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  2. Because his name was not Deanio Smithao from Portugal. (Insert any other sexy country, hair style and/or fashion sense here)
  3. Tim Sherwood has said we are going up. Just announce it now. *** I do still have love for Timmy.
  4. av1

    Dean Smith

    What i loved about the MON era was the fact that i went to every game (probably Man UTD aside) thinking that we had a chance of getting a result. You don't win them all of course but the hope was there and even when we got turned over i never felt like it was down to want of trying. That is exactly how i feel again under Smith.
  5. That's not bizarre at all. He doesn't get half the love Rashford or Salah get yet he is a much better and more consistent player than both of them. Its because city isn't a media darling to as big of an extent.
  6. In his post match interview here commenting on some of the one touch football in the second half, Smith said something along the lines of: 'I don't care who we play if we play like that' I agree. We are going up.
  7. Even now it is still hard to reconcile the team we are now and the way we play to the team we were in that abject run of losses, I will be first to admit I was worried as the team performances, selections and substitutions all seemed to get more and more questionable, but I think we had so many issues with injuries that it is hard for that not to cloud things. The biggest issue was we seemed to also lose confidence completely and any team would if you keep losing or drawing. But eventually the players Dean brought in or recalled started to do the job, Grealish came back and suddenly not just his performances improved but so many other players around him improved, it just goes to show that there are so many factors in football that lead to success and often so few that lead to failure. Dean showed at the start how he wanted us to play, it took a long time to get things the way he wanted in attack and midfield and then even longer to sort the defence out, I think we are probably 60-70% of the team Dean wants us to be for the Championship, if we get promoted that figure goes out of the window as I personally have no idea what we need to be to survive or thrive in the Premiership so can't even speculate anymore.
  8. sne

    Tony Xia

    Yeah, those tasteful nudes I did in my youth will haunt me forever.
  9. Bizarrely he was interviewed for Irish radio this week
  10. I am more concerned about West Brom. There squad is full of premier league players.The year before they were relegated they finished 10 th .They have added Gayle and Johnstone to that squad.They have been inconsistent this season otherwise and that’s why they have not achieved automatic promotion. Beating them over 2 legs is going to be more difficult than Leeds or Sheffield in my opinion. Maybe it would be better to finish 6th.
  11. sne

    Dean Smith

    Once the defense was sorted in January I wanted to see substantial improvements and development during the run in for him to be kept on after the season. Suffice to say we've seen that. Delighted with the performances even thou I've not been able to watch most games due to work.
  12. Stevo985

    Glenn Whelan

    If we’re still in the championship it might be worth a 1 year deal. If we go up I don’t think it’s worth it.
  13. (psssst everyone...I think Steve Gibson has some compromising pictures of sne)
  14. Going to sound bizarre but is Aguero underrated. He gets none of the acclaim Salah, Kane etc get. Consistent 20 goals a season yet has only once ever made team of the year
  15. We won 11 on the bounce during 1897 (which included the FA Cup Final & semi-final).
  16. Come on man, let's not rewrite history to suit a narrative. I'm as on board with Smith as anyone now, I'm absolutely buzzing about the Villa for the first time since MoN days probably, we look the real deal now. But there were some abject performances during the shit run coupled with what looked like uninspiring team selections (plenty of comments around that time as little to no difference to what we'd seen under Bruce). Now I'm perfectly fine in writing that period off as our transitional period but that's not to say that having concerns around that time weren't valid. Od course, suggestions of imminent sacking were way OTT but then it was only one or two suggesting that from memory. We've seen it fall to shit too many times to not expect/accept pessimism.
  17. Shame for City there is no VAR in this game.
  18. Be suprised if Spurs dont get 1 or 2 goals in this game. Stones and Laporte CB pairing is utterly clueless positionally
  19. Laporte has had a good game so far thou.
  20. Yep, the arrogance is strong at the moment.
  21. Still think it's pretty nice-ish. Has a retro look. The goalie kit is ace.
  22. Today
  23. Immense team there @villan-scott
  24. Stones and Walker would give you no confidence
  25. I’ll list a player for 200k but it now if you’ve got money to spare
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