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  2. He must love 1950s Aston or something. The area now is a s**thole. To be fair though the only incident I can remember with locals was when a couple of lads that claimed to be ‘Sadams Soldiers’ were asking fans for a fight. They got ignored though. Also once me and a couple of lads walked in to a newsagents a little bit further from the ground and it’s safe to say we wernt very welcome in there. I have no problem with where Villa park is located because it’s so easy to get to. But I wouldn’t miss the area one bit!
  3. So, in summary, that word removed Theresa May has been replaced as leader of the words removed by word removed Boris Johnson, who easily beat fellow word removed, Jeremy word removed to the position of biggest word removed. And now the words removed are going to carry on fighting like the shower of words remove they are. words removed.
  4. Indeed, but if no majority is there, who would even side with the tories now? I think even the DUP would have its doubts. The best they can do is the probably going to be Brexit Party, if they even get any seats. Labour are going to have to swallow a lot of pride if they even want a sniff of power.
  5. Existing thread for those interested-
  6. Brentford don’t produce players through their academy either. They do the same thing we are doing, just one step earlier in the football food chain. Our visiting friend is just salty at seeing his team picked apart again to be able to see it (As we were when Man City did it to us).
  7. I don't think chemistry is factored into Manager Mode, I could be wrong but if it is then it's never stated anywhere so you'd have no way of measuring it. Rather then cheap buys, just make sure one of your transfer scouts is set to look for players of any ability, any position, aged 23-28 with 0-1 years on their contract left. Then individually scout the returned players to get their overalls up until Jan, then you can start picking them up on free transfers for the next season (you can agree free transfers beyond the Jan window too if you need). Always have one of your transfer scouts not assigned to a country, this then allows the scout to look at players from multiple countries at the same time, useful for picking up gems from lesser leagues. Also worth doing manual searches for anyone with a release clause every once in a while, as the AI doesn't renew/renegotiate contracts until a player is due to expire, after a few seasons you'll get the occasional starlet who's shot up to a decent rating still on their original low buyout (had this with an 81 rated player once, can't remember who but they still had a £700k buyout clause from the opening season, biggest bargain ever!).
  8. Of course he has. The ethnic make up of Aston nowadays probably won’t be playing stuff like Black Sabbath
  9. Not both Not bothered about that, I always sit & watch things properly & the phone signal in my living room is pretty much non existant so very easy to make mysef difficut to disturb other than my wife occasionally jabbering about something or the cats needing some food
  10. You gone back in time? It will always feel safe on match days because of how many supporters are about.
  11. Well that was never going to end well. In terms of ideals they were always polls apart - and Cameron and the right wing press stitched up the lib dems - sure they made some mistakes - but the Tories get away with these things - anyone centre left doesn't. I actually meant compromising on a few ideals to make yourself more electable.
  12. That'll be hilarious on a number of levels. The crying about what the LDs did when in coalition coming from Labour ever since has been rather prominent oh and Corbyn can't control his own party let alone get other parties onside with him.
  13. The "loan out" tag threw me then, with this being at the top the thread
  14. They really were the glue of that team. That being said, i still think they would dominate had they still had Guardiola.
  15. unfortunately its not casual / background viewing either, you need to be glued to it (and it will still frazzle your brain)
  16. I said since Gerrard, yes they had a good run up until him, but since then very little. United have produced many a player, but since the fabled class of 92? Not so much. They spent big on Rooney, Ferdinand, and Carrick because they'd stopped producing big talent. Both are beginning to bring through genuine talent now, but it's a long gap between early/mid 90's and now. My point was even the supposed biggest and best academies only rarely bring through top talents that break in to, and stay in the first team.
  17. Its legit mate. This will be announced very soon.
  18. Wolves was around the 2700 mark . The one season we were allocated 4200. Watford who are in a 20k ground offer 2k and Bournemouth who are in a 11k offer just over 1k. The general rule is you offer around 10% of your capacity .
  19. I dunno, Fowler, McManaman ,Owen, Gerrard...………… Liverpool have bought through some of the best players the premier has ever seen - up there with Man United I think a lot of the top flight sides do bring through good players, who go onto to have good professional careers, but it seems in the Prem era Liverpool/Man U have monopolised on bringing through top level legendary club players...……….. Id say Villa are one of the more successful clubs at bringing through good quality players who go onto have good careers, if not at Villa...…….. but we have yet to bring through an Owen/Fowler/Gerrard/Scholes/Becks level player - maybe Jack one day, but don't think hell hit there heights
  20. Just an avid, obsessed fan, nothing more
  21. You’ve sold it to me. I’ve always wondered how unsuccessful clubs go from being able to get tickets to them selling out quick all the time. Everton are a perfect example. Their games always sell out, and they don’t particularly do that well. It didn’t used to be like that at Everton though. Something triggered it, and demand has stayed strong even though they are not successful. I’m hoping our relegation, and return to the prem has triggered the demand button for us. Once you get that kind of demand rolling, it usually creates more demand. It’s about time tbf, because I’ve always said VP should be near enough full most weeks with the fanbase we have.
  22. Disappointed that @sir_gary_cahill is having to ask this being chief scout.
  23. But with the likely inevitable general election, I can’t see either party gaining a majority. Tories are reeling for infighting and indecision over brexit. They will lose votes of the hard right to brexit party and the moderate centre to the Lib Dems. Labour is also suffering from its own internal struggles and likely to lose votes to Lib Dems, Greens and Brexit Party (for those fervent brexiteers). Whilst the number of seats lost won’t be that high, I can really see both parties struggling to gain a majority. Labour will be the more likely to form a coalition but that’s probably what is needed to put some damn common sense into politics, it has been missing for far too long.
  24. Its an abysmal track well deserving of a driver of a girls version of a luxury German Marque. I'm guessing it was look at me white?
  25. If it happens today I guess it happens before 6, but I feel that they may get more exposure tomorrow and clicks given we are playing. @Delphinho123 how will you celebrate your prophecy?
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