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  2. Xann

    The Concert/Gig Thread

  3. BOF

    The Film Thread

    I stumbled upon Unbreakable the other night while flicking through the channels. Hadn't seen it in years and it had only just started, so I re-watched it. Man I forgot how bloody good that film is. Really got me in the mood for Glass
  4. bannedfromHandV

    Leeds United

    Whatever ends up happening it's immoral, maybe not illegal but immoral and it is essentially cheating. It's cheating in the same sense that going down for a penalty with minimal contact is, perhaps gamesmanship is a better term but then I'm pretty sure gamesmanship was invented so that you could label someone a cheat without being sued for defamation of character. That it's Leeds United involved makes sense, horrible club, horrible supporters. Karma will get to them though at some point I'm sure.
  5. bickster

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2019

    He actually took delivery of a new Landy today
  6. Michael Crick calling out Boris as per above tweet but the video of the exchange is included
  7. Stevo985

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    All good points. Thanks for replying. None of them are relevant to me, but I can see why people value them. Apart from the 5th point. You don't need any of those things to use Spotify (or google or apple music). You just need a device that can connect to WiFi at some point so you can download all the music you want. It's a better product if you DO have a mobile connection, but it's definitely not a necessity.
  8. Risso

    What do you drive?

    It's not as wide as a Mercedes GL. The length is more of an issue, but I was driving it round some fairly small Maine roads, which weren't really any different to those in rural parts of the UK. It's not like I was just cruising down some 8 lane California Highway.
  9. True, it's a damning indictment that a government this bad would not be given a hammering. It's not totally Labour ineptness though. Vast numbers of seats in England would vote Tory if Peppa Pig was leading them. Labour have faced an obscenely hostile media under Corbyn, even accounting for the crap bits of his leadership. And Brexit throw's a hand grenade in it all. There's not a chance of a Labour majority. Scarily I could see a Tory one, which really should be completely unfeasible after the last few years. It's crazy this is even being discussed. If it's true, May seems more keen to risk everything than row back the merest hint of a red line.
  10. It would be fitting given where we are now that every single constituency votes the same as 2017 and returns the exact same result.
  11. An election on current policies would virtually guarantee a No Deal Brexit. Both main parties ostensibly are Brexit Parties and it would take a huge chunk out of the time left (if not all of it)
  12. Great!!! What a complete waste of time that is. Everyone should protest vote in the Monster Raving Loony Party ( cue - "ah but they're already there" gags )
  13. First bit of Question Time I've watched in years. And the first bit where I've only had my blood pressure rise for a brief moment in even longer (see if you spot the moment!)
  14. AvfcRigo82

    AVST : AGM with Christian Purslow

    We are up there amongst the top with our combined owners are we not? - again, counts for nothing in this league when we're strangled by FFP legislation. We need out of this league this season imo.
  15. Demitri_C

    The Film Thread

    I'm really looking forward to glass.
  16. turvontour

    Pre-match thread

    They were 3/1 in places a few days ago. Im not a betting person but that is really tempting. That price is as if the last few weeks of football hasnt happened - for both teams.
  17. It says something about the ineptness of Labour that after the appalling leadership from the government over the last few years, it's still hard to see a Labour majority.
  18. Indigo

    Jack Grealish

    Apparently Sheffield United was the aim for his comeback. Just a matter of how quickly he heals up fully I suppose so they can't really put an official date on it. Could be anytime from that game to Brentford the following week to WBA after. Hopefully no later than that otherwise this season really is a write-off (if it's not already rendered that in the meantime). There is absolutely no way he stays if we don't go up. Love for the club or not he really would be mad to stall his career for another season. As much as I wish he would he's far too good to persevere with the Championship any longer just for our sake.
  19. Talk going around now that an election might get called. Can you imagine the shitshow?
  20. Davkaus

    What do you drive?

    I'd love to see someone try to drive that around the UK. It's bigger than some roads.
  21. Shropshire Lad

    Leeds United

    Whether Bielsa is happy is for other clubs to watch his training sessions is utterly irrelevant to whether other managers should accept that their training sessions are being spied on. Go back a few pages to the humorous post by @HanoiVillan. I’m more than happy for Gemma Arterton to watch me shower, the invitation is there for her, no problem for me. So because I’m fine with it, I’ll just take it as read that she wouldn’t have a problem returning the favour without running the idea before her first.
  22. holteend1982

    Dean Smith

    Some of those results sound better than they were though. Barely beat Birmingham, they should have been 2 up and out of sight, Swansea are not a good side and 5-5 against a side who went down to 10 men is not even remotely anything to brag about. We've had a few good games under him and that's about it, the rest have been dull and flat performances with hardly any of this attacking style system he supposedly brings. I really do hope he does well for us, I'd never want one of our managers to fail. Maybe once Grealish returns we will look a completely different side again. Not looking forward to playing hull tomorrow though that's for sure.
  23. I just hope we do not go for Islam slimani, if we do I'll certainly be asking what the hell are we playing at all while paying 80k a week wages. Apparantly Slimani having a horrid time where he is at, scored only one goal this season, if that is the case then what the hell are we bloody doing signing a 30 year old forward who seems is career is lost. Another clubs reject is not what we need,this I am particularly fed up with I don't know about you lot. So if we did take him on it is a massive risk at alot of money. Now don't get me wrong there is always a chance be could turn his career around but I for one would not risk it. We need to bring in inform players not players sitting on benches, having horrible times with who they are with or players who are injuries prone. This is one of the reasons why we are having issues, we really need to go back to buying our talent that is playing good games regular not taking risks at what is very high cost. I would much rather keep playing Hogan and kodjia that have Shimano join us and I'm not a fan of our forwards this season. I agree we do need goal scoring forwards and there are many out there that we are missing that could provide a steady stream of goals for us. I'm starting to feel like we are being pressured into making rash, quick signings all because of where were sitting in the league, still 5 points away from playoffs. We are pressured into making these high risk signings that if we're not careful will land us in trouble with FFP and cost us promotion as it's already on a cliff. I say we should go with the strikers that were linked with who are young, very exciting players who could be exactly what were looking for. Few things we need is precision, speed, accuracy, wuick thinking type of players who are not scared to mix it up under pressure, who can beat there challange in front of them and dont make crazy decisions to hoof the ball.
  24. Demitri_C

    AVST : AGM with Christian Purslow

    Owner wealth I meant
  25. Cjay

    Leeds United

    True. But i doubt Bielsa would care if he was spied on, so just tell everyone to have at it, that way if we still beat them then they cant complain.
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