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  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Double post
  3. Paul Lambert

    It's an East coast West coast thang
  4. Nintendo Switch

    100% agree. kids with cardboard that product wont last for long definitely wont be like wii sports and wii fit. nintendo need to concentrate more on bringing more titles out and bringing some games over from the wii u like mario maker (with extras) or a new game altogether
  5. January transfer window 2018

    Just saw this mentioned in the Birmingham Mail and I'm posting it as I don't remember reading about it last year. I think some people were cynical about our being hamstrung by FFP but as of 2016 we had a bigger wage bill than Atletico Madrid. Sure we've got rid of some big earners in that time. And added a whole load more. I hope Man City Melbourne are paying all of McCormack's wages. http://www.theversed.com/43825/aston-villa-fans-bigger-atletico-madrid/#.O1516G2609d5556i0
  6. Premier League Predictions 2017/18 - GW24

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Villa 1 1 Barnsley Draw Brighton 1 2 Chelsea Chelsea Arsenal 0 0 Palace Draw Burnley 0 1 Man Utd Man Utd Everton 0 0 West Brom Draw Leicester 2 0 Watford Leicester Stoke 2 0 Huddersfield Stoke West Ham 4 2 Bournemouth West Ham Man City 3 0 Newcastle Man City Southampton 0 2 Spurs Spurs Swansea 1 3 Liverpool Liverpool Demitri_C wahey !!!
  7. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Villa selling out against small heath, great news. However, there are so many posts about why don’t “you lot” come every week #better fan. Pisses me off. If people want to go every week then great. If people want to go now and again, should also be acceptable shouldn’t it?
  8. Wolves

    Reality check for some Wolves fans last night with that defeat to lowly swansea
  9. Seems a remarkably good ROI for this investment strategy. Pay £50k to the Tory party to get a seat at the dinner party, get told which businesses to short, make £7.6m from it. Genius. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/theresa-branded-total-hypocrite-trousering-11868280.amp "A register held by the Financial Conduct Authority states Naya held “short positions” in Carillion between 2015 and July 12, 2017 – two days after the construction giant issued its first profit warning. The drop in Carillion’s shares happened within days at the start of July. A Reuters report at the time claimed London firm Naya, founded in 2012 by former Goldman Sachs banker Masroor Siddiqui, made £7.6million. It made its donation to the Conservative Party on June 1 – exactly a week before the election"
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  11. WWE: General Chat

    I'd prefer that over seeing them become The Ascension mk II on the main roster
  12. Nintendo Switch

    It's quite smart in how it works, it uses the IR camera on the right Joycon in very clever ways. But... It's for kids. And it's ultimately cardboard string and stickers. It's... It's very much a short term experience thing. Cardboard isn't exactly known for its resilience, and there almost certainly won't be much depth to any of this. It just feels very modern Nintendo. It'll probably do well but I suspect nobody will look back on it with nostalgia the way people do with stuff like Wii Sports.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    That looks so over complicated won't be of interest to me.
  14. WWE: General Chat

    Them vs row an and Harper would be a bloody good feud
  15. James Chester

    It isn't crazy though is it? 11 games ONE win, Bruce came and actually won games with the same players. In fact he win a load.
  16. Steve Bruce

    hmmm depends. They literally stumbled into the prem. In 3 play off games they scored one goal and went up/through from two penalty shoot outs. Not exactly total football is it. Play some decent stuff occasionally but hit and miss for me.
  17. Steve Bruce

    I respectfully have to disagree with you, however I understand why you feel the way you do. For me, Lambert was a large part of the beginning of Aston Villa's recent decline. Whatever the mitigating circumstances (see: Randy UnLerneard) he stuck around filling his wallet with our club's money whilst overseeing a team nose diving in terms of quality, style, confidence and ultimately heading towards oblivion. As the 5th Manager* to take over after Lambert, Steve Bruce has stopped the rot and decline of our once great club. With limited funds (Hogan aside) Bruce has galvanized a squad which now looks as though it's going to compete at the minimum in the playoffs and if (fingers crossed, breath held in) looks like it is going to mount a challenge for automatic promotion (albeit 2nd place.) This is no mean feat. When Sir Graham of Taylor arrived in the 80's he described us as a shambles. In some ways, mainly because of the financial crater we are in, Bruce has actually found us in an even poorer state than that SGT did. I know Bruce is flawed, I know he is not Pep Guardiola, but he has, on limited resources, dragged us to where we are now. A position which could see us return to the money laden promised land of the PL. ( I have mixed feelings as to whether or not it's worth returning, but despite all of the PL's shortcomings the club should be in the top flight of English football.) These are the reasons I feel that Bruce has had a positive impact on AVFC whereas Lambert is a taste I cannot seem to wash out of my mouth. *Sherwood, Garde, Black, RDM
  18. Cricket: General Chat

    Australia had four bowlers in the some of the best form of their careers, on wickets that suited them down to the ground. Any team would have struggled this summer against them. England didn't have a single bowler suited to fast hard wickets, which was a much bigger problem than the below-par batting. Fortunately England have a superb custom-made one day team with a brilliant record over the last year or so (17 wins out of 20 I think?), whereas the Australian one day side is in real need of an overhaul, so at least England can claw back a bit of self-respect!
  19. Steve Bruce

