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  2. Sickness and diarrhoea. It’s coming out of me like lava. Naturally, as I’m poorly, I’ve had to go down to ‘sleep’ on the sofa. FTW
  3. NoCoder

    Mile Jedinak

    That is very true. I don't believe he has missed a penalty attempt for club or country as a professional player. And he has taken plenty of pressure attempts too, especially in WC qualifiers. I always remind my teenage kids (who love Messi and Kante) that my favourite player is the best in the world at Penalties
  4. Hornso

    Loan watch 2018/19

    Summary from Monday/Tuesday night Bree (Ipswich Town) Home to Swansea (0-1) - Played 90 minutes. Booked. 6.45 whoscored.com rating Clark (Port Vale) Away at MK Dons (1-1) - Played 90 minutes. Doyle-Hayes (Cambridge United) Away at Forest Green (2-1) - Not in squad. Gardner (SHA) Away at Rotherham (1-3) - Played 90 minutes. Booked. 6.63 whoscored.com rating. Hepburn-Murphy (Cambridge United) Away at Forest Green (2-1) - Played 90 minutes. Hogan (Sheffield United) Away at Hull (0-3) - Substituted after 70 minutes. 6.38 whoscored.com rating. McKirdy (Newport County) Away at Macclesfield (0-0) - Substituted after 64 minutes. O'Hare, Callum (Carlisle United) Away at Grimsby (1-0) - Played 90 minutes. Prosser, Alexander (Brackley Town) Away at Chester (0-0) - Not in squad. Taylor, Corey (Walsall) Away at Wycombe (1-0) - Came on after 73 minutes.
  5. “Cobra Kai Season 2’ starts at 5am GMT on YouTube. The spin off show following on from the films. Really been looking forward to Season 2 as I’m a massive fan of the films. Going to watch each episode from 5am Should be 10 in total all around 25/30mins long. is anyone else in here going to be watching a season 2?
  6. 2 years older but starting games and playing very well, Cahill’s started 1 premier league this year and after playing most of the europa league games didn’t get picked in either of the quarter final games. He played in the third place playoff at the World Cup, a game England lost. He was only there because he’s an old head in a very young squad. Whelan is still playing and starting for Ireland. I’m not saying Whelan should be playing 38 games if we go up but I think he’d stay for a year at little cost, do a job against lesser sides when needed, is apparently a great figure for the group and considering the money spunked on the lazy sacks of shit at this club a year extension is the least he deserves considering his input. Cahill is at the end of his career and will want lots of money over several years. Richards and Lescott won infinitely more trophies than Whelan too, that didn’t really count for much did it?
  7. Dick

