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  2. To be fair to Umbro, they are producing some really nice kits the last few years. I like Derby's kits this season too, especially the away.
  3. You know, I wrote that, looked at it and thought "That doesn't look right", re-read it, and still left it like that. Brain fart. Or maybe I've been working in Wolverhampton for too long.
  4. Dude, we were in the Premier League when we signed him and had been in the top flight since 1989, you somehow think he was signed with foresight of going down? Plenty of Championship strikers make the grade in the top flight. We spent a lot of money that summer and as others have said also, looking back the signings made werent the problem. Gestede was cheap, certainly not a big money signing like you're trying to make it out as. Other Prem teams were spending £30m+ on their strikers. No matter how you spin it, it was a cheap signing for a Premier League club.
  5. I don't even want a weekend this week, just get me straight to Monday and on the way to Wembley.
  6. Definitely. I thought I’d be watching at home, and didn’t think the nerves would properly kick in until closer to kick off. Suddenly finding myself with a ticket for Wembley and flights booked, I’m a nervous wreck.
  7. And the bad news is... it's only going to get worse homey. I wonder how the players are able to detatch themselves from the nerves and pressure? It's borderline overwhelming for me and I'm not even going to Wembley. Time will tell I guess.
  8. sne

    Micah Richards

    You only get so far with athleticism alone. He had nothing else in his locker and apparently wasn't interested in putting in the time and dedication it takes to develop. Once the injuries start coming and he lost some of his athleticism he had nothing left. Basically a meat popsicle.
  9. Demitri_C


    It's here my golden willy wonker ticket I dobt know who said their were badges of all four clubs on it but mine has none of them
  10. In my experience you have to cancel and actually let it go through, you will either then be offered something before they do it or will call you at some point before the deactivation date to offer you something. That does sound quite expensive but I haven't been with Sky for about 3 years so no idea if much better is available.
  11. See post above mate, You must be cancel and be in your Cancellation pending on your account. Once done, use the link I put above and you will get it all for that price.
  12. I have been quite confident until my tickets arrived yesterday. I looked at the Playoff trophy on the ticket and tried to picture Jack lifting it. Since then I've somehow convinced myself it isn't going to happen. The nerves are getting worse and worse.
  13. How the hell do the Irish understand a word those two are saying
  14. I get the strange feeling there is a championship theme in here somewhere, not sure why I think that.......just a feeling you get, you know?
  15. There seems to be quite a lot of negative comments towards Kappa and we haven't even seen any glimpses of the kit yet! We all know that they've done some nice kits as we've seen in previous pages but we know there's been some abominations, so before we slag off lets just wait and pass judgement when it lands. To be honest its been designed, it's been manufactured. So whether you like or not doesn't really matter as there will be more buying just because it's villa than people not liking it. UTV
  16. We sent him to Australia hoping he would refuse to go so we could sack him. Unfortunately the guys playing by the rule book.
  17. Where you heard that guv? In the video below(from 20'45''). He explains his new role and the type of players he's looking for:
  18. For South Africa Roy Bairstow Root Morgan Buttler Stokes Moeen Woakes Plunkett Archer Rashid Need to manage Wood’s fitness and I think Thursday/Monday might be too much for him at this stage of his comeback. Save him for the Pakistan game as he had the number on some of their batters in the one ODI he played. Curran, Plunkett and Wood rotate for me - Curran in for Australia and India amongst others.
  19. Today
  20. Archer is a special talent and a quick learner but he hasn't played much one day cricket for Sussex, so it is a slight risk. I have faith in Morgan to use him correctly though. Bairstow, Roy, Root, Morgan, Buttler, Stokes, Mo, Woakes, Curran, Rashid, Archer would be my team
  21. Calling him a Premier League signing is very relative in my eyes. Firstly he was a championship quality player, in a championship based team, that was signed to a team doomed for relegation to the championship, filled with championship standard players. For all sense and purposes he was a championship signing. And in my eyes £ 6 million is a lot of money, even by todays standards.
  22. OutByEaster?


    Sadly, my problem is that I can't be in. I have a loose agreement with work that I'm off for pretty much every home game, but don't push it for aways. I'd ideally like to go to around four or five away games a year, and that's very difficult - there's a sort of all or nothing about being "in".
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