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  2. TRO

    John Terry

    I don't think that will happen.......JT will not play second fiddle to his pal. He will plough his own field.
  3. Those playing days gone is it a yay or nay? Will be picking something up on Saturday and that's top of my list Also thinking about 3 kingdoms total war, love the book
  4. I don't know anything about Justin, but from my morning research, he just turned 21, already has ~90 League Appearances for Luton, played a huge part in their back-to-back promotions, and sounds very professional in his interviews. Villan4Life also rates him, so it looks like a no-brainer to me. Sign him up!
  5. When did salted caramel usurp 'regular' caramel as the king of caramel?
  6. Tomaszk


    Anyone's come in the post yet?
  7. Pub quiz question: the resignation of Ms Loathsome raised the average IQ of the Cabinet by a) 3 points b ) 5 points c) no change
  8. imavillan


    If you can get to or you are already on the seat map page just keep re-freshing the page. The if any become available the section they are in will not be greyed out. Dont go back, keep the seat plan page open. You have to have 1) lots of time, 2) be patient and most importantly 3) be quick/lucky
  9. I suppose there's always a chance some of these rats might actually eat each other.
  10. mjmooney

    General Chat

    My (nearly) four-year old granddaughter drew a picture of me. Finally worked out who it reminded me of...
  11. villalad21

    John Terry

    I can see Lampard taking over Chelsea with JT as his assistant.
  12. Don't know about you lot but I totally trust this pack of Tory vermin to sort everything out.
  13. Andrea Leadsom has resigned because she has ideas well above her station
  14. Brandt for that money would have been a good signing for bayern, with what they need it's surprising they've spunked so much on lucas
  15. Agree. Players with ability but just importantly the right attitude.
  16. TomIsADeftone


    Tried similar at various points today but haven't got any where with it.
  17. I'd see if you can get a replacement, that doesn't sound quite right
  18. All this analysis is inevitable, but none of us has a clue as to how it's actually going to pan out. You can be the form team or the underdogs, you can have all the play, or spend 90 minutes with your backs to the wall. But the game could swing on a moment of brilliance, an accidental slip, a refereeing error... I'm trying not to think too much about it. Que sera, sera... whatever will be will be.
  19. Brumstopdogs


    So where about on the Villa site are you guys refreshing to see if tickets come available? There's one bit where there is a red box that says "sold out" - is that briefly changing when tickets come available? (Tickets, home tickets) There's another bit where there is a seat map where if you click on any area it just says "SOLD OUT" and nothing is greyed out. In the top right hand corner it says "select from area list" but obviously none are avaiable (avfc.co.uk/tickets)
  20. I thought it was just evil Bayern Munich that purchased the best players from other teams?!
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