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  2. I like Aston. I knew it back in the 1960's and it was a real community, and I strolled around the terraced streets a few years back and it's still a real community. It might have undergone an ethnic change but it's still a communal home to whole lot of nice people. I'm proud of our roots.
  3. A cub membership is an absolute no brainier. You get four free games which pays for the cost of the membership and a free gift which in the last two years has been very good although a long wait to get it. Very nice quality hoody that my daughter wears all the time and last year a pretty decent ruck sack. Also get Birthday card and Xmas card signed by all the players.
  4. Only just seen this, I’d go to it, can’t speak for others
  5. I can remember wolves bringing two shameful followings to us in the prem a few seasons back.
  6. I should have mentioned it’s easy to get to for me personally on a train . In a car i guess it’s a nightmare!
  7. It’s a nightmare to get back home, whether by car or train .
  8. We had two friendly games there where more turned up than they thought would. Our first championship season they gave us 4200 because at the time they were averaging 22k and weren’t filling their ground.
  9. serious? I think its horrific, so much in fact that I usually avoided night games because I knew I couldn't get there on time (I worked in Malvern)
  10. Aston has always been rough . Back in the 50s it was recovering from Hitler. It’s still a shit hole now, but it’s not a white working class area anymore, and you wouldn’t call it a Villa stronghold either. Years ago you’d probably have loads of folk leaving their terrace housing to go the game. That don’t happen anymore.
  11. It’s on his instagram mate. Not twitter.
  12. See below reply to another poster... How far back do you take it? Every player has played for somebody before they join up to the academy, nobody just starts at Aston Villa. Cahill certainly is from Sheffield so we nicked him of a youth team in Sheffield, same with many more. As I said, as long as they are in your academy long enough for the training/coaches to have had an impact then I think that counts, others may not agree and that's fair enough, I don't think there's any right/wrong answer here.
  13. well, are u joking or not? (hard to tell currently with so many ppl joking around) but, if you look at Hassans twitter, and Olis, neither show on each others following list, and that pic shown isnt Hassans official twitter pic....
  14. I don’t like these buy-back clauses. They’re simply another means of control for the largest clubs, and they’ve got advantages enough already. As it stands the penalty for hoarding youth talent is only to sell them on for a large profit, now we want to weaken it further by giving them a way to get them back if they turn quality? To hell with that.
  15. we took a silly number to preseason one year, think they offered us the whole stand and we took it, and then some more, and some more...we just kept coming maybe they learned their lesson from it and wont do it again, competitive edge and all that
  16. Maybe Aston was nice in the 1950s or something. The area now is a s**thole. To be fair though the only incident I can remember with locals was when a couple of lads that claimed to be ‘Sadams Soldiers’ were asking fans for a fight. They got ignored though. Also once me and a couple of lads walked in to a newsagents a little bit further from the ground and it’s safe to say we wernt very welcome in there. I have no problem with where Villa park is located because it’s so easy to get to for me on train.
  17. So, in summary, that word removed Theresa May has been replaced as leader of the words removed by word removed Boris Johnson, who easily beat fellow word removed, Jeremy word removed to the position of biggest word removed. And now the words removed are going to carry on fighting like the shower of words remove they are. words removed.
  18. Indeed, but if no majority is there, who would even side with the tories now? I think even the DUP would have its doubts. The best they can do is the probably going to be Brexit Party, if they even get any seats. Labour are going to have to swallow a lot of pride if they even want a sniff of power.
  19. Existing thread for those interested-
  20. Brentford don’t produce players through their academy either. They do the same thing we are doing, just one step earlier in the football food chain. Our visiting friend is just salty at seeing his team picked apart again to be able to see it (As we were when Man City did it to us).
  21. I don't think chemistry is factored into Manager Mode, I could be wrong but if it is then it's never stated anywhere so you'd have no way of measuring it. Rather then cheap buys, just make sure one of your transfer scouts is set to look for players of any ability, any position, aged 23-28 with 0-1 years on their contract left. Then individually scout the returned players to get their overalls up until Jan, then you can start picking them up on free transfers for the next season (you can agree free transfers beyond the Jan window too if you need). Always have one of your transfer scouts not assigned to a country, this then allows the scout to look at players from multiple countries at the same time, useful for picking up gems from lesser leagues. Also worth doing manual searches for anyone with a release clause every once in a while, as the AI doesn't renew/renegotiate contracts until a player is due to expire, after a few seasons you'll get the occasional starlet who's shot up to a decent rating still on their original low buyout (had this with an 81 rated player once, can't remember who but they still had a £700k buyout clause from the opening season, biggest bargain ever!).
  22. Of course he has. The ethnic make up of Aston nowadays probably won’t be playing stuff like Black Sabbath
  23. Not both Not bothered about that, I always sit & watch things properly & the phone signal in my living room is pretty much non existant so very easy to make mysef difficut to disturb other than my wife occasionally jabbering about something or the cats needing some food
  24. You gone back in time? It will always feel safe on match days because of how many supporters are about.
  25. Well that was never going to end well. In terms of ideals they were always polls apart - and Cameron and the right wing press stitched up the lib dems - sure they made some mistakes - but the Tories get away with these things - anyone centre left doesn't. I actually meant compromising on a few ideals to make yourself more electable.
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