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  2. Sorry Gareth, but that's dogdirt. You've shown your favouritism towards players sat on the bench of big teams. Doesn't matter who they're playing, or how often, it's the club they're at. Shame to hear that from one of my favourite Villa players ever. Norwich, Leeds, Sheff U and Villa would all comfortably beat that Czech Republic side.
  3. He's lying, that's all it really is.
  4. I do respect his opinions but James McLean is such a horrible footballer
  5. I am happy for Southgate to never discover Jack. I have said many times England have never had a player in recent times like him. He is that unique
  6. Well this is going in circles but once again, he's been injured and unable to play 90 minutes for more than the odd game now for more than a year and a half. He's nowhere near the player he was before these injuries sadly. Before that he had a stellar season with loads of end product. His stats from that season is very similar to what Jadon Sancho is doing this season at Dortmund. I bet if Sancho is injured for the next 2 seasons his performances will drop too. Hopefully he will stay fit thou
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  8. Zatman

    Scott Hogan

    He was injured and not in the squad
  9. He is 28 this year so should be in his prime but for me hasnt got the final product if he was English he would be Stuart Downing
  10. Sounds like the PM is done. Prime Minister Gove this week? Ugh.
  11. Does Southgate even watch the championship or take notice of it, in fact the championship can be just as skilful and I'd certainly say it's more gruelling than the premier. This whole notion that players must play in the premier is complete wrong, alot of talent is more than being overlooked because of it. Half the teams up there are being missed out anyway when it comes to capable talent. I think another thing is if your a club and fan favourite it goes more for you Clubs can also play rubbish in the premier yet they have many a good player who are also discarded and not chosen because the team as a whole isn't performing, it does affect a player. You also have the top clubs, the top half of that premier is a pool of players that almost guarentee picks and it's wrong because they often base it off of the team playing well and not of the statistics of a player. Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, arsenal, Tottenham those are the five clubs that dramatically increase your chances of being picked as an English player. So much that is under looked when it comes to a player making it to England squad and someone like Gareth should know better than make a statement like that. Gareth making that statement has most like put the notion of Grealish moving on in his head and add to that those clubs will be thinking that the first decent offer and he will want to leave. I hate Southgate for coming out with that in the media, he should of stayed silent, why now, why at a time when the season is coming to an end where clubs will come calling and poaching. I'm not saying he should stay with us if that offer is there, if it was anyone of us we would go up the top unless he's happy staying put and never playing for England. Jack could be a legend and I think he could do it with us but we need promotion this season now. The owners will have to stamp this out by saying Grealish is out of reach unless a crazy offer comes in.
  12. As I said he's pretty much been injured for a season and a half now with one injury replacing another. His final season in Allsvenskan was great, as was the season in 2nd Bundesliga when they were promoted. You don't rate him, that's fair enough and he'll never replicate his 16/17 season if he can't stay fit. Edit: On a side note Forsberg, Nilsson-Lindelöf, Guidetti and Robin Olsen has the same agent, Hasan Cetinkaya. Hopefully Olsen will not follow suit and pull out of the national side.
  13. Was a one off season. 2 years ago. Offered little after especially for Sweden
  14. Had the most assists in European top leagues in 16/17 with 22 in 30 league games. And 8 goals as well. Then the injuries started.
  15. He’s injury prone yes but when he’s fit, he’s a joy to watch. I still think he can make it here
  16. I find that a weak argument from Gareth, despite my appreciation for the job he is doing. I understand what he is saying, but surely that's the reason you give them a cameo in a game to see how they fair.....there is enough friendlies to take risks. Jack for me is unlike many midfielders and has attributes that England could do with, even in the squad.
  17. Yeah ive seen Forsberg for 30/40 games. He is just hype Poor mans Ashley Young
  18. Yeah he's been injured or on his way back from injury for a year and a half now. Never regained his form. Such a shame because he was fantastic before that abdominal injury. Since then it's been one injury after another. We already have Albin Ekdahl who is permanently crooked and missing 70% of the games. Fwiw one of the 2 big Swedish papers are claiming it is a groin strain with Forsberg...
  19. In fairness Forsberg is pretty shit when it comes to it Lindelof has a proper reason not to play at least
  20. if there is a tory coup, would it be wrong of me to hope it's Grayling?

    U.S. Politics

    So 1 day after the Mueller report landed ISIS was declared defeated. I'm guessing the US media's "24 hour news" thing is more than just the running time
  22. Reports spreading like wildfire of a Cabinet coup tonight, with the aim of replacing May with either Lidington or Gove. What an absolute dearth of leadership we're enduring in this country.
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  24. PieFacE

    The Film Thread

    Watched "Us" tonight at the cinema, story line is **** stupid but it's incredibly good fun. Liked it
  25. sne

    The Film Thread

    Dragged Across Concrete. Was OK, was hoping for more tbh. The story, acting and everything else is fine, but it really was nothing special, and It's really loooong (almost 3h) and needless to say it's a slow burn. 6/10 Like his previous ones Bone Tomahawk and Brawl In Cell Block 99 better.
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