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  2. McGinn looks like the most player to score in our team. He even have some shots which you don't know how he managed to make it look dangerous. Unless we play the tree formation, I guess Jota won't be able to show us his best form.
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  4. Summary from the Tuesday night - Jake Doyle-Goals Doyle-Hayes (Cheltenham) Home to Bradford (3-2) - Played 90 minutes. Scored. WhoScored.com rating of 7.75. Hepburn-Murphy (Tranmere) Home to Peterborough (2-2) - Unused substitute. O'Hare (Coventry) Home to Wimbledon (2-1) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.39. I'm sure either me or somebody else will post footage of the goal as soon as it can be found...
  5. Agree with not sacking Smith, and that we would tear up the Championship... but relegation means losing Grealish and Mings, and probably Engels and McGinn (for tidy profits of course, but still). It would set our progress back two years. Avoiding relegation this season would be far better for these lads.
  6. They've got a trip to Frankfurt before they face us. Hopefully they come back tired and lackluster and we can sneak something.
  7. C'mon mate, that dig is clearly aimed at Joelinton
  8. I'm pretty sure he did see it, but Ogbonna clocked what was happening as Wesley started the run. Was very smart defending, actually.
  9. I think Jota has a good footballing brain, and is being made to look worse than he is because teammates aren't always making the right runs for him. He plays with a lot of disguise, and you can see gaps opening up for him that he wants to play a pass into, but Wesley, Guilbert, McGinn, etc. aren't quite tuned into his wavelength yet. When Wesley did make the right against Everton, Jota's through ball was perfect. A similar position opened up for him against West Ham, but Wesley was a bit late to spot the gap and Ogbonna closed it off. I agree with all the concern about his pace and ability to beat his full back one-on-one, but I think for £3m we've done pretty well here. A very tidy player.
  10. I think this is a bit harsh. Grealish was a 6 or 7. A lot of bad passes from him, but he also set up our best goalscoring chance, which a better / in-form striker would have buried. And Jota's 80% pass completion was the best of any of our front six. Not saying he had a good game, but no way was he a 2/10. A 5 or 6 for me. What really did strike me about this game is that Mings and Engels have better range and accuracy of passing than our midfielders. They look a cut above the rest of our squad at the moment. My big concern is that Palace and now West Ham have both shown that you can nullify our wingers with a bit of homework. I think Jota and El Ghazi have been worked out, and need to find some more variation in their play. In El Ghazi's case he needs to play with his head up and threaten the pass or the one-two, instead of always going for the driving run. At the moment it's so obvious what he's going to do when he gets the ball, and he doesn't have enough of a technical or physical advantage over the defenders at this level for that to work. In Jota's case, he needs to release a little quicker, make the outside run more often, and use his right foot occasionally - just often enough to put some doubt in the full back's mind so that they give him a bit more room on his left (Arjen Robben is the master of this). I would say that West Ham are a very solid unit, and will definitely finish top 10 this year, so 0-0 is a respectable result. I also think any team with a good DCM like Rice will be a problem for us, because our attacking threat largely depends on how well Grealish and McGinn play.
  11. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Said it myself Demitri, I am 1,000,000% confident our squad would be hell for the championship to play against. Then I do think once we return it would just be refinements in our squad, adding quality all over because no huge rebuild to do. If we did go down it may not be such a bad idea for this squad we have now to have to fight for something as in a promotion win at wembley together. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but I'm all for Smith to be our guy for a long time be it stay up or go down, simply because he's the best we've had since John Gregory in my eyes. If Smith did end up losing his job this season, there is no 100% guarentee that a new Coach/manager could even bring any success or keep us in the premier this season. Stick with Smith stay up or go down, I don't see any other choice to be honest.
  12. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Yes Kodjia of old would of created something out of nothing, not the Kodjia today, he's done I think and will be off soon I think.
  13. KentVillan


