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  2. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I think 3/4 first team/rotation. The only way I'd say 7, is if we signed 3 for the future like we did in January with Bedeau.
  3. Pre-match Thread

    I want us to win but it would be kind of funny if Gabby scored a late own goal or something that ended up sending Blose down.
  4. Ah, the Garden Bridge championed by Boris Johnson. Written off by many as an embarrassing indulgence... Boris Johnson is currently Foreign Secretary.
  5. Players that you think are rubbish

    Must admit I was engulfed by the hype. I would've loved us to take him on loan when he was linked under Lambert but he's done very little now at either Dortmund or Sunderland so his career will fizzle out as would imagine Man. United will let him go this summer.
  6. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    The goals have really dried up for Sevilla now away from home. They've been pretty lucky in the first half of the season to win as many away as they did with last minute winners but that's not happening now. I watched them away to Barca and Atletico Madrid recently and they were really poor in both. I really can't seem them doing much at the Bernabeu. They were hammered there in the Copa del rey a few months back. Villareal are running nicely into form now and are always a major threat home and away to the big 4. Worth remembering as it stands Real Madrid can still afford to draw a game somewhere.
  7. Pre-match Thread

    Knowing our luck we'll lose this and Blues will scrape a 93rd minute winner to keep it in their own hands. SHA aside, Id like us to play some kids - nothing riding on it for us, and we've got a handful of promising ones so chuck them in
  8. Manchester United

    Fergie played exactly the same way in April 2012 when they needed a point to win the league.
  9. Worthy GIFs 2017

    Haha! I posted that exact gif on my FB page this morning - great minds and all that
  10. The Garden Bridge has been scrapped, but . . .: 'The blame lies firmly with former mayor Boris Johnson, the one actor in this sorry saga who refused to comply with Margaret Hodge’s recent inquiry into the project. Her investigation found multiple failings from the start, from the Garden Bridge Trust’s shaky business case (which put a lot of faith in the lucrative potential of selling T-shirts and pens), to a tendering process that was “not open, fair or competitive”, to confusion as to what the project was even for, concluding that the bridge should be scrapped before it burned through any more cash. And it all comes back to Boris. It was Johnson who took up his childhood chum Lumley’s idea for the sylvan crossing (which was initially conceived as a memorial to Princess Diana and pitched to Ken Livingstone, who had the good sense to say no) and had it bulldozed through the system with flagrant disregard for due process. Hodge’s report found that his deputy mayor for transport, Isabel Dedring, and Transport for London’s director of planning, Richard de Cani, saw to it that the choice of Lumley’s team of Thomas Heatherwick and engineering giant Arup was a foregone conclusion. The team was allowed to revise their bid while their competitors were not, the scoring was found to be irregular, while de Cani admitted that he alone judged the bids. In a move that has raised concerns over conflict of interest, both Dedring and de Cani now enjoy senior positions at Arup, where most of the £37.4m of public funding spent to date has been funnelled; TfL and the department for transport have both denied any such conflict.' https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2017/apr/28/garden-bridge-dead-38m-public-money-repaid-boris-johnson . . . . at least somebody got out okay. I mean, it would have been terrible if both the politicians and the taxpayers had lost out, wouldn't it?
  11. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Candleface slating us again the bloser, sour grapes me thinks
  12. Pre-match Thread

    Jedinak is injured We never win when he's injured Unlucky Blose
  13. Today
  14. Football Fan Violence/Behaviour

    It was a culture thing with football violence in the 70s and 80s. Not so much nowadays but whether people liked it or not, football violence was a big part of football in the 70s 80s and even to a lesser extent in the 90s. I'm actually serving a 3 year ban for something that if it had happened in previous decades naff all would of happened. I think football fans do get treated unfairly and a lot of on duty police at football are clearings in the woods but I also think a terrific job has been done in making football games safer. These wannabe hooligans these days make me laugh as it's all for show and just pavement dancing. If another firm want to take on another firm then that's fine with me aslong as innocent people are not caught up but sadly that's not always the case. Me and my mate done a school project on football hooliganism as we shared an interest in the whole culture of it back in the day. Also used to love hearing stories off my grandad who travelled all over during the dark years of the English disease. For the record he was never involved but he knew a few blokes who ran with the C crew and saw first hand what used to go on. I do think football has gone too sterile now and it would be nice to see some of the hostile atmospheres back but unfortunately football is a business now and not a working class sport for people to go and see on a Saturday afternoon.
  15. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I agree, i think Taylor was a very good signing. I hope we will look to ofload Amavi though, so my lb comment was more cover for Taylor rather than replacing him.
  16. Worthy GIFs 2017

  17. Worthy GIFs 2017

  18. Spurs

    Spurs have confirmed they'll be playing all of their home games in Wembley for the 17/18 season. I'm sure they have enough quality to stay up though.
  19. Weekends Football 28/30 April & Midweek Football 1/4 May

    An oldie but a goodie.
  20. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    The results were impressive for a few weeks, but we still haven't had a 90 minute performance with only 2 games left. The defence performed well during that run, which is why I don't mind much fiddling there (bar the keeper), but we create so little its ridiculous. Hence why I think we need 2 new wingers and another creative midfielder. only 14 away goals all season!
  21. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

  22. Dissertation help

    Done. I expect a mention in your graduation speech.
  23. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    So Bruce wants 4 quality additions eh? Exciting times. Cannot wait till next season, we gonna do good.
  24. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Bit harsh, that team needed time to gel... and once it did we went on a pretty impressive run. Don't get me wrong, i'd also be disappointing if that's how we line up next season, but that team would still hold it's own with a full preseason under its belt.
  25. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW45

    Name Home Team Away Team Cardiff 1 2 Newcastle Barnsley 1 1 Burton Birmingham 1 2 Huddersfield Blackburn 0 1 Villa Derby 2 1 Wolves Fulham 2 1 Brentford Ipswich 1 2 Wednesday Leeds 2 1 Norwich Preston 2 1 Rotherham QPR 2 1 Forest Reading 2 1 Wigan Brighton 2 1 Bristol
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