas?? I think our Owners know full well that if they can attract talented, skillfull players on a world stage, then they know Villa Park will be ram packed each game as well. The owners could be about to do what us fans have always dreamed of, let's see if the Owners will do what they stated they wanted all along. I doubt they are here to make money, they have over 9 billion between the two of them, at that point I think they have entered that stage in there life's where money is less important and winning things is priority, let's hope so anyway.. Some people on here think that because we would be new to the premier again that it would put off world class players, I'm on the other side of the fence on that one. I think If the package and the plan appeal to those players then anything is possible. If we can pull of promotion we can only dream we will be seeing some world class stage players, it's not impossible, if we can attract a few then it certainly shows the ambition of this club and its Owners.
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  10. Hornso

    Alan Hutton

    I'd be shocked if the squad changed from the Albion legs.
  11. Rumours on Twitter about Lampard replacing Sarri. Just what Derby need...
  12. As a member of the Alan Hutton fan club I would be fine to see him play next week if needed. That said I dont think he should start. He has been out for a while and throwing in an older player cold for such a big game seems overly risky.
  13. And compared to the current fare, it would be.
  14. I’ll have you know , those collars were the height of fashion in 1975
  15. Robtaylor200


    we were only 3215 in the queue but didn't get one, Hey ho as long as we win. I will celebrate in a Villa pub somewhere UTV
  16. AJ

    U.S. Politics

    The whole system is broken in so many ways as we try to function in a democracy with the handbrake on.
  17. Robtaylor200


    me and the lad had the same plus Swansea FA cup game. I'm going to buy a club card start of next season, gutted but at least the majority of die hards got a ticket.
  18. There's literally no downside to betting on us losing. We're the favourites so you'll get good odds. If we win, you won't care that you've lost £10/£20 or whatever and if we lose, you'll be just as upset but at least you'll have some extra money.
  19. I'm almost tempted to bet on us to lose, because I'm really really shit at betting and usually lose.
  20. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of us convinced we will conspire to fail to more than balance your confidence.
  21. leighavfc


    Feel sorry for all those who missed out, genuinely do. Many genuine fans won't be there alongside 36k or so of us unfortunately! My uncle one of them who didnt assign all his tickets this year and missed out on 2 release dates! Like it was said on here, we could probably sell the whole of Wembley out on a day like this. We all have different situations but we all love Villa just as much its just unfortunate there are not enough tickets for all! I don't get down as much as I used to, due to having kids mainly. But under MON years I didn't miss a game home and away for 5 years and could get a ticket for any game I wanted home or away. Good luck to you still trying, i hope something pops up for you all! Honestly keep checking the website like a madman things will go up. Last year 200 tickets got released randomly with no news/warning! #UTV
  22. PZYK Vol 1 a compilation made to celebrate the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. There are some absolute class tracks on this triple album It's odd seeing it now, there's a Les Big Byrd track on there and a Lorelle Meets the Obsolete one too, I thought I'd only come across them recently but had them on here all along. Same for local lad Bonnacons of Doom too There's currently a copy of this for sale on Discogs for £23 plus postage. Bargain IMO A1 –Mugstar Goat Head A2 –Tau (9) Venado Azul (Ceremony Version) A3 –The Holydrug Couple Dreamy A4 –Wolf People All Returns Part II A5 –Klaus Johann Grobe Traumhaft B1 –Masahiko Sato* Take It Easy B2 –The Vacant Lots 6am B3 –Christian Bland Flashing Signs B4 –Fumaça Preta Eu Era Um Cão B5 –The Lucid Dream (2) Devil Rides Out (Time And Space Machine 12" Remix) C1 –Night Beats Messiah C2 –Lorelle Meets The Obsolete Sealed Scene (Part Time Punks Session) C3 –White Manna Kief Mountain C4 –Gnod Breaking The Hex C5 –K-X-P Space Precious Time C6 –Clinic The Wizard D1 –Fever The Ghost A Parliament Of Owl Determines The Fates Of Greater Men No Less Than 5 Stories Above Us In A Great Dream (9 No Bus) D2 –The Limiñanas Salvation D3 –Strange Collective Sun D4 –POW! 4 R E A L D5 –Lucern Raze Cheep Speed D6 –Jibóia Dvapara Yuga E1 –Mai Mai Mai Κουσμα E2 –Les Big Byrd White Week E3 –Goat (22) Run To Your Mama (Cage And Aviary Re-Remix) E4 –Gala Drop Let It Go (Extended Version) F1 –Destruction Unit If Death Ever Slept F2 –Blanck Mass Detritus (Konx-Om-Pax Rmx) F3 –Föllakzoid Feuerzeug F4 –Bonnacons Of Doom Exteriority
  23. dont_do_it_doug.


    Awesome! Wherabouts? I'm moving to highbury in a couple of weeks. Literally a 5 minute walk from the Emirates so we better bloody win this.
  24. I love a debate from first principles I guess I want to think more about this before commenting further, but the relationship between confidence and power, and the directional flow of each, seems interesting to me.
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