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  2. I would agree, goalkeepers seem to be a major problem area at Villa (bar Steer), international keepers we have brought in are just not adapting to the English game quick enough.
  3. @Genie looks like the Note is pretty much the same as an XS Max When I went to an XS Max (well an 8 plus before that but it's the same size) it felt huge! But I soon got used to it. For me the size is great once you get used to it. You just won't be able to do too much with one hand I wouldn't go back to a smaller phone now. Give it a chance, I bet you'll like the size once you're used to it.
  4. Sid4ever

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    Happy Birthday and what a way to mark your 17,000 post
  5. Xela

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    40 years old today! Guess I should start acting like an adult soon.... Maybe!
  6. It's Arsenal - they will dick around for 2 months and then put in a £30m bid on deadline day for Jagielka.
  7. I was going to post this but you beat me too it. I don't get this, maybe it's a generational thing (I'm in my mid 30s) but why do people spam these players with messages all day long? Do they actually think they are encouraging the player to sign? I know it would have the opposite effect on me.
  8. This is like predicting how a car will do at Le Mans with the engine still at the works factory, no tyres selected, no brakes, most of the fuel system in bits on the floor, an aero package existing on computers only, no springs, turbo supplier in consultation only, gearbox being recondtioned from last year... We have sponsors, carbon fibre cut for the dash, one of the drivers and a chassis though.
  9. I found out yesterday that my OH thought a "black comedy" was a comedy with a mainly black cast
  10. Maybe Keeper being the exception? Makes sense as it’s a vital position.
  11. That's the main reason why we shouldn't be going to the Championship if you want to get value. Nowadays scouting networks should be international, there's no need to shop on your doorstep. You look at the likes of Kante, Mahrez, etc. Brought in for relatively small sums and have excelled and eventually been sold on for huge profit. I think that's the Villa model now so don't expect 20+ mil to be spent on a championship player. That's why for me the Butland rumour seems a bit odd. Doesn't appear to fit the general approach.
  12. Anywhere that equals not relegated is a resounding success for me. This is a beachhead campaign, anything else is a bonus.
  13. We still need the equivalent of a player a week to be anywhere near ready for Spurs.
  14. Probably saved Scotland from a 4-3 defeat though.
  15. Don't be fooled, this year will be a rough relegation battle, of which we will come through. The squad has been disassembled and now needs rebuilding. 17th or 16th would be realistically a massive achievement.
  16. I live opposite Joe. I might add he was the same Blues fan who had Redknapp tattooed on his calf when they signed the now Villa player Jota. More recently, he had dyed his gorgeous little Shih Tzu’s fur royal blue. Even the tolerable ones eh . . .
  17. My head says 17th but my heart says 10th.
  18. With our current squad you’d have to say 20th so I might wait until the window has closed before voting.
  19. Considering you get 4 minutes of injury time for nothing, that's absurd
  20. Get a power bank mate and a case seperate case. Power banks are great for travelling. If you decide to get mk add me send me your friend code amd we can play online Let me know if you ever want a game online pal!
  21. The problem with the Championship players is that you end up overpaying massively due to that player being the clubs best player. It's a bit like Grealish, last season he wasn't really worth £35 million in the transfer market, but his value to Aston Villa was worth £35 million plus due to his importance for the team. Maupay isn't a £20 million striker, but his importance to Brentford make his value much higher than it realistically is.
  22. Dee Ex Bee to beat Stradivarius today at 6/1. Also fancy Magic Circle to give it a good go at placing at 25/1. My safety bet is Stradivarius on the nose. Don’t fancy Cross Counter to win, in the same sense I didn’t fancy Sea of Class to challenge Crystal Ocean or Magical yesterday .
  23. Happy with 17th but have been positively went for 11th
  24. The goal kick one is going to be very boring, they should have just penalised the defending team if they touched it in the box.
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