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  2. Football Kits 2017/8

    Puma really going the extra mile to make their jerseys something special for each team.
  3. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I got accosted in Gunsan, South Korea by a Mormon. I listened to him politely and then he told me his name was 'Elder Trumpet'. I laughed heartily, directly in his face, wished him the best of luck and then crossed the road to get away from him.
  4. Golf: General Chat

    Well err yeah, he did get a little bit wayward towards the end there @snowychap Tiger aside, I thought it was a good finish to a decent tournament. Shame Stenson dropped off, but you could just tell Rory was back to being Rory. I'm not 100% convinced he can't get 'fully' back, even if only for a couple of years @Michelsen It's early days, but I don't think physicality is going to be the issue. I found this interview with Rory from Jan of this year and There's some interesting quotes from him. if his back holds up, I think it'll come down to whether can he mentally become the player he was again, rather than physically. This was after a practice round with Woods back on Nov. https://tinyurl.com/ybyyfa98
  5. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    They need to get rory in to it more, at the moment its the other 2 and him
  6. Villa and FFP

    So how many teams are strapped or hampered by FFP right now, apart from us ?....open question?
  7. Villa and FFP

    I’d be amazed if we got as much as £8m for hogan - I’d say £4m more realistic .
  8. Golf: General Chat

    Not so much fizzled but went OOB with his ball at 16 when he carted it left off the tee. Actually, I think his round hit the buffers when his tee shot on 14 came up short right after he'd just birdied three of the last four (and had shortened from 50/1 to 5/1).
  9. Steve Bruce

    Fair Comment.
  10. Steve Bruce

    not arguing Jim, but Cardiff and Fulham have had some near misses too. Derby and Bristol have dropped off and Sheff Utd are just also rans.....Millwall and Middlesborough are now finding form. The only team thats been at it from the start is Wolves as we all know.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Yeah, fair enough, TRO - I did say it was a general point and deliberately didn't mention Bruce. I think I've made my views on him clear before and there's nothing really changed on that - I wouldn't have appointed him, but once he's here, give him to the end of this season, don't bother fretting game by game, and at the end of the season as he's said himself, then he'll either be potted for failure, or he'll have got us up and all's good. The things that made me wary of him are still present, he's done well in some areas I didn't see and credit to him for that, he's by no means a bad manager - his record shows that he's done well at various clubs, and had periods of doing less well, too.
  12. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Personally haven’t watched Grand Tour, I found the last few years on Top Gear were terrible, it was just Clarkson and Hammond out shouting each other. The new Top Gear is very good. It’s been toned down from where it was, going back to what made it so popular. Think Le Blanc has really grown into the role and is supported by the others well.
  13. Steve Bruce

    All that makes sense to me.
  14. Golf: General Chat

    I did watch Tiger in his prime, and it’s safe to say that’s never going to happen. I’d love to see it again, as it’s the most entertaining golf I think I’ll ever see in my lifetime, but he would have to defy the human ageing process to make it happen. That’s not to say he can’t be the best again, and I’d love to see that too.
  15. Golf: General Chat

    There were flashes of the old Tiger, quite a few of them to be fair. There was a brief period on Sunday where he was back to doing impossible stuff. I think at one point (the 12th I think), he had a putt for share of the lead on -12, after starting 5 back and I thought he might pull off something amazing. It came up short and I think it took the wind out of his sales a bit and his round fizzled out. But for a good 5/6 holes it was prime Sunday Tiger Woods. I doubt very much he'll get back to the player he was, but it's not impossible. His back is obviously holding up for now, you can see he's absolutely ripping it and his recorded swing speeds are insane. He creates a buzz from the other players too. I don't think it's entirely coincidental that Rory has found a bit of fire all of sudden... This could be a memorable Masters.
  16. Villa and FFP

    It would, you're right, but if he stays his value also goes down, on the books as amortisation at another approx. 3 million, so the hit wouldn't be as dramatic as maybe? you thought, or others might have thought - essentially we will "lose" money on him if he stays through both wages and amortisation, and if we sell him we don't lose the wages, but we do lose whatever the difference between the selling price and his book value is. I'm off for a lie down. My head hurts.
  17. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Yes I know but I was trying to say it was a similar scenario. We don't have the quality of Young, Carew, Milner, Petrov playing for us anymore of course. It feels like we're out of breath now trying to catch the teams ahead just like that Arsenal season.
  18. Steve Bruce

    I get all that, but the crazy Gang had no respect whatsoever of what a team had spent facing them.....they quite often negated it. Pete, expectation is one thing reality is another.....some teams like we have just found out put 2 fingers up to it by the way they play. Teams do defy Money being spent in huge quantities....Aston Villa 80/81..... Leicester 2016/17......Cardiff this Season in our league. I cannot understand how a manager can be good enough against Wolves but not in the next few days against lower placed teams......does he change his whole ethos, training methods, motivational talks and all the other things managers do in the space of 7 days. My overall point Pete is this......I judge a manager over a season, not game to game......game to game I look more at the players, but I accept they are all in it together. I also understand that Steve Bruce himself is taking the blame.....very noble.....I think he is screening players, but thats just my suspicion.
  19. Steve Bruce

    I kind of agree. In terms of me saying something new, rather than repeat what I've said many times before, I'm concerned that playing 2 games a week is not our strength. Bruce's way is solidity, with a few key players "making the difference". The two games a week thing tends to drag down the level of Terry, Snoddy, Hourihan and maybe a couple of others, which negate the "make a difference" thing to an extent, makes us less solid as well. We have two games a week after the break, to the end of the season. Maybe we'll (hopefully) get some injured players back in the break and start again bright and bushy tailed, but I expect the standard to drop after a 2 or 3 games and it to be a real struggle after that.
  20. The Game's Gone

    I don't blame him for exploiting it. I think he's exploited it already, to ask for more just shows a complete lack of class. An expensive footballer, but a cheap human being.
  21. Yeah, you do as you please when the pick's yours. The Jets want Mayfield and they think he's there at 3 IMO.
  22. Today
  23. I'd usually agree with you on not taking a RB that high , but Zeke , Fournette and Barkley are worth the reach . My gut still says you trade down .
  24. yeah. i don't think it would be the smart thing to do as we've discussed, but he could be a difference maker.
  25. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Yeah and me, got a very different feel to it than the OJ one, not sure how much of it is true, read a bit about it and some of it is still apparently a bit grey, well thats not how the show depicts it, its put its cock on the block and said sonething which i like Waiting for the biggie and tupac series to start up too
  26. Things You Don't "Get"

    And nobody owns a washing machine! That's why Dot looks so knackered all the time
  27. I'm still not sure about how I feel trading up to 3. We didn't give up a lot (as compared to other trade ups in recent years), but I still really didn't like giving up a couple of early 2nds.
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