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  2. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    The wife suggested we watched it when it was first released. I'll admit I fully expected it to be a style over substance typical American drama with dodgy acting and a weak plot full of holes. How wrong I was. Never going to win awards but very, very enjoyable. I think I knew it would be good when I saw how the cigarette burn was cooled and by whom.
  3. Steve Bruce

    At least Pochettino attempts to always play good football. Bruce has never managed a team that play decent football . You can't compare him to Bruce, has you said , Bruce is old school ,andvthatvaint ever going to change .
  4. Jonathan Kodjia

    Yes what a joke. Other teams have their players constantly pulling out of international squads when there isn't even anything wrong with them (how many of those England players will be fine to play tomorrow?) yet our most important player is on international duty when definitely not even fit. It's a joke and we have to be more insistent on this. We still pay their wages!
  5. No, no Conservative voters are literally dying by the minute. They're a dying party.
  6. Sunderland

    Good bit of news is they should finish above SHA now. Much better manager than Cotterill.
  7. College sports - general chat

    Goff, Wentz, Lynch and Prescott came out of the '16 draft. Lynch aside as he's yet to be played, it was a vintage one for QBs so far... Onto the '18 draft, what do you think of Mayfield? He's putting up huge numbers but he's a bit small and that seems to be ruling him out of being a top pick
  8. No. But there isn't a solution that plays for everyone. There isn't a way of overcoming it without one group or another in play gets a short straw. No deal and there has to be a border. Pisses off the Irish, some elements of Northern Ireland, kills the GFA. Any deal doing away with the border irritates someone. Either you effectively de facto reunify Ireland (which will reopen a Pandora's box that's barely shut) by creating a border in the Irish Sea and giving Northern Ireland special status, which will infuriate the DUP and large swathes of Westminster. Or you go the Norway deal, which is basically Brexit in name only (a slightly cheaper version of what we have now but with less influence) which will set the Brexiteers alight and embarrass the government as it would tear up almost every red line they have. Or you don't leave, which pisses off the Brexiteers and makes decades of dissent rise to the fore again. But... Brexit is more than the border. The border is just a very important part of it. If a key aim is protect the economy, then the economic impact is disastrous if we lose the market access. That basically makes the border decision for you. If the red line is solely removing Brussels influence and border control, that makes your decision for you - it's either no deal or Canada. In the unlikely event Westminster let's the border decide the decision, it's Norway or cancel. Etc etc. It's not unsolvable. It's unsolvable where everyone wins though. And the default decision is the worst of all worlds and we are increasingly likely to get it.
  9. What's your tipple this evening then?

    I actually had a Gamma Ray on the train in the end as it was colder. About to try the other 2 now
  10. Steve Bruce

    Then why don't you target specific posts?
  11. X-moose 2k17 P-ART-EE TIE-M

    That would mean that Mr Jinx is wrong. He has been " Hating those meeses to pieces" for years, and that idiot doesn't know his antelopes from his asshole. Stupid cat.
  12. Sunderland

    Great appointment by Sunderland - I'm amazed Coleman has taken it on, though. He must be mad.
  13. Sunderland

    Anyone remember that Delap guy, he had a long throw....
  14. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Well, Punisher is giving Daredevil S1 a run for it's money so far. **** Awesome.
  15. Sunderland

    Are Wales not going to be in the World Cup? Because if they are then that's just insane.
  16. What's your tipple this evening then?

    I'll be emptying a couple of cans of Beavertown Neck Oil very shortly.
  17. Sunderland

    I wish they'd waited a week. Tuesday just got a whole lot tougher.
  18. "Russia used a network of 150,000 Twitter accounts to meddle in Brexit". An interesting insight into what we were discussing a couple of days ago. http://www.businessinsider.fr/uk/russia-used-twitter-accounts-to-meddle-in-brexit-investigation-shows-2017-11/
  19. So what we're saying here is it's unsolvable?
  20. The Film Thread

    Watched Thor the other day. It wasn't bad and has helped set up Infinity War (kept on showing the Tesseract). But I do agree that they overplayed the comedy aspect.
  21. Steve Bruce

    I said some. Not you babes x
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