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    Scarily. Terrifyingly. Given that you're neither English nor Montenegrin, you're a terrible employee Completely **** wrong, and it's all @bickster's fault, the festering cocksocket. Well I can tell you which one it ISN'T !!
  3. They are completely different. One is putting money in the hands of citizens to make decisions (the condition for UBI would require an opt out of the current benefits system, those who don't accept would remain in the current system), provides a living wage and is necessary in a time where job prospects are only getting more precarious. Citizens would put this money back into the economy which will have the effect of increasing spending and jobs. The other is the government muscling in on Telcos, part nationalising it and providing a 'free service'. It does not have anywhere near the level of benefits of UBI and is not at all in the same ballpark as a policy.
  4. They do. But mostly because I volunteer for extra stuff (I run management classes for example) But the point absolutely remains. Office workers can get 40 hour contracts whilst working far less than that. Bar workers have zero hours, yet it's socially acceptable. The system is **** man
  5. Or your company isn't well run and might struggle when serious competition comes in. Writing off 25% is not a good thing at all. Could they not utilise your skills in a different way?
  6. Green? Lol. No. The way I see it it’s a choice between a party paid by Russia (blues) or a party that wants to be Russia (reds). It’s a straight fight between SNP & Lib Dems where I’m registered to vote. As a leave supporting Unionist my vote is irrelevant. On the economy I definitely agree the global model of growth based on consumption/resource exploitation is unsustainable. Plunging ourselves into penury by wrecking the economy and destroying pensions doesn’t strike me as a sensible solution.
  7. Given your interest in some form of universal basic income, I'm suprised that you automatically see the idea of universal free internet access (which is what free broadband is, no?) as largesse rather than perhaps having a place in a universal basic services (along with some sort of UBI) idea. As per a previous post, I'm not condoning the details of Labour's scheme (I don't know them - I'm not sure anyone even the Labour party itself does) but I very much like a moving of the Overton window in such an area from the idea of tinkering around the edges that has been the way of the past decade (and appears to continue to be the way of things for Johnson) to looking at a blanket provision of access. If the opportunities in the future economy are going to be centred around high tech innovative entrepreneurship then making that available to everyone and reducing barriers is surely a way forward worth looking at. Then there's also the whole government digital first line to be considered, too.
  8. 49'ers are cooked Jimmy was awful against us (bottom half D)
  9. because then you don't realise how shit and old the car is audi Wolverhampton once tried to flog me a car which must have been challenge of the month or something, the guys sales pitch was it has a private plate so people wont know its 3 years old, don't worry about buying new!! that's great mate but what the **** have those initials got to do with me?
  10. Exactly. I'm paid for 40 hours a week hour, even though for 10 hours a week I'm not working based on the workflow I have. Why is it that my company can afford to write off 25% of my time and others, in different sectors, can't? I would argue that they can, but they don't want to.
  11. its at the expense of big profitable businesses and really rich people what they don't tell you is that the big profitable businesses will always find a way of looping it back round to you so that you get your free lunch by paying double for breakfast, globally countries are struggling to get them to pay their taxes but labour think they can get them to share their profit....dream world
  12. Handing next gen install to a company in the thrall of a foreign power is about as fuckwitted as it gets. Oh no, hang on, perhaps a nuclear power station could be worse? As for breaking the economy, that'll be the economy that's driving the globe towards disaster. Bring it on. iirc you were considering voting Green? They're trying to move away from the money god too btw.
  13. Snowy, it's not very often I agree with you but 100% this. It's a problem with the economy. Where we disagree is how we should fix this.
  14. Labour's strategy is divide and conquer. Give large sections of society a 'free lunch' at the expense of others. I can see the appeal. But people are going to be shocked when a lot of the burden falls on the middle classes, which it almost certainly will (and have to in order to pay for such largesse).
  15. the delusion then kicks up a gear when you suggest them being so good that they'll join other clubs "why would they leave, we're going places..."
  16. It’s a starter for 10. Folks genuinely seem to have no idea just how radical these guys are, which is ironic given their previous.
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    If a train left Birmingham at 06:05 travelling at 95 kph, and a train left at 07:10 from London travelling at 110 kph, do you think Wesley will come good?
  18. And that indicates an economy that isn't working properly. If the cost of actually properly employing staff (i.e. giving them the benefits of being staff members rather than casual employees) makes the business unprofitable then there''s either a problem with that particular business or, if it applies across the industry, a problem with that industry or, if applies across the economy, a problem with that economy.
  19. Which generally amount to theft. Where there's a franchise model (i.e. train operators) you can allow those franchises to elapse and then take control, fair enough. What's been proposed for telco is basically an outright hostile takeover.
  20. You don't realise how illogical our preposition structure is until you learn another language. In Polish, You're in the plane Under the shower On the bike
  21. Equating 5G (which Huawei should be nowhere near) with ending property rights & destroying the economy in short order aren’t really on the same scale of fuckwittery. When McDonnell preached that he wanted to overthrow capitalism it appears he wasn’t kidding.
  22. Yawn. Well done. It seems the point of responding to my comment was merely so you could shoehorn in a cheap, trite slogan. It's a shame that it has and had little to do with what I was saying.
  23. Read that 3 times and thinking why was Carlton Cole doing punditry
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