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  2. I am sure there is a lot of AW records up on the top floor of my house, Primal Scream, my bloody bloody valentine, all manner of remixes on bsides I will wager. Potentially for us people that liked white boys with guitars, he was the most famous remixer there was.
  3. Pretty much where I expected him to be is all red. Interestingly they voted him the 2nd worst player on the pitch, Dele Alli showed Drinkwater how to be shit
  4. I was meaning to mention this to you anyway. Primal Scream asked AW to produce XTRMNTR but he turned them down as he didn't like the material, as told to my mate Joe at a Primals gig in Manchester RItz by AW himself
  5. I assumed he was signed purely to have a striker available in case of injury to Samatta and Davis. You know, like the second keeper, who does not expect to be called upon except in emergency. I did not think Smith would actually play him.
  6. You can find it on sofascore.com. Choose PL and then the game and then the player.
  7. Not what i was getting at , but my fault for wording it as i did
  8. Ahh that’s a shame. Responsible for arguably one of the best albums of all time.
  9. Do you think we have the ability to plan with other people to meet each other in dreams?
  10. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    General consensus around everyone near me in the Upper Holte. Consensus in the Holte Suite after the game. Consensus everywhere except social media methinks.
  11. Watching Drinkwater you can see is a footballer in there. His major issue with watching him is you can see he cant actually move or run. Would love to see his heat map from yesterday, be shocked if he wasnt all in the same square
  12. maqroll

    General Chat

    Trevor Noah is just not very funny.
  13. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Continually complaining words removed ?
  14. terrytini

    John Terry

    The amount of people on here saying “ I’ve no idea what he does” in one breath, and “ sack him” in the next . “Ive no facts or information to go on but he needs to go.”
  15. maqroll

    Global Warming

    Auto racing should be done with electric vehicles. I know it's blasphemy, but watching cars spit out out earth killing fumes for three hours going in circles around a track seems really stupid.
  16. The internet has killed a lot of what made it great when I first watched it when Channel 4 started showing it. I've tried watching it since it's gone to BT but it's pretty painful viewing. The worst bit for me is the scripted promos and commentary.
  17. Without Weatherall, I'd probably have earned far less money as a DJ
  18. maqroll

    Global Warming

    So low lying, densely populated areas are going to get wiped off the map by 2050, just 30 years from now. Projections show Mumbai being underwater at high tide, as well as Bangladesh, and the entire south coast of Vietnam. Not to mention all the little island nations in the Indian and Pacific oceans. The last 30 years have seen massive migrations of people into those cities like Mumbai, and now they'll have to flee back. This has refugee crisis written all over it and there will be wars fought over access to clean water. Happy days ahead, eh?
  19. I don’t think Drinkwater should be in our first team with his current sharpness/fitness. Although apparently his passing completion was the highest of either side at 86% and had 4th (I think) most passes of either side despite playing only 60 minutes. He was better on Sunday although still a bit Socceraid.
  20. Woody1000

    John Terry

    And you’re saying that the blame is on JT? As far as I can see he gets on well with the team and there’s never any attention seeking on his part to undermine DS. How anyone can be targeting our Assistant, I’ll never know.
  21. Tegis


    2-0 baby I thought Connor Cook was the QB to be here, guess not
  22. Haha, I didn't even notice that until you quoted it. Thanks Samsung, wrist Ryan indeed.
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