    I'm not a big fan of formations as the solution to a football team's ills. It all feels a bit Premier Manager (the original version on the Amiga, where you could win the Premier League with Wycombe Wanderers after 4 seasons). I can't see us playing a back 3 any time soon. We never did it last season, our back 4 has just kept a clean sheet, and there's no sign that Dean Smith has much time for it. There's also no way we're starting with a front 2 until Kodjia is fit. So that leaves us with 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 4-1-4-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-2-1 (etc.) as our options. They're all more or less the same formation, depending on who you pick. The only scope Dean Smith has to really change how the look of this side is to bring more of our central midfield talent on to the pitch at the same time. A few ideas: Play McGinn at left back. I have no doubt he would be better than Neil Taylor, but would we be sacrificing too much in the middle of the park? Also, would he be happy playing out of position while he's still trying to develop as a central midfielder? Play Hourihane at left back (as he did for Ireland last week). This does bring his set piece and crossing into the game, but is he good enough defensively? He would definitely be happy playing out of position because at the moment he just wants minutes in the Premier League. Play Grealish out wide. I could definitely see this working (and this is probably where Spurs would have played him had they signed him) but do we want our most talented player stuck on the wing, where he might have much less influence over the game? Play Hourihane out wide. I don't see this working. He's too slow. Play Luiz out of position - I think the only choice with Luiz is whether you play him deep or advanced CM. Far too slow to play on the wing. Play Nakamba out of position - he's a natural DCM from what I saw against West Ham, so no. He'd be my first pick now actually, always in that DCM role, as I don't think anyone else has his natural instinct to break up the play and make the easy pass. If you want to shoehorn Nakamba, Luiz, Hourihane, Grealish, and McGinn into the starting 11 it's going to have to involve one or more of these suggestions (even the so-called midfield diamond always results in someone occupying the wide spaces). I don't see any of this happening tbh, since it's not in Smith's nature to play people out of position.
  14. The FTPA (a recent example of an attempt to codify a specific, new constitutional practice) is about 1260 words long (section 3 dealing solely with dissolution is 286 words). This act does not cover anything that happens in the 14 day period and has had as many legal and political blogs written about what may, may not, should and should not happen than anyone would ever probably have imagined. My point is not that someone can't or shouldn't argue for a codified constitution but that it isn't necessarily the panacea that it is purported to be by supporters and that if you're going to argue for it then you need to have a clear picture of the kind of document that you want, i.e. is it just to be an overarching document setting out the ground rules (which could be a relatively short document) or is it something that is going to lay down specific, tight rules for all envisaged constitutional practices (such as various reasons and exact timeframes for prorogations) in which case it may well end up being quite a lengthy tome. What you can't do is just claim that a written document would have outlined some rules for this case when this case and the circumstances which have led to it probably wouldn't have been envisaged when the document itself was being written. And you can't also use one particular occurrence to make the case for this single document and yet dismiss other issues that having this codified constitution may have caused. I'm glad that you yourself accept that there would be disputes even with codified constitutions and that courts would then be asked to decide the matter in those cases.
  15. Ahhhh, the guy from Space jam, that's where I know him from. Has he been in anything else?
  16. Agreed, I was pretty much forced to watch Liverpool, Man U, and Man City's, Tottenhams, and Arsenals first 3 or 4 games. (Egyptian friends, what to do). Liverpool stood out to me, because I really thought they were the least cohesive, or impressive, of the Title "Contenders" i had watched. However, their attacking/defensive press is always relentless. They always manage to crack teams, and they can obviously defend!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Top of the interceptions chart in the PL. He's a complete, modern fullback. Wish we had someone like him on the left.
  19. Zatman

    Murdoch Scum

    Is anybody really surprised. The blues of journalism
  20. It was a heller a lot of money for Haller.
  21. Not sure what that has to do with Wesley unless you meant another striker. Pointless dig
  22. Didnt Walker play Centre back in World Cup in a 3. Not the greatest defender but a lot of City mistakes could be covered by his pace that Stones and Otamendi don't have
  23. The table hasn't settled down yet. I still see teams like Norwich and Palace as realistic relegation candidates, despite some good early results. In fact, there are so many realistic relegation candidates (Bournemouth, Southampton, Palace, Norwich, Burnley, Sheff Utd, Brighton, Newcastle, Watford... maybe even Wolves?) that it's going to take ages for it to become apparent who's in the mix, and who's surfing above it. I think a lot of people are panicking because teams like Norwich and Sheffield United have outperformed expectations, and teams like Palace and Bournemouth have had a ludicrous amount of good luck. In the end, the luck evens out, and squad investment starts to tell. We'll be okay. Our defence will keep us up.
  24. gwi1890

    Dean Smith

    “I’keep chopping and changing till I get it right” The great Tim Sherwood once said
  25. Hes a goal threat from anywhere really he can be invisible a pop up with a goal
  26. Abdoulyae Ba perhaps? Not had much of a career, didn't break through at Porto and spent last few years at Rayo Vallecano. Rayo is my Spanish team so seen lots of him and fair to say he was bar the odd good performance pretty much out of his depth in La Liga. Was also at 1860 Munich when they got relegated into German regional leagues.
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