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  2. Tommy Elphick

    I was referring to the Millwall game specifically, so none of your post is relevant really. Yes he is crap, yes he has declined and no I don't think he offers us anything. I still don't see how any of that makes him look uninterested though
  3. Pre match chit chat

    Haha. The so called doom merchants seem to have the same expectations as the owner and CEO expressed in the summer.
  4. Pre match chit chat

    I've woken up with a good feeling about this one. However, it could just be the onset of gout.
  5. Pre match chit chat

    I will be avoiding this game completely until I check the result at 5.00. I'm not going to let Villa spoil my weekend.
  6. Thanks for sharing that. Wasn't fully aware what the situation was. I just feel more needs to be done in the world we live in now. It seems too easy for lies and misinformation to be spread to manipulate the public.
  7. January transfer window 2018

    We have 3 of them on the books with one in Australia
  8. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Jloyd samuel and Benteke?
  9. WWE: General Chat

    Good man! The card isn't quite complete yet - at the World Tag League Finals Goto challenged Suzuki (again) for the NEVER Openweight title in some sort of Title vs. Hair match, or something. Not official yet though, but they are on the Road to WK shows so they'll probably do an angle there. There's not space for the 6-man title to be defended on the WK card, as Sanada and Evil hold that with Bushi, so it's being defended instead on the first Road to WK show on 17/12 at Korakuen. Apart from that there will definitely be the 'New Japan Rumble' which will feature legends, returning stars, wrestlers from other promotions, and the guys that haven't got a match. This always starts the WK show and will act as something of a 'pre-show'. And if you really enjoy WK you should definitely watch New Year Dash the day after! This is when they kick new storylines in to gear, last year it revolved around the incredible re-debut of Suzuki-Gun.
  10. Pre match chit chat

    Need to win, dropped too many points this month already.
  11. Guess that's the key point. Trusted, respected people in the industry i would think. Not sure how it works for law and medical sectors.
  12. I think sharing opinion is fine but i think it would help to have that seal of approval for reporting trusted news and information. I think it would help stop the spread of fake news and twisted information.
  13. Steve Bruce

    I’m not so sure how good we think we are. I think whilst we have looked generally more confident, it’s still fairly fragile. As you won’t be surprised to hear, I’d be inclined to think that’s partly due to our playing style, which doesn’t allow us enough possession to control games. Consider that a gentle poke at the Bruce underbelly rather than a viscous attack with a sword . I’m sure his underbelly is big enough to take it
  14. Steve Bruce

    maybe it was quite big. I might be wrong but it seems we are much better away from home in last few weeks when we are given space
  15. And supporting Stop Funding Hate, removing their advertisers and partners will reduce their strength quite quickly
  16. Today
  17. I think the problem is that a lot of what is printed in newspapers is just opinion and we don't want to stop people being able to voice that. The likes of the Daily Mail can only take partial blame here though. We all have access to it and thankfully a lot of us will read their bile and immediately see it for what it is or question it and seek further information. The fools that read the hateful bile and choose to believe it without question have to take a lot of responsibility here. The quickest way to get rid of the likes of the Daily Mail or to change it is to stop reading/buying it.
  18. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    True, like Terry & Kodja appear to be for us. On the plus side of that, our 2 didn't cost half as much, but it shows the minute both are out the squad, we just about held it together against Millwall. I fear we might not be as lucky away at todays opponents.
  19. January transfer window 2018

    Linked with Marco Grujic (Plop) on loan, along with Brighton. And Bruce has ruled out Grabban according to the Birmingham Mail
  20. Seal of approval from whom? Guidelines written by whom?
  21. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Depends but as we saw yesterday neves is absolutely key fir them, at blose they were not good at all and even blose were winning the midfield battle. He comes back scores and bosses the cm at Wednesday. We have to wait and see but wolves have had that advantage as well
  22. John Terry

    JT s going to be a guest on Monday night football for Everton vs Swansea hopefully update us on his injury
  23. Wolves

    Wouldn't that approach be better suited to a team that had a very dangerous striker but little else (like us last season with Kodija). Since we don't have a scoring striker our best bet should be to have as much ball as possible and create as many chances as possible for said striker and our other attacking players. IMO we have players good enough to do that in this league. A midfield containing Adomah, Hourihane, Snodgrass, Grealish, Green (when back) Lansbury... not all at once obviously should be able to do it against most opponents in this league. While having Jedi, Whelan or Onomah to do the holding role(s) Relying on soaking up pressure and hoping to hit them on the break relying on a 19 y.o target man with rather poor finishing is both strange, overly cautious and unnecessary.
  24. Matched Betting & Betting Offers with Matchedbets.com

    We offer a number of tools that free sites do not. Our Odds Matcher automatically finds the best option for the offer that you're completing at the time, which makes things so much easier. Our AccaBacker tool creates accumulators automatically. Acca Insurance offers can add a good amount of extra cash. We have recently launched a Horse Racing Matcher for potential profit racing offers too. Our matched betting calculator has an option for every kind of offer, plus there is a bet tracking system in place, meaning you can automatically total up your profit in just a few clicks.
  25. Cricket: General Chat

    Root does not strike me as a leader who will inspire. England are wilting and fast. Heavy Ashes defeats usually culminate in the end of a few careers - Cook, Broad, Anderson's days are numbered. Once these are gone there will be some very dark days ahead for England in test cricket.
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