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  2. Steve Bruce

    Tro, you can say that he underestimated the job etc, but that doesnt explain things like taking off 2 strikers and putting a right midfielder up front or going 2 goals down before half time and not changing anything until the 80th minute. These are the decisions of a man who is floundering because he doesnt know what to do - and its his obvious signs of being overwhelmed that tell me we need to move on. No amount of time is going to fix SB
  3. Pre Match Thread

    A week off from Villa for the pain to subside- only for it to arrive again like stomach cramps after a dodgy curry. 0-2 Rams.
  4. Yesterday
  5. New Manager : 2017

    My next Ranieri inspiration was going to be hanging the pizza menu in the back of the net.... OT but sacking him is the most ridiculous thing in my football fan life. Football will never be like it was no matter how much we wish it would.
  6. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    Almost certainly not- though in hindsight it would have been money better spent than our transfer policy so far.
  7. Wolves

    Put the fixtures in the relegation thread, they've got reading and Ipswich next, a lot of the other teams down there have got each other so will get points, they could out shit us
  8. Steve Bruce

    TRO. I think you and I see things similarly. With one big exception. Based on the above you attribute the culture to new players coming in thinking they have it made. I think the culture of complacency was here before they arrived, and was caused by the neglect of the owner. I think we have been getting captains and leaders and workers so that they would change the culture, but instead they are just joining in the culture. My fear, is that by tolerating poor results from the manager, the current management feeds the culture of complacency by continuing to communicate that crap results are acceptable. The management of neglect by tolerating poor results feeds the problem.
  9. Steve Bruce

    Pure madness. League 1 here we come
  10. U.S. Politics

    Each one will be explained away as the work of one lone individual with mental health issues. There will be no connection drawn, at least in the mainstream media, between tbe batshit crazy racist shite spouted by the orangeman, and real deaths. Although the connection is there for all to see.
  11. Goals

    Laursen was our last goalscoring defender, we looked dangerous at time with Clark, Collins and Dunne but never really enough to seriously threaten opposition as for goalscoring midfielder, from open play its been a long time. maybe since Hitzlsperger or Hendrie was in the team. I know Milner, Young and Barry got a good few goals but seemed like a good few was penalties or set-pieces
  12. Steve Bruce

    Which to me points to poor coaching and management as opposed to the players being shite
  13. Steve Bruce

    What does 2 fit forwards have to do with changing defence from 4 to 3? The number of fit forwards we have could affect midfield but baffles me why you want 3 cbs when you have 2 forwards but 2 cbs when you have 1 forward. In fact it seems counter intuitive
  14. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    Develop the ground with what money ? As I understand it if we don't get promoted next season we are totally messed up. Does fair play allow us to spend money on the ground without it affecting the ratio of income to expenditure ? I doubt it. Last summer would have been a good time to have done this work, but for obvious reasons it was all too soon. Knowing what we know now about this division and how hard it's been for us, should we really invest in something that's already head and shoulders above most grounds in the league ?
  15. Pre Match Thread

    didnt Bent and Bruce have a run-in of sorts at Sunderland over some alleged off-field issues Bent is bound to back a brace here
  16. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    yeah i should have done, its prime netflix hour but i was playing football manager not playing attention and it just kind of crept up on me i think ive watched emmerdale, corrie, eastenders, corrie again and gogglebox tonight, its what FM does to you
  17. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    Interesting you quoted only half of my post and not the half that expained why I didn't think NOW was the right time to invest in the ground. the master plan I referred to was Dr Tony's plan to turn Villa into a huge force again. I understand that we need to have PLANS, and I said that in my post, but to action them now would be dangerous and have the potential to become a huge white elephant should we not get back into the premier league. I would suggest that for any club that has such a huge influence over the local community planning for change should be a constant thing....this probably got neglected in the recent past, but that doesn't mean that right now in our current state there is any reason to push the button on work that may or may not turn out to be necessary. i understand about running a successful business, I have been doing so for over 10 years and over stretching yourself while banking on success that hasn't yet come to fruition is just as dangerous as not having a plan in place should success be achieved, timing is crucial in everything. Anybody advocating a business in our current position should extend capacity and build new stands (and I am not saying you directly did this) is seriously barking up the wrong tree. We were not selling out the ground in the premier league for the previous seasons, so I don't really see the problem with reducing capacity for what would be one season while work is completed, this would be the safe way to progress, have plans in place now, action them when we know where we will be.
  18. Wolves

    Lambert still got the managerial ability he showed with us. He really is crap I dont even think Wolves have been ahead of us since he took over
  19. Steve Bruce

    I expect us to thrash them We even managed to do that under RDM
  20. Steve Bruce

    I think the crux of it is some people just don't like Bruce and the way he plays football and what he stands for. I'm one of them. I never wanted him, tolerated him when things were going ok as villa being successful is all that ultimately matters regardless of my personal views on him. And i got behind him as best I could. However now things are shit I just can't support him for the sake of it or deal with some of the excuses people are putting out there to defend him. The whole rebuild excuse is just a smokescreen and hides the fact that he has on paper (at worst) the 3rd best squad in the league full stop ! Time to gel is just an excuse peddled when things are going badly, he is getting nothing out of them. You can hide behind and blame Lerners neglect all you want for setting in the rot... Those days are gone along with virtually all of those players. This squad should not be where it is, the reason we are where we are is firmly down to Bruce and his decisions and (lack of) tactics. supporting him for the supposed sake of stability is just foolish. He is a limited manager who has failed so far and I'm seeing little to change my view.
  21. No, she didnt as far as I know. Both protocol and self-preservation would prevent it. Obviously the press know of her previous criticisms of Corbyn and are happy to relate them: whether she says these things before or during an election campaign doesn't affect the exposure they get, as you will appreciate. I'm not at all surprised you didn't know of her right wing links. Neither did I, and I'm also interested in this stuff. Though I, and I guess you, don't read the Cumbian local press nor the right wing shite where this will be reported.
  22. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    The MON Area? Oh shit, we didn't create an area for that gobshite did we? Where is it? I bet it has a bloody glass ceiling doesn't it?
  23. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Or, as I call it, the 'so switch the **** ing telly off' slot.
  24. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I'd have said the same in the 70s /80s. Always thought Priest (like most - if not all - of the NWOBHM) were ridiculous. But I liked new wave/power pop. 'Time For Action' was a decent single. Wouldn't have bought it, but wouldn't turn the radio off if it came on.
  25. Absolutely. A question was asked - a very fawning question, I might add - by an SNP MP at PMQ's which specifically asked if May would be discouraging members from using delaying tactics to derail the vote (the target of this comment was very, very obviously Mr Davies) and she stated how much she hoped that wouldn't happen. This guy is out of control. Frankly he should have the whip withdrawn.
  26. "Bloody"? More like **** word removed clearing in the woods Scottish prick "beats us but loses to scum" retarded mumbling kilt wearing jizzblob
  27. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    its shit tv watching people watch shit tv it always seems to fall perfectly in that "well theres **** all else on" slot
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