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  2. Xela

    Tammy Abraham

    Timmy is actually called Jason Timiebi Ogheneobrucheme Bakumo-Abraham So its Big Kev and Jase.
  3. One day I will go on holiday and not get sunburnt on the 1st day but not today...not this day!!!
  4. Horrible player. Jack really had to work had to shake him off. Be great if he was our horrible player.
  5. Last year we played like we did most of the season. Whilst we managed to finish with more points last season I think we are a much better team now.
  6. Will be a tough game against a confident Derby side who have a number of exciting attacking players. Going to be a tense day/week! Let the best team win (or if we're not the best just let us win please!)
  7. He’s comfortably good enough for United. Would instantly be their best player by some distance.
  8. I don't see many having him either, real will do their bit and offer him for £30-40m but no one will go near north of £300k a week, not even Utd
  9. I guess the colours Derby play in should be a Stark reminder of Fulham.
  10. Quick, attacking full-backs are essential whatever league we are in next season. No idea who we should sign as a LB but it's certainly a priority. Hopefully Guibert will do that sort of job on the right, but not seen anything of him to be honest. If we go up, I would like us to go for Kalvin Phillips as well as he has been excellent this season and can clearly play the way Smith would want him to given how he has done under Bielsa. No idea who else though, but wouldn't be surprised if we went for Maupay if we are in the PL as can't see us getting Abraham.
  11. Sounds like he should have had his scan a lot sooner.
  12. We just need to turn up properly I think, and that's not meant in an arrogant way but if we turn up with our heads on and leave everything on the pitch we will win, I'm confident of that barring any severe bad luck. Last year we did the opposite, froze up and let the game bypass us, I'm hoping the players and staff here 12 months ago will be saying something pre kick off, JT in particular as I think with all he won and achieved during his career the failure last year might be one of his biggest regrets. Come on you Villa boys, let's get it done.
  13. You don't need to add them to a group beforehand. Just have their reference and surname ready when you go to buy, add the tickets, then add their reference to one of the tickets. Done.
  14. I don't know he looked abut wobbly tbh mate. Not seriously hurt but he did look a bit off balance to me
  15. I think Giggs will be the last one in the Premier league tbh
  16. Yeah I agree with the first bit, they do. So in isolation fine, but after stating that he barely trained for 2 months beforehand and reaching the point where he is himself saying he can't play, the adult in the room should have stepped up and said no more. Obvs we're not privy to all the facts and I'm only going off Grealish's word here, but it sounds horrendous.
  17. A'Villan

    Dean Smith

    Lampard was captain for their 2012 Champions League victory, and is quite notably more accomplished in regards to playing honours and records than Terry. But I see where you are coming from and agree. My post wasn't to undermine the ability of Dean Smith to perform on the biggest stage of his career, rather the opposite.
  18. Psh, you don't know what you're talking about mate, we already have one of those
  19. Xann

    U.S. Politics

    Handing your comms to the red corner. Once again, chums on the board. The definition of stupidity and greed. The fortress is as strong as its weakest point. It was easy to see this coming years ago, but there was money in unwise mergers and acquisitions. These occurred during Labour's tenure too, but this current situation is bizarre in the extreme. Going to the Chinese to build a nuclear power station and comms infrastructure? How does this add up with a military spend? What's the point if you're just going to offer up a soft underbelly to a competitor in times of peace, and a potential adversary in a more fractious World? We could be getting together with our European partners on projects like this, but instead we're doing our best to push them away. Even a US partnership (Motorola?) would have been better than China. Should have been sorted 5-10 years ago, but obviously it was more important to stuff public money into the tax swerving private pockets that are f****** up hospitals, education and transport. We've got so used to greed and stupidity with this Tory government, plumbing new depths in incompetence whilst they're at it, the unthinkable has become thinkable.
  20. Kodjia was rushed back way too soon too, played half injured, nowhere near fit and broke down again. It was farcical.
  21. Today
  22. Birtles was such a good forward he went an entire season at United without scoring. Playing as a striker
  23. yeah, I don't think any long term good can come of it
  24. omariqy


    Im trying to strategise. You get randomly assigned a queue number. So trying to give myself multiple chances
  25. It appears that assault increasingly passes for appropriate left wing politics for some these days, which is a fairly disgraceful indictment of where things are at. As odious as UKIP and the like of Carl Benjamin are the only legitimate, meaningful and worthwhile way to engage with them is on intellectual grounds through proper debate rather than by assaulting them. Behaving like this will only reinforce UKIP support and the victim narrative that the likes of Benjamin and Yaxley-Lennon are propagating.
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