    Steve Bruce

    Funny how he only ever attacked fans when he was on a losing streak. Funny how Smith when on a losing streak didn't attack fans who were on his back. Funny.
  8. Rest Jack and McGinn. Can't risk injury or suspension on either of them. Give Hourihane and Landsbury game time. Rest Whelan for Norwich, start the other regulars to keep them sharp.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Renaissance- The revival of European art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th–16th centuries The culture and style of art and architecture developed during the Renaissance Glen Whelan, footballer.
  11. I definitely think the Night King is heading down to Kings landing. I still think it’s Bran in some weird time travel situation, and therefore can’t possibly be in the same place as Bran. I don’t think Cersei gets killed straight away by the NK, but she would be class as a Night Queen. Next episode will be one long battle, with Winterfell thinking they’ve won only for The NK not to be there, there will be casualties though, I’m thinking Jorah at least. Tormund has stole the show so far, his giant story was brilliant and added a comic moment in the episode. Real question is, did Arya actually go looking to **** the hound, but then as fire sword guy was there she went to gendry
  12. We could well be guaranteed 5th by the time we play on Sunday as Derby play Bristol City on Saturday. If Derby win they could still overtake us but they would need to win all 3, achieve a +12 goal swing and we would need to lose both of our games A draw would guarantee 5th. Bristol city can only draw level with us on points if they win all 3 games and we lose both of ours but they would still need a +16 goal swing to go ahead. Honestly, Im not entirely sure i wouldn't rather finish 6th and play Leeds over 2 legs rather than a one off game. Don't forget we were 2 up against them before throwing it away and ultimately losing in the 95th minute but our team that day was a bag of shite comapred to now, especially at the back. We were conceding 2 goals per game on average at the time. This was the line-up that ran away to a 2-0 lead inside 20 minutes...... Nyland, Elmo, Bree, Chester, Hutton, Whelan, Kodjia, McGinn, Hourihane, Bolasie, Abraham. Our hardly game changing subs that day were Thor, El Ghazi & Hogan.... Derby have already smashed the baggies 4-1 this season and play them again on the final day. Win that and they would have the upper hand going into a 2 leg tie against them a week later
  13. He's improving. Best his man a few times. Close to getting either a goal or assist. For every game he looks a bit better. There was a lot more happening down the right side when he came on. Then It was during the time Adomah was on. I think there is a lot more to come from him.
  14. Slightly dodgy database because we don't have the scores for the two matches agains Bye. Bit of a mystery team, this I've been looking for information about them on Google but no luck so far...
  15. We used to get feedback across the teams, but with Cameroon the process was different. We would present the kit to the senior players first and if they approved it we'd show it to the coach, Winfried Schäfer. Once they were all happy with it the presentation to the FA was a foregone conclusion. They were all fine with the first two kits, but after the furore of them we went the same process again only to have the FA guy tell us that we would need to fly to Cameroon and present it to the whole FA board. They were too scared of getting into trouble again. Thankfully we managed to avoid that meeting and got it all signed off. After that meeting, in Hamburg, we went out on the piss with the Cameroon players. Class night out. The next morning, hanging out of my arse, we had to fly to Sofia and present to Hristo Stoichkov and the Bulgarian FA. Man, he gave us a working over. Not a good hangover cure! There was a small hidden zip in each shoulder.
  16. It's good we smashed Oxford University into next week, no "Rah Rah Rah, we're going to smash the oinks" that day. Not a good idea to play a football hooligan firm in the last game though. We probably only won one nil because they were all wearing knuckle dusters. I wonder what Victorian Sergio Tacchini clothing looked like?
  17. Very fair points, but I’m not convinced we have the quality to survive in the PL with our current crop. Is El Ghazi good enough? He’s hot and cold in the Championship. Abraham is proven to be ineffective at that level and had to drop down to the Championship. Mings has been quality for us, but he can’t get into the Bournemouth squad and had to drop down a level. Hourihane isn’t even close to PL quality and neither are Adomah, Kodjia, Elmohamady, etc. I’m not trying to be negative for the sake of being negative and I’d love for our loanees to be a success here and stay with us, but the gulf between top drawer championship and PL survival alone is vast IMO and it’s easy to lose sight of that.
  18. Davis was on the bench for a premier league game in 15/16 so he counts. Richards is here because there's no other choice.
  19. Allioski out of the play offs, that's a big blow. Think Hernandez has been in and out with injury recently.
  20. I tell you what, we've not just made history, we've done it in style too. I am 49 and I genuinely cannot remember us being so entertaining. Maybe some moments under BFR and Gregory but we are a joy to watch. This is not a team grinding out results, we are an exciting team playing foot the ball the right way and scoring some glorious goals. Good times.
  21. Good thinking. Definitely start Henri for Jack, and give some or all of the others you mention at least 30 mins as well. Is Axel fit?
  22. Quite sad really, I wanted us both to go up and were hoping they would get 2nd place. Proper club. Of course, now we're both in the playoffs I want us to destroy them.
  23. I agree all that...... But I think you've missed the Catch 22 reference.
  24. I know there is no away goal rule. I think knowing what you need to achieve with your own crowd right behind you and on your own pitch is a big advantage. It's called home advantage for a reason. Second leg is the most crucial, best to have it at home.
  25. I like the look of this Van dijk aged 27... you reckon we could tempt Liverpool into selling?
  26. I have to strongly disagree, he’s comfortable on the ball and stepping out of defence really helps us attack. However, his reading of the play isn’t great and makes up for it because he is quick. Balls in the air he doesn’t read at all and often gets caught out with the ball over the top. He wouldn’t get in Man Utd yet, that’s why he’s playing at a lower level for us
  27. Let me guess: You let some word removed use the weights during your break between sets and he didn't secure the plates properly when he was done. Would never have been allowed to happen in Norway!
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