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  3. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    Azteca chanting Tom Brady's name at the end of the game. Pretty flawless performance helped on by Oakland not being able to catch the ball.
  4. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    Last time we lost 6 straight was in 1990
  5. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    Season officially over. Paxton time. Lets see whats what
  6. Rogues Gallery

    There were 77,000 + in attendance. I saw no-one else in a Villa shirt. I did have 7 (yes, I counted them) people make mention of the shirt, but only 1 referenced Jedinak... I think it's safe to say that unless it's Premier League, locals are fairly naive unless they are ex-pats, especially when it comes to who plays for who...
  7. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Finished The Punisher, binged most of it on Sunday. I quite liked the first 3 episodes and the last 3 or so, the episodes in the middle was OK I guess. Bernthal works well in the lead and all of the cast is good IMO. Extra points for the beautiful "Cools guys don't look at explosions" scene. Solid 7/10 series. Good clean fun and family values
  8. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    Roby is having a mare. Green is rather good though
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I sometimes feel this. I always have a nervous feeling that we are riding a wave of good form that will crash down at any moment. But as time goes by and we continue to win more games than not, I am starting to believe that for the first time in years we are organised and half-decent.
  10. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    Noice, Thomas can still beast with the best of them
  11. Pre match chit chat

    Nightmare that they have the new manager in place. On paper a 3-0 last week, not sure now.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Micah Richards

    What I have heard is that he has never rocked the boat, it is just that he is injured all the time. Do we do medicals any more at Villa when players sign? I can't think of many players in recent times who have has such a rapid descent from England international level, to barely professional footballer before hitting 30.
  14. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    Defense back to standards, but the O-line and QB, ugh
  15. Pre match chit chat

    Coleman was meh at Fulham, done nothing else in club football and had a world class player to manage for Wales. He isn't that great. Sunderland are a great club but until the owner disappears they appear in be in a death spiral to league one. The team is a shambles, they have far too many players on massive wages doing nothing, the fans are fed up and there is no unity at the club. Basically this would be Villa if Lerner was still here. I pity them- until after Tuesday that is.
  16. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    apparently him and his son from Star Wars are Villa fans as well
  17. Sam Johnstone

    Timing couldn't be better given he has started to drop them into his net again
  18. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I respect different viewpoints too. people have the right to be wrong
  19. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    such a bizarre season. 2-8, and our two wins have came in games no-one gave us a chance in.
  20. Sam Johnstone

    would be a classic move by Pulis, struggling to score goals so brings in an expensive back-up goalkeeper
  21. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    Melifonwu is a pure SS . Why on earth did Oakland leave him one v one out wide with Cooks ?
  22. The Film Thread

    I enjoyed Justice League but mainly as my expectations were so low after BvsS. Miles off the quality of a marvel movie but better than expected Think they wasted Aquaman that it could have been Vinnie Chase playing him, Ciaran Hinds as well though I am sure he got a nice payday for it
  23. Steve Bruce

    oh yes he is
  24. Steve Bruce

    Bit tetchy this thread, and for once Steve Bruce is not to blame!
  25. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I did exactly the same, when me and my mate were living together for a while he was watching it, he absolutely loved it, I watched the first few episodes but didn't feel compelled to keep on watching. My Dad was constantly raving about it at the same time as well, maybe some day I'll try to watch it again but I doubt it
  26. Steve Bruce

    another post that avoids committing yourself to an opinion and why. Is it because you fear making a „football based“ comment would expose you knowledge of the game? Intellectual wordings can only cover up so much when the substance is missing.
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