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  2. Had no business being on the pitch against one of the paciest and sharpest teams in the league. Staggering ineptitude from Smith
  3. Jimmyg

    Wesley Moraes

    I honestly think that if hogan had the run of games Wesley has had he would not have done much worse. Thing is I don’t actually think he is that bad a footballer. He just doesn’t do anything... anything. The front 3 of Leicester today shown us how a front 3 should play. Wesley needs some time out of the team... it’s just a real shame we have no options.
  4. Ffs....have we been cut adrift?? It is so close up to 12th at the moment. Going into the last 2 games (Playing against 4th and 2nd respectively), we had collected 4 pts from 2 games. Perspective ffs!!
  5. Very good against Chelsea, very poor today.
  6. Really poor today. Leicester are good but we made it too easy for them. Should have changed Mings right away as his immobility caused their first goal.
  7. I dont understand people who dont understand that we just got through our worse part of the season (game wise). 1.Few games we can climb up masively. 2.Look at our next oponents !!!
  8. Why was he playing against such as a pacey team in Leicester. Mind boggling and decisions like this worry me.
  9. I think Wes was one of Suso’s calls, suspect Dean would’ve gone for Maupay given the choice. Pity that's not what happened.
  10. There seems to be an inflexible attitude to change things, we just keep banging our heads against the wall regardless of performance. A lot of our problems stem from Wesley. Teams simply don’t fear him at all and are becoming increasingly happy to move their defensive line up the pitch. He doesn’t shoot, doesnt break lines, is unable to hold the ball up. Yet he never gets subbed off. It’s embarrassing. We never look to try anything different, ever. Midfield is a shambles, seemingly weak as piss. It could be they’ve lost all faith in the front man and so aren’t quite sure what to do. Smith has to drop Wesley and try something else, anything else. ElGhazi or Trez as the front runner, just try something! Wesley is a passenger 90% of the time and if Dean is not careful he’ll get dragged down by this blind faith in a player that is contributing next to nothing. January needs to bring us a proper front man and a strong, physical CM that can play in and around the centre circle, not keep dropping so deep as to turn the back 4 into a back 5, or 6. Oh, and stop fannying around with the ball in and around our own penalty area. Lost count today of the amount of times we gave up possession in a dangerous area because players want another touch, another little turn.
  11. One of the commentators said it today on the stream I was watching.
  12. lacks pace?, you did see him catch up to Vardy for that last goal right? (but not quite get there) Personally i think his pace is absolutely fine, i dont know why people think he is slow? (yeah he isnt rapid, but he isnt slow)
  13. Yes its Leicester, yes they are really good, yes we were expected to lose but the manner of that defeat was embarrassing. The performance was shit, the players were crap, the tactics were dire, the manager was poor. We were all round utter crap. Smith needs to be more dynamic and adaptable during games, been saying this since the start of the season and he refuses to change himself or the way the team plays. Players need a kick up the arse and Dean need a kick up the arse from the board. New contract at this point of the season is just bizarre.
  14. I love him but I think he needs a game or two out.
  15. Johnnyp

    Dean Smith

    You'd of thought we would of beaten Burnley and Bournemouth at home, right. No easier run. There's the next game. That's it.
  16. lexicon

    Dean Smith

    How does that mean we didn't have a plan? We had a plan, but it didn't go as well as we'd hoped. When do all signings made by clubs work out, anyway? It was never going to be an easy ride.
  17. Johnnyp

    Dean Smith

    It's the recruitment im pissed off at more than anything. I think this " we had a plan for the championship and plan for the PL scenario " peddled by Purslow was nonsense. We got promoted. We then started scouting who we were going to sign. It was rushed. We needed boddies in obviously after letting 11 go. The reality is that those 11 or close to it were going to be let go had we not beaten Derby. I think we would of looked very different also in the championship this season but when you make a turnover on the scale we've done and do it poorly, in the premier league, you'll get your arse handed to ya.
  18. Mate, we're literally above the relegation spot on goal difference, that is not success or at the very least its just not failure. I get the expectations wise, finishing above the relegation spots was always the goal before the start of the season. The thing is, the more I watch Smith the more I think to myself he really should be doing better as a manager. To put it simply, I think our current crop of players are good enough(at least with a new striker) to finish mid-table which I have to commend Smith for getting them in the door, but at the same time I just don't think he's tactically a very good manager in games so that aspect of him drags us down. I'm not asking for a new manager, I don't think anyone here is. But if I have to be completely honest, I've just haven't seen enough evidence that Smith is good enough as a manager to bring us up in the long term if we do stick with him.
  19. We’re so bad and actually playing football. Teams just walk straight through us. We never get into situations where we are behind a teams defence attacking their goal. So so bad.
  20. If you think this way who gives F***. Lets just enjoy this season. It's just next season if we get relegated, we will not be the West Brom of the Championship. We would have lost Grealish, and McGinn an probably Heaton (who's keeping us above the relegation zone this season so far), an have no money to spend due to FFP. How much I enjoyed the Championship, I only enjoyed the winning, it won't be like that if we go back down, we need to stay in this league, an I'm sure it's what the owners will be gagging for too. So even though I like Smith, this league is hardcore, an if we ain't winning and if nothing changes, I will lose all sentiments an will want him gone. This is not just a reaction from the Leicester game.
  21. Heaton - 6 - Shipped four goals but made some excellent saves and without him it would have been 7-1 Elmo - 2 - as bad a defensive display as you will ever see from a fullback Mings - 2 - Made errors before the injury, hubris meant that he stayed on when injured when he wasn't fit too, should have been honest because his lack of positioning for contributed to the first goal an. Konsa - 3 - wasn't very good, positioning looks to be an issue Targett - 4 - was half decent at times going forward, not good defensively, should have been sent off for a ridiculous challenge on Ricardo. El Ghazi - 4 - bright early doors, missed a sitter and really should have buried it. Did absolutely nothing after that. Luiz - 3 - a total non-entity today Nakamba - 3 - offered no protection, haphazard on the ball, looking poor after a good start for the club McGinn - 2 - absolutely dog shit on the ball, weight of pass all over the place, rarely made the right pass, rarely in good positions, awful Grealish - 5 - very sloppy throughout, brought down by the shite around him. Wesley - 0 - horrific at everything and his terrible hold up play set up their first goal. Engels - 5 - the pick of our centre halves. Trezeguet - 4 - all effort no quality
  22. I think a "Let's All Laugh At Villa" thread would change our fortunes. Seems to work for everyone else...
  23. Worst performance of the season for me. Still think we'll be okay but not if we play like that
  24. I’d taken 17th at the start of the season and I even said this. I am however worried we will continue our trend of bottling games and with the run of fixtures we have coming up we can’t afford to do this.
  25. Entirely predictable. Even had vardy fgs & 4-1 at 55/1. Only other disappointment is I also had the same score with a vardy hattrick at 100/1. Would you bet against us? You bet I would. Makes the inevitable slightly less depressing when you have a few hundred quid in your pocket
  26. Shambles today so I'm certainly not going to spend the week spinning too much. Only boost is we're not 18th which we were for majority of the day's play. Norwich also lost at home so increasingly looking like their mini run is over. We need to grow a pair and tackle these next ten games as there are plenty of winnable games but big worry the defence is struggling now as we've lost that solid base we've had for much of the season. Newcastle is only league game in last two months we haven't conceded at least two goals in.
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