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  2. Yes and @TheAuthority, @Big Salad too amongst others
  3. Or it’s legit and this is why CJ Golson posted that tweet yesterday, because he had inside info on NSWE approving the offer and maybe if that higher offer was green-lit then Jack was going to sign it.
  4. Jack won’t go City anyway. He’s a Yanited fan
  5. You can't always get what you want? The last time? Goodbye Ruby Tuesday?
  6. Just out of interest, when was the last time that Jack declared his love for the club, last contract signing?
  7. No, just another one pretending to be ITK to get social media fame. Notice that he includes the bit about a higher contract offer going to the owners for approval. I'm certain he's seen the video of Lange on the phone and he's added that in to make it sound more credible.
  8. Always seemed a good egg the way Bruce treated him was shocking
  9. Self-proclaimed. In his bio: ”Formally known as Thatcher lover until #AVFC didn’t like what I tweeted Maybe Leaking Xias cash problems,The new owners name and the Covid positives got me”
  10. Three screens going today: one for the Olympics, one for this thread, and one auxiliary for "work"
  11. That guy will be finished if Jack and Harry both stay at their clubs
  12. Please not 48 hours, resolution at 4 pm please
  13. Being hooked on the Grealish thread is no worse than getting addicted to a 12 season box set of some trashy Netflix drama. Days wasted on something with no tangible benefit to your life, hours spent scouring the web for spoilers and inside info. I don’t really watch much TV, but we all have our vices.
  14. Made me instantly think of Jumpin' Jack Flash
  15. Shame we can't stuff him inside the 'Emergency Pod' and blast him off to space.
  16. Looked like an actor from Vikings
  17. Sam Lee preparing to update the world.
  18. Quote from the BBC commentator: “Looks like he’d walk past you and stab you in the neck”
  19. How are we still doing this, waiting for clarity! We need to know today... Sign the contract Jack!
  20. YH, the night shift have been slacking
  21. Lol I saw the joke. You didn’t need to explain it.
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