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  2. Broadwalk retail park. I usually go McDonalds then then walk over to the ground bout 10 minutes
  3. thabucks

    Said Benrahma

    Just saying l’equipe Have linked us with Leao in one article .... just sayin That thread got closed early doors which is fair enough but why are we putting so much faith in this link?
  4. I bought 2 memberships in my name ,I was unable to speak to anybody on the phone and want to check does that allow me to buy 2 tickets?
  5. Let's hope this Brazilian is the one that does the whole English weather/food thing...
  6. She's 26. (Although I agree the Cubs deal is fantastic). Buy her a membership Derek and move to the Upper Trinity to sit with her when she goes.
  7. villakram


    100k/wk for Hudson-Odoi, a man with nothing done to date, and coming off an achilles injury that will most likely mean he is a different player after. Madness. Probably should be in game's gone.
  8. Neves and Jiminez weren't getting a game at Benfica and Porto, and no other clubs other than Wolves were in for them, it wasn't like they beat a load of Champions league clubs to their signatures. Not totally ruling out Leao signing for us, for we all know all these links to Inter Milan and so on could be paper talk, just saying that it seems very unlikely, and probably not worth getting our hopes up over. If we are actually in for him then thats a good sign of our ambitions though, and if we fail with him, maybe we'll try for someone equally as impressive elsewhere.
  9. Can't you still park in the shopping centre next door and walk through that little alley way.
  10. Summer is the worst time of the year, with convertible cars and shit music already covered I'll add Your local pub(s) become full of people who only have a drink when the sun's out, thus spending the afternoon and evening nursing a pint of cider whilst he sits with he's wife not talking to each other Men with no tops on, but a vest tucked into their jeans like Bruce **** Springsteen Wasps, flies, mosquitos biting the **** out of you Bring on winter.
  11. Iain Bowel Syndrome was on 5 Live before, I can't remember his exact words but he said something along the lines of... I'm sure all the Party's MPs will soon realise that supporting a VONC will only lead to one thing and that is a government lead by Jeremy Corbyn In supporting Johnson, he actually said Johnson can't win an election
  12. I wasn't being serous Dem but to answer the question , that the final 2 was Boris and Hunt says a lot about what is wrong with the Tory party ... Not sure who I would have wanted , I think Gove was the most equipped of the contenders they had , but the public aren't taken with him and he'd never win a GE ... Boris for whatever reason is capable of delivering a GE election , probably because he's a reality TV act , nothing he does is by chance ( except maybe his neighbours with a vendetta running to the Guardian ) , even his zip wire accident few years back was orchestrated , mishaps like that can ruin some politicians (think Kinnock falling over on the beach , ) ..but not Boris , it just added to the legend , for want of a better word
  13. The 2012 London Olympics doesn't feel like seven years ago to me, but it must have been.
  14. Leao is already playing for a club in the Champions league, and is being linked to other clubs in the Champions league. Link to him, reminds me of when we were linked to Martial the year we signed all those players from the French league, a link that came from L'Equipe as it happens.
  15. Leao is the type of signing that would definitely make me phone work to inform them I’ve got severe chafing so I won’t be coming in.
  16. Is it really 7 years ago? I would have guessed 2015 or something. Feels like yesterday
  17. Hopefully but it would make sense why it's taken so long to get trez in
  18. This. We were interested in Hassan before the bid went in for Benrahma. We need two wide players anyway, as Green isn't good enough. Tbh if we paid up to 20m for Benrahma I'd be OK with it, as he will be worth 40-50m in a season or two in the PL.
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