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  2. In what way does the Union clearly benefit them? Are you referring to what they’ve spent 40 years of oil revenue on? Or the billions spent on transport links in London? I think maybe you’re starting from a position of presuming Scotland is a small helpless place, lucky to have England as a neighbour to bail it out. When perhaps, just perhaps, the UK is geared up to supply resource to somewhere other than Scotland? Who knows what decisions they may have made on renewable energy, or the bankers, or Iraq. You can’t presume they’d simply still be reliant on what London gives them, to spend on what London dictates. That’s slightly less the case now, with their parliament beginning to get some worthwhile powers and not just some pocket money. It’s been that classic trick, don’t allow them their own policies, don’t allow them their own money raising capabilities. Send them some money, limit what they can spend it on. Then point out they are financially dependent on the south. Classic gaslighting really.
  3. You know that England does not subsidise Scotland? The Union that benefits Scotland the most is the EU not the UK. The union that benefits the UK is also the EU too but hey ho, sovereignty. Please don’t bring up bendy bananas
  4. But then we get into the whole debate of EU law supremacy over UK legislation. Wouldn't Scotland be better off seeking greater independence from the UK while staying in the Union that clearly benefits them?
  5. I think an independent Scotland would actually have more power in the EU than they currently have in the UK. They would have full devolution of power for their domestic policies and for foreign policy decisions each EU nation gets the power of a veto for any new laws or decisions and any new agreements need a unanimous vote of support from all members. Contrast that with the power they currently have. i.e. partial devolution for domestic policy and very little say in UK national policy. The Brexit debate itself is a very obvious example. If they had had the power to veto like the EU gives its members the whole thing it could not get off the ground. As it is they are going to be dragged out against the wishes of their electorate.
  6. I have, unless of course Scotland was to be independent and join the EU. In that case, the answer would be Edinburgh. While there might be a variety of reasons for Scotland wanting to make that move, "ideologically" it seems like a contradicting one.
  7. chrisp65

    General Chat

    Yeah, I’ve been confused a few times recently when I’ve been on this iPad where I’m suddenly looking at someone’s profile. Then I worry that they think I actually deliberately looked them up. Then it dawns on me those people that have looked me up, probably didn’t.
  8. It was a lad who was in the guild the remaining Dashers joined after it disbanded. Brotherhood of the Skull. Can't recall his name unfortunately. A few of those you mention are in a guild called Darkblade on Tarren Mill.
  9. Stoke signed him for 10m rising to 12. Huddersfield signed him for similar so another average player who has gone for stupid transfer fees in last 5 years. He did show promise a while ago at Blackpool. Didn't he turn down likes of Monaco around that time.
  10. Didn't they win a title one season with Anderson and Tom Cleverley as their central midfield partnership for half of the season?
  11. Xann

    General Chat

    I inadvertently do a tour of profiles when I browse VT with an Ipad.
  12. A thought that just popped to my head and has not been given a lot of time to sit there yet so I would be interested to hear your take on it, especially from any Scots in here! The most common argument for Brexit is not primarily based on the economic advantage, but on the basis of independence, sovereignty and ability to stand alone from Brussels making decisions affecting London. Why is so much of Scotland against Brexit, yet is FOR a similar move in leaving the UK in order to stand independent? Much like in Brexit's case, Edinburgh will not be financially better off should they leave the UK, and if they decide to join the EU while they stand alone they will be giving away much of their decision making power to a foreign powerhouse. It looks like a logically contradicting move.
  13. They do have a guy on the Quest show from time to time who does a podcast, think it's called not the top 20. Really knowledgable about all the teams. I do wonder for MOT2 whether as an experiment they could get in two fans of the teams who've played that day and give their opinions on the game, manager etc. Make sure they're a little more professional than the guys Sky used to have on Fanzone back in the day (remember the tubby Villa fan?) and it would be good watch imo.
  14. Normally people do the brainless R Lee Ermey stuff *before* the negative findings in trials, independent reviews etc, rather than after
  15. You can get your fix next week, they have league cup highlights still.
  16. Id start him Friday. That Bernard is tiny and weak as piss and Digne is a bit flaky defensively.
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  18. Just shows how hard he has taken missing out on his "dream move". He just can't focus on his game anymore.
  19. sne

    Global Warming

    The fires in the Amazon rain forest is so bad now that the smoke has turned day to night in Sao Paolo Satellite pictures also pretty grim Record number of fires this year, the dry weather combined with farmers starting fires to clear land for cattle farming is the reason behind it.
  20. Fulham should win it. Swansea seem to be doing well, grinding out results where needed, and they haven't got a bad team either.
  21. Here's the BBC's famous "balance" at work. Idiots
  22. People's Republic of Cheshire reporting for service, sir! In our turbo-charged SUVs.
  23. Well, the opposite of freedom of movement of people would be serfdom, and I can see how a few people might think that a good idea.
  24. Out of curiosity, do you guys in england get to see much news of marches for independence? The majority being in Scotland where it appears most weekends one city or another will have a rally and tens of thousands will march peacefully. It’s started here too, the third one is coming up in Merthyr soon.
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