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  2. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The Beatles, Abbey Road.
  3. Keinan Davis

    Nope, he was utterly dreadful from my recollection! Couldn't spot a pass, always looking inside and easily pushed out the game.
  4. Pre-match thread

    Lyden featured for the U23s today so cannot see him being involved at all. I am guessing Bruce doesn't rate him as part of his plans at all?
  5. Next Aston Villa Manager

    that's a good shout.
  6. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    The whole proposal/marriage thing from start to finish is outdated and bizarre to the modern world though really isn't i? I don't have a problem following it, if it makes people happy because that's how they feel things should be done.
  7. 2017 Holiday Plans

    My last 12 months of holidays: Oct 16 - Barcelona Dec 16 - Lanzarote Feb 17 - Iceland Mar 17 - Malta Apr 17 - Somerset May 17 - Crete Aug 17 - Belgium & Denmark Sep 17 - Norway & Sweden and separately to Croatia (to come) Been a good year!
  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    London is a god damn shit tip, horrific place.
  9. Pre-match thread

    If we win the 3rd round draw is at 4.15am live from beijing... Suppose it can't be worse than the draw for the last round
  10. Next Aston Villa Manager

    If Rafa does decide to leave Newcastle he will be heading to the upper echelons of the top European Leagues. He only stayed at Newcastle because of "the fans" or rather the fact that he would have a big budget and wage. It was a massive coup for Newcastle to keep him after the relegation, lets not forget that. He will not be heading back to the Championship anytime soon even if we could offer him the world (which would be unlikely). The reality is that we are not an attractive option and if we fire managers every season who would want to manage us? Whilst Bruce is doing everything he can to annoy the fans and we are (rightly) getting annoyed with the football, given the alternatives, we are almost sadly better off with Bruce. Jokanovic or Stam would probably be more interesting but would they really jump ship to manage us so early on in the season? Unlikely - Jokanovic maybe given the rumoured difficulties at Fulham but if Bruce was put in that list, would you really rather Peason, Warnock, Moyes?! I would rather @lapal_fan as manager over Moyes! (I can't believe I thought he was the best option 12 months ago...). Bruce this season is currently on 2 1/2 games being diabolically awful, 1 1/2 games actually good (I am not counting Colchester - that pitch was barely playable and for the Hull game, I think I am being generous giving Bruce the full half being good). Norwich has given him some breathing space but it won't be long as whether this thread remains a live one.
  11. André Green

    Could be a very good player, looks up and tries to pick a pass/player/cross. I do hope that as he has missed a few lately, he goes back for extra training on finishing.
  12. Scott Hogan

    I still think Hogan has a place, his movement is good, he doesn't hide, and hes still eager .Off a proper CF I still think he has a lot to offer.
  13. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Yep that's like us losing Kodjia is huge blow for them. This is the problem we will have next season if we do not go up
  14. Tickets

    Generous estimate.
  15. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Seems like a bizarre tradition that's simply ridiculous in 21st century Britain. I'm nowhere near to proposing, but I suspect if I asked my gf's dad for permission to marry her, he'd tell me to **** off, and treat her like a grown woman not a piece of property. Edit: but good luck, etc
  16. Steve Bruce

    i was firmly in the "keep Bruce" until a couple of games ago. After the Reading game, i reluctantly switched to the "Bruce Out" camp For me to switch back to the "keep Bruce" camp, i expect him to be in the top 2 and keep us in the top 2 until the end of the season. That target hasn't changed for me since the end of last season, anything lower than second will have been a complete failure.
  17. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Jenkinson is on that classic Arsenal ' not good enough, will never be good enough, let's keep him hanging around on £40,000 - £60,000 for the next decade' salary. I thought he looked decent at West Ham, then had a bad injury, went back for a second spell and looked ruined. Like Hutton..only worse.
  18. Scott Hogan

    Personally I'd sell Hogan while the memory of his spell at Brentford is still fresh in people's minds. I predict that in 12 months time we'll have another extremely expensive flop on our hands who we'll be stuck with.
  19. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Leeds losing Wood hasnt done our chances much harm!
  20. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    My mate went to his girlfriends Dad to do the traditional thing and him if he could marry her. His response was you can F**k off if you if you think I'm giving any money towards it, lovely guy! Anyway this is all pretty relevant to me as a few months a go I mentioned I'd bought a ring. As long as I find the right moment We're going away for a couple of days tomorrow and planning on doing it if I think the moment is right. The only thing holding me back is I know my Mrs wants me to do the same and I've not got round to doing it yet, so I've either got to find an excuse to go out and just turn up at their doorstep, ask her any way or wait.
  21. He is not a wheeler dealer Classic Arry these players wont come cheap, jenkinson be on a good salary same with downing
  22. Steve Bruce

    As an 'outer', I would need to see the good performances replicated over a number of weeks, featuring the ability to win successive matches, especially away from home. If We see 80% norwich type performances over the next few months, then I will acknowledge he has very, very belatedly found an effective formula - but he will need to be alert to teams sussing out our hypothetical strengths and have plan's b and c waiting. I was happy with saturday's win and he get's his share of the credit for it, but as with any new dawn, we've been here before. I recall a particularly promising match v Preston I think it was last season before it went to pot. I would be delighted to see us improve and maintain that. It is infinitely preferable to more chopping and changing, but I do remain skeptical. If he were to get us up then I would support him staying on to see how he fares in the Premiership again, though I do not believe he is a long term solution - but those are all hypotheticals that are a long way away. So far we've 1.5 decent performances away sandwiching some utter dross away from home. Let's see.
  23. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    £15m for Chris Wood. Christ, he has had one standout season. Aside from that he has looked like an utter carthorse 90% of his career.
  24. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    It is poor form. The average wedding cost is something ridiculous like £15,000. Alot of young folk can't afford that without help from family.
  25. Today
  26. Steve Bruce

    I was Bruce in, then Bruce out, then In, Out, In, Out but all I do is shout, I think he's Okey dokey and I've come around, And that's what it's all about.
  27. André Green

    Lovely view of goal in slow motion and that move at beginning foot on top of the ball gliding it forward to line up the shot into top right hand corner.
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