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  2. Things you often Wonder

    In general on the vegetarian thing, the older I get, the more I find myself agreeing with vegetarianism. I'm not sure if I could ever fully make the switch myself. I love the taste of meat. But it's something I sympathise with.
  3. Things you often Wonder

    It would be the opposite wouldn't it? There's only so many cows because we breed and farm them for food (and milk). If we didn't need so many cows to eat, I'd guess it would be more likely that they'd go extinct rather then we get overrun by them.
  4. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    I will never understand why people don't try food. Obviously if you don't like it after trying then fine. But I don't think I've ever not tried something and just decided I dont like it.
  5. John Terry

    I suppose it would be futile to point out that Vanessa Perroncel never actually was Wayne Bridge's "wife"? (In the sense that they weren't married.) Or that she had split up with Bridge when the alleged incident happened? Or that she consistently denied that anything did happen between her and Terry and that 2 Sunday papers subsequently published apologies for printing stories that were untrue? Nah, that sounds absurd. Keep swallowing the tab stories, chaps.
  6. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Yes and I asked you a question in return. But maybe the Bruce out mob are not so happy when their ideas are challenged. Suggesting people who don't agree with you should leave the forum is not very friendly is it?
  7. Steve Bruce

    I think they should be paying out compensation now regardless of what happens. They have made the summer tedious and unenjoyable so far and Villatalk has become home to paranoia and anger.
  8. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Unfortunately it takes a lot more than spending lots of money to win a title. I should have thought last season proved that. We spent lots of money twice over and found ourselves staring at the relegation zone by November.
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  10. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    That is correct.
  11. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Just read through "The Honey Trap" thread.... genius!!!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Things you often Wonder

    Is that a real thing?
  14. London attack March 2017

    George Osbourne having the knives out for May was more literal than I thought....
  15. The Manager thread

    Wasn't Cabaye dreadful last season? I think he's pretty much past his best. But yes, they should at least finish top 10.
  16. General Election 2017

    All manifestos are bribes, unless it benefits the rich and then it is a sweetener, right? The other thing is, the REAL Tory manifesto is one which will hit everybody the hardest - and that manifesto (uncosted) is what they release when they think they are a mile ahead in the polls. What manifesto do they have when they realise people do not want austerity? Simply, they do not. I'm not rich but I am well off. I could easily say '**** it' and not care about others. But I see the impact cuts have on the community, from toilets and libraries closing, to autistic kids not getting the extra care they need, people having operations cancelled, people - nurses, firemen, police and more - having to go to foodbanks because they cannot afford to feed themselves, their kids, as well as funding clothing or rent - from properties which are on the market for such a high amount that they couldn't even dream of getting on the housing market. When they do apply to have help with housing money, it goes straight into the pockets of private landlords who skimp on making sure the house is fit to live in and then go and vote Tory because they know they can save money by voting for those who protect the rich. So when a 'bribe' comes up which offers people a better way of life, security, healthcare, housing and more. What exactly do you think they will say? No thanks, I'll fund my landlords lavish lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of Tory rule poverty. P.S, completely disagree with you on politics. But I honestly respect the debate. Wish May was more like you
  17. Steve Bruce

    If you put your head above the parapet.....and I did. I feel confident i will be ok. ps when we will the title ........GH will send me a PM .....Proclaiming 3 hail Mary's........and asking me not to tell anyone.
  18. John Terry

    its easy to fall out.....when it suits
  19. General Election 2017

    Know that feeling , I was trying to watch the last episode of Jamestown and thought I'll just pop in the GE thread during the adverts !!
  20. General Election 2017

    To be honest, I'm just waffling around, rather than ironing tomorrow's shirt and sorting out a memory stick for a meeting.
  21. John Terry

    Would you if he was your mate??
  22. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Private building control companies touting for the work of signing off building compliance, in competition against other private building control companies. If they ask for too many awkward or expensive changes, they don't get appointed on the next job. Somebody more in tune with the builder and developer gets the gig. Recipe for disaster.
  23. General Election 2017

    That wasn't what I said you menace
  24. General Chat

    Ha pretty sure that wasn't the threat being made
  25. General Chat

    Wearing a condom
  26. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    I saw it and frankly it was an absolute disgrace (not the report but what was reported), it was self regulation and self governance of the industry by the industry disregarding the actual regulations. Its becoming clear that there has been systematic failings in both the regulations and the implementation of the regulations, not helped by building inspections being carried out by non Local Authority individuals and companies. I said from the start nobody is going to jail over this and I stand by that, not least because they wouldn't really know who to jail first.
  27. Cricket: General Chat

    saw his debut as well
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