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  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I am so supportive of people’s right to be whatever they want to be, but jesus **** christ.
  3. Running

    Bah, just went to sign up but it’s full. Hope it goes well mate.
  4. Steve Bruce

    The bolded part is puting it mildly. In Texas.... he shot himself in the foot. I was on the Bruce out train for a long time. Four wins in a row, AND with visibly improving team performances gave him the chance to prove me wrong. Most of that dissipated with the molinoux massacre. He has one game left for me. (despite the oft repeated implication that Bruce outers have no patience. ) Bomb it on Saturday however, and he's out for me. Impress, and he gets to try again with the Blues. That's me. Sadly, it appears that with Round and Wynessm, he's here for the duration. Then I get to decide if I just ignore villa until there is some reason to hope, or stay on here with annoyingly monotonous and repetitive reasons to get rid of him. (because I'll have to vent somewhere, and posting here is better than kicking my dog.)
  5. Scott Hogan

    At this stage its obvious the calamity is the manager
  6. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I make it 10 days until his return
  7. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    It was a combination of a prosecution team that made a series of shocking errors and a mostly black jury who weren't interested in what actually happened and just wanted retribution for some of the shocking things happening to the black community at that time. Basically OJ was bloody lucky but they got him in the end thanks to his complete idiocy.
  8. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Sturgeon's Law applies, of course - 95% of every genre is crap. It's finding that 5% that's the trick.
  9. Today
  10. Scott Hogan

    I agree but if this is a calamity what do you call the Mccormack situation. Its at least 3 rungs higher on the farce ladder.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Thinking about it, he probably wanted to keep faith with the players who had won the last 4 games on the bounce (mostly convincingly). So whilst I suppose that's good man management ("why should I get dropped, when we've been winning well and belief is high?") it's bad game management. He really needed to change it around either at half time - or certainly as the 1st goal went in. He made it difficult for himself.
  12. Steve Bruce

    That was a pretty silly tjing for bruce to say if he was gking to play 442
  13. Steve Bruce

    Bruce lacks tactical flexibility and has a very pragmatic approach to the game. Amongst footballing people Bruce is held in high regard due his career as a player and manager. Currently the only factor that has kept him at this job is his previous success in this league. The reality is that his time here has been a failure. He has been unable to set us up in any way to attack. This is point is even outlined in this podcast from 3.20 He has spent money on Hogan, Bree Lansbury but he does not know how to use them in the right way. Our best players are the players that were here before he joined. It is only a matter of time before he leaves. I am not proud of this current team or even by the way we play.
  14. Fortnite

    Cool. I hopefully be on. I was a stupid boy yesterday and stayed up to watch the CL highlights which finished at half past bastard 12, so I'm a bit tired. Will try to endeavour though!
  15. Mark Sampson Sacked

    He wasn't sacked because of the comments he made to Aluko.
  16. Weather...

    What a day. Clothes are hanging off me.
  17. Steve Bruce

    To add to the above, he even said before the game that 4-4-2 doesnt work against wolves. That makes his lack of early changes even more confusing and damning for me. Ok maybe he went 4-4-2 to appear more attacking despite his better judgement. But to watch us struggle and not change is a disgrace and to change only after cnceeding twice and the game having gone beyond salvage unforgivable for me. If it were a 1 off or a rare occurence then ok but this happens it more than half our matches.
  18. Week 7. Any Given Hundley

    Thread title.
  19. Mark Sampson Sacked

    I completely disagree. Doesn't make it acceptable. But it also doesn't always mean you're a racist.
  20. Week 7. Any Given Hundley

    Chargers away, just as they hit form, and we don't. I feel a smug Rivers face coming our way.
  21. Steve Bruce

    For what it's worth I think him playing 2 up front against Wolves away from home was quite daring and admirable. He tried to take the game to them. The major problem he had (and most saw) was that he had two attacking wingers in Snodgrass and Albert, Hourihane in CM alongside Whelan. No matter how you look at it, that's quite an offensive line up. I'm not Whelan's biggest critic, I think he can do a job, but like Jedi, his mobility isn't good enough to play in a 2, especially away from home against a side with a lot of technicians and pace. I think the major mistake from Bruce is not identifying quickly enough, that we had to revert to 5 in midfield because they were steaming through us and had a lot of the ball. So we inevitably played much deeper, meaning we had to go long. That's fine, but we didn't hold it up well enough to enable the midfield to get up to them to help them - a problem with a lack of mobility (ergo, whelan). If he wanted two in the middle, it should have been Onomah, because he can carry the ball, and has good mobility and stamina. Ideally, he'd have taken Davies off (he had a bad game, which is absolutely fine, he's a kid) and stuck Onomah on and told us the break on them and attack in a 4-3-3. So whilst I thought before kick off "wow, we're going to try and win here, nice one" - what ended up happening was Bruce not making that 4-4-2 into a 4-5-1, thus we surrendered possession, had to stay very deep, thus meaning we didn't shoot enough or put enough pressure on their defence/midfield. So tactically, he was pretty poor imo, despite being brave enough to go for it before we kicked off.
  22. Fortnite

    Yeah I think he was on 200 when it showed him at the end so would have been a tough call anyway! Loads of fun though. Can't wait until we have 4 people playing at once. Could be tonight... @MadManMarcus and @villarule123 should both have it now
  23. WWE: General Chat

    Roode should just turn heel already. He's a shit face.
  24. Viewing / Buying a house

    Yeah I think my wife had a similar experience. Must be a pretty boring job though tbf. Selling blinds.
  25. Week 7. Any Given Hundley

    Losing Allen is a huge blow.
  26. Scott Hogan

    Not once has he ever had a plan for him and he has absolutely no appreciation for his strengths and weakness. This has been an absolute calamity.
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