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  2. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sunderland

    I totally agree, I was a little nervous we would be up against a Sunderland team willing to fight to the death to impress their new manager. The potential new manager bounce combined with our own mini injury crisis up front made me a little nervous. Davis is doing a great job, but I feel having to rely on him twice a week at his age is going to be too much for him, and would look to strengthen the strike force in January. It would be lovely to smash every team on the way to promotion, but from what I have seen of the Championship so far it is a fairly even league where any team can beat another on any given day (see QPR v Wolves). It is a long, tough season and we are not even half way through yet, so we need to stay positive as a team and fans and realise that sometimes you have to battle and grind out the points, which in previous seasons we would most definitly not have done. I am happy with the three points, and we now move on to the next game against Ipswich which will be another tough game.
  3. In an abrupt U-turn, the UK Government today announced that it would recognise the power of gravity for the purposes of Brexit negotiations. "Our previous position had been that we would acknowledge gravity, but only to the degree that it applies on the Moon" said David Davis MP. "Some of our colleagues thought that was too much. John Redwood, for example, argued that we should not recognise gravity at all, so that we were free to float all over the place, doing pretty much as we wish. He says he applies that principle in his personal life, and at night it's only the weight of the bedclothes that holds him down, otherwise he would be drifting round the bedroom like an emaciated airship". "In fact, we have now agreed to recognise the full force of gravity, during and beyond the Brexit negotiations, and acknowledge that it applies not only to the UK, but to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and some other countries whose names escape me for the moment". "I now expect our EU colleagues to recognise that this is a major and deeply significant concession, made in a spirit of good will to kick-start a faster negotiation process, and I look forward to them making similar concessions of at least the same magnitude".
  4. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    I think Eubank Jr beats Groves. I think Eubank Jr will be too busy for Groves.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Fundemental Problem for me is still the off the ball movement. It's the main reason we lose possession so much. There are never enough options. its 3-4 passes then ball in to the box or given away. That has to be down to coaching.
  6. Pre Match Chitty Chatty

    Would definitely freshed up for this one, that is what the squad us for and with an extra day on Ipswich could be a huge advantage. Jedi and Jack in for Whelan and Onomah, Onomah looked out on his feet along with Davis but needs must on that one. Surprised Samba's body has stood up with two lots of 90 minutes in 4 days. Will have to make it 3 in 7 days.
  7. Steve Bruce

    I don’t think people are expecting expansive football though, that isn’t what I’m talking about when I’m critical of how we play and I don’t think it’s what others are talking about either. Nobody expects us to play like Man City But our retention of the ball is really really poor and there is no sign of it improving. That in ability to retain possession can and often does put us under pressure in games particularly late on when it possibly could be reduced by us keeping the ball. You day he hasn’t the players to play this way, I’m not really so sure about that. You say yourself the way we are playing is Bruce’s style and that I agree with.
  8. Semana Once (Any Given Hombre)

    I don't think he's the best QB in the league (number 3 behind Brady/Rodgers) but I think he's the MVP. MVP isn't the best player; it's the most valuable. Wilson has 85% of our total yards. He's our leading rusher. Insane. Also, he has good receivers. Baldwin is a top 10 WR. Graham, top 5 TE. Richardson/Lockett are really good too. The biggest problem(s) are the total lack of a running game (Lacy fat and slow, Rawls inconsistent, Procise, made of glass, McKissic, decent but more of a receiving back, Carson, injured) and the 'line'. He puts the team on his back week after week and every week he delivers.
  9. The Game's Gone

    Maybe it's a bit off-topic, but I thought this was quite a nice story for a change: Made me feel a bit more positive anyway.
  10. Steve Bruce

    Odd. Neither of these summerised opinions seem to reflect the views I’ve read on her pre or post game.
  11. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Cant believe I am going to sya this but come on blose get something at boro
  12. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sunderland

    It’s an incredibly well known quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson
  13. Steve Bruce

    He was. You can tell he wants to play the game in a certain way and it's probably because he is quite comfortable in his own ability to do it. I know some fans think he should start. Eventually I'm sure he will. I personally think as long as we are winning games it's the correct decision to have him on the bench. Edit: to keep it on topic I think Bruce is managing him ok.
  14. Sunderland

    I think they will stay up, they will beat Burton on the weekend and i think they will stay up just. Coleman must be thinking what have i done. this is up there with grayson quitting preston
  15. Sunderland

    Crazier part is when you see some of the players wages
  16. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sunderland

    We really did not get lucky. We were not great but we controlled the game. Sunderlands goal was lucky a mistake by Johnstone and some lax defending. Sunderland were just poor and benefited from us being very sloppy. If that was against better opposition we could have lost that game. But I certainly dont think it was lucky, just two bits of quality that lead to goals
  17. Steve Bruce

    To be fair most people are posting we didn't play well but the main thing is we won. You will have certain fans that will never be happy as long as Bruce is manager but id say the majority although don't rate him, acknowledge he is currently delivering.
  18. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sunderland

    I don’t think we got lucky. I agree with the consensus that we weren’t very good. But despite that we were incredibly comfortable all night. We were never going to lose that game. I also think we had another gear or two we could have stepped up if we were actually in trouble So I’m not sure I’d describe the game as lucky.
  19. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Looking at Cardiffs fixtures they have a very good game set coming up in next few weeks which is a concern A Forest H Norwich A Reading H Hull A Bolton H Fulham H Preston Cant see them losing many of them so I think they are a massive threat for 2nd Bristol City have some toughies coming up I think they will start to slide now A Hull A Sheff United H Forest A QPR H Reading H Wolves Then they play us away on new years day
  20. Steve Bruce

    Interesting that prior to match the view of Villatalk was :- "This is a home banker, no if if or buts its a routing home win" Then when we win its "Ah yeah but we didn't play very well"
  21. Jonathan Kodjia

    His wages are massive cant see that myself Gayle was superb last season, i think having him almost would guarantee a play off spot minimum. He scores goals and he is different to all our other strikers. If it meant selling Hogan for 9m (if someone would take him) I would rather put that money on gayle and worry about egttimng johnstone in the summer. He has been great but last two games he has shown he still has clangers in him which for premier league level could be a concern.
  22. VillaTalk Deadpool 2017

  23. Pre Match Chitty Chatty

    Bringing the Mrs with me for this one. She's only been twice before, a 2-0 loss to Everton, and a 1-0 loss to Burnley. I'm crossing my fingers it's 3rd times the charm, otherwise the jinx is staying home from now on.
  24. Glenn Whelan

    You know when you played football over the years or as a kid. There was alway one player that had no real ability but everybody hated playing against him because he was everywhere and always in your face. You would rather have him on your team instead even though it was s**t. Thats our man.
  25. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sunderland

    Thats why we have a squad. Several players looked a bit jaded yesterday and lacked energy and intensity, clearly its due time for some rotation. But Bruce thinks you cant change a winning team so look out for the same starting 11 on sat...
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