    I will admit that I KINDA rate him. But it's not because of anything he did. It's because of what I THINK he might have done if he had gotten backing. Truthfully a portion of it is a sympathy vote. He truly was hung out to dry. Look at the roster he started with.
  20. Steve Bruce

    I have absolutely no idea what Garde did that led to some rating him. Each to their own, but for me we may as well have put one of the Turnstile operators in charge. Anyway.....
  21. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    trents figure quoted above show that the last 4 seasons have been among the highest points totals yet to acheive 2nd spot. 93-89-89-93 It should be noted that the 7 teams that went up as Champs or 2nd place (Burnley went up twice) in those 4 seaons are all still in the PL - with the exception of Boro who came back down. This may account for the high pts totals shown.
  22. Just to confirm, I have two feet, (thread crossing but...)
  23. Steve Bruce

    For me parts of the debate are like trying to catch the wind ...... for example “very few decent Managers get relegated”".........what can we deduce from that ? Maybe decent Managers get better jobs with better players ? So they are less likely to get relegated. Or maybe we end up calling them decent Managers because they don’t get relegated - whereas in fact getting relegated is largely a crap- shoot ......despite how it’s painted there is usually one very poor side each season - rarely due to the Manager and more often poor decisions by a Club - and really, the other 2 places (Premier League) could be from any of about 10 sides.......38 games is NOT (statistically speaking) a big enough sample size to guarantee the final positions accurately and precisely place a Manager where he “ belongs”. Bruce relegated twice in 7 seasons ? Well, yes, but you’ve got to be there to get relegated ! You could easily disregard the Managers of about 7 Clubs, who are pretty safe, then look at how many Managers have been IN the PL as long as Bruce......I’ve no figures but I’m pretty sure he’ll have been there long enough to increase his odds of getting relegated.......and that’s without factoring in that he will have been with poorish Clubs. Its a bit like Win Ratios, net spend, etc.....they are spurious figures ( in as much as they don’t really stand up to any real analysis) and as such can be used to erroneously validate opposite arguments. And the “ quality of football” aspect ? Well I must admit I find the football under Bruce pretty gruesome for a large part, certainly in an attacking sense ( I get more out of our defensive game usually) although it’s picked up a bit on and off this last 4 months or so. BUT.....I find most football to be fairly uninspiring - except when it’s us and we are winning. For example every two years I sit down with my pad and watch every game in the World Cup/ Euros. One of the many sad things I do is mark the teams and games out of ten. Have done for years. The amount that get more than 6 is always tiny. Likewise Champions League ( which I’ve stopped bothering to watch). Yes I can see how some might enjoy the “technical” skills but I find a lot of the football simply dull. And I’ve only seen a couple of particularly entertaining teams play us. I just think people seem to want more than is likely. I heard people say the football was crap under Gregory, DOL, MON, Mcleish, Lambert, .......yet under Sherwood And RDM where we arguably tried to play “ better” football we were lightweight and failing. I DO think he has been very cautious ( he has said so himself), and i DO think we lack the attacking intent, movement and control that several of the sides we play against manage....but the League position ( currently) suggests we are a more effective overall package than all but a couple of those sides and as such Bruce would be entitled to say he is doing a good job. If the points weren’t there, if it was clear we would be 10 points better off playing a different way, fair enough, but as it is I’m not sure there is much he can be knocked for.
  24. Other forums

    Ha that's how I started! The day they shut them down people were going bananas. Then eventually I found VT not long after that.
  25. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    It may well end up a smaller total than normal this year - what i think is we'd be unlucky to miss out with 87/88 points imo. Maybe its more through hope as I could realistically say I could see us winning 12 drawing 4 and losing 3 looking at the games ahead. 14/3/2 would be the most realistic looking formula to 92 from here imo. 45 points from here to hit 92 points 15 wins 0 draws 4 losses 14 wins 3 draws 2 losses 13 wins 6 draws 0 losses 44 points from here to hit 91 points. 14 wins 2 draws 3 losses 13 wins 5 draws 1 loss 43 points from here to hit 90 points. 14 wins 1 draw 4 losses 13 wins 4 draws 2 losses 12 wins 7 draws 0 losses 42 to get to 89 points 14 wins 0 draws 5 losses 13 wins 3 draws 3 losses 12 wins 6 draws 1 loss 41 to get to 88 points 13 wins 2 draws 4 losses 12 wins 5 draws 2 losses 11 wins 8 draws 0 losses 40 to get to 87 points 13 wins 1 draw 5 losses 12 wins 4 draws 3 losses 11 wins 7 draws 1 loss 39 more to reach 86 points 13 wins 0 draws 6 losses 12 wins 3 draws 4 losses 11 wins 6 draws 2 losses 38 to get to 85 points 12 wins 2 draws 5 losses 11 wins 5 draws 3 losses 10 wins 8 draws 1 loss 37 to get to 84 points 12 wins 1 draw 6 losses 11 wins 4 draws 4 losses 10 wins 7 draws 2 losses
  26. U.S. Politics

    Slightly OT but the biggest thing an individual can do for the environment is to adopt a vegan diet. By no longer contributing to the meat and dairy industry you immediately cut your carbon footprint by more than 50%.* *(It's cheaper too and now, with all my extra cash, I travel everywhere by private jet.)
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