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  2. Is everyone involved with football watching the cricket then?
  3. Dunno what people expect with the templates to be honest, just think of the manufacturing and logistical cost of designing and making a completely unique kit for every club they pay to wear their shirts, every year? It’s just the economics of it all. I imagine if clubs wanted a special kit they’d have to request it and adjust their deal accordingly. Maybe NV can put me in my place, I guess what I mean is that it’s down to the club as much as anything.
  4. Agree with this. Haven’t finished theirs series yet, but can already tell not as good as first two.
  5. If that tweet from villa isn't a cheeky hint that we have a new "number 1" then it is ridiculously misguided given the rumours that are circulating!
  6. I remember the times with Alan M, what a player he was... i remember him tearing Arsenal a new one at Highbury after we got promoted, was it 1st game of the season??
  7. O.k I just think he's a good player, much rather have him at base of midfield than Phillips or Hayden who are boring links to me. We'll get plenty of penalties with likes of Jack and El Ghazi in our team so he could still score 5-10.
  8. They made a mistake by having The Holte End a two tiered stand .
  9. FFS. Only just logged on for first time since then so no it didn't take me 22 hours to work it out.....
  10. Villa park should always be four separate stands I agree ! Never gunna happen but would love the MBS halo screen @ VP
  11. The clubs don't really sell them for cheap. I think it is something to do with the joint agency that Foshun and mendez own. They are somehow paying the players (and presumably clubs) some of the money owed (directly from Foshun?) through that route so it doesn't go on the official books.
  12. I see, still find that Lucas Oil stadium ugly though. Rather have 4 ends like the the Holte but that would mean getting some kind of permission to do away with roads Witton Lane and Trinity road, or push them back. Just to clarify I mean the actual roads where the cars drive not the stands.
  13. limpid


    Just because the credit card company said "tough" makes no difference to the legality. Either it was deceptive or it wasn't. Trading standards might be interested. Personally, I don't click on Google search results with "Ad" next to them.
  14. when Steve Bruce tells him his rented holiday home has a new arrival.....................John Terry.
  15. Pity you missed Alan, he was top class before his move to Bayern. My mistake earlier, I had not strictly focused on hold up play. Dion Dublin shades Emile on hold up play, in my opinion. Dion, Dalian and John Carew also gave us goals, which Emile didn't and as yet Keinan hasn't. I think you really need both, but that's asking a lot I accept.
  16. I was proposing Lucas Oil as a template for a redeveloped Villa Park.... if we were to ever move them I’d be all for something like MBS or vikings stadium .... Alas just a pipe dream as we won’t be leaving VP.
  17. Exactly this...... Number one in the world playing ''friendlies''....the dogs bollocks when it matters, Pathetic
  18. Nah, gotta go. Had a season ticket in there for years. Doneonthecheap dot com
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