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  2. I think any comparison to Leicester that season is utterly pointless, just like comparisons some make to Alex Ferguson when talking about patience with managers.
  3. Might have been because he was standing next to tommy elphick
  4. I'm doing manager career mode simulated results now. At least training players helping practice controls. Any cheap buys to recommend? Bought Leko from WBA and Kelly from Bristol and both straight in first team. Does chemistry matter in manager career mode?
  5. Aguero hadn’t played in the Premier league before Man City signed him so I don’t understand your point. My comment was slightly tongue-in-cheek as it was really anti Sturridge as opposed to pro Maupay. Sturridge is a man made of glass, with nothing to prove and will be significantly overpaid. He is the exact opposite of our clearly stated transfer policy and that’s without even trying to imagine (chortle) him working his backside off trying to press defenders. According to whoscored.com, since 2014/2015 he has scored the grand total of 24 goals for Liverpool and West Brom. I’d therefore contest that he doesn’t even particularly know where the goal is. Realistically, Maupay would be £20m and I’d have him in a heartbeat as he’s bound to work hard and score goals given the opportunity. It’s open to question how many he will score but it’s guaranteed to be a damn lot more than Daniel “where’s my dog?” Sturridge.
  6. He looks very good with his back to goal, and link up play looks good too. Get him on the same wavelength as our midfield and he will be tough for anyone to handle.
  7. I've got Civ6 digitally and it's very good port even in handheld its smooth. Just a shame all the expansions arnt available.
  8. More importantly according to John Percy we have agreed a fee. Most reliable journo covering Villa.
  9. Why didn't you just have a random order then . ? Your way seems convoluted , unfair and just straight up weird. Especially for a start up league. How long do you think it would take for everyone on VT to reply with their preferred spot when we haven't even had everybody confirm and less than half have OK'd the draft time . I can only assume you are in a 4 man league with your 3 kids ?
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  11. The Force Awakens was A New Hope rebooted. .
  12. Honestly mate, it was done in 10 minutes. No fuss at all. The commish just randomised the order and the first person on the list got to pick where they were drafting from, then the 2nd, so on and so forth. Obviously once a slot has been taken you can't go ahead and say you want it. It was just a suggestion. I'm happy with how it is, just thought i'd throw it out there.
  13. Keyblade

    Wesley Moraes

    Pinging those cross field balls like a midfielder damn. Also, I definitely see the Aguero resemblance